Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 921

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Scale of eagerness (2)

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Omega Year 689.

The population of Gaia, who was strong enough to hold Ankera in check, has rapidly decreased since Sojeonghwa.


As Ikael’s judicial halo shone, six archangels charged Gaia.

“Damn it… … !”

As the population decreased due to smallization, the power of ‘Hand of God’ was also significantly reduced.


As Uriel, engulfed in white electricity, ran, a huge road opened in a space filled with humans.

“Stay in line!”

Methiel clicked his tongue as the Gaians came together in perfect order, as if cells were repairing wounds.

“Are you still struggling?” The age of rebellion is upon us.

Dodging the ‘Hand of God’ attack, she raised her hand toward the sky.

“Small and Medium Speed ​​Bullets.”

Hundreds of tons of metal filling the sky were shot at speeds exceeding the speed of sound.

It was as powerful as a small-scale meteorite impact, and the Ultima system was greatly shaken.

“Hold on! For a new era!”

Before the Hand of God regained its form, Rayel, the archangel of light, penetrated and swung his fist.

It was an extremely simple attack, but there was no way to block the physical quantity passing at the speed of light.

“Ultima System!”

In Gaia’s core, an intangible barrier swelled like a balloon and rapidly expanded.


As Rayel gave the power, the horizontal flash endlessly penetrated the defense.

pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!

Following the trajectory of the flash, a powerful chain of explosions caused high fever and bit the tail.

“Does everything have to die to be fulfilled?”

Rayel, who flew into the sky, raised her chin arrogantly while rotating the accelerator.


Light entered Gaia’s eyes.

“Did you tell me?”

As the billions of voices unified into one, the Hand of God clenched its fists.

“It’s the same pattern. It doesn’t work anymore.”

At that time, Rayel turned the judicial halo at the speed of light and prepared to jump out.

“Please stop it!”

Satiel stepped in and spread her arms.

“This is enough of a fight. If one side is annihilated like this, it will be a loss for everyone.”

Rayel snorted.

“Back off, Satiel. The reason I left you alone so far is because I acknowledged the position of neutrality. But if you take the side of humans, the story is different.”

“I am not taking anyone’s side. They are saying that there is no point in continuing the war like this.”

The Gaians thought.

‘It doesn’t make any sense?’

Of those who decided to leave the photon world, only Guffin remains.

‘okay. Why are we fighting?’

It was so long ago that I forgot what I was fighting for.

Satiel said to the representative.

“Request a truce. There is also a way for angels and humans to work together to create a new world.”

“I have come too far for that. If this is the end, what about the war of the ancestors who have been going on for eons? Over 100 billion human beings who died from Sojeonghwa?”

Ikael amplified his voice.

“Do you still think you are gods? See, the war is lost and the face is pitiful. As far as I know, there is no such god anywhere.”

A voice was heard from the ground.

“Could you be shabby than me?”

Ikael frowned as the ragfin guffin gasped and limped.

‘Does he fight even at that point?’ The figure of him who swallowed Ankera’s wrath alone was as good as a dead man.

‘Although So Jung-hwa was blocked.’

Anger enough to destroy the entire world was not a size that one human being could handle.

Ikael gritted his teeth.

‘A foolish human.’

The fall of the formidable enemy was exhilarating, but on the other hand, it was heartbreaking to see his broken figure.

‘Well, I fought for a really long time.’ from the beginning until now.

“Stop giving up, Guffin. Gaia has declined, and your condition is not normal. This war is our victory.”

Guffin gave a dry smile.

“I can’t.”

“why? Why are you trying to carry everything on your own? It must be difficult even to swallow small flowers and keep your spirits up.”

As the heart-wrenching pain deepened again, Guffin frowned and grabbed his chest.


“You arrogant and arrogant one. You are not gods. It’s just a mutation that destroys the stability of the world.”



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Guffin meekly admitted.

“We might be the world-destroying errors. Among them, I must be the worst error.”

“You know, stop. It’s overwhelming just to deal with So Jeong-hwa’s wrath, so why are you trying to fight?”

“Because I hate it.”

Guffin opened his eyes.

“I hate this cold world so much. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s God or not. I will become a god.”

“Don’t mistake delusions for reality. It is a perfect world. We are beings born of the law.”

“Is that a god?”

Ikael kept his mouth shut.

“Once you make it perfect,

Is everything over?”

From this point on, Guffin’s philosophy completely denies the law of the world.

“To the subject of the great name of God, to the world he created, and to the creatures living in that world… … !”

A huge hexagonal light appeared.

“Are you saying you can’t even have the slightest pity!”

A tornado of light swept across the radius as the Miracle Stream created a Dragon Fist.

Mattiel murmured.

“I am not crazy. Mad with rage.” At the same time, 6 archangels reversed the Miracle Stream and attacked the Guffin.

The world shook at the combination of the highest concepts, and thunder and lightning fell from the sky.

‘I thought I was ruined… … Still, a guffin was a guffin.

As the equal battle continued, Ikael opened his eyes and opened Ataraxia.

