Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 949

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Age of History (1)

Ikael and Ashur arrived at the seventh planet through the stargate installed in Jebul.

The blue sky was not different from heaven, but everything was small.

Looking down at Mount Toa from the sky of Galliant Island, dark-skinned, hard-muscled natives, shorter than Kergo of Heaven, were fighting fiercely.

“Back off, you self-indulgent heretics! We are priests following God’s command!”

Most of the angels were thin and their eyes were out of focus, while the anti-angels had clear eyes and strong bodies like beasts of prey.

“Stupid things! I can’t leave the future to you guys chewing hallucinogens while your tribesmen are starving! Now we rule!”

Ikael rubbed his chin.


Ankhera do not receive material rewards from their subjects.

However, sacrifice was important in confirming the faith of humans on distant planets.

The angelic faction held a huge amount of sacrifice every year, and tried to feel God physically through a hallucinogen called loop.

‘Aren’t they really good people?’ You just have to believe in God.

Then Anke Ra will lead you to heaven and give you eternal life.

However, the anti-angel faction prioritized life.

He warned of the addictiveness of loops and told them to use the money for the ancestral rites on starving tribesmen.

“The arrogant ones.”

The image of Ikael spitting out with cold eyes was an unmistakable messenger of God.

Ataraxia unfolded, and halos covering the sky amplified her voice.

“Listen up, humans!”

Everyone looked up at the sky with a roar that sounded like the sky was screaming.

“I-that… …

Even the angels, who live with God in their hearts, couldn’t tell whether the scene in front of them was an illusion or reality.

But it didn’t matter.

“God’s messenger, God’s messenger has come!” The angel faction fell flat.

“The dissolute cults are persecuting us! Please look down on me!”

The half-angel faction, which seemed to ruin a battle that had almost been won, distorted the impression.

“damn! An angel?”

Since Kergo came from heaven, there is a legend about Ankera.

However, only the Nephilim could pass through the gates of Heaven, and this was the first time an angel had ever appeared.

Ikael continued.

“Stop fighting right now and repent. Otherwise God will punish you.”

The angel faction, which jumped up, raised both arms and shouted evilly at the anti-angel faction.

“Wow! Wow!” How happy are you?

It was a situation where the God they believed in until they gave up their lives responded.

“A punishment?”

The head of the anti-angel faction distorted his face terribly.

“What have we done so wrong! Is it a sin to live! Wanting to protect your family is a sin!”


Ikael was adamant.

“F*ck the bullshit!”

The head of the anti-angel faction threw the spear, but Ikael was too high.

“When the tribesmen were starving, they didn’t even show their noses, and now they’ve sinned? My wife committed suicide for a loop overdose! My colleague’s child is dead! Is that what God meant!”


Ankera only maintains the system so humans can use the world.

“How can you know the deep will of God?”

What sacrifices Heaven has made to restore its current stability, and how dangerous humans who deny God are.

they don’t know

“Those who deny God cannot exist in this world. But he, a follower of God, will gain eternal life.”

“Give me something like eternal life!” The muscular man with a thick beard burst into tears.

“Who said he wanted to live forever! My son, save my son! I can die right now, my son… … Whoops!”

Ashur looked back at Ikael, who had no answer, and found her fists trembling.

the muscular man pleaded sadly.

“Please save my son. Why should that child die? Whatever punishment it is, it can be given to me. why my son… …

Ikael’s eyelids trembled, and the huge ataraxia blinked as if it would disappear.


I couldn’t stand it.

‘Why is it so painful?’

From the inside of the archangel’s chest, which no one had been able to hurt, a pain that seemed to transcend the universe surged.


The moment Ashur speaks anxiously.

“Shut up.”

Ikael bit his lip and said.

Even a low sound resonated with the air, and her eyes filled with unknown anger.

“Everything is God’s will.” He hated himself for not being able to say anything but these words, as if he had been injected.

“God will?”

The head of the anti-angel faction shouted.

“What is the will of God? thats great! You are omnipotent! He can even give us eternal life!”


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Hot tears flowed from the chief’s eyes.

“I lost a loved one! My heart hurts so much! I’m going crazy! But how careless is the god you speak of!”

All the anti-angel faction raised their weapons and stood up.

“Can’t you show us not a drop of tear or even a hint of sympathy!” The moment his heart was transmitted, Ikael’s upper body flipped as if he had been hit by a cannon.


Ataraxia shattered, and the returned star light shook terribly.

‘What is this?’

The wound in the deepest part of his mind tickled.

Donation that you want to reach even if you scrape enough to bleed, dig out the flesh, and cut the bones


Ikael gritted his teeth.

‘I am a noble archangel.’ The moment Ataraxia expanded again, Galliant Island shook.

As Ataraxia amplified volcanic activity 20,000 times, a huge lava erupted from the crater of Mount Toa.

“Oh oh! Oh God!”

The angels, delirious with hallucinations, worshiped the sky, while the anti-angels were distraught.

Ashur evacuated the angels with the power of the signal without even having time to understand Ikael’s true intentions.

‘It’s a mission anyway.’

Everything was covered in hot lava, and volcanic ash fell like heavy snow from the sky.

It was easy.

However, there were no tears in Ikael’s eyes as he returned after punishing humans.


‘Huh! Whoa!’

It’s always happened, but this time it was severe.


‘sick. It hurts too much to bear

medical charge

does not exist.’

Only Anchera’s cold eyes could ease her pain.

