Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 931

Even if it’s an illusion (4)

Sadia, the central city of Tormia.

Nade’s family, West, is located here, the largest plain in the kingdom.

At one time, it was on the verge of collapse, but as the company Nade Military, founded by Nade, grew explosively as a special war, it has now established itself as the strongest in the central region.

Of course, this kind of reputation is just the definition of luxurious people who are jealous of the Nade family.

The company, which had focused on the military industry in the early days, expanded its business items in all directions while taking charge of the core of the elemental bomb project, and now it has become the world’s strongest dinosaur company, befitting its name both in name and reality.

3rd in the world’s corporate rankings, corporate assets of 780 trillion gold.

This was the current location of the Nade Group.

“Chairman, we will arrive at the family home in 10 minutes.”

The coachman opened the window of the wagon, which boasts the best facilities and security, and said.

“all right.”

Nade, the young chairman of the Nade Group, raised the collar of his coat and buried his neck in his shoulder.

said Liz, who was sitting on the bed across from her, scanning the pile of papers quickly.

“The corporate ranking has risen one notch. congratulations.”

“I didn’t do it. War, blood and life, a money feast created by demons.”

Nade added.

“It was fortunate that I was a friend of Iruki.” Liz knew what Nade wanted to say, but she didn’t express it.

It was a battle of patience.

“okay. Deliveries to the temple served as the driving force for growth, but Iruki is also a military commander in charge of war. It was adopted because the weapon you developed had the best performance. and… … It is entirely your skill that has brought the Nade Group to this point.”

Normally, I would shrug my shoulders at the praise of the woman I love, but this time I could see clearly.

“I know what you mean.” Eventually, Nade gave up.

“But Liz, I have to go.”

You have to go up to the sky above Baska, the capital city, and drop the elemental bomb at the right time.


Liz sighed and said, having managed to suppress the rage that seemed like she was about to go crazy.

“I just can’t understand. You’ve led the Nade group well so far. Countless people have survived thanks to the weapon you developed. Why are you trying to do everything? What hero are you?”

“It’s nice to be a hero.” Liz hit her chest in frustration. “You fool, think carefully. to die It’s not like dying fighting, it’s suicide.”

“I will avoid it as soon as I finish the operation. Theoretically, you can survive


“What if it breaks down? It’s not even 100% safe equipment yet, is it? What if something more serious than the theory comes along?” When Nade chose silence instead of the word death, Liz’s face turned into tears.

“don’t do it. If you don’t do that, I’ll do anything you want. Okay, let’s give them all our money. I’ll give you all the money I have, so let’s find someone to do it for us. There will be.”

Nade’s eyes turned cold.

“Liz, money can’t buy a person’s life.”

“Then your life!”

Liz’s voice boomed in the perfectly soundproofed carriage.

“And I! your family! Thousands of employees who only believe in you! their families! Why are you so selfish!”

Liz, who slapped the papers on the bed, strode towards Nade.

“no! I can’t let you go! Find someone else! If you can’t, I’ll find you!”

“You know. The aircraft is completely personalized. It is impossible to control without me.”

“No, I can. Do you think you are the only magician in the world who can handle electricity?”


Ned, who had been hit hard, frowned, but Liz had no intention of backing down.

“I know why you do it. Sirone, Iruki, you. The three musketeers of Alpheas Magic School. Do you think you owe it to your friends? Do you think only you live comfortably? Or do they look so shiny that you want to shine too?” Nade was speechless.

“Calm down, you fool. you have become the best Even if you don’t fight like Shiro and you, even if you don’t dominate the war like Iruki, you’re playing a big role.”

“It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t shine.” It was sincere.

“It has been like that since I was in school. The three of us knew what we had to do. I’ve never been in a shining role. It’s Sirone that shines. Even Iruki would know.”

“But why are you trying to shine now? Leave it to Sirone. Leave it to Iruki.”


Nade gave a faint smile.

“After you graduated, I became the president of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society. There are only two members, Iruki and Shirone.”

It was a good time.

“There was a time when the three of us had a presentation. About the supernatural psychic… …

“know. I have heard it over a hundred times.”

Nade was preoccupied with reminiscing about his school days without showing any embarrassment.

“That night, while everyone was asleep, we

The three of us lay down in Central Park and looked at the stars, the North Star.”

Nade burst into laughter.

“It was really childish at the time. I think it was something like eternal friendship and graduation… … . But at that moment, I really felt like I had the whole world.”

Nade, who rubbed her lips with her hand as if cutting off the lingering sound, said with a sad smile.

“Why? After a successful presentation? Do you see any hope for my future?”

Liz listened intently.

“no. Because there are three of us.”

The corners of Ned’s mouth trembled as he recalled the thrill of the time.

“I don’t know why, but at that moment I thought it was a miracle that the three of us were together. But now that friend is having a hard time.”

As a participant in the atomic bomb project, Liz knew how heavy Iruki’s burden was.

“If you entrust this task to someone else, you will put a bigger burden on Iruki. Why me? Because I want to. But really, why should I…”

Nade’s eyes turned red.

“It’s because Iruki wants it.”

Liz couldn’t say anything.

“He’s smart, but he’s an idiot, so he’s trying to lead everything by himself. can’t say anything Not even asking for help. but i know Because that’s my role. In this situation, I am the only one who can lighten his burden.”

If only I had told you to do it.

