Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 947

All History (3)

The headlights began to unravel.

Natasha fell to the ground, and the eyes of the few who discovered her attracted many.

The noise of war rippled away.

‘That human woman… … Did you get hurt?’

The demons hate humans, but Natasha’s power could not be disparaged.


Tess, who had returned from the mission of regeneration, froze when she saw Lian’s condition.

“ha! ha!”

Lian’s arms, which were breathing heavily, disappeared without even a trace from the shoulder.

Only the <idea> floating in the air with divine transcendence speaks his will.

Natasha raised her head.

“Did you say Rihanna?”

The Skull Reaper reached into her abdomen and was treating her, but that was all she could do to stop the bleeding.

A kind of surgical ability.

However, just like the Law of Incarnation, his technical skills were at the level of fixing a broken doll.

“Save your words. You may die.” Ryan has no special war philosophy.


The number of people killed by his sword was too many to raise any banner.

“It’s okay, even if you die.”

Rian nodded and asked.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“I lost.”

I really wanted to tell you.

“Your sword broke all my rhythm and came in. Whatever it is, it will become your technique and style from now on. I’d like to call it negative beat, but that’s what the owner decides.”

“It doesn’t matter what the name is.”


Natasha gave up and collapsed.

“It was nice, you.”

She brought out all the words inside, but Lian still had something left.

“I said you could cast off evil.” “That does not erase the guilt. But if you regret it, atone now. Denying the demons in this place where mankind is judging you will be the only reward for those who died because of you.”

The faces of the demons were crumpled.

“You can torture and kill. You did a lot of bad things.”

Natasha was calm.

“But I have no regrets. What are your regrets? If that was possible, I wouldn’t be here.”

For a talent who strives to be the best at every moment, looking back is unacceptable.

“When I said abandon evil, it just means it doesn’t matter. Either on the side of humans or on the side of demons. my answer though


Natasha raised her head.

“I became friends with Harvits first. sorry.”

For her who had no purpose in life, that was enough of a reason.

“Kill! Kill a human!”

Realizing that it would be advantageous to preoccupy Natasha, the demons terrifyingly rushed.

“All charge!”

The allied forces with the same thoughts were raised, and the place where Lian and Natasha were was filled with troops.


It was the battlefield of Abigyuhwan.

“Satan… …

Seeing Havitz’s neck on the floor, the Sioks made the same expression.

“It is Satan!”

They were all different in age and appearance, but at this moment, it seemed as if there were 12 identical faces.

“no! no!”

The first o’clock of pride grabbed his head and cried out.

“Time does not turn back! Why, why don’t you regret it!”

because I didn’t realize

“I will take revenge!” The moment Shiok rushed in, a huge shadow appeared and 12 people began to sink.

“Quaaaaa! Remember, humans! We will come back! Revenge must be… … !”

The screams disappeared beneath the ground.


After a while, Armin canceled the stop magic and sat down.

“You did it.”

I saw Kuan bleeding from one eye.

It was impossible to regenerate because it had been stabbed perfectly, and even if it were possible, he would reject it.

“Quan, your decision… …

“Do you understand now?”

Quan coldly cut off his words.

“Why am I not going to see her?”

Kuan’s hidden code is based on the feelings that arise when you put yourself in a terrible state.

The more the body is destroyed, that is, the closer it is to abnormality, the more the polarity of asymmetry becomes more inclined.

‘When this war is over… …

What is Kuan’s condition?

And can Shiina accept that?

“God, please do not forgive me.” Eden, whose heart was subdued by Satan, poured out tears and prayed for repentance.

Sein tried to think positively.

‘Still, I won.’

However, the moment he looked at Harvitz’s fallen head, a suspicion bordering on fear arose.

‘That one?’

Havitz’s face lost its vitality.

However, on one side of the dead eye, something black and small was wriggling.


The sight of him tapping his eyeballs with both legs as if trapped in the retina gave goosebumps all over his body.

“It’s not over yet!”

I honestly don’t know.

If Havitz was alive, it was normal to hear the vibrations of the heart through God’s frequency.


Harvitz’s eyes shattered like glass, and vomit-speckled tentacles protruded from the pierced eye sockets.


The circular snout attached to the end of the tentacle opened like an umbrella and rushed at Mayray.

‘I’m afraid I’ll get hurt!’ Everyone activated their organs, but for some reason, the effect did not appear.

‘ what?’

Shiok reappeared as 12 shadows were created centering on Maylei.

“Knock-knock! You’ve been tricked again! I was tricked again!”

As the twelve spinning shadows spread, all the laws within the circle were disregarded.

Without even making a sound, Mayray’s body was sucked into the tentacle’s main back.

The iron wheel of the world did not cause any accident.

‘A fixed future.’

Was it just a coincidence that Sein and the others gathered and Harvits left the battlefield?


Havitz’s face gradually revived as he pulled the 10-meter-long tentacles out of his eyes.

“I finally ate.”

The swollen tentacles, like those of an anaconda, disintegrated Mayray in an instant.


It is not sorrow over the death of a comrade.

The worst situation had come, with no room for such human emotions.


Violet satanic energy spread in a fan shape over the top of Havitz’s head.


want to eat more

The reason why the voice of desire can be heard clearly as if it is talking to your ear is…

‘The hidden code of the 8 o’clock of jealousy.’ It was clear evidence that Mayray’s ability God’s frequency was stolen by Habits.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

Things like intestines poured down Havitz’s throat as he cleared his throat.

