Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 940

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Fanaticism (5)

As Sain’s party surrounded Havitz in a circle, Siok also formed a circle from the inside.

‘It’s not going to end just by manipulating the environment in a specific time period.’

Sein was still thinking.

‘If even the incident that caused us to leave Habitz is just a future that continues from the past… …

I had a feeling that the reason Harvitz had come here wasn’t just to avoid the elemental bomb.

“Hey, woman.”

As Havitz’s mind was conveyed through <Nemesis>, everyone realized at the same time.


Shiok rushed towards Maylei.


Armin, who was keeping his seat while maintaining the stop magic, had a question.

‘Shiok was assumed to be specialized in defense. But is that not the case?’

It may not be an object that can be classified with a simple concept like a workshop.

“You look funny.” I heard Kuan’s voice behind me.

However, in the next moment, he was swinging his sword at Shi-ok’s side before he knew it.

‘The pole of asymmetry.’

The location of Quan was clearly visible to Saein and the others, but Shiok did not even know that he had approached.

such a law.

‘Here arises the second hypothesis. Why are there 12 prisons, or 12 people?’

0.666 seconds.

A prison of time where no event can happen.

‘The law responds one to one to all outcomes. Otherwise, the world will be a messed up window.’

In Siok, 12 people make one law.

‘In other words, twelve specific phenomena combine to give birth to the prison of time. So if you remove even one… …

It is like opening a hole in the iron wall of Havitz.

By the time it came to a quick conclusion, Quan was swinging his sword at Si-ok in the lead.

‘He won’t even know he’s dying.’

That moment.


Shi-ok, who was in the lead, suddenly got caught in the foot of a colleague and his upper body was thrown wide.

‘ what?’

Comte couldn’t have been more terrible than this, but the sword was already swinging.

The blade cut through the robe, and a stream of blood ascended to heaven with a sound.


As if the machine had stopped working, Si-ok drooped her shoulders and lowered her head.

“It’s quite right.”

When Si-ok, the leader, pulled back his hood and revealed himself, Sae-in and his party’s eyes widened.

” human?” He was a man without pointy ears, no red skin, no horns on his head or back.

‘Humans can hear it.’

Maylei tapped Shiok’s waves with God’s frequency.

“This?… ”

Eden, who shared the wave through <Nemesis>, looked back at Shi-ok with a blank expression.

‘These voices, this is definitely… … Humans who were only fascinated by evil and became Satan’s followers in the state of flesh and blood.


The identity of Shiok was 12 fanatics. How much flow would be required for a rock embedded in the ground to be pulled out by the torrent?

Information Castle crumbled like dust.

The battle inside the complex castle was reminiscent of an action play, but from a distance it was just a huge mass swept away.

“rush! rush!”

As the lines of demons who destroyed the castle were combined, a tremendous shock struck the ground.

In a place where not even rubble remains, the corpses of allied soldiers are bouncing all over the floor.

“Kill anyone!”

No survivors were seen.

“ha! ha!”

In the gloomy space of the underground tunnel, Dante’s rough breathing echoed sadly.

“Are you okay? If it’s difficult, leave it to me.”

The 3rd division officer supporting him looked at Dante with worried eyes.

His complexion was pale.

“no. It is a labyrinth that incorporates an encryption system. It is not an exit that you can find by wandering around a lot.” Behind Dante and the officers, the soldiers who had been engaged in a defensive battle at the Information Castle followed.

‘Panic Room.’

When the shock of the demons exceeded the durability of the information castle, Dante headed to the underground facility.

And the troops were evacuated through the escape route made through the serial magic circle Baekdo.

‘You’re so thorough. If I had given up on the panic room, I would have been able to improve the castle’s functionality a lot.’

Wizards do not overconfident in their abilities.

‘Well, none of the wizards I know have any interest in being a hero.’

Speaking as a prosecutor, it seems that the only purpose of their lives is to solve problems.

‘I’m going to die of hate! Always promoted faster than me! You clever bastard!’

His teeth gnashed at the moment he remembered his motive for the military, but the officer soon made a face of acceptance.


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‘… … It must have been so comfortable, to have someone think for me instead.’ Like a lost child who finds his parents

Just like me, Dante’s presence made me feel safe.

“Now what? The number of troops is not large enough to carry out the operation.”

Dante had already made up his mind.

“It’s good to join a unit, but it’s a waste to give up the advantage of moving underground. Considering the distance to the flower field, it is not the time to be pushed back even if we arrive. Let’s move through the basement as it is and dig a trap.”

“A trap?”

The officer asked curiously.

“I won’t make a great trap. Compared to the size of the enemy, the work efficiency is too low.” I wondered how threatening the improvised trap would be.

“The scale is not necessarily determined by size or shape alone.”


Dante raised a laser model between his palms with precise photon output.

Inside the frame of the cube, the frame of another cube was connected with a line.

“This… … ‘?”

As if born endlessly, the two cubes moved, reversing the concept of inside and outside.


Dante raised an eyebrow.

The energy of the ancient weapon, the living flower, comes from the sunlight received by the vast petals.

There was not a single cloud in the sky.

It was because the temple had already manipulated the weather by requesting cooperation from the World Climate Organization.

“Cover the sun.”

Vulcan immediately saw through the mechanism.

As the flying demons belonging to each unit soared into the sky, the whole area became dark like night.

Enox, the commander of the flower garden, gave instructions.


The ceiling of the red meat was coolly pierced as the three hundred fresh flowers fired their flashes into the sky.

“Now! charge!”

