Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 920

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Omega Year 666.

“Save yourself.”

Looking at the black rain falling from the sky, the guffin murmured in a low voice.

expunge code.

It was the last resort chosen by Ankera after the second reset failed.


The black rain melted everything it touched and was erasing the scenery on the ground.

“Are you planning on not going this time?” Argones, who was leaning against the wall of the cave where the guffin was hiding, asked.

“Or can’t I come out?” Even though they were in the same space, the guffin, whom they had treated as nonexistent until now, opened their mouth for the first time.

“I thought Taeseong would come?”

Argones shrugged.

“As you can see… …

I could imagine what she would be like as everything rising above the horizon melted away.

“It’s not safe here either. There is nowhere to run. All life on earth will perish. Do you feel responsible?”

The Gaians exploded their population to strengthen the Ultima system.

“It was too bad. Even Anchera was overloaded. But look. The result is this.”


“Anke Ra chose to accept the apostasy and reduce the population. Ultima is weakened, and you guys can’t win.”

“Isn’t it strange?”

Guffin smiled bitterly.

“A lot of things happened when the Gaians weren’t mentally perfected. Kill your own people or discriminate against the weak. We called it evil.” Gaia who achieved an integrated mental system

There was also a period of conflict and antagonism among people.

“But Anke Ra defined Gaia as a whole as evil. It must mean that leaving the photon system is a greater evil than murder or any other crime.”

Argones said.

“Our mission is system perfection. Murder and the departure of the photon system are no different in that they disrupt the world in a broader sense. Of course, leaving the photon system is much more dangerous.”

“I guess so.”

God may have to be indifferent.

“If God had a mind, this world would be hell.”

“Accept. The mind is an uncontrollable signal. That is why the world behind it exists.”

The system is stabilized by purifying the powerful emotions that have flowed into hell.

“Time is the same. Without 0.666 seconds of every second, the photon signal is not stable. According to the relativity the object feels, absolute time is destroyed.”

“okay. Everything is a matter of the heart.” That is why.

“I don’t like this world.” It’s so cold.

“I can imagine how sick Taeseong must be, but how are you? It feels like all living things are disappearing.”

All matter flowed down, and a huge black river flowed in the world.


Argones looked up at the sky.

“It is what you caused. Anchera tried to give them immortality through the system of coercion.”

“Eternal life.”

Among the creations Argones created, there were lifeless creatures, but they were not truly eternal.

“It is easy to get rid of the concept of lifespan. actually you too But in the end, death is the end. Even if you live for 100 million years, the moment you die, all processes are instantaneous. True eternal life is transcending the cycle of life and death.”

If it is a cowardly system, it is possible.

“Even now it is not too late. Give up resistance and submit to Anchera’s will. Enter the next world.”

If the Gaians block air cowardice, all the upper universes will one day disappear.

said the guffin.

“Dream Dream again in that dream. If I dream endlessly like that, I don’t think I’ll ever wake up… … On the one hand.

“In the first world, time continues to flow. When the sun rises and the tiredness wears off, you wake up eventually.”

Argones objected.

“But you never wake up. Because the consciousness of the subject keeps digging into the dream.”

A huge contradiction created by time and mind.

“Think carefully, Guffin. It is a world that began with one unique and irreversible illusion. If you block the coward, everything will disappear. There will be nothing again. Don’t you see how terrible it is?”

Even if it was an infinite wizard, thinking about the state of infinite infinity gave a terrifying thrill.

“… … I have a favor.”

Argones had no intention of helping, but was interested in the request of the Guffin.


“help me.”

Argones could not find words to answer.

“Of course I will fight. But you don’t want the world to end like this, do you?”

“so? What do you want me to do?”

“Only two… …

Guffin raised his index and middle fingers.

“Please allow only two people to avoid Sojeonghwa. No matter how much you hate it, isn’t what you made small?”

“There is no way to avoid it. Ankera’s dispensing code will not cease until all creatures are gone.”

