Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 926

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Unconnected Sin (3)

ridge! ridge! ridge!

Whenever dozens of tons of muscle mass pulsated, the skin of the guffin tingled.

The rhythm of the beats became faster.

The sanctuary filled with sound until there was no empty space for sound waves, and finally.


After the final echo, silence came.

“why me?”

Ankera’s eyelids rose from the top and bottom to create slender, open eyes.

“I am everything in this world. He is the one who defined everything. I have no reason to negotiate with you.”

“Then define me.”

Ankera’s upper eyelid drew a V.

“You can’t define me. Because I don’t know. The only thing in this world I don’t know, isn’t that me?”


“So stop bullying the women and let’s compete together. If you can swallow me, this world becomes clear again.”

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Nerve endings scattered in all directions collided, creating an appalling noise.

‘They’re in conflict.’

Watching Ankera’s pupils contract and relax repeatedly, Guffin was lost in thought.

‘I am the challenger, but Ang Kera has the pride of being a god.’

The Akashic Records and the Ultima System.

‘Let’s stick together, who is the god.’

The two laws penetrating the world were oppressing each other with fierce force.


Ikael, who put his ear close to the door of the sanctuary where Anchera was, blinked.

I know I can’t hear it, but Guffin’s last words are strangely etched in my mind.

‘The mind leads.’

I could understand that much.

‘You want me to continue? to whom? If I am a being that can connect hearts… …

Ikael sighed.

‘I hope it will be resolved well.’ Even now, the angels and the Gaians were in a tense confrontation in the vast expanse of heaven.

‘I can’t repeat the same war.’

Suddenly, I had this thought.

‘Or am I… just hoping that the guffin doesn’t leave this place?’

there is no answer.

As the silence in the sanctuary grew longer, Ikael’s heart burned with nervousness.

“good night.”

Ankera made the decision.

“I grant access to the Akashic Records. But you too will permeate the whole and lose your will.”

Guffin nodded meekly.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you keep your promise. Liberate all Gaians except me from the photon world.”

It took 3 minutes for the answer to be printed.

“I allow it.”

Estimated by Ankera’s thought speed, this was more than enough time to count all the atoms in the universe.

“Are you confident?”

“I take you apart and return you to the world. Everything will be under my control.”

Ankera’s nerve trunks approached the guffin and wrapped around its legs.

By the time it passed the knee and reached the neck by the waist, the guffin slowly closed its eyes.

‘This is my only chance. and… …

Guffin’s eyes flashed open.

‘This is the last gamble!

Light exploded from Guffin’s pupils the moment Anchera’s nerve terminals penetrated his ears.


As the Akashic Records invaded the Ultima System, they began absorbing all sources.

“Kick! A cheat job!”

The moment Ankera’s pupils literally shake at the speed of light and try to dismantle Hexa.

“Hey hey hey hey!”

A roar of electromagnetic waves pierced the sanctuary and spread all over Heaven, and Ikael received the greatest shock.


She put her ear to the door, barely calmed the swaying asteroid and bent her back.

‘Ankera’s scream.’

Even Ikael was the first.

‘Why? What the hell is going on inside?’

He wanted to break down the door to get in, but Ikael had no such option in his mind.

“Kik! Queek! Good luck!”

In the light-filled sanctuary, the guffin was held up to the ceiling, connected to nerve terminals.

He mobilized all of his abilities called Anke.

‘All authority belongs to me.’


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It controlled Guffin’s thoughts, will, and spirit, but even so, Hexa did not disintegrate.


The confusion she experienced for the first time since birth stirred painfully in Ra’s nerves.

‘What the hell is this?’ infinite.

‘No, it’s impossible. Endlessness is a quality not endowed with any being. If you can’t absorb… …


Ankera sent out a series of high-frequency sounds and sent a signal of destruction to Hexa.

Shocked, Guffin’s body trembled, but the concept of Hexa did not even crack.

‘It can’t be like this.’

He couldn’t access Hexa even if he used all the concepts that existed in the world. ‘Only illusions are being repeated endlessly.’ Ankera’s accident, which went around the entire universe and returned to the origin, reached the words of the Guffin.

‘Why can’t I become a god?’

At this moment, at this point, Ankera’s Akashic Records encounter errors for the first time.


Unresolvable error.

‘God is me. We have to start from there.’

The biggest problem in space has occurred.

Ankera, who oversees the whole, denies the problem itself, not the resolution of the error.

“I am everything!”

An order has been given to all the concepts created by Anchera, that is, to all angels.

“Punish the Gaians! Eliminate all errors that have occurred in this world!”

Hearing the voice received through the Astral Body, Ikael raised his head.

” what… …

The war begins.

Of course, the archangel Ikael must also go to the battlefield, but her eyes were fixed on the door.

‘I need to know, what happened.’

Her fingertips trembled as she headed for the door.

‘no. Don’t open it without Anchera-sama’s permission. It’s not the authority given to me.’


As electricity bounced through the starlight, the voice of a guffin I had heard long ago came to mind.

– You have to choose for yourself.

Ikael’s face turned into a tear.


A groan leaked through his teeth and his face wrinkled, but his hands finally reached the door.

