Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 925

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Unconnected Sin (2)

Armin knew that he was not underestimating Rian’s skills.

‘In terms of the power of the sword, the orthodoxy is that there is no one who can follow Macha’s knights.’

However, if it was limited to technology, Kuan’s movement could be said to be the strongest among mankind.

‘Bypassing Havitz’s perception. If Quan can’t do it, nobody else can.’

With Sein’s Iron Eye and Mei Lei’s ability, ‘God’s Frequency’, it wasn’t impossible.

‘Even if it’s a 1% chance, it’s worth trying. Harvits is that kind of person.’

When the atrocities are eliminated, the war is over.

“Before I go, I have a confession to make.” Mayray said.

“Terraforce is basically a race that pursues goodness. However, when there is an all-out war between good and evil, I will no longer intervene in human affairs.”

Sein said.

“I know. Terraforce judges humanity and destroys everything if evil wins. Of course, I wonder what meaning there is in the yard where Sun is defeated… … said Armin.

“It means that if the all-out war between good and evil begins, even the ‘God’s Frequency’ ability will be unusable.”

“yes. Maybe this will be your last chance. So I want to do it now.”


Instead of answering, Mayray held out her hand to Dante.

“Do you have an awl or something sharp?”

Dante walked over to his desk and threw an awl from a drawer.

“thank you.”

Mayray grabbed the handle and continued, aiming the tip of the awl at her ear hole.

“The frequency of the out-of-regulation scene is triggered by the act of covering your ears. It blocks the waves of the world and accepts only the frequency of Terra Force. However, there is a limit to blocking by hand. It mixes with noise.”

Mei-Lei, who stopped talking there, inserted an awl into her ear and pierced her eardrum.

Then, slowly, my nerves raced and my eyelids fluttered.

But that was all the change, and Mayray pulled out the awl with a calm expression.

“It’s done.”

Blood poured out of his ear and dripped down his ear lobe.

“There is no problem if you just listen to the sound, but the waves in your heart are quite sensitive. I lost my right hearing, so maybe I can hear you a little more clearly.”

After receiving the awl Mayray threw, Dante swung his arm and sprayed blood on the floor.

Sein, who assumed the role of Order, checked the time.

“Okay then let’s go. Hell’s army is advancing on Tormia. Before that, you have to leave Harvits.”

As the assassination squad followed Sain through the door, Dante called someone.

“Lia Lia.”


“be careful.”

Lillia burst out laughing.

“I really don’t worry…

Lilia, who suddenly realized, turned to Dante.

“Today is really strange. Isn’t that the style?”


“Why so serious, the coolest person in the world? You are the coolest when you do what you want.”

Her cheeks turned slightly red, but Lilia returned with a serious expression and said.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but don’t let your emotions sway you. I mean do it like you Because I’m scared.”

The joke that a sudden change in personality would lead to death had some truth in the law.


After seeing Dante’s relaxed smile, Lilia nodded her head in relief.

“Then, I’ll go.” The door closed, and Dante returned to the shadow of the wall, sat down on the box, and smoked again.


We’re not particularly close, but that’s why the word let’s have a drink lingered around.

“There should be something to eat.”

Having made a decision, Dante jumped up and stepped out the door, and went out to the deputy chief of the security team and bowed his head.

“Chief, I have something to report to you. The operating code of fresh flowers… …

“Ena-san takes care of it.”

Ena, who was handing over the papers, looked up.

“yes? what is that… … ?”

“I will delegate all authority of the rope. If it’s Ena-san, there won’t be a need for a handover.”

The flowers would be controlled by the Hwajok, so it didn’t matter who opened the code.

“Ah, there… …

Ena, who was looking around, realized that it was a promotion and accepted it.

“What is the team leader going to do?”

Contrary to the cool smile, Dante’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit.

“To the battlefield.”

Hiding deep underground, he would not be fiddling with a piece of code.

“I feel like I’m going crazy because I’m pissed off.”

Omega Year 892.

Guided by the inhabitants of Eden, who had also increased their numbers over a long period of time, the Guffins entered heaven again.

But the angels were not alone in peace.


Kariel, who analyzed Gaia’s technology through Babel, created numerous ancient weapons.


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“Why did you come back?”

As it will definitely be different from the previous war, Ikael was happy to see Guffin’s return, but he was also terrified.

“Are you going to fight again? Aren’t you tired? Acknowledge your limitations. Humans have already been defeated.”

War is where the winner gets everything.

“Heaven has mastered all human skills and developed them further. If we try again, the result will be the same.”

Ashur arrived just then.


Before he could catch his breath, he checked the guffin’s face and gritted his teeth as well.

‘Is the war between gods and humans starting again?’

Asked whether he knew Ashur’s thoughts or not, Guffin deftly spread his arms.

“Did you miss me? It looks like you have tears in your eyes.”

Ikael couldn’t understand.

“Are you saying that now? You don’t think that our past has disappeared just because time has passed, right?”

“You are misunderstanding something. We are not here to fight.”


Ikael, who blinked for a moment and was lost in thought, subtly showed a bright color.

