Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 936

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“Damn it!”

The faces of the demons rushing toward the information castle made by Dante were distorted.

‘It’s a defense battle out of nowhere.’

It was not a makeshift fort, but a finished product with all structures specialized in defense.

“It’s an attack first!”

At the time when the army of hell came to a conclusion, all sorts of magic were fired from the 3,000 gun gates.

Although it was pure magic, the firepower of 9,000 rounds per second was not a level to handle.


The demons in the lead collapsed, and the second line, which had been stepping on their corpses, collapsed soon after.

The piled up corpses began to reveal certain boundaries between firepower and military power.

‘Is this possible?’

conglomeration of magic.

It is too complicated for one human being to handle, but it was a major and a job for Dante.

“rush! Push with the numbers!” To capture the castle without emotion, the demons had no choice but to sacrifice themselves.

“go! go!”

As he risked his death and jumped in, the boundary of his power began to push back towards the Information Castle.

“done! little bit more!”

When the leading demons approached a distance of 40 meters, Dante put his feet on the table and lit a cigarette.

“Activate the automaton.”

When I lit the fire with my fingers while tilting my head, the castle rose more than 1 meter.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The leading demons, covered in blood, couldn’t believe the current situation and opened their eyes wide.

“What, what?”

No, I didn’t want to believe it.

“The castle is moving.”

Although it was slow, it was spectacular to see the entire castle move on a massive scale.

However, the demons watching it were so annoyed that they wanted to kill anyone next to them.

After exhaling a long cigarette smoke, Dante leaned back in his chair and looked at the multi-vision.

“As long as it’s fast, it’s perfect.” It is an automaton that simultaneously moves the coordinates of all the magic circles entering the Information Castle.

It is as precise as the gears of a clock, but its speed depends entirely on Pascal’s arithmetic speed.

‘Even if there were 10 years, no, 5 more years.’ It left me with regret that I would have been able to create an impregnable perfect system.

‘Let’s not make excuses.’

Dante smoked a cigarette with a wry smile.

“Because there are people who can do it in the end.” Now, thinking of Sirone, where the gap had widened, Dante began manipulating the castle in earnest.

The eyes of the demons following the distant Information Castle were full of life.

“The demons are going crazy!”

No matter how slow it was, considering the number of Demons who had to die to advance 1 meter, it was a definite strength.

It was visible that the Jin hyung of the demons who had been dominating the horizon was concentrating on the information castle.

Lufist, who was watching from the Tormia camp, muttered with an absurd expression.

“Move the castle?”

Of course, the demon’s army was over 100 million, and it was not enough to completely change the direction of the flow.

“It’s quite right.”

However, if it is wrong that only one person made it, the efficiency could be said to be over 10,000 times.

“There are many talented people in Tormia.”

Garcia, the commander of the temple’s second corps and Amy’s boss, was approaching before she knew it.

Rufist said politely in an abbreviated manner.

“At one time, I was evaluated as a talent to represent the kingdom. There is still no disagreement… …

“That’s Sirone. It’s a shame.” There was no magician in the world who did not know that Yahweh was from the kingdom of Tormia.

“I have absolutely no pride. In a sense, the child is not a property of the kingdom.”

It was already out of the system.

“There is no need to dwell on things you cannot control. That’s what I care about.”

Rufist pointed to the Information Castle.

“The 3rd Division supports Mercury. No matter what happens, Dante must be brought with you.”


The division commander, aware of Dante’s strategic value, moved his troops according to the order.

After confirming them with the multi-vision that illuminates the rear, Dante descended the stairs to the castle wall.

“Let’s start at this point. Disarm the automaton.”

If the calculations necessary for movement are stopped, various systems can be operated.

The firepower also soared, of course, and the demons were terribly crushed in front of the wall.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

When the screams of the demons came through the speakers, the screen flickered red.

This means that the enemy has entered the square.

At that point, Dante tampered with the device.

“done! I will break it!”

As the demons arrived at the gate and raised their huge hammers, a voice was heard from the gate.

-Please enter a password.

“huh? password?”

Upon closer inspection, a panel with numbers and symbols was installed on the doorknob.

The moment the demon, who had been watching with his mouth half open, reached out his hand to press the number key.

bang! bang! bang!

The cannon fired from the fortress with a howitzer fell in front of the castle wall and hit the demons.

“You stupid child! Just break it in!”

When the leader was wiped out, the demons in the second line headed for the gate again, brandishing huge scythes.

“I’ll bear you!”

Then Dante grabbed the microphone and spoke.

-The password is 1111.

A serious internal conflict arose in the eyes of the demon, who stopped his arms high, and eventually lowered his scythe and held out his finger.

“Ah, sir!”

I pressed the number 1 four times, but when the door did not change, the demon raised its head and shouted.

“what! It won’t open!”

bang! bang! bang! bang!

As the second howitzer was fired, the second line was annihilated, and Dante’s voice was heard.

-… … You have to press enter.

Blood rose in the eyes of the demons.

“Is this bastard playing with us?” From then on, it was only destruction of madness, and all sorts of weaponry hit the gates.

“It’s filthy hard!” The durability was much stronger than expected, but the enormous mass pushed from behind could not be stopped.


The gates opened, and Dante stood up after hearing the warning voices echoing from the ceiling of the control room.

“Activate the avionics system.”

The demons who poured into the gate like vomit were surprised to see the scene inside.

“Is this a real castle?”

