Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 938

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Fanaticism (3)

“The representative of Zion has arrived.” The moment Aromi’s voice was heard from the ceiling, the door opened violently and Miro entered.

On the left and right, they were accompanied by Gangnan and Zulu.

“This woman is real!”

The captain of the bodyguard who entered the room belatedly saw Iruki and bowed at a right angle.

“sorry! This woman is reckless… …

Iruki held out his palm.

“That’s Okay. Get out.”

Iruki has never held his subordinates accountable for failing to deal with an unexpected situation.

The captain of the bodyguard also knew Iruki’s tendencies, so he felt ashamed for not behaving properly.

“All right.”

I wanted to say something like a chimney, but I just answered because I didn’t want to be a human being like Miro.

‘What era is that polar line? She’s an arrogant and self-indulgent woman.’ Well, Iruki didn’t necessarily think that acting for someone else was good.

It’s actually a concept close to a child.

‘Goodness is the law.’

It was an iron rule and belief that was not mixed with the slightest chaos, and in that sense, the labyrinth was the polar line.

“welcome. It’s later than expected. Actually, I thought it would arrive the fastest.”

With Zulu, the best in utility, it wouldn’t have been a matter of distance or speed.

Miro sat down on the sofa, put one arm on the backrest and crossed her legs.

“Because a claim was caught in the middle. I was late to deal with it.”


“An apostle of time.”

A vacuum occurred around Miro and the others, who were flying to the Central Continent on Kydra.


Miro asked, looking back at the c*ckpit when he suddenly stopped breathing.

“what’s the matter?”

Of course, no sound was heard, but Zulu already answered with his head turned.

“There is no waiting. It is impossible to fly.”

After canceling the summoning magic, he landed on a rocky area with huge reddish-brown rocks.

After leaving the vacuum, the maze and the others took a deep breath, and humans appeared from all over the rocks.

There were 12 people in total.


Zulu’s eyes grew unusually wide, and Miro’s smile looked somewhat unnatural.

‘These aren’t human.’ You can tell by looking at the eyes.

Even if you don’t know the special method, if you look at their eyes, it was so different that everyone would think the same thing.

“Nice to meet you, the polar line of the times.”

The woman who opened her mouth was a gracefully aged old woman, and her smiling face looked benevolent.

‘It’s a dragon.’

Since only the first-class dragons can change their form, the maze became even more depressing.

‘Is there a time when all 12 apostles gathered in my memory?’

As I slowly looked over the figures on the rock wall, they were of different ages and genders, but none of them looked ordinary.

‘Six men and six women.’ Of course, dragons are not obsessed with form.

If the original characteristics of birth are embodied in human personality, the identity of the old woman is… … .

‘Poison Dragon Poin.’

According to the vision, Poine’s personality is benevolent and benevolent, and terribly cruel.

Miro wiggled his front with his fingers.

“Uh, so, can you introduce yourself to who you are? I get confused just by looking at your face.”

“You don’t need to know.”

The man standing third to the right of the rocky area suddenly turned into blue electricity and appeared in front of the maze.

With the afterimage of the electricity remaining on his retina, Miro looked at the man’s face.

‘Thunder Dragon Blitz.’

The hollowed-out eyelids added a sharp look to the pale face without eyebrows.

“This is a message from Karatorsa-sama.” Miro slightly bent her knees.

“Kara Torsa. You hear the name of a legend here. A message from such a great being would take time. I’m so busy that I can’t even wash my clothes after doing errands.”

Despite the sarcastic remarks, Blitz conveyed his words calmly.

“Don’t go to the Central Continent.”

Miro waited for the next words to follow, but Blitz’s mouth didn’t open any longer.

“Is that the end?”


Miro burst into laughter.


Of course, I knew what it meant when all the 12 apostles gathered to deliver the short words from earlier.

‘I’m going to press it with force.’ She honestly wasn’t feeling a little shaken up, but she was conscious of the maze.

“I want to hear the reason.”

Giving a chance to convince was not because of the dragon’s prestige, but pure curiosity.

“Mr. Miro, don’t be mistaken.”

said the blond boy sitting on the rocky cliff.

“It’s not our words, it’s Kara Torsa’s message. You just have to do it.”


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Miro’s eyes turned to the boy.

‘What monster is that again?’

Does he look like he’s about twelve years old?

He had a playful face, sport shorts, and a fashion band on his wrist hanging between his legs.

He was a boy who absolutely loved sports, but the feeling of light in his eyes gave Miro a thrill.

‘Gwangryong Gwangryong Phaeton.’

Behind the boy, it was as if he could see the figure of a golden dragon emitting blinding brilliance.

‘It’s sad if it’s the second most violent.’ According to the vision, even Ray El, the archangel of light, stuck out his tongue when fighting Phaeton.

“therefore… …

After sighing and clearing her mind, Miro lifted her chin toward Phaeton.

“Tell me why. Don’t annoy people.”

The atmosphere became strange to the point that even Kang Nan’s heart sank when he heard Miro’s words.

Phaeton’s head slowly went down, and after a while, his shoulders moved without a sound.

When he raised his face again, the only thing left in his eyes was the will to kill.

“Oh, sir… … !”


Phaeton flinched at Blitz’s voice and looked back at Blitz with the same vitality.

“who? me?”

“Yes, Peyton. Yes, you.”

Golden smoke billowed from Phaeton’s body, which slowly stood up, forming the shape of a dragon.

It wasn’t welcome this time.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you think that Mudeungryong entrusted you with this era?”

When Sirone sacrificed himself in the Labyrinth of Andre’s World 1, Kara Torsa set up Blitz as its representative.