“… … Are you going to surrender?”

If Gaiain raised the white flag, he could do as much as possible to raise his status.

“no. We do not recognize Ankera.”

Ikael raised his voice, feeling that he was playing a joke on himself.

“I didn’t come here to fight, so you said you wanted to become a god? Are you trying to play with me now?”

“Maybe it is.” Guffin held out his hand.

“As a representative of Gaia, I request a meeting with Ankera. Take me to Ra.”

Ikael, as well as the numerous angels who had already arrived, opened their mouths in a daze.

“directly… … You want to meet me?”

“okay. I know best how long our war has been, having fought all the battles. I don’t want to engage in ridiculous wars of attrition anymore. The reason I came back is to build a deal with Ra.”

Matthew shouted.

“A trivial human subject will accept a god? Even angels cannot see without a call!”

“If you don’t like… …

Guphin’s eyes lighted up, and Gaia’s Idea expanded enormously and pierced the sky.

“I’ll try again, okay?”

Most of the angels showed hostility, but none expressed it out loud.

‘No matter how good the odds are in heaven…’ …

They are Gaians.

Memories of battle etched for eons passed through the minds of the angels.

‘Every time I thought it was over, I persistently turned the situation around. That’s the most irritating thing.’

Will you fight or compromise?

While the angels were divided in their thoughts, Ikael stepped forward as the representative.

“You, who deny God, say you will meet God? No words will convince him.”

“you can do it.”

Ikael’s eyebrows twitched.

“I will stay.”

While the angels were agitated, Ichael focused his attention on Guffin.

“I will give up being a god. Instead, send the remaining Gaians away. Will this be enough to negotiate?”

“uh… …

Realizing that figuring out Ankera’s intentions was the first step, Ikael stopped talking.

“good night.”

Her voice was amplified through ataraxia, a symbol of the archangel’s power.

“I will arrange a meeting. However, the only person who can participate in the conference is you.”

“that’s enough.”

When Guffin looked back, the Gaians who filled the land blocked the link at the same time.

Depending on the outcome of the meeting, a war could start, so the angels also kept their seats.

The guffin floated into the sky and approached Ikael.

“Then shall we go?”


She turned away coldly, but her face was crumpled as she quickly moved away.

‘ ha.’

Why are you doing this?

‘Since interest disappeared, how many regrets have I had?’

If I had held on a little stronger at the last moment, if I had honestly thrown my heart into it.

said Guffin, who had approached him before he knew it.

“You look like you have something to say.”

“that… …

Ikael’s lips moved, but no words came out, as if a curtain had been pulled over his throat.

“If you remain in heaven, do you intend to stay with us?”

She realized how difficult it is to put her heart into sound.


Guffin nodded.

“Perhaps it will?”


The answer was somewhat lacking, but Ikael turned his head back and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Good idea. I don’t help much.”

Ikael arrived at Arabot, unaware that Guffin’s eyes were locked in sorrow.

Arriving on the top floor where Ankera is staying, she prostrated herself in front of the door.

“Anker Rassi, MacLean Guffin, the representative of the Gaians, has requested a meeting.”

The door opened slowly, and the sound of the Ankera’s beating like a drum escaped.

= = =

It was bizarre to see a huge chunk of meat beating like a heart, but Guffin wasn’t surprised.

Ikael stood up, showing his bright colors.

“He agreed to the meeting. You have to be polite. Come see me when you’re done.”


Ikael, who was trying to avoid his seat, turned around.


He fought fiercely for a huge amount of time, but it was the first time he had a sad face.

‘but. I have to give up what I wanted so much.’

Ikael comforted me.

“Don’t be too sad. There are also ways to live happily with us. Ankera-sama too… …

“The mind connects.”

After tapping his chest twice, Guffin extended his index finger and pointed at Ikael.

“I want you to continue.”

“What do you mean?”

Ikael tilted his head and asked, but Guffin didn’t answer, but turned around and approached Anker Ra.

“for a moment! Guffin… … !”

The moment she reached out her hand, the stone door slammed shut, blocking her eyes.

It was a sacred realm.


Its heartbeat stopped for a moment as the guffin stepped towards the massive monster that reached the ceiling.

With the sound of a drum, the center of the leather opened horizontally, and the eyeballs protruded convexly.

“vein… … snap! Cla… … snap! person… … Nerve endings on all sides tuned the sound waves, producing a raspy sound.


Finally, the stable sound was so magnificent and calm that it could be said to be the voice of a god.

“You who deceived the world and denied the law, why are you looking for me?” “You know what? I will leave the photon field. There’s a way to not destroy the world. So let all the Gaians leave except for me.”


Anke Ra was adamant.

“You have caused trouble every moment of time. I don’t trust your words.”

“So you are not a god.” A very long silence followed.

“… … What do you mean?”

“Because I don’t believe it means I don’t know. If you don’t know me, you’re not God. So, why don’t we negotiate who the true God is here?”

“A bargain?”

Gazing at his reflection in Anchera’s pupil, the guffin opened its arms.

“Swallow me.”

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