Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 948

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All History (4)

While Guphin spent 40,000 years in the lotus flower, the art of life was developed in Heaven, and the Nephilim were active throughout the universe.

A being in which the spirit of an angel resides in a human body.

Instinctively searching for the truth of life, they eventually realize the existence of heaven through the Immortal Function.

It was an era when numerous stargates were installed on the planet, and angels were presenting the direction of life to humans according to Ankera’s instructions.

Some humans followed the gate into heaven.

And among those humans, Smille’s ancestors were also included.

“Kariel! A signal of treason has been caught on the 13th planet of the Alpha Cross galaxy 64 solar system.”

“Little things… …

Not all Nephilim were successful in guidance.

Human beings were so subjective that they denied Ang Kera and called themselves gods.

‘No matter how faded it is, in the end, it means that he is a descendant of Gaia.’

Heaven’s army has been dispatched.

Numerous human beings were destroyed, and the one who made the greatest achievement was, without a doubt, Ymir, the king of giants.

‘It’s too strong.’

It was a biological weapon created to subdue the Guffin, but the problem was that the universe couldn’t handle it either.

– Abortion is not allowed.

By order of Anchera, Ymir is confined to Niflheim, the thickest ice region in Heaven.

“joy! They say they are like little puppets.”

Unless Guffin attacked Heaven again, it seemed that he would never return to the world.

Then, one day, an incident occurs.

One human broke through the walls of heaven and invaded.

The man’s name, which will later be recorded in history with a weight equivalent to that of Gaia’s battle, is “Smiele!”

It was Augent.

When the walls of heaven were destroyed, Anke Ra was unconcerned.

‘The world has stabilized.’

There are still Hexa and Gupins in the universe that are not included in the Akashic Records, but the forces of Heaven are too strong for him to plan anything.

-Remove it. Deprive the existence of those who defy God’s will.

Ankera, who had given some grandiose instructions, was satisfied with the fact that Heaven’s system was perfect, even though she had no heart.

‘ hmm’?’

It was then that Anchera’s eyes flashed open and her pupils vibrated with a whine.


The wall of the 1st Thousand Sharmaine was pierced.

It wasn’t too strange since it was home to mortal subjects, but it was too fast.

Ching! Ching!

The pupils shook wildly, and Ankera’s nerves tensed up.

Even the 2nd Heaven Rakia, the residence of the fallen angels, was pierced.

Even though their powers are blocked, they are also angels with asteroids.

‘Why is it so fast?’

No matter how much I ran the simulation, I couldn’t find a close creature.

Finally, I read the Akashic Records called Anke, and checked the log happening in the world with a sense of nothingness… … .

‘ human?’

We find one human whose human form has already collapsed.

‘The guest code is ogent.’

Eternals who reached the art of incarnation in the 3rd heaven and fairies born in the 4th heaven were helplessly pierced.


Ankera’s nerves spread a scream as her own system was being destroyed from the bottom up.

‘why? why?’

The first blow struck against the walls of heaven was a minor impact that could have happened only once in the entire universe. However, the information received in less than an hour was a difficult figure to regard as the same person.

” human!”

Ogent, who changed into the body of a yaksha, broke through the giants and broke down the wall of the 5th Heaven.

Anke Ra held on tenaciously.

‘It’s not a guffin. Not even Gaian. He’s just a human being.’

However, it was getting closer to Gaia very quickly.

‘There’s no way they’re connected.’

If anyone can become a Gaian, in the end, Anke Ra will have to get rid of all humans again.

‘That’s why I’m watching.’ I was thinking of betting on a match, just like when a guffin came to set up a deal.

‘Enter the sixth thousand jebul.’

As they are the angels with the highest status in the universe, Ogent’s charging power has also weakened.

‘Did you catch it?’

The moment of waiting for remarkable data because it wasn’t weak enough to be sure.


A shock that does not exist in this world, a signal that does not exist in the Akashic Records, struck the great world war.


it continued


A terrible incident stored in the database drove Ankera to an extreme choice.

The Great World War was completely removed and transferred to a planet in outer space.


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And after a while, the signal of Edea was picked up in a place very far away from heaven.

‘I kept it for now.’

But I couldn’t leave it like this.

If Ogent comes into contact with the Guffin, the Ultima System will head into this world again.

“Come, Ymir.”

As soon as the order was given, the walls of Arabot were knocked down and Ymir approached.

It took a few leaps, but I could guess what happened to the spot he had stepped on without checking the logs.


Ymir snorted instead of saying hello.

The resentment of being isolated in Niflheim remains.

“Ymir, to heaven…

“I know. Something came.” Ymir’s senses were made with the insight of 10 billion Gaians.

“Seeing that you called me, it seems that God was quite nervous too.”

Why is Ymir so mean to Anchera?

An illogical thought crossed my mind for a moment, wondering if Gaiain had disappeared, but his soul still remained.

“Set an example. Indulgence is unacceptable.”

Ymir knelt down.

“I take orders.”

“Get rid of him. That is your duty.”

When no answer came back, Ankera added.

“Don’t you want to find the reason for your existence?” Ymir finally responded.

“You know how many disappointments I’ve had so far. I don’t think it will be different this time.”

To be the strongest, that is to say, to be far stronger than the second strongest…

‘It means there is no meaning to exist.’ He fought many battles, but in the end was only crushed at the hands of Imir.

Neither Ashur, nor Son Goku, nor Zeus, nor Behemoth could satisfy his deficiency, although there was only a difference in degree.

‘Now everyone is getting old. The normal guy is about Ashur.’

