Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 935

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in the flower field (4)

Ymir couldn’t annihilate Guffin, but the fact that he stopped his movements for a considerable amount of time had accomplished his original purpose.

On the day the tragedy began, Ikael ran with all his might, holding the child in his arms.

Ankera used the Akashic Records to deprive Ikael of his powers, and countless angels and maras attacked him.

Ashur, Lethe, and Ramus.

The three guardian deities, who belonged to Ikael, fought fiercely, but they did not have the ability to hold on as long as Ikael’s power disappeared.

In a fierce battle, two Maras were destroyed, and Ashurma, the only survivor, was mortally wounded.

Ikael and the child were imprisoned in Heaven, and shortly thereafter the day of execution took place.

Numerous subjects gathered in the square pointed at Ikael and shouted.

“Punishment to the fallen angels! pain! Extinction!”

Despite being insulted by those he once ruled, Ikael only cared about the child.

“please! Please kill me! Child, please save my child!”

the maras shouted.

“shut up! What an angel you are! upright spirit? It’s like being obscene in the world!”

Sirone wept.


Even though it was the second meeting, I couldn’t suppress my emotions the moment I saw Ikael sobbing.

Everyone was looking at them with contempt.

“Kill! kill! Kill the corrupted creature!”

In particular, Kariel glared at Ikael with eyes that were close to the middle of the day, not at the level of contempt.

‘He gave birth to a human child?’

I didn’t even want to know how that was possible.

‘The most noble archangel… …

It is the desire of a beast.

“Please, please Aiman… … please.”

Ikael looked back at the archangels with a desperate expression, but they all averted their gaze.

Only Kariel made eye contact with her, and the planet shook strongly.

‘Then why are you doing this?’

why the hell

Does the most powerful, noblest, most beloved angel ever need such a piece of meat?

‘Then what am I? Ikael, what the hell are our angels to you?’

Even if there is a difference in degree, all the angels must have had the same thoughts.

“Eung-aeng. Ugh.”

The child cried bitterly.

It seemed that animal instincts had sensed death, but Sirone knew.

Just responding to Ichael’s voice.

“Start the execution!”

The Angel of Punishment Oddell’s triangular Mara approached with a huge axe.

Ikael was bewildered when the flames from his nostrils reached the child.

“no! stop! Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

Her powers of amplification were sealed, but her screams spread far and wide through the sky.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Satiel, who was stuck in the corner of the dwelling of the Buddha, heard the sound and grabbed his head.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Every time Ikael’s scream was heard, it felt like the starlight was being shattered.

“How long are you going to squeeze it?”

Methiel, the archangel of union, entered.

Seeing the half-mad crouching Satiel, her expression turned grim.

“Is it the way you want it to be? But now come and pretend to be weak? Are you sure you feel guilty?”

” get out.”

Satiel’s voice was extremely cold, but Methiel was rather angry.

“As expected, you are not suitable for an archangel. too weak He usually followed Ikael like that, then betrayed him, and now pretends to be a victim. What the hell, you live as a angel……

Mattiel stopped talking.

In Satiel’s eyes, who had risen before he knew it, an unapproachable murderous spirit was burning.

“what? Say it again. I will kill you.” “Am I wrong? No, this sin was committed by Kael. He gave birth to a human child. Yes, I did what an angel had to do. Anchera-sama also praised me. But what happened?”

Satiel found a way out of the pain.

“Yes, humans are the problem. Those insignificant chunks of meat messed up the world.”

Satiel, who was thought to be the most human-like, had only pride as cold as the law in his eyes.


Mattiel had no choice but to answer like that.

It was because he might even break the taboo of the angels if he further encouraged her here.


At the same time as someone shouted, the three-pointed mara’s ax cut the child’s head.

“Aaaagh! Aaaagh!”

The sound of the half-mad Ichael’s screaming was hard on even the archangels.

“baby! my baby!”

Ikael, who had been screaming with tears of blood, shouted, distorting his arrogance.

“These Goyans!”

In a different sense, the archangel as well as the subjects looked back at Ikael.


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“What crime have I committed! Open the white mirror! I will reveal the whole story myself!”

“trillion? Heck, do you still think you are an archangel?”

Ikael, who was even more angry at Mara’s ridicule, continued with blood in his eyes.

“I am not guilty! It was not I who sinned, but Ankera! I’m going to tell you all about what he’s done!”

‘I’m completely out of my mind.’

All the angels thought so.

“Listen carefully! Anke Ra is not a god! In a meeting with a guffin named Anke… …

Time has stopped.

And memories began to be erased from the minds of all beings, including angels.

At this point, Sirone realized.

‘When I first met Ikael in Heaven.’

She committed a great crime and was imprisoned in Arrabot, but all beings forgot what the crime was.

‘It wasn’t Ikael’s sin.’

What Ankera really wanted to erase was her own sin of not keeping her promise to Guffin.

‘God broke his promise. I lied.’

Could there be any surer proof that the world is unstable?

Anke Ra, who went to the worst situation due to Guffin, could not reset.

‘Reset is also an opportunity for guffins.’ So, I chose to erase only certain events from the Akashic Records.

