Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 927

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Unconnected Sin (4)

Soft light gathered over Ikael’s head, who had lost consciousness, forming a sphere.

As the asteroid regained its original shape, her eyelids were raised mechanically.

‘here is?’

The first thing that came into sight was Satiel’s teary-skinned face.

“Archangel, are you okay?”

As if ignoring gravity, Ikael stood upright and looked around.

It was Jebul’s room.

“What happened?”

“that is??????

Satiel told me what happened after Ikael passed out.

“After that conclusion… … War was put on hold. Kariel isolated the Gaians with the Metagate. I think it will be fine, but… …

Still, the atmosphere in Heaven was tense.


“What happened, Archangel? What happened at the meeting?”

Ikael thought instead of answering.

‘No one knows yet.’

The fact that Ikael opened the door of the sanctuary without permission, and the fact that he blocked the angels against orders.

No response from Ankera O……

‘Are you planning on covering it?’

The Gaiain’s cry he had heard before he passed out came to mind from the other side of his memory.

-some god reverses what he said

I mean!


Ekael touched his forehead with a throbbing feeling.

“I need to meet Ankera-nim.”

Satiel shouted as she jumped out of her seat and headed for the door.

“All the angels have been instructed to stand by! No one can access the sanctuary!”


Ikael opened the door.

“You will be waiting for me.”

Ikael, who flew up to the sky of the Buddha, headed straight for the spire of Arabot.

Arriving at the sanctuary, she hesitated when she saw the door she had opened of her own will.

Where did you get that courage?

‘No, it’s something I chose.’

It’s the heart that you can choose anything, but you also have to take responsibility for it.

“Anchera, this is Ikael.”

When there was no response, she put her hand toward the door.

Just before my fingertips touched it, the door slowly moved away toward the inside with a squeaking sound.

Ikael, who had his eyes on Ankera beating as usual, took a long, deep breath.

Guffin was still on Anchera’s nerves, and her heart ached again.

“Come in, my daughter.”

The moment Ikael moved, the door closed.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

I’ve heard it countless times, but now for some reason I felt like I was blocking my retreat.

Ikael opened his mouth.

“why… …

“Do you want to ask if I didn’t punish you?”

“That’s right. I also want to know exactly what happened during the meeting with the guffin.”

Anchera pushed Guffin’s body toward Ikael.

In order not to shake the asteroid, she had to exert utmost concentration.

“Guppin made me an offer. who is qualified to be a god. We risk everything for each other.”

Startled, Ikael looked up at Guffin.

In the face where the soul had escaped, only the pupils emitted light, and in the end, she couldn’t hide her expression.


Ankera asked.

“Did I do something wrong?”

The moment he heard those words, Ikael felt as if his mind had fallen to the edge of the abyss.

God makes no mistakes.

“… … Dear Anchera.”

“The world just exists.”

It was a majestic voice that hadn’t mixed in the slightest with the grotesque sounds I had heard before.

“There is nothing good or bad. I just exist perfectly and keep it endlessly. Ankera only judges for the sake of the world.”

Ikael listened intently.

“My daughter, everything in this world is under my definition, but you are the most special.”

“I know.”

“It’s not just because it’s the first.” Ikael waited for the next words with his puzzled eyes.

“When I was unaware of my existence, some intense light exploded within me. amplification. that’s you A concept on the borderline between non-existence and existence. That is why you are different from other angels.”


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“Is it different?”

“At the moment of amplification, the world split in two. The world of non-existence and existence. The reason you are the purest angel in the universe is because you took all of your cloudy parts with you.”

It was the first time I heard about it.

“Satan Lucifer. symmetry of the law. He was born at one o’clock on the same day, but he is a hidden being that embraces eternal darkness instead of you. In a way, you could say they are twins.”

Ikael’s planet shook greatly.

“He now… …

“does not exist. He purged himself in the other world and died. Currently, only the concept of Satan remains.”


Ankera lifted the guffin high.

“Lucifer made a deal with Guffin. This Kael, in exchange for protecting you, you will be purified instead of the Guffin.”

“Uh, what is that… … . no. No way… …

A memory from a very long time ago flashed through Ikael’s head, who shook his head in denial.

‘So then me?’

There was a time when the photon cannon that was thrown at Ikael flew by itself and was received with his back.


The first kiss that made me realize my heart.

‘That can’t be!’

Even in the middle of fierce fighting with the Gaians, the numerous sympathies he shared with the Guffins.

“I… … It wasn’t.”

Tears of light flowed down Ikael’s cheeks.

What were you expecting?

‘How happy I was.’

Another feeling that overflowed uncontrollably when Guffin said he would stay in heaven.

“It’s just an illusion, Ikael.”