“Oh God… …

Blasphemy caused by the archangel.

“you can do it.”

Pushing the weight of her body into the palm of her hand, she raised her eyes and shouted.

“I can choose!”

The heavy door was pushed inward with a bang, clearing the view.

“This, this?”

The guffin caught on Ankera’s nerves was floating in the air, flapping its limbs.

Ankera nervously spread the sound waves.

“Who gave you permission to enter the sanctuary?” Ikael was confused.

“Great Anchera, what is the situation? Why is the guffin running like that… …

“good. Punish the Gaians.”

The thought that the results would never be what Guffin wanted held her back.

“Tell me! Did the guffin agree? Or even being disrespectful at a conference… …

As Ankera opened her eyes, her veins gushed and all her nerves scraped through the air at Mach speed.

“Gaaaaaaa! Kak! Kak! Kakaka! Cack Cack! Cuck!”

The asteroid exploded into dust with a pop as the wave made a terrible noise.

Ikael, who had turned into a blank slate for a moment, turned around and spread his wings as soon as the asteroid was restored.

‘Something’s going wrong!’

Accepting the first idea, she flew to the location of the confrontation with all her might.

“Kill! Destroy the Gaians!” Numerous angels were flying in the air and bombarding the Gaians.

Satiel shouted.

“just a moment! Something is wrong with this! They don’t even want to fight!”

It was great to be able to defy Anchera’s orders, but more than that, the last words stuck in his mind.

‘You have no intention of fighting?’

Looking at the ground, Gaians who did not even activate the Ultima system were raising their heads.

“What are you thinking?”

The moment I saw the eyes that didn’t shake even though my fellow countrymen were dying, I suddenly realized.

‘That’s not what Guffin meant.’ Ataraxia unfolded.

“stop! Stop the attack! An error has occurred! All angels return before me!”

nobody came back

“Remove it! Humans are erroneous! Get rid of it!”

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Ikael was devastated in front of the sight of the angels attacking recklessly bombing the ground.

“Guffins do not want war.” Gaiain said at the same time.

“So we won’t fight, Oh. I will keep the will of the Guffin until the very end.”

Ikael didn’t know what that meant.

“Do you understand now?”

Gaia’s voice broke through the noise of the bombing and hit the planet directly.

“Anke Ra is not a god! What god reverses what he said! Guffin sacrificed himself to teach you guys!”

Ikael’s eyebrows furrowed, and a cry leaked out from between his clenched teeth.


The angels didn’t even pretend to hear.

“You insignificant humans! You guys don’t deserve to exist in this world!”

Ikael was possessed by the Tears of Light.

‘I have to stop at any cost.’ But how?

No being can defy the command of Ankera, the law itself, the embodiment of the Akashic Records.


It made me think about the fact that she was the only one who didn’t attack humans.

Guffin’s words came to mind.

– I’ve been able to put my heart into the sound a little bit.


‘My heart. With all my heart

Hit… …

Will it lead to someone?

She threw herself at Ataraxia, which had expanded to the largest size ever.

Ataraxia – Hexagonal.

As the asteroid passed through Halo, a great storm of emotions rushed in.


A sense of exhilaration as if the mind would explode.

Ikael, who shed tears of light from pure emotion, let out a sound with all his might.


the world shakes

The luminary body of the angels was pushed in the direction of the wave and then scattered as smoke.


The angels whose minds had been cleansed came back to their senses and looked back at Ikael.

“Chun, archangel.”

It reached the heart.

“Stop the war. all of you me… …

Ikael’s Astral Body shook greatly, and he lost his power and began to fall.

“Chief Angel!”

When the angels flew in and accepted it, Ikael continued with a faint smile.

“You must trust me.”

After he said that, he lost consciousness, and the angels looked up at the remaining seven archangels.

said Leil.

“Open the white watch.”

Mattiel frowned.

“What white watch? Anchera’s orders are absolute. We don’t have a choice.”

“But it’s strange that the archangel stopped it. He is the one who carries out all of Anchera’s commands.” While Methiel was silent, Satiel stepped out.

“First of all, why don’t we withhold judgment until the Archangel wakes up?”

Uriel asked.

“What about Gaia? It is dangerous to leave it like this.”

Kariel suggested.

“Take it. I will manage. I am confident that I will never do anything stupid.”

For Kariel, who had clear standards of conduct, to step out on her own meant that she had a special purpose.

‘ human.’

He finally obtained the only ingredient missing from Kariel’s life experiment.

Satiel assisted.

“For now, we suspend the war. There’s no way that Anchera-nim would have changed her words, and there’s no way that this Kael-nim would have disobeyed the order. It is not too late to judge later.”

Certainly, there were many things that they could not understand with only the information they knew.

Faiel turned to Kariel and said.

“Can you take responsibility for your words? I don’t know how I will change if there is a commotion in heaven.”

“don’t worry. Because I’m going to use space transfer technology. I will isolate them with a metagate.”

The Gaians obediently complied with the angels’ request, and a long procession followed towards Arabot.

The angels blew the victory trumpets and increased their excitement, but the archangel’s expression was still serious.

‘What’s going on?’

Only Ikael should have known what had happened at the meeting with Araboth.

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