And after taking shape in the air, it turned into a bizarre human body.

“… … Is it Satan?”

“no. I am Habitz.”

Harvits, whose face and body did not match, tapped the head with the monster’s index finger.

“Only the brain, of course.”

It would be a curse that everything except the face was made up of other people’s flesh and organs… … .


Harvits didn’t care.

“It was like this. Interesting?”

When Armin’s mind was heard as an auditory hallucination, the faces of Sein and the others turned pale.

“Did you hear it through the object’?”

As Havitz pulled out his tongue, Mayray’s bloody <Nemesis> appeared.


The moment he spat out the ring, the wave in his heart stopped, and Sein frowned.

‘Damn it. All in all… …

The ability that should not be taken away the most has passed to the person who should not have it the most.

Habitz looked back at Lyria.

“aha? were you thinking like that? Surprisingly. No, should I say cute?”

Lyria’s face turned into a tear-stained one.


I finally realized what had happened to this world.

“do not do that.”

If I could turn the situation around even if I prayed for it.

Sein said.

“Havitz, come on. You must want to kill us. Because it is the only natural enemy that can kill you.” If his face is Habits and his body is Satan, then this time he really has one life.

“Heh. Heh heh heh.”

Havitsu, obsessed with the power of God’s frequency, didn’t even listen to Sein’s words.

“I don’t care what you say. hear everything The voice of your heart.”

‘I’m really going crazy!’

As was his old habit, Havitz twisted his mustache.

“And killing is over. You guys must have known about this ability too, right?”

Havitz’s mind that Mayray had eavesdropped on.

“No, your strategy will never work. I’d rather kill all humans! Overwork and torture! That’s what you wanted!”

In short, it was better.

“Human Taste.”

Harvits said.

“This is why people torture, torture, and kill people. There is nothing in the world that tastes better than humans. The problem is that it is so addictive that it raises the threshold.”

Sharp nails scratched his temples.

“So I thought. Is there no part of the human body that is more delicious than life? Then there was one. heart.”

This was the reason God’s frequency was needed.

“Now it’s time to cook it. It’s extremely delicious, and you can enjoy it for a long time without chewing… …

Havitz’s one eye shook ecstatically, and the tentacle on the other side stiffly stood up.

“Human Taste.”

no one answered

“… … You left.”

When Havitz canceled vanishing, not even his footprints were left.

Armin asked.

“Where did you go? If it’s Tormia… …


Sein shook his head.

“It is not Tormia. The labyrinth is coming, or it will already be. When a conflict between good and evil occurs, the judgment of Terraforce is triggered. Also if that happens… …

Quan got the word.

“God’s frequency disappears.”

These were the words Mei-Lee warned before carrying out the assassination operation.

“that’s right. From now on, he intends to enjoy the pain rather than killing humans. Then he has no way to go where the maze is. Even if this is not calculated, the law makes it so.”

Lyria raised her hand.

“for a moment. Then wouldn’t it be better to go back to the battlefield? Habitz cares about Gustav’s 4th skill. Leaving them unattended is somehow… …

Sein nodded.

“okay. susceptibility declines. But I’m putting weight on the fact that the major premise is implemented. In other words, as a result of today’s incident, a big change occurred in Havitz’s mind.”

Kuan stroked his chin.

“Are you saying that you were so absorbed in this work that you abandoned your colleague? Well, the whole world could become his playground.”

“That’s right. Now that I can read people’s minds, it’s rather strange that it’s the same as before. If until now you were Satan dwelling in a human body, now you are a little closer to Satan.”

Armin said as he wrinkled his nose.

“Then it is a big deal. If Havitz abandoned his comrades, there’s no way the demons would leave Gustav’s 4th skill alone. Declining their influence also means that the demons’ strategies will be implemented.”

Eden gritted his teeth and stood up.

“Paimon, commander of the 9th corps.”

The Demon Realm is the source of a hospital.

“okay. This is not the time to go after Harvits. Paimon must be subdued as soon as possible. If she opens her demon realm… …

Even the gods will shed bloody tears.

“Um, yes yes.”

Havitz, who was walking through the wasteland that stretched to the horizon, tore off the tentacles from his eyes.

Satan’s flesh permeated through the black hole and was regenerated as an eyeball with red pupils.

Havitz nodded his head as he remembered what he could do with God’s frequency.

“Aha, it could be used this way.”

human taste.

The human heart, which he designated as the most delicious part himself, was now able to be tasted to his heart’s content.

“But this is not enough. hmm.”

If Paimon’s Pandemonium covers the world, the taste of humans will flood beyond imagination… … .

“It is simply eating a lot. I want the best taste. Something a little more dramatic and exhilarating… …

Absolutely painful events.

“Heh heh. Yes, there was.” In order to perfectly cook the mind, I needed one more ability besides God’s frequency.

It was an incident.

“It’s worth it to be alive. Because I didn’t want to kill you.”

I don’t know the direction, and I might not be able to get out of the wasteland even if I walk for the next few days… … .

“It is Satan!”

Apart from Vulcan’s instructions, demons who had tracked Habits were flying through the sky.

“Cheuk, go.”

Harvits raised his hand to the sky.


His gaze, which flew up into the sky while being held by the claws of a grotesque bird, was aimed at Kashan.

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