Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 932

in the flower field (1)

Flu approached and reported to Lufist, who was waiting for the army of Hell.

“As of now, the asylum processing of all 286 survivors has been completed.”

Like Nade, there are people who remain in the kingdom of Tormia, but most of them have fled to other countries.

And the other survivors, Lufist and Flew, chose to remain on the battlefield.

If the elemental bomb exploded, there was a high probability of getting caught up in it, but he hated running away without fighting.

“Then let’s go.”

While the Tormia allied forces joined by the Crusade spread their wings, Lufist stepped forward.

“Please include me too.”

Looking back, Dante was approaching.

If dementia hadn’t come to Lufist’s memory, it must have been an unorganized medical history.

“Surprisingly. I thought you were in the bunker.”

There was no intention of ridicule.

What is needed to lure the demons to Basuka is the sacrifice of countless people, not elite agents.

“I’m tired of being locked up in a closet. If not at a time like this, when would you like to get some fresh air? Rather, I would like to ask. Why are the president of the association and the chief secretary here?”

The Lufist that Dante knew was not a person who was swayed by emotions no matter what the circumstances.

“Of course, I am not here by will alone. Should I say that efficiency was considered?”

” efficiency?”

“Anyway, I won’t die.” Is it overconfidence? Maybe so, but his remarks changed the eyes of the commanders around him.

‘To be able to say yes even in the most hopeless circumstances. That must be what the captain is.’

A herald’s cry was heard from the side.

“Enemy found!”

Looking ahead, the army of hell as red as blood swarmed on the horizon.

“First of all, we have to break expectations.”

Lupist, who forged steel on the palm of his hand, was about to move on, but Dante stepped in.

“Leave that role to me.”


It wasn’t that he didn’t know Dante’s skills, but the enemy he was facing now wasn’t an ordinary demon.

Compared to when the war broke out, the decrease in the number of demons means that the surviving demons are elite and veterans.

“Failure doesn’t end with you dying alone. The morale of the troops is trampled on.”

Dante said as he passed by Rufist.

“Do you know why I am the final manager of the flower garden? Even though the red line rating is low.”

He also had an excellent ability to handle information, but… … .

“Because he is the best defender in the kingdom.”

As the demons approached a distance of 2 kilometers, the ground started bouncing like a rubber sheet.

Flu turned to Lufist.

“President, are you really going to let go?”

“I’ll watch it for now.”

I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t been able to understand the subject and installed it.

Like a sailboat floating in the middle of the open sea, Dante alone guarded the plain.

‘Central calculation magic circle.’ With his eyes set on a large army, he activated Pascal, creating a magic circle with a diameter of over 200 meters.


Subsequently, an innumerable magic circle rotated and emerged, and was assembled into a three-dimensional mansion.

“Soldier! excuse me!”

The Vulcans were far from the vanguard, but they could still be clearly identified.

“shit! What else is that?”

It was surprising to see the laser spread out like a net and the starlight simmering, but the problem was the size.

‘Something huge.’

Dante’s eyes widened.

“Information Castle!”

It radiated white light as if starlight exploded, and transformed into an object of unbelievable size.


Realizing the shadows cast on the ground, the demons raised their heads high at the same time.

“Is that your last name?”

When a life-size old castle that can only be seen in real life appeared, absurdity took the lead.

“It’s magic anyway! Just push it away!”

Like a swarm of anchovies rushing at a super-large sailboat, the demons increased their speed.

-Welcome to Information Castle. Enter the user setting mode.

Dante sat on a chair in the control room and looked at the demon through the multi-screen in front.

Not only does it have no blind spots, but it also provides close-up and high-view around views.

“Auto control and strike. Hitting priority is from close range. Maximum firepower level.”

– It’s set. Enter the authorization password.

Dante clenched his pods and untied his hands.


– Enter the siege war. Secured 287 hit targets. 4 seconds to saturation, 3 seconds, 2 seconds… … .

“Shall we play properly?”

As soon as the voice guidance finished counting, the 3,000 gun gates on the outer wall opened.

After Ikael left with Guffin, Heaven went through a period of great confusion.

Ankera didn’t say why Ikael left, but the angels guessed.

‘It’s all because of humans.’

By the time hatred of man had settled deep in the psyche, expansionism was in vogue.

Giants were sent to various parts of the universe, and it was at this point that the giants entered the world where Sirone lived.

The giant, who reached the 6th level of Anecdotal Art, disassembled his body to reach the clouds and prospered as a human being.

new humanity.

However, Adam and Lilith, who had settled here long ago, no longer existed.

Again a huge amount of time passes.

Omega year 987.

Heaven, which arose after the absence of the archangel, boasted the greatest prosperity in history.

In addition to giants and fairies, a city of subjects was created, and the fallen angels were managed separately.


Then one day, something happened behind Satiel’s back.


When I immediately turned around, dozens of glass plates were shining, revealing translucent borders.

Like a puzzle, Ashur’s body was put together, and the real thing moved as the glass plate disappeared.


“Oh, Ashur?”

