Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 933

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in the flower field (2)

It’s a sad story.

At Ikael’s request to name the child, Satiel agreed and returned to heaven.

Guffin asked.

“Are you okay? I know Satiel’s personality well, but Heaven is a formidable opponent.”

Ikael smiled.

“Have you already forgotten? Who was the angel who most eagerly sided with humans when you were having a hard time?”

Guffin had nothing to say.

“I know that, but… …

“don’t worry. And with you and me, who dares to harm this child?”

Ikael, the head of the angels, and Guffin, who possessed the power of a god, were the strongest couple in heaven.

“Are you doing it because you’re scared?”

Guffin, who finally regained his smile at Ikael’s joke, held his chin.

“haha! The only thing I’m afraid of is you Then where… … Shall we take down the formidable enemy?”

As the guffin stretched out its upper body, Ikael twisted his back, protecting the child.

“for a moment! my baby!”

The guffin hurriedly stopped moving and looked at the child, smiling at the father.

‘Don’t worry.’

Guffin hugged Ikael’s shoulder and caressed the child’s cheek with the other finger.

“Dad will protect you.”

Meanwhile, returning to Jebul’s residence, Satiel felt like waking up from a dream.

But it was real, and Ikael and Guffin’s affectionate appearance did not leave my eyes.


You want me to give you a name?

At the time, I just nodded because I was not in a hurry, but when I looked back, everything became clear.

‘For whom am I… …

Countless days of fighting for humanity passed by quickly.

did my best.

Even so, the person Guffin chose was Ikael, who had hindered him until now.

“I mean, I fell in love first… … As tears of light flowed down my cheeks, the asteroid flowed down.

“I loved you more. I fought for him more. But why? Why is it Ikael?”

I couldn’t throw my heart out.

‘I should have said something. If I had said that I liked you first, I would have felt that way…’

Wouldn’t Satiel have a child who resembles her?

The starlight body fell to the floor like lava, and when he regained consciousness, the space had changed.


Sanctuary of Aravoth.

Looking back, the door was wide open, and Anchera was beating loudly in front.

“What did you find me for, Satiel?”

I don’t remember it, but seeing that Anchera wasn’t angry, it seemed like he asked for an audience.

“Ah, that… …

Ankera’s eyelids rose, and Satiel’s jaw trembled as the sound caught in his throat.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

In Matei, the City of Giants in the Fifth Heaven, the giants who reached the upper level of the anecdote marched.

Nchera was not very tall, but the city shook whenever the huge mass hit the ground.

“What is this… …

Archangel and Mara all gathered for the first attempt in the history of Heaven.

“Is it really possible?”

Uriel asked Kariel, the person in charge, but his expression did not show any certainty.

“I can’t guess.”

Most of the giants in Matei converged on a statue that stretched to the sky.

“Because it’s the first day I challenge the 10th level of Ilhwa Sake. It’s not about probabilities.”

“Was level 7 the best so far?” Girshin, the leader of the giant corps, was the only 7th tier, and he was ruling the giants of Matei.

“I cannot say for sure that it is impossible. The giants participating in this magic are all ancient people and Gaia people.” The first born giant travels to Jotunheim and receives a new law.

This is step 1.

From this point on, the identity of the giant is formed, so it is extremely difficult to raise the level of magic. Recalling that the stage reached by using the subjects was only 3 stages, the unifying power of the Gaians could be said to be enormous.

“Still, suddenly 10 steps. Isn’t it the same as integrating 10 billion Gaia people?”

“that’s right. If you succeed, you will be the first and last giant to reach level 10 of Anecdotal Art. I will surpass Girshin and rule all the giants.”

“… … He is the king of giants.”

Following Ankera’s instructions, Kariel proceeded with the anecdote one by one.

Success, success, and success again.

The lamps on the bronze statues connected in a pyramid fashion continued to light up.

“Gaiain, was this enough?”

Cariel’s face, who was worried about losing only the giant, was filled with pleasure.

The moment the lights came on in the 8th stage bronze statue, the expression of the giant corps leader Girshin crumpled.

Uriel watched him.

‘It will hurt your pride.’

It was only natural that he had been at the top of the heads of the giants until now, and in an instant he had fallen to the second-in-command.


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‘But I’m also in doubt.’ Uriel turned his gaze to the huge bronze statue that could not see the end.

‘Why do I need something like this?’

I know how strong Girshin is.

But it’s step 10.

In Uriel’s mind, he wondered if there was a need for something that strong in this universe to exist.

“Step 9… …

Finally, the demon’s heights were crossed, and the liquid in which all the intermediates melted was sucked into the bronze statue in the center.

It was so large that it took a long time just to fill it with liquid, but the observers forgot the time.


At the end of a certain Mara’s muttering, the bronze statue’s vibration disappeared and the son-in-law fell into silence.

The sound of a bronze statue being opened was heard in the plaza, which had become desolate due to the disappearance of numerous giants.