There was a vertical stone road where the grass was laid, and a fountain and stone statues were also visible.

The Tormia 3rd Division was deployed above the fortress surrounded by the moat.

“Anyway, I have something to kill! let’s go!”

The moment the demons headed for the fortress, the mines laid on the grass exploded and a gun barrel came out of the stone statue.

The fountains circulating the combustible liquid caught fire, sending fireballs out in all directions.

“run! run!”

It was a mountain beyond a mountain.

The moment I entered the drawbridge to cross the moat, a hologram of a beauty appeared.

-hello. Welcome to Dante’s Castle!

“shut up!”

Even though I knew it was fake, I swung my nails, and the soles of my feet felt terrifyingly empty.

As the drawbridge disappeared, he fell into the moat, and the powerful poison corroded his skin.


The green liquid bubbled up, and snakes rose to the surface and sprayed acid in all directions.

‘What the hell is this place?’

The demons thought how much longer they had to go through these traps before they could meet the lord of the castle… … .

“Damn it.”

Right before death, an eerie goosebumps broke out. The reason the Information Castle was great was that it twisted the demons’ circulation by at least 0.1 degrees.

‘0.1 degree.’

It was a level that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but Rufist was satisfied with that.

‘It’s important to play it once.’ Even if the starting point of the straight line seemed the same, the difference would become more pronounced as the distance increased.


Waves of iron pushed the land, and Garcia burned the enemies with the flames of Inferno.

In the air, Fleur’s Phoenix Pavilion was spitting out flames according to an algorithm.

“Ha ha ha! human! Human!”

The battlefield was reminiscent of hell, but it was the most comfortable place for the demons.

‘This is the problem. It’s hard to break morale.’

Aside from physical ability, the aggression of the demons was a temperament that could not be found in humans.

Confirming that the allied forces were retreating, Enox, the king of the fairies, raised his arms.

“The enemy of man is the enemy of the elves.”

Rufist demanded that the army of hell be turned towards Baska. Even if it was simply compared, it was only possible to turn their traffic line more than 30 degrees.

“Open the flower garden!”

The ground trembled, and over three hundred giant structures opened their steel petals.

A shadow spanning a radius of several kilometers was cast, and huge energy blazed over the petals as if exploding.

“What else is that… …

Enox lowered his arm.


As the flash with the power of the MAP weapon burned the earth, 3,000 demons disappeared in an instant.

“Disperse! Avoid the flash and break through!” What is one-day fire?

No, the formation was scattered almost in the form of chaos, and from the attacker’s point of view, the degree of difficulty rose.

If the pilot of the flower was a human.

“There is no problem at this level.”

Flarino, who is connected to the living flower with the small world window, quickly changed the aiming point.

Because control is possible at the speed of nerves, it was no different from stepping on an ant under her feet.

All sounds were buried in the roaring sound, and the demons were burned just by the flash of light.

Rufist, who had retreated to the flower field, closely observed the battle even during the fight.

‘It’s doing well unexpectedly.’

The speed at which the demons were reduced by the fire tribe’s blow far exceeded the standard value.

‘Should I be happy?’

According to a rough estimate, the number of demons who died in 30 minutes exceeded 150,000.

In other words, the firepower that annihilated the entire army of a small kingdom in 30 minutes.

The problem is that even that huge number is less than 0.1% of the entire army of Hell.

that it becomes

‘On the other hand, the Allied damage was about 4 percent.’

As time passed, the power asymmetry would accelerate, but even that was not a big problem.

‘It will keep coming in.’

Since there is no end no matter how many kills, the soldiers feel the enemy is infinite.

When you get hit by water under a waterfall, you don’t think about when the water line will end.

‘That’s a billion units.’

Also, this is what Iruki risked everything to pursue the atomic bomb project.

It was a deep reason.

Vulcan, who was positioned in the middle of the army, rested his chin.


Through the crowd, all the situations in the flower garden were read as a huge flow.

‘It’s definitely tempting. Besides, raw fire.’

He watched intently as the flashes fired in rapid succession, then nodded.

“In terms of reaction speed compared to scale, it is not at the level of a machine. Humans will be even slower.”

A conclusion has been drawn.

“You are a fire tribe.”

It was not explained unless it was a small world creation.

Vulcan called, but Sumodo’s attention was taken by the information castle at the end of the horizon.

“What are you looking at? I want to go’?”

He came to his senses belatedly and looked back at Balkan.

“No, originally, when I travel, I tend to take pictures of all the hot spots.”

Vulcan raised an eyebrow.

“I want to let go, but I can’t right now. Focus on the Ancient Weapons. Where is my weak point?”

Sumodo, who has a clear vision, found the most agitated movement among the three hundred flags.

“northwestward. Twenty-third, forty-seventh, eighty-eighth. Those three are different from the others. You seem scared.”

Vulcan nodded.

“Seize it. Even if only one was captured, all the flowers in the vicinity would be destroyed. Go with Jetaro.”


As Sumodo and Zetaro took the lead, the elite demons quickly followed. Natasha asked, pointing at herself. “Vulcan, me?”

It was a Vulcan thoughtfully immersed in thought, but there was only one thing Natasha could do anyway.

“Kill him.”

Mach’s Knight.

Upon hearing the welcome sound, Natasha turned her head towards the flower field and her eyes lit up.

“It was good.”

Lian’s spirit rising from the center of the flower garden was pulling her in.

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