‘Ah, my God. What a terrible sin have I committed? What a terrible sin, why do you inflict such pain on me?’

Ankera’s voice never returned


250 years later, a human came to Galliante Island, which was covered in volcanic ash.

He was tall with steel hair, but he introduced himself as a human.

“Maclein Guffin?”

Kergo was wary, but after seeing the Nephilim’s ability, his attitude completely changed.

After God’s Punishment, the status of the angel faction pierced the sky.

Guffin looked back at the still unrecovered civilization.

“It is miserable.”

It is Ikael’s ability.

“It’s not scary when my wife gets angry.”

Not understanding Guffin’s words, the young chief, Kang, knelt.

“Messenger of God, I accept your order.”

At that point, Sirone felt strange.

‘That person is the future Kadum.’

The fact that the person he actually saw appears in Omega means that he is closer to the present.

“The volcanic eruption was already a long time ago, but it is still underdeveloped. poor.” Kang, who followed Guffin’s words, lowered his head.

“What would be the problem? We only praise the greatness of God. Everything is God’s will.”


After looking around the island for a long time in silence, he turned around.

“Gather people. Should I work soon?”


Kang blinked.

“Restore this place. Aren’t you going to have to live anyway?”

The guffin dug into the ground and found the ruins of the past buried in volcanic ash.

Human bones came out every time they advanced 10 meters, and the natives prayed quietly to God.


In the deepest part of the ruins, a self-luminous red marble was shining.

“what is that?”

“Coordinate Recorder.”

It was probably the material for the stargate the natives used when they first came here.

“Should we call it a signal that tells us the coordinates of this place in outer space?”

As long as the signal body is here, the army of heaven can attack at any time.

‘This must be the last.’ So far, the number of signals that Guffin has found on this planet is 73.

As the light emanated from the guffin’s body, the Kergoins knelt down and bowed their heads.

“Oh, Ancherashi! Look down on us!”

When the Miracle Stream was activated, the soil disappeared and a huge space was created in an instant.

“I-I can’t do this!”

“I will make a door here.”

Kang asked thrilledly.

“When you say door, are you referring to the gate to heaven that was said to have been destroyed by a volcanic eruption?”

“okay.” The reason for the Guffin to rebuild the gate was not to communicate with Heaven, but to make a shield.

By collecting the coordinates of Heaven in reverse, hitting the dimensional wall that cannot be penetrated by any means.

The Miracle Stream, which swallowed the signal body, caused a material transformation and turned into a huge stone gate.

Later, it was the Guffin’s Gate.

‘The number of doors I have installed on the planet is 73. Enough to create a dimensional wall.’

Kang asked.

“Messenger of God, then, can we also go to heaven now?”

“You need the Infinity Key to open this door. remember You must not damage the door with the name of the guffin.”

“I will engrave it on steel.”

Since the appearance of a human named Ogent, Ankera’s vigilance against humans has reached its peak.

‘The Heaven Expansion Project must be considered a failure.’

According to Guffin’s investigation, many human beings have disappeared from space, and sooner or later this place’s turn will come.

‘It starts here.’

After leaving Galliant, Guffin looked down at the ground from a height where he could see the diameter of the planet.

It was small, but cozy.

It was the perfect starting point for continuing the feelings between himself and Ikael.

“Human being, the end of Omega is not far.”

When the guffin raised both hands, all the guffin gates across the planet were activated.

“Be strong.”

Pillars of light soar from all over the continent.

“Seek the right. don’t repeat Keep in mind that everyone has a heart.”

A pillar of light gathered in Guffin’s hand, and he clenched his fist.

As space rippled with a bang, an intangible aura that enveloped the entire planet spread out.

It was a dimensional wall.

‘I can’t rely on this forever.’

To finish the last thing he had to do before leaving, the guffin descended back to the human realm.

In the stream of Omega, Sirone found a place where all five senses felt familiar.

‘The Kingdom of Tormia.’

It was Creas City, where Alpheas Magic School, his alma mater, was located.

“Oh, how without a message!”

The head of the Kreas Magic Association branch came running in a hurry.

The greatest magician in the world, Mac Klein Guffin, had come to visit, so even with the entire staff, it was not enough.

“No fuss. There is something I want to do quietly.”

“Yes, of course!”

Even the king will bow his head.

Guffin sat on the couch and sipped his coffee.

“I stopped by the temple a few days ago and heard an interesting story. I heard there is a magic school student with amazing talent.”

Recalling the Three Emperors, the Seven Kings, King Lee, and the pinnacle of power, the branch manager quickly found the answer he wanted.

“Ah, you mean Alpheas Magic School. Yes, this is the first time in school history that someone has passed level 7 of the survival test.”

said Guffin, setting down his coffee cup.

“Get that kid… … can you see Preferably without anyone knowing.”

Two days later, a knock was heard at a shabby inn where no one knew that Guffin was staying.

Guffin, who had been looking out the window, closed the curtains and turned around.

“come in.”

A small murmur was heard outside the door.

“It’s not even a first meeting, but it’s half talk. Annoying.”

I didn’t mean to listen, but I couldn’t fool Gurfin’s ears.

The door opened as he smiled.

“excuse me. I heard that a very high-ranking person is looking for me here… … what?”

The woman, who still had the girlish look, blinked at the guffin’s appearance, which was different from that of a human.

“The Adrias family labyrinth?”

“Yes, it is, but… …

The first impression of the maze felt by Guffin at the time was conveyed through Sirone’s inquisitiveness.

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