Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 941

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Hidden Code(1)

Shi Ok.

When fanatics who follow Satan appeared, Havitz stood back as if he had nothing to do.

‘Shiok is a human?’

Sein questioned even as he kept the hooded woman’s face in his eyes.

‘Why are you human?’

Of course, the concept of Satan is also practiced by human Havitz, so it is not unusual.

Polar line goes to Maze, ball goes, and fraternity goes to Sirone.

It is only natural that hardware is required to reveal any concept as a phenomenon.

Therefore, the question of the world was not a logical error, but only a matter of emotion.

In other words, why does Shiok have to be human too?

‘Because I can choose.’

There is a difference between being created to follow Satan and following Satan by choosing oneself.


The act of throwing one’s heart in the most dangerous way.

‘Even if Shiok’s will is separate from Havitz’s, it is the same as Havitz’s will in the end.’

For example, you want to kill someone.

If you use your hands directly, you will face a difficult situation, and even if you try to ask for a favor, your tail will be stepped on.

‘But what if someone took care of it?’

Could there be a more effective existence as Satan’s limbs?

“You won’t have to hide it any longer.”

The remaining 11 Shiok, who were covering their faces, simultaneously threw back their hoods.

women, old people and children.

It was a common appearance that can be seen anywhere in society.

The woman with the cut on her forehead glared at Quan.

“An attack coming from outside the cognition. Interesting. I never thought I would meet someone other than us who handles hidden codes.”

Kuan asked.

“Hidden code?”

“I have no choice but to know. Because it is the knowledge of the other side of the world. In order for you guys to feel the world logically, illogical codes must be experimented with. Code used in some kind of test mode. We call them cheats.”

Sein did not understand.

“You all think this world is logical. But no. It’s just that you guys have adapted to the code of reality.”

She raised her index finger.

“In a dream, no matter how absurd an incident is, you can understand it, right? Of course It’s called Drimo, and a lot of codes from the Underworld go into it and get filtered out. And only the code that has secured stability is applied in reality. After all, what you believe to be logic is nothing more than rules set by the creators of this world for convenience.”

Sein and the others listened blankly.

“In Drimo, code that is considered useless in the real world, that is, code that has not secured stability, escapes through buffering called <Under Coder>. And there it combines with discarded information from the real world.”

Sein asked.

“After joining?”

“It is stored endlessly in a system called The Abyss.”

I’ve heard from Miro before.

‘The destination of all information.’

I heard that it is the place where the final future that the world reaches based on the current state is realized.

‘Did I say it was like hell?’

“It’s a very fun place.”

Si-ok thought differently.

“Because all the processes until the end of the world are accumulated. If you take a good look at the ruins and records lying there, you can also find out what will happen at a certain point in the future. Have a look. It’s so much fun.”

Sein shook his head.

“When the present changes, the future changes. If we win, The Abyss will not be hell.”

“Because everything is fixed.”

the woman laughed.

“Behind the scenes, reality, Dremo, the Undercoder, and the Abyss. It is a world where 5 systems operate simultaneously in the same time zone. can you imagine What can I change?”

Sein was silent.

“Listen smart. Humans are nothing more than residents using the space of reality. He said he couldn’t change the future.”

“But all systems must be operating for the space of reality. As you said, if humans are users, then we have the right to reject the current world.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The woman who had been laughing like crazy stopped laughing and put on a cold expression.

“It must have been like that once.” There was a time when humans defined everything.

“But not you. It’s not connected. How could a human who didn’t realize the missing link change the law? Of course, it’s not easy for some humans to deal with the admin code. But do you think that this world will come to an end?”

When Sein kept his mouth shut, the woman turned to Quan.

“In that sense, I want to commend you. It’s a pretty good cheat. But we are on different levels.”

As the blood flowing from his forehead disappeared, even the wounds from the sword began to blur.

‘Healing power? No, the wound itself is disappearing.’

Mayray murmured.

“One hour of pride.”


The moment I looked back at her, the waves of the woman were transmitted as hallucinations through <Nemesis>.

“… … Nonsense.”

It was an incomprehensible phenomenon.

“Whoops, yes. I am the 1st hour of pride. It deals with hidden codes that can change choices in the past.”


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Quan snorted.

“In my memory, the moment I cut you is definitely still there. My memory is not false.”

“That is your idea. What do I know?”

1 o’clock in pride shrugged.

“You still don’t understand? The logic you know is not absolute. Is this a cheat you don’t know about? Look, the wound is gone. I regretted it. He thought that if he had bent his upper body a little more, he wouldn’t have been cut. That’s why I changed my choice.”

The waves in my heart were telling the truth.


One o’clock of arrogance can change the choice you regretted in the past, and output the result through the butterfly effect.

‘It changes endlessly.’

This meant that all regrettable events in someone’s life would be erased, supporting the phenomenon that Harvitz would always be right no matter what decision he made.

‘This is dangerous.’

Taking on the role of a hitman in the holy war, Kuan had an intuition about how difficult it would be to kill the Pride One Hour.

‘You have to make a death you won’t regret.’

Two methods immediately come to mind.

‘To make them plot their own death, or to put them in a situation where death can never be avoided.’

In both cases, the emotion of ‘regret’ is not triggered, so the past choice cannot be changed… … .

‘Is this really possible?’