Even though it was low, it was enough to tear the eardrums, and everyone’s eyes turned to the sky.

All they could see was the empty inside of the mold.



The moment someone tried to speak, the ground shook.

Looking down again, I saw a man with a height of at most Gaia standing with his head bowed.


As if to prove it, I saw a thick muscle wall that could not be made with normal training.

‘Creating is a difficult skill. The fact that the anecdotal liquor succeeded as soon as it succeeded


While Kariel was analyzing the situation, Girshin moved to the bronze statue.

“You newly born giant.”

The moment Uriel tried to stop it because it was a technique performed under the direction of Ankera.

“Just stay there.”

Kariel said with a meaningful look.

‘The 7th step was considered dangerous to heaven. How much difference will the 10 steps make?’

It was pure curiosity.

“I am Girshin, the giant corps commander.”

Gir God stopped in front of the newly born giant, drew his sword and continued.

“It is said that he was chosen as the king of giants, but the law of giants is strictly military-first. Fighting here… …

The moment the newly born giant raised his head, Girshin stopped breathing and dropped his sword.

Amidst the clear rustle echoing, the newborn giant slowly looked around.

Kariel’s face turned pale.


No, not to live.

Existence itself is so overwhelming that just eye contact is enough to shrink.

There were no angels expressing their feelings, but they couldn’t hide the shaking of the Holy Light.


Girshin’s legs trembled as he let out a voice that sounded like it was dripping.

“I am already.”

It is said that all living things have natural enemies, but Ymir did not seem to be a creature created to try something.

‘King of Giants. No, he is the king of creatures.’ Girshin immediately prostrated himself.

“Forgive the rudeness, my king. I will rule the world according to your command.”

Instead of answering, Ymir looked back at the spire of Arabot.

‘I want to fight.’

He didn’t even have the question of birth, which a living thing would naturally have.

“This world… …

As Ymir pressed down on one foot, the stone floor caved in.

“It is too weak.”

As soon as the words were finished, an explosion of tremendous power exploded in the place where Ymir was.


There was no damage because the people gathered were angels, maras, and mid-level giants, but the square was devastated.

“Such self-indulgence!”

Kariel doubted Ymir’s ego, but Uriel showed interest in the source of the explosion.

“There would be no hostility towards us.”

“No hostility? It’s not just an angel, it’s like this in a place where all the archangels are gathered… … !”

“Look over there.”

While the entire radius was sunken into a hemispherical shape, Yuriel pointed to the spot where Ymir had been.

“Ymir didn’t do anything. She just bent and straightened her knees.” Kariel stared blankly at her footprints, clearly imprinted in the center of the crater.

said Uriel.

“Rather, that’s the problem. Even with the archangels in front of me, there was no hostility whatsoever.

What was… …

It meant that it was no different from Girshin.

While all the angels who heard Yuriel’s analysis were silent, a riot erupted from Arabot’s side.


Ymir, who arrived at Arabot with a single leap, buried his fingers into the spire’s wall.


I thought of making a support with my head, but it was so strong that it crumbled like dust.


The universe is full of solid materials, but Ymir seemed to live in a world without solids.

‘I don’t feel anything.’

Thinking that it would take some time to control her powers, Ymir flew up into the air and kicked her feet.


The wind pressure alone lifted the body, and after a while the ground collapsed flat with a bang.

He smashed the walls like tofu and entered, and the door of the sanctuary blocked him right in front of him.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly thought that I shouldn’t open it.

“Hey Anker Rashi.”

It was an animal sense.

“I have been called.”

As the door opened, Ymir was greeted by the massive Anchera.

Ymir, who confirmed with his own eyes the existence that was giving the strange pressure, said with a smile.

“Are you stronger than me?”

“I guess it depends on what the standard of strength is.”


Ymir moved a little closer.

“There are no standards. I am stronger than you. Why should I obey you?”

“Because I gave you the blessing of birth.”

“No, it would be a curse.”

Ymir approached within arm’s reach, spread his palms and touched Ankera’s eyes.

“I have no achievements. I’m the strongest anyway, so what’s the point of getting stronger?”

He crumpled Ankera’s skin with force in his hand, and heard the sound of flesh tearing apart little by little.

“Look, even with a little bit of strength,

“Do you want to feel it?”

Ymir looked up.

“Do you want to feel the power, the body, the feeling of hitting, the impact?”

“… … Could you?”

“It is not.”

Anchera’s tentacles moved quickly.

“Maclein Guffin.”

The fingers that ripped off Anchera’s flesh stretched out again, and Ymir’s body responded to the name.


Although the personalities of 10 billion people were already united, it seemed that all of them could be heard.

– Guffin is the best.

Ankera connected to Satiel’s Astral Body and said, emitting electricity from her eyes.


The door opened by itself.

“I will lead you to the Guffin.”

Ymir turned slowly, looked at the scenery in front of the collapsed wall, and then jumped.

Moments later, a powerful shockwave shook the spire.

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