Remember the light of Sirone, if it weren’t for that one word, there would be no superiority or inferiority among the 12 apostles.

“I am merciful, so if I make a mistake, I will accept it. Then where… … Why don’t you try talking again?”

The amount of information of Phaeton, who uses dragon words at the speed of light, is uncontrollable and violent.

“There is no point in fighting among ourselves.”

The reason Karatorsa thought Blitz was appropriate for this era was because it had a tendency to be super-cold.

“The reason we want to stop Maze is to preserve her combat power. But what if I die here? Let her cool down a bit.”

Miro smiled bitterly.

“Ah, such a deep meaning. But from what I hear, it seems that people are completely regarded as water?”

Despite Miro’s provocation, Blitz remained calm.

“Karatorsa-sama protected time from three resets. If it wasn’t for him, this world would have already changed everything by the intention of a certain being. We cannot fathom the depth of Karatorsa’s intentions. However, if you really need a reason, I can give you my personal thoughts.”

As Miro recommended, he flipped his palms and pushed them out.

“What is your opinion?”

“The reason I ordered you to stop is probably because I can’t guarantee that Sirone will be able to make it on time.”

Miro blinked.

“What are you talking about?”

Blitz conveyed the current situation.

The fact that Sirone is receiving Omega, all the information unfolded in chronological order.

And even the fact that sooner or later, on the initiative of the crusade, an elemental bomb will be dropped on Vasuka.

“It’s an elemental bomb.”

Miro, resting on her chin, raised her index finger.

“So, if you’re on the battlefield right now, everyone will die, right? So, should we conserve power?”

Gangnan shouted.

“I bet Gaold would be there too!” Blitz nodded his head.

“Gaold is moving along with a member of the Ivory Tower. I can give you the location if you want.”

“Ivory Tower?”

It was a maze that I thought would never accompany anyone else due to Gaold’s personality.

‘He can’t move by himself.’

How much have you become a cripple?

I could imagine the maze I had seen with my own eyes, but nothing had changed.

“I’m not interested in Gaold’s circumstances. I have my own business, and I have to go to the Central Continent.”

Gangnan glared at him fiercely.

“You, what are you talking about now? Autumn Degas, who is responsible for fighting like this? And if you die… … !”

“I won’t die.”

If he was going to die from a bomb, he wouldn’t even cut it out of his heart, shedding bloody tears.

“That’s done. What I’m really curious about is, how did you know? elemental bomb. Wouldn’t it be a sanctuary that was so meek enough to fail in security management? Also, if it failed, the plan would have already been cancelled. How did you do it?”


Blitz told the truth.

“You don’t have to do anything to know some information. Kara Torsa’s omega is… …

What information is currently being passed on to Sirone?

“It’s an Akashic record log (operational record).”

“Log? So you mean all the records from the moment this world existed until now?”

“Yes. All dragons can access the core, but they can’t read the logs. It seems that there was a consultation with the guffin before the 1st reset started. Omega is incredibly massive and dangerous. That’s why Karatorsa-sama chose eternal rest.”

“Hmm. And that log is currently being delivered to Shirone.”

Miro, who imagined that Yahweh’s omnipotence would be added to all the information in the world, gave goosebumps.

‘You can literally call it God. If this is for sure, I might be able to catch you.’

Blitz said.

“Don’t go to the Central Continent. All the logs are now transferred from Kara Torsa to Sirone. We will also follow Sirone. Help him save time.”

“thank you. Thanks to you, I understood.” Miro raised her head.

“But I hate it.”

I felt a huge life force rushing from behind my back, but Blitz was still calm.

“The reason is?”

“I am not helping Sirone.”

Allies are allies, but the philosophies of Sirone and Miro were different.

“Sirone thinks that everything has value in existence. He believes that even evil can be redeemed. But not me. I never tolerate evil.”

“Even Syrone doesn’t forgive evil unconditionally.”

“I know. Sometimes we can meet up and have a drink and chat. However, Sirone and I are people who have reached the pole in a certain direction. No compromise, especially during war. I don’t know how to fight while thinking of something like repentance. If Sirone gets in my way, Sirone is also my enemy.”

“so? Are you saying that Hansako will go to the Central Continent? Do you think you can live?”

“No, rather the opposite.”

If the operation succeeds, it couldn’t be better, but there were many unknown talents on the axis of evil.

It would be difficult to lure more than 100 million people to Baska if they got even the slightest hint.

“I will detonate the elemental bomb no matter what. Even if I die.”

Haven’t you already given up on life?

When the maze finished speaking, all the apostles in the rocky area were standing up before they knew it.

Miro swallowed saliva as he watched himself with different emotions.

It was obvious that as soon as Blitz’s permission was granted, an attack of tremendous power would be launched.

“I give you a choice.”

At the unexpected words of Blitz, the light dragon Phaeton fired at him, baring his teeth.

“You don’t have that right.”

“there is. I will report directly to Kara Torsa. Until then, I will judge.”

Leaving behind Phaeton’s displeased expression, Blitz spoke to Miro again.

“This is the conclusion I came to because you said you were prepared for death. If you die anyway, arguing is a waste of time. So don’t suggest One is to receive the blow of the 12 apostles.”

Miro did not open his mouth recklessly.

“Since it is a contractual fulfillment, I will not cooperate. Even so, there is a high probability that you will die, but if you cannot accept this much, the sincerity of your words will be questioned.”

“… … Any other options?”

As Blitz turned his head around, light emitted from his pupils as if blue electricity vibrated.

“He’s going to kill us all.”

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