“But to turn away? Since Iruki didn’t ask, pretend you didn’t know the pain? I hate to die Liz, I can’t do that. I love you so much, but I would give my life for you… …

Nade has already made up his mind.

“I have to go.”

Liz’s shoulders slumped down.


Returning to the bed, she fell helplessly on her buttocks, rubbing her hair and swallowing tears.

The window opened and the coachman said.

“Chairman, we have arrived at the home.”

Since he bought all the mansions nearby and renovated them, he had to go a long way even after arriving at his home.

Liz, who had calmed down, turned her head and pursed her lips.

“Someone even got married because of this.”

Nade finally got his smile back.

“Haha, that is unavoidable. You are also included in the survivors


“Who is saying that now?”

“I love you, Liz.”

It was like being stabbed in the side and bowing down, but hearing it didn’t make me feel bad.


Upon arriving at the main residence of the main family, Nade’s parents, Ballroom and Teria, were there to meet them.


There was no scary mother who always frightened Nade with a distorted face.

Speculation and jealousy, which seemed to know no end, were mere human emotions in front of property that transcended common sense.

Nade tried not to think.

“yes. I’m back.”

I didn’t want to dig deep into whether money had changed her or whether she had regained her true nature in a prosperous life.

Ballroom asked for a handshake.

“It’s been a while since I saw you. Are you busy with work?”

“yes. I have to go up right away, I have urgent business. But Liz will be staying here for a few days.”

Confidentiality was attached to the survivors of this project, and Liz was an excellent performer.

“Hello, mother. I should have looked for it sooner, but I’m sorry. While we are here, we go to a lot of nice places.”

“Hoho, of course. I’ve made a reservation at a high-end restaurant. Let’s go and eat together, the two of us.”

It was fortunate that Teria liked Liz.

“Then I will go. Liz, you’re doing well.”

After talking for about 10 minutes, Nade said goodbye and turned to the carriage.

“Mother, wait a minute.”

Liz hurriedly followed Nade and turned him around.

“wait. Your coat collar is wrinkled.” I know it’s an excuse, but Nade

let her do as she pleases.


Liz was stunned, but then smiled.

“Promise me one thing.”


Shaking off her coat to get rid of the texture, she said, holding the collar firmly with both hands.

“If you’re going to do it, definitely finish it. I mean shine the best. Don’t be confused like a nerd from school days. okay?”

Surprised by the unexpected words, Ned tightened his eyes and nodded.

“thank you.”

For allowing me to leave without regret.

After sharing a short kiss, Nade’s eyes lit up as he walked to the carriage.

‘I’m coming, Iruki.’

The atomic bomb’s ballistic name was Lucky Boy.

Guffin and Ikael were spending time hiding in a remote area with Hexa’s ability.

“Why not?”

While the guffin lying sprawled over the mat was muttering, Ikael came to pick the fruit.

“Are you still thinking about it?”

From all sides, her followers, 3, 2, and 1 Mara rushed and knelt down.

“I will!”

Ikael stared at the six hands extended to him and blinked.

Ashur of Signal, Lethe of Augmentation, and Ramus of Lightning.

It was also pitiful to see those who were called Ikael’s three major guardians running to pick up a colander.

‘I am very lucky.’

Even the direct subordinates of the angels could not ignore Anchera’s authority, but they chose Ichael.

“are you okay. There’s nothing to do now that Baekkyung is gone. This must be all I can do.”

Ashur bowed his head.

“The mere existence of Ikael is a blessing. Because your beauty cannot be recreated by any chance.”

“Oh my, Ashur is too.”

As Ikael covered his mouth and laughed, Guffin lay on his side and scratched his stomach.

‘It’s like a cunning guy.’

It may have been a bit of jealousy towards the guffin, but it was cute enough.

Augmented Lethe held out her hands.

“Give it to me. I will increase it to 100 million so that Ikael-nim will never do such a dangerous thing again.”

Lete can increase the value or number of certain objects.

“are you okay. Guffins will eat it anyway. Honey, today’s lunch is fruit.”

Guffin, who raised his upper body, said with wide eyes.

“Today’s lunch is also fruit.”

“Would you like something else?”

The moment Ikael’s asteroid showed signs of expanding, Guffin bit off an apple.

‘It’s my hand.’

Still, the stomach was cold.

“I understand that you don’t know the joy of eating. But, what are you going to do after eating this?”

“You’ve written well, what.”

Many years had already passed, but Guffin and Ichael had no children yet.

‘The thing is, it’s different. That’s different too.’

It is fortunate that there is no morphological incongruity, but the mechanism of birth is different.

“Are you that worried? I mean Husa. Of course I know what that means.”

Everyone can become a god.

‘Ikael is a mental body. He’s limited by his body alone. He has to use the signal.’

I twisted the law with Hexa, and this Kael also made many changes, but there was no effect.

‘The point of contact between Ikael and I must be the heart. However, no matter how much you combine them into hexas, no change will occur. It’s not that I desperately want it.’

Guppin, who had been watching Hexa spinning on his index finger, clenched his fist.

Chang and Hexa were broken.


Ikael, who was trimming the fruit, turned his head.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

“It is not a body.”

It was not enough just to connect each other’s hearts and integrate them into one signal.

“let’s go.”

Guffin grabbed Ikael’s wrist and pulled him as he knelt and watched absently.

“What, all of a sudden?”

“are you okay.” She looked back at Ikael, who was coming after her, and the guffin smiled meaningfully.

“Because you will like it too.” The most precious love in the world. Agape.

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