“He is a man with a mind.”

It hurt Ankera’s pride, but Ymir took the bait.


Guffins came to mind.

“good. Maybe you can find the reason for your existence there.”

‘Is that enough?’

Ymir, lost in thought, turned around.

“Send it.”

“… … Prove that you are the king of giants.”

The moment Anchera’s voice entered the eardrum, Ymir’s coordinates flew to the other side of the universe.

On the planet where Sirone would later live, the greatest fight in the universe took place.

His name is Augent.

He was the first human other than Guffin to make Ymir feel alive.

However, he sacrificed himself to save Smille.

Ymir felt sorry for him, but he learned that Anchera was right.

‘I found the reason for my existence.’

someday we will meet again

Upon returning to Arabot, Ankera’s voice contained a thorn.

“You left room.”

“To get rid of Augent. Didn’t you say that was all?”

For once, yes.

“What reward would you like to receive? Niflhe


Ymir shook his head.

“There is no prison that can confine me anyway. Do you know?” “I will not fight any more. Until you feel like fighting.”

“You have proven yourself to be the king of giants. You will have a lot of work to do in the future.”

When Ymir held out his index finger, his fingernails extended and dripped down to the floor like liquid.

“At least one fingernail… … I will leave it behind.”

The nail on the index finger fell off, and the part of Ymir that was born next to the main body approached Ankera.

“I will take care of everything. Please tell me.”

As the expansion of Heaven is accelerating, Ymir has to fight countless enemies.

‘One fingernail?’

maybe that’s enough

I don’t know how many times it will erupt again in the future, but it will be able to endure until the main body wakes up. Ymir’s body left Arabot and was again submerged in the deepest part of Niflheim.

Suoi who coexisted with him happily gathered together and told the story of the world.


Ymir laughed as he licked the empty space in his molar tooth he had left far away in space.

‘Don’t watch. How far it leads.’

August Smile.

Knowledge is contained in history.

And at this point, Sirone had accepted almost all of the history of the universe.

‘The spine of knowledge.’

The grand project that started with the great library of the Ogent family is coming to an end.

The library of knowledge in the depths of Sirone expands to the 4th dimension, and there is no space limitation.

‘When I first started working, I thought that all knowledge was connected.’

Eventually, even time was transformed into a five-dimensional multi-cube combined with space.

‘It was rather the opposite.’ If Arius went into the depths again, he would only be able to realize this fact.

‘All knowledge was born from one.’ God.

And finally, Sirone, who has the brain of a god, is facing the end of history.

Omega 999 years.

Heaven had an unprecedented heyday.

Everything was peaceful, and if things went on like this, some planet would create a new world by creating a coward system based on Ankera as a model.

But, as always, the problem was human.


The seven archangels who sat at the table of the Baek Kyung had a heated discussion.

“Why is every planet plotting rebellion? What is this, is it fashionable? You did everything! Eternal life and the paradise they seek, he made everything!”

“Because I am human.”

Satiel said with venom.

“It was wrong to start with making the wine of life. do you trust humans? They say that they are always only thinking of overthrowing God. People who can’t see someone sitting over their heads.”

Kariel shot.

“There is nothing wrong with my life wine. Haven’t countless tribes followed Ankera until now?”


Uriel spat out.

“No authority.”

“Am I lacking?”

“I don’t mean that. that it is not perfect. It is us.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the empty seat of the archangel.


The reason Ankera couldn’t reset was because they couldn’t give Guffin a second chance.

In the end, there was no choice but to partially cut out the incident, and the aftereffects were more severe for beings with higher mentality.

‘There must be something. Even without a very terribly clear memory, it was possible to infer based on the shape of the void formed in the asteroid.

‘For example, giving birth to a human child.’

Kariel shook her head.

The reason why these illogical thoughts come to mind is probably the aftereffects of amnesia.

Even so, the shape of the void was too filthy.

said Uriel.

“We need Ichael. If the white watch is not perfect, then authority will not stand.”

Currently, Ikael has lost all powers and is being punished in the spire of Arabot.

The punishment is nothing other than flying to the planet where the rebellion occurred and destroying the civilization.

Only then could Ikael regain his strength, and the archangels did not know why it was a punishment.

Even Ekael himself.

But she… … .

‘Why am I doing this?’

I couldn’t hold back the tears that flowed every time I killed a human and came back.


It was after the secret meeting that night that no one in heaven noticed.

‘If only I could meet him one more time.’

A knock was heard.

“Come on in.”

Carefully opening the door and entering, Ashur mumbled, unable to open his mouth.

“Is this a mission?”

“yes. sorry.” He was the one who watched Ikael cry countless times as he returned after completing his mission.

“It’s not Ashur’s fault. And it is the archangel’s mission to punish those who rebel against Anchera.”

Ikael took a deep breath and smiled.

“Okay, where are you?”

“It is a planet located in the 7th solar system in the Oregon galaxy. The Kergo tribe settled there 1,500 years ago, and recently, the situation of denying God has been detected.”

“Kergora. I’m surprised. Their faith is unique among the 3 subjects of Heaven.”

“Even if it’s the same Kergor, the gods don’t stay in the country. The farther people are from their eyes, the farther they tend to be from their hearts. At this rate, the Heavenly Expansion Project will also fail.”

Ikael nodded his head.

“great. I will punish them myself and set divinity right. Did you say 7 solar systems?”

“yes. The seventh planet of the 7th solar system. Since it is a volcanic island in the sea, it will not take long.”

“Hmm? It is a volcanic island.”

Ashur opened the door and said.

“The natives call it Galliant.


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