The Archangel’s power was amplified to the limit.

“Got it!”

The six people who imprisoned Guffin in the area of ​​Movement Zero struck the strongest blow at the same time.

‘It’s over. It can never be avoided.’ When Rayle is sure.


The guffin, revealing the whites of its eyes, drew the Miracle Stream toward itself.

‘Something like a cold world!’

The smoke of light compressed between his palms and glowed brilliantly.

‘I can’t admit it!’


“what… … !”

As the impenetrable inertia rushed in, the six archangels flew in the same direction.

Even in the middle of the attack, no archangel understood the current situation.

“Uh, how… …

Realizing it for the first time, Ikael forgot even the prestige of the archangel and accepted the thrill.

“I stopped spinning.”

The planet braked for about three seconds, and volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis occurred across the continent.

‘Only one human… …

Does that mean that even the laws of the universe will change if you wish with all your heart?

Ikael muttered involuntarily.

“God with a heart… … say?” If only there was a God who could look down on the world endlessly and sympathize with the suffering of the creatures.

‘Under the mercy of that god.’

Angels, humans, mountains and seas, fields and trees.

‘There is nothing insignificant.’

The two hands of the guffin rushing at the archangels were ablaze with the light of the Miracle Stream.

“I will become a god!”

Just as Uriel raised his arms and took a defensive stance, Guffin’s eyes suddenly opened wide.


Then he spurted a gourd of blood, losing his temper and staggering in pain.


Ankera’s wrath surged again, shocking the entire cell.

Uriel rotated the wheel of paradise.

“… … Do not resent me.”

Guffin hurriedly activated Hexa, but before it could be completed, the Gon of Paradise struck his stomach.

As if it had evaporated, the body of the guffin flew like an arrow.


Satiel shouted and spread her angel wings.

“S-T-L!” Due to Ikael’s powerful voice that shook the world, she was unable to pursue Guffin.


The image of Ikael looking down with his huge ataraxia open was by far the noblest.

“Satiel, I cannot tolerate your self-indulgence any longer. I command you, do not move one step.”

Orders were given to Satiel, but none of the angels left their seats.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen him so angry.’ Ichael turned his body in the direction the guffin flew.

“I will make the decision myself. You guys should stop the Gaians here.”

I thought it was right to finish at least Guffin with my own hands.

Ikael, who landed at the end of the trail scratched the ground, looked straight ahead.

“Is it you again? I’ll settle for this.”

The body of the guffin leaning against a pile of collapsed rocks was stained with blood.

“It’s pitiful, human.”

Ikael moved slowly.

“We fought for a long time. If I had known that the end would be so shabby, I would have done it right away.”

“Kuk-kuk. Kuk-kuk-kuk.”

asked Guffin, his shoulders trembling and laughing.

“How do you feel? The feeling of defeating the strongest enemy who was in your way.”

“It is neither good nor bad. I am a noble archangel, humans have no feelings.”

“I see.”

Guffin recalled.

Angry, annoyed, embarrassed, sometimes… … Ikael, who even smiled.

“Well, history belongs to the victors. Record whatever you want. But tell me the truth about being handsome.”

“Is that all there is to a will?” Guffin looked up at the sky and thought, but it was a burden he did not want anyone to bear.


Sparks flew in Ikael’s eyes.

“You are arrogant to the end. You went to the brink of defeating a god with a human body, and you have nothing to leave behind for future generations?”

“What can I do? It fit right.” Ikael, who spread his wings, set the capital like a knife and flew out with great speed.

M | 99

The capital stopped right in front of her eyes, and the guffin asked, looking calmly at her fingertips.

“what’s the matter? Are you really affectionate?”

“shut up.”

It was a moment I had dreamed of my whole life, but when the situation came, everything was confused.


Ikael said.

“Even now it is not too late. Raise the white flag and surrender. I will take responsibility and protect you.”

“You said you didn’t like it.”

“Calm down! I said I’d help! I will go down in history as a draw.”

Guffin didn’t blink an eye.

“Do you like me?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not doing this because I like you. When you die, that hexa… …

The possibility that everyone can be linked.

“Are you really going to end it like this? Was your mercy for examining the world just this much?”


A hexagonal hexa floated on top of Guffin’s palm with a clear sound.

“The hexa is a signal that descends from the higher dimension to the lower dimension. Same as Edea. But to link you guys, you have to fire signals from the lower dimension to the higher dimension in the reverse order.”

“It’s incredibly difficult. It’s as if the picture breaks through the paper and pops out into reality.”

Ikael’s eyes twinkled.



Guffin pointed at the asteroid.

“I don’t know if Hexa’s signal can be infinitely amplified with Ataraxia.”

Ikael, who reviewed the possibilities with the senses of an archangel, shook his head gloomily.

“no. can’t combine Even if it amplifies everything, the hexa is a signal outside the law.”

“I can’t be certain.”


As Ikael blinked, Guffin pushed Hexa toward the asteroid.

“Shall we try?”

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