Ankera’s nerve endings reached and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“The mind is nothing more than an illusion created by the system. An error called Guffin tried to destroy the world. Why didn’t I punish you?”

Ikael felt Ankera’s touch.

“Because there is no need for that. You are just infected with the error called Guffin.”

“God, I… …

“Fear not. I have defined this world. And you are the beginning of defining that justice, all of my thinking.”

If Anchera was the brain, Ikael was the mind.

“Yes, I couldn’t swallow Hexa. But look. Even now, Guffin is controlled by my power. Maybe this is perfection. Isolation to the system of errors caused by the existence of the system. And now the law is stable again.”

Guffin’s body came to Ikael again.

“My dear daughter. If I’m deceiving you, then I’m not a god. But if I were a god… …

Ankera said firmly.

“This is right.”

Anke Ra is not deceiving.

because it is cold

“The Ultima System will soon be dismantled. give you a human I will make a man who will not be afraid, who will not be confused, who will only praise you.”

“Black… … bump… …

Ikael’s shoulders trembled constantly as he fell on his knees and his head on the ground.

Satiel, who had been waiting for Ikael to return to Jebul, found her and flew quickly.

“Chief Angel!”

I flinched at Ikael’s bewildered face, but I was more worried about the guffin than that.

“Have you met Anchera? Why did this happen? What happened to Guffin?”

The moment he heard the name Guffin, Ikael’s face contorted with anger.

“Do not speak his name in front of me.”


“He is the one who exposed his teeth to Ankera-nim under the pretext of the meeting. A swindler, nothing more, nothing less.”

There was no lie in Ekael’s words.

‘And he scorned me.’

Although he was thinking of making a life-and-death decision with Ankera, he didn’t even say anything to her.

‘He used me. In that guy’s heart, from the start, there’s no such thing as me

I didn’t.’

“But Archangel, Guffin… …


Seeing Ikael’s terrifying gaze, Satiel involuntarily shut up.

“Don’t make me say it twice.”

As Ikael made his way to his room, Satiel slowly opened the way.

“Do not allow anyone to approach the sanctuary of Araboth. This is an order from the archangel.”

Ankera instructed the angels to find a way to dismantle the Ultima system.

The answer was found by Kariel.

“The sake of anecdotes. The one that unites the Gaians. After Sojeonghwa, the amount of black elixir overflowed and remained. It’s just hard to pick up. But if I send an angel, there will be no problem.”

Uriel asked.

“Integration? Wouldn’t that rather make the enemy stronger?”

“To be simple. The core of the Ultima system is that various personalities pursue one right. So far I haven’t been able to destroy one. If that’s the case, destroying the various personalities


Satiel slammed the white police table and stood up.

“I am against it! You can’t annihilate the Gaians when you don’t even know if Guffin is alive or dead! All procedures will proceed only when the whole story is transparently disclosed!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. The giant made from the anecdote will be separated as a human again. This is the only way to get rid of the Ultima System.”

“How is that different from murder?”

“I don’t understand. Isn’t that murder? Humanity will thrive more than ever before. under our control.”

Satiel couldn’t stand it and looked back at Ikael.

“Chief Angel! Say something!”

The eyes of the angels were focused on Ikael, but no answer came back.

Just staring ahead with a blank expression, it was a familiar sight in the White Watch.

Although many years have passed since the meeting, her condition has not improved at all.

“… … Enough for today.”

This too was a familiar phrase.


Ikael lay in bed and tossed and turned all night.

‘Why are you doing this? Everything is over. The world has stabilized and I am the CEO of Cheon.’

He thought that he would become an enemy with time, but instead, Shimma grew bigger every night.

‘You used me! liar!’ Even though the anger is fierce and the teeth are shaking.

‘Is it really so?’

It made me wonder if there was any other reason.

‘It was all lies? All of that?’ I had known him for so many years that even an angel’s reason could not believe it.


The moment I repeated his name with my mouth, a wave of emotion surged through me.


Raising his body with a moaning sound, this Kael flew towards the spire of Arabot.

Arriving at the sanctuary, she gasped for breath and glared at the door.

‘There is a guffin here.’

A distance that can be reached in one second at her speed.

How many days have I come to this place unable to overcome my impulsive emotions? Ikael eagerly held out his hand.

‘I want to meet you. No, if only I could see your face. Just one time, just one last time… …

Then it seemed like I could forget everything.

– The mind is an illusion.

The moment Ankera’s words came to mind, Ikael bit his lip and hurriedly withdrew his hand.

She closed her eyes and clenched her fists, calming herself down and looking at the sanctuary door.

It was quiet, as if no one lived.

‘it’s over.’

Turning around with a sad expression, she spread her wings of light and returned to her quarters.

‘Everything is over.’

Another night was passing.

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