I was not surprised that the triangular mara had infiltrated the archangel’s room with its power.


Suddenly coming to her senses, she ran to Ashur.

“What happened? What is the archangel doing? And what about guffins? What happened to him?”

“All is well. Fortunately.”

Satiel let out a sigh of relief.

“Do you know how much time has passed? If for some reason you can’t come back… …

“Ikael-nim is looking for you. If you are willing to accompany me, I will guide you.”

Satiel’s eyes moved left and right as he stopped talking.

“Without reporting to Anchera-sama?”

“yes. That is why I came.” It wasn’t as permanent as Guffin’s hexa, but it was possible for Ashur to block the signal.


Satiel puffed out his cheeks and exhaled deeply as he walked around the room in conflict.

‘I wish I could refuse.’

Even if Satiel stood on the side of humans, it would be dangerous to take a being in the highest place of heaven.

However, Ikael had a reason to meet Satiel, and he understood with his head, so he couldn’t help it.

“If you are anxious… …

“I will go.”

Satiel, having made a decision, approached.

“I need to meet you now. Take me to the archangel.”

Still calling Ikael the archangel was Ashur’s only consolation.

“yes. Then, at the risk of disrespect.” When Ashur activated the signal, hundreds of glass plates that became flat from any angle trapped them.

‘ movement.’

The moment all the glass panes shattered with a clear sound, they were already gone.

“Where are you?”

Arriving at the destination in an instant, Satiel captured the scenery of the backcountry where the forest and the sea harmonized.

“Follow me.”

Without explanation, Ashur hurried on his way, and Satiel followed without a sound.

Now, meeting Ikael was the priority.

‘Are there guffins?’

Feeling unfounded excitement, I crossed the forest, and Ashur stood in front of a cave drilled in the cliff.

“Ikael-nim, I brought you Satiel.”

“okay. Tell them to come in.” Ashur moved out of the way, Satiel strode nervously.

Even if it wasn’t the asteroid, it was bright inside, and when she reached the end of the cave, she saw the person of her dreams.


He turned his head away with a tired expression, distracted from trying to soothe the whining baby.

“Hey, Satiel. long time no see?” He hadn’t even thought about it until then.

‘A human child? Who is it?’

It must be because it was an event that could never be reached by an angel’s accident.


She came to her senses and knelt in front of Ikael.

“Chief Angel! Why are you hiding in such a shabby place! Please return to heaven with me.”

“Yeah, thank you. But before that, there is something I must tell you first.”

Ikael held out both hands to Guffin.

“Move it to me.”

“Wait a minute. Do you think this guy peed? Do I need to change the diaper again?”

“It’s okay, give it to me.”

Satiel watched blankly as the child was transferred from Guffin’s hand to Ikael’s.

“Archangel, what about that child?”

“It is my child.”

Satiel felt as if he had been told something he didn’t know.


But when I looked up, Ikael was holding a child with a very happy smile.

“Can you believe it, Satiel? it’s my child It is proof that I and Guffin are connected.”

Satiel’s mouth fell open.

“Uh, how could an angel be a human… … ?” Guffin brushed her hair and raised the corners of her mouth.

“Whoops! Also, I’m a genius. It’s Hexa’s skill. I will specifically call it Agape.”

Satiel finally grasped the reality.

“The Archangel and the Guffin… …

Ikael, who turned and showed the child’s face, said with an excited expression.

“okay. Me and Guffin succeeded. Now we can all lead. No one needs to be left out.”

Of course it is.

“Satiel, help us. Our child is the proof, so Anchera-sama will have no choice but to accept it. We can go further. This is not the end.”

Of course it would.

“The reason I called you is because you are the only one. Without you, who fought for mankind for a long time, no one would be able to do it. Please, Satiel.”

To end with just two people’s blessings, because the results they achieved were too amazing.

“And one more thing.”

Ikael added with a friendly look.

“Will you give this child a name?”


A human born of an angel.

Since he was an existence that could be linked to Idea, he was well qualified to have a name.

But the moment I heard Ikael’s words, the first words that came to Satiel’s Astral Body were.


And at this point, Sirone stopped accepting Omega’s records.

The record that goes beyond the five senses and accepts it with 11 senses is not clear by human standards… … .

‘I feel it.’

Rather, it came to Sirone with true clarity that transcended human thinking.

‘How much Guffin and Ikael care for and love this child, with everything.

I can feel it.’

So, I couldn’t go any further.

‘I know.’

That Ikael’s child eventually died a terrible death without even having a name.

‘How ferociously Satiel hated humans after a very long time passed.’

Even without checking directly, I had a good idea of ​​what would happen to them.

‘but… …

That child who will soon die is not Sirone.

‘But why?’

When Igor revived the greatest fear inside Sirone, he had surely experienced the death of that child.

‘It’s not an injected information. It was my memory.’

It was a child’s point of view.

Also, the face of Ikael, who clutched his chest and sobbed in sorrow, was still good in my eyes.

Sirone accepted Omega again.

‘What happened?’

To find out what the name Hexa means in the midst of the sad tragedy that happened to them.

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