“Why are you like this, players?” “I know how many species you have created. Surely we are not the only ones in this universe?”

“The universe is not wide. Since it’s based on photon signals, it’s just confined to the light-speed barrier. The number of creatures is also much smaller than you think.”

“rather… … It sounds like there isn’t ‘?”

Argones, who was stabbed to the point, finally opened his mouth.


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“Hoo? Are they of the same species as us?”

“Not different. The Gaians are a race that has developed their minds to the limit. Dragon, on the other hand, has reached the pinnacle of intelligence. If each is a quantum code and a photon code, Terraforce is located in the middle.”

“Hmm, in the middle.”

What can contain both mind and information?


It was the correct answer.

“okay. Terraforce is a race that has raised the wave to the limit. As much as the technical skill, silver surpasses that of Gaians. Because information can be transmitted across the light-speed barrier.”

This meant that intergalactic travel was possible.


“It is an excellent race. They are much more stable, pious, and strict than you.”

Argones’ emotions were conveyed through sound.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for being the youngest race. Anyway, will you convey my intentions to Terraforce?”

It was the point again.

“Why should I? It’s not that you don’t like it. The problem is the link. Among the numerous races, there must be a reason why Gaians are linked to Ideas, but my conclusion is a failure. You guys are destabilizing the world.”

Guffin suggested.

“Okay, so let’s do this. When two Gaians open a new world, Terra Force will judge. If even the new humanity descends into chaos, you may destroy it.”

“O uh”

— The ?

Argones rested his chin.

“Do it right. Does the range you mentioned include the departure of the photon system? No one should have access to the secrets of the world.”

“of course. Even if we lose, I want those who remain to live to the end. Even if it is an eternal dream.”

Tsk tsk tsk.

The body of Argones, who quickly clicked his tongue and was deep in thought, gradually began to seep into the floor.

“Choose two people.”

Voices echoed in the cave where he disappeared.

“I will send an ark.”

Arabot, the sacred place of God.

The spire that pierced the sky was the only place on the planet where the [B] did not fall.

“The war is over.”

In the angel’s room, Ikael caught the flow of the black river outside the window.

“They will fight.”

When I turned my gaze, Satiel was beside me before I knew it.

“Aren’t you still stubborn? Gaiain will be annihilated with this. The Ultima system will also disappear.”

“If that is indeed the case, then we must also have lost access to the secrets of the world.”

Ikael kept his mouth shut.

The fight with Gaiain, which he was so sick of, was over, but it felt like a corner of his heart had been pierced.

“Why are you on the side of humans?”

Ikael asked.

“The secret of the world? Even if you don’t have that, as long as you win, it doesn’t matter. Is that really the only reason?”

“No way.”

Satiel smiled as he saw a hexagon of light spreading across the horizon.

“There is just one more.”

“Whoa, damn it.”

The Gaians who hid under the hexagonal light opened by the Guffin gasped for breath.

“Is everyone okay?”

Patran, the representative of Gaia, raised his eyes.


A person who breaks away from the concept of lifespan and endlessly follows the long history of Gaia.

“It’s none of your business. We must protect the Ultima system no matter what.”

“Then they all die.”

Standing in front of the momentum that would melt the entire planet, even the Guffins could not use their hands.

“Is there a way?”

“one thing. No, I should say 0.5 things. But before we do, there are things we need to do first.”

“What are you going to do?”

Guffin brought up the story of the ark.

“Select two people?”

“okay. Even if minimization can be prevented, 90 percent of Gaians will disappear. But are you going to fight to the end?”

Patran nodded.

“No matter who wins, humanity must be maintained. With that in mind, we decided to send two people.”

Because they were connected through Ultima, they did not go through the complicated process of meeting.

“They must be the two people you love the most.”

As if they had promised, everyone turned to the couple.

“I-over there… …

A weak-looking man and a woman with big eyes and an innocent look walked by.

Looking at them who had to go on a long journey, Guffin smiled.

“What is your name?”

“yes? Ah yes. This is Adam.”

Guffin nodded and