I didn’t think I could make it.

-This is Mayray. From now on, I’m going to eavesdrop on all 12 waves of Si-ok. Be sure to remember.

Shiok rushed.

“For the Pleasure of Satan!”

Sein, Armin, and Mayray couldn’t move because they were blocking the Law of Habits with their respective magics.

“Absolute barrier!”

When Eden opened the shield, Shiok spread, and Lyria amplified the law of Quan.

Quan’s figure disappeared from Si-ok’s awareness.

‘I can’t rush in.’

In the meantime, Shiok’s name and hidden code echoed in his mind through <Nemesis>.

Sein saved 1 hour of pride in his head.

‘A woman with a fierce look and sharp teeth. It can be called a cheat in that you can change the event you regretted in the past, and the process is ignored.’

The next wave came.

‘A man with a bald head. dissatisfied

2’o clock. Hidden code wins in all kinds of odds?’

The first thing that came to my mind was Havitz.

It was only natural that the ability of Siok was derived from Satan’s chaos.

“Quan! Kill 1 o’clock!”

Si-ok couldn’t find Quan anyway, so he shouted as hard as he could.

‘It is the first line of arrogance that reverses past choices, and is the first target to be eradicated. Even if I kill just one person, there will be a hole in the prison.’

At least it was now.

“You fool!”

shouted a woman in her mid-30s with big owl-like eyes and prominent cheekbones.

“Why do I have to kill the first hour of pride? Aren’t you the one who hates first place? How can you lead a battle with such paranoid thoughts? Therefore, you are scum!”

Sein couldn’t think of anything to say.


The moment I realized there was no way to refute her, I heard the sound of the wave that Mayray had wiretapped.

‘The 3 o’clock of the house. The hidden code is… … Win all kinds of rebuttals? what’s this.’

Detailed information followed.

‘… … This is because no amount of argument can break her logic. Damn, where’s that dog sound?’

Sain, a logician, stepped up a little and challenged her code.

“Of the 3 people analyzed so far, the one who can have the greatest impact on the battle is 1 o’clock. Got it? I don’t strategize with paranoia.”

“Oh, I don’t know! it’s annoying! What’s wrong with your face and your voice? The bottom line is, you are wrong!”

Cheats applied.

As the link of logic that makes up the world’s thinking was destroyed, the dizziness became angry to a certain extent.


A fire boiled inside, but since the logic of reality had disappeared, there was no refutation.

‘Is this a hidden code?’

The past can’t be changed, the syllogism, the probability is mathematical.

‘This proposition is also a human thought anyway. It’s just a set of rules for the manager’s convenience.’

If you watch from outside the universe, in fact, no matter how the world works, there is no problem.

“Did you suddenly close your mouth? Well, because you are full of contradictions. On the other hand, I have made my case based solely on the facts. That is why you are an idiot!”

“… … shut up.”

“shut up? hit what Hit your cheek!”

Feeling like it really should be, Sain gnashed his teeth and lowered his head in defeat.

‘damn! Why can’t I win?’

In the midst of everyone not opening their mouths recklessly, the three o’clock of the ego laughed cheerfully.

“Knock-knock! After all, if you don’t worship Satan, your life is a failure! Long live Satan! Oh, Satan!”

Just when Sein looked up, ignoring him, the waves in his heart surged again.

‘Four o’clock of indolence.’

It was an old man with grumpy cheeks, and after a while, a hidden code was revealed.

Things you don’t want to happen don’t happen.

‘Damn it.’

A cold sweat broke out on Sein’s back.

‘Both Havitz and Siok avoided the law in this way. So, should I kill 4 o’clock first and kill 1 o’clock? ah

Nih, in some cases, 2 attempts… … wait for a sec.

‘But Quan hurt 1:00.’

If the extreme of asymmetry is also a cheat, it is that Siok did not respond perfectly.

“Lia Lia… …

Sein, who was trying to give instructions by voice, realized the three o’clock of stubbornness and used <Nemesis>.

-Lilia, seize the opportunity and suddenly amplify the law of Kuan. The wider the better.

Lyria nodded, staring at the battlefield with her birch staff stuck in the ground.

Then, a plump woman with a disgruntled expression shouted.

“That woman is a traitor!”


Everyone turned to Lyria.

“What nonsense… …

Lyria, who had been shouting with a frown, was taken aback when she saw the eyes of her colleagues paying attention to her.

“Why, why?”

Mayray eavesdropped on the wave of the woman who had just shouted.

‘Five o’clock of prejudice. The hidden code is… … everyone trusts

‘That’s ridiculous.’ It was such a strong code that Sain felt that even if he accused a good person of being a murderer, he would still believe it.

“wait for a sec! Why would I betray?” She knows with her head.

‘Yes, there is no reason to betray. She belongs to Zion, and she is a monk who hates evil.’

However, cheats are not the logic of reality.

When the hidden code was entered in everyone’s head, endless doubts were derived from the brain.

‘Has your life been guaranteed? Or collude with evil to gain a higher reputation… …

Anything can be doubted.

‘Come to think of it, a month ago, Lilia left the room alone. That’s right, the tone was also strange.’

In our lives, even elderly couples who have been together for the rest of their lives are separated by a minor doubt.

“no! I am not!”

It would be a tragedy that the human race has.

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