This kind of erasure causes cracks in the whole thing, but if left as it is, the whole thing would be destroyed.

Syrone stroked Kael’s face, who was sleeping peacefully with no memory.

‘Forget it.’

Perhaps it was the only Sabbath.

Humans who lost their memories lived busy lives as usual.

The angels also faithfully carried out their missions, feeling uneasy about their empty memories.

‘I have sinned.’

However, only Ikael was confined to Arabot’s residence and could not take a single step out.

‘I gave Ankera-nim an incurable wound.’

All that remains is guilt.

‘What kind of sin was it?’

Currently, the other archangels were tracking down the last remaining Gaian, MacLean Guffin.

This is because it is impossible to completely dismantle the Ultima system if even one individual exists.

‘Guffin. I know for sure, but I can’t remember.’

It was the feeling that the information filled in the asteroid disappeared and only the feeling remained.

Fighting, feuding, screaming.

‘It feels like that.’

but on the other hand.

‘happiness… … Did you?’

Then it makes no sense.

The only thing I could guess was that I had known him for a very long time.

‘Anyway, I’m not an archangel. I won’t have to worry about it until I repent for my sins.’

A night with a crescent moon.

Ikael got up from his bed.

“Who are you?”

Beyond the curtain of darkness where the moonlight did not reach, stood a human as tall as an angel.

“it’s me.”

The moment he saw Guffin’s face, Ikael was dazed.

“Gaia? How are you here?”

As Ikael tried to get up, Gurfin smiled and held out his hand.

“are you okay. Just sit.” As if by magic, she found herself passionately wanting to be still.

“Sorry. it’s all my fault I couldn’t keep it.”

Ikael hurriedly shook his hand as Guffin got down on one knee and grabbed his wrist.

If the person in front of me was the only Gaia, there was no need to ask for his name.

“Guffin, where do you hear this is? I will capture you right now and offer you to Anchera.”

The cold voice broke Guffin’s nerves.

‘You’re my everything.’ I wanted to shout that we loved each other and that we were connected with all our hearts.

said Guffin, wiping away tears.

“I came to say goodbye.”

Only Guffin knew how sad Ikael must have been at the loss of his child.

‘I don’t have to remember. Forget it forever.’

If Ikael could not be hurt by this, Guffin was willing to leave.

“Are you willing to give up your own life?”

Ikael, who did not understand Guffin’s words, asked as if he had suddenly remembered.

“No, why would you say something like that to me?”

Guffin couldn’t stand it.

“Because I Love You.”

“gibberish! After all, isn’t this a ploy to destroy me! Even now, you… … . yes?”

Ikael, who was burning with anger, suddenly stopped talking when he felt the flow on his cheek.


Tears of light were flowing down like a waterfall.

“Why am I crying?”

Guffin looked at him and smiled sadly with wet eyes.

“Memories disappear, but emotions remain.”

that’s the heart

“So don’t be sad if you don’t remember. Your heart, I’ll take it.”

Ikael’s tears floated through the air and rested on Guffin’s palm.

“Emotions remain?”

Ikael was still confused.

‘Why won’t the tears stop? why does it hurt so much What did you do with this human… …

“You don’t have to try. As long as the heart remains, one day you will know everything. And then… … Guffin stroked Ikael’s cheek.

“I hope you don’t feel sad.”

Ikael’s body trembled as he stood up and gently kissed the asteroid.

‘This feeling. This touch.’

obviously used to it

No, it’s not to the extent that I’m used to it, but my mind feels cozy as if I’ve been repeating it my whole life.

“Goodbye, Ikael.”

Ikael could only watch as the guffin’s body turned into light and disappeared.

The room was quiet again.

“Ugh. uh uh uh.”

As if something in his mind had gone out of order, Ikael’s tears didn’t stop all night long.

The place where Guffin fled from the archangels’ pursuit is the place where So Jeong-hwa’s ark arrived.

It was Sirone’s planet.

‘It’s changed a lot.’

Humans born from the bodies of giants have different appearances from giant fins, but they share a similar direction in life.

It must be because they are also descendants of Gaians.

‘Is it still in the primitive age?’

Colonies that achieved early civilization are appearing one by one, but it was far from reaching the truth.

In order to accumulate more wealth, Guffin turned his back on the civilized world where only bloody wars continued.

‘It’s not the time to go out.’

Even if I tell them the secrets of the world, nothing will change.

“What should I do now?” The civilization area was extremely narrow, and the guffin thought while walking in the great nature of the planet.

Ikael’s heart was captured in Hexa, but the loss of the child was great for Guffin as well.

“It’s futile.”

maybe this is the world

Guffin, feeling that he needed time to review everything, stopped for the first time.

He walked on two feet on the surface of a huge lake and sat cross-legged on a lotus flower.

“Yeocha, let’s take care of ourselves for a while. I’m counting on you.”

It was only a plant that could neither hear nor speak, but was the only companion to the Guffin.

“Because my heart hurts so much. Even if you want to lament your life, there is no one to listen to you.”

Going back in time, Guffin remembered the time when it all began.

“A long time ago, there was a race called Gaia.”

It was a story spanning 40,000 years.

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