While the ashes of the demons fell like heavy snow, ground troops infiltrated the flower fields.

Protea, the chieftain of the Fire Tribe, shouted.

“Lord Enox! Allied forces are being pushed back! You have to push it away with the fresh flower before it gets any closer!”

“no. Fresh flowers need to keep recharging their energy. In a state where the sky cannot be opened, it is just scrap metal.”

The commander of the Demon Tribe, who had broken through the tenfold encirclement of the allied forces, shouted.

“You don’t have to kill me! Torture terribly! Destroy it to the point where you’re begging me to kill you!”


The faces of the allied troops waiting at their respective positions became white at the order that even faded the purpose of the war.

“Things like crap.”

Enox drew his sword and shouted.

“Brothers and sisters! Fear not! The light of agape will protect us. let’s go!”

“Ha ha ha! It’s an elf, an elf!”

Demons rushing with greedy eyes

Watching, the elves pulled out their weapons.

“Toward Idea!”

Enox’s legs floated in the air and shot forward at great speed.

“Liddle, a piece of rotten meat that can’t even be recycled.”

A whirlwind formed on her sword, and every time she performed swordsmanship, the demons were separated into pieces.

A wind as sharp as a blade cut through the right arm of the demon battalion commander.

“Kuh! what kind of wind… … !”

It felt like being hit by steel.

“Heh, it’s proof that you guys are inferior.” Aeos, the flying magic, and Aruope, the cutting magic.

All of them were Norr’s ancient magic.

“Elves are new people.”

Mixed blood of Nord and Fairy.

Even with the same ancient magic, the magical power that comes from the fairy’s mental power was incomparable to that of humans.

“The ideas of the next generation are ours.”

Enox dreamed that one day the elves would blend into human society and reach the gods.

“Besieged! I mean crush it with your body!”

At the command of the brigade commander, the large demons rushed from all sides, shaking the ground.

The view was completely blocked, so Enox landed on the ground as lightly as a feather.

“Putting in a stinky body.” Scanning her foes with her cold eyes, she twisted her ant-thin waist all the way.


Collective magic for Norr.

However, the elf with 100% affinity for the soul didn’t need any help other than air.

“The love of the wind!” As Enox used the elasticity of his waist to cut his sword across, a strong wind blew in all directions.


As if being hit by a huge wave, the giant Demons were pushed off the floor.

Turning gracefully, Enox slammed his sword into the ground and opened his eyes.


Collective magic, which was only possible when 100 Norse wizards gathered, exploded alone in her heart.

The atmosphere in a radius of 100 meters became tens of thousands of small blades, causing turbulence.


Good food! Good food! Good food!

As if trapped in a giant mixer, the tattered flesh of the demons raged.

“damn! That elf, I won’t let you go!” Even the cruel demons were only watching outside the power of Esta Shion.


When Enox pulled out his sword, the demons waiting for him rushed in with murderous intent.

“You start by chewing on your fingers… … !”

The demon’s face exploded with a bang.


The elven archers, born from the spirit of the wind, were approaching, pushing through the barriers.

“Everybody fire in a row!”

Every time the archers bounced off the steel string, the arrows flew at Mach speed and detonated a sonic boom.

Their fire rate, which is superior to that of humans, reached 7 per second… … .

pop! pop! pop! pop!

The power of the arrow pierced the demon’s body and disappeared from sight.

Tess, anxiously watching the vanguard fight, sighed in relief.

“Somehow, I got the balance right. There is a limit to sacrificing flying demons, so if we endure like this… …

At that time, a weak vibration that could not be felt without the sensory system of the schema was transmitted.


When I turned my head to the camp, I saw a live fire facing the allied forces.


At the same time as Lian grabbed Tess by the wrist and threw herself, a flash of light scratched the ground.

As the ground rumbled, a black line was drawn diagonally across the Thousand People, which Tess belonged to.

Lian, who stood up, murmured.

“Someone stole the flower.”

“I’ll go!”

Tess is a dear friend, but there was no room for personal feelings during the war.

“be careful.”

As Tess gave a thumbs up and moved away, Lian turned her head again to look ahead.

That moment.

A seesaw of time has occurred.

Because it’s impossible for time to slow down just by looking back… … .

why the hell

Even in a situation where the brain had not yet created a thought, the cells throughout the body vigorously spewed out questions.

Another 1,000 people 200 meters ahead.

Although it is not known exactly what is going on as Fumi’s troops are obstructed from view.

K | 99

Farther away, countless soldiers were simultaneously bouncing into the sky.

It means that the soldiers in the rear are not even aware that they do not move a single fingertip.

‘It’s moving at a tremendous speed.’

As the seesaw of time unraveled, Lian’s arm pulled the great sword deep into his chest.

TZ: rz rz rz rz = TZ: | 1-I-r?t?i-r!

As if a land mine had exploded, the soldiers were thrown out, and at the same time as the rear was finally pierced… … .


Lian’s great straightness shocked me.


After flying several tens of meters, Lian braked with the soles of her feet and pushed her upper body forward.

‘It feels like my stomach has been pierced.’

When I looked ahead, Natasha, wearing a black dress, was dancing, shaking her pelvis.

‘Battle doll… …

The motion of gently shaking her hips was dainty and seemed to seduce the opponent.

After one rotation, she bent her head to one side, put her elbows on her waist, and spread her hands wide.


Rian traced the 10 starlights that started from her fingers and went up the rift.

The hooded avatar of a skull looked down at her from the top of her head.

“The Shinigami’s martial arts.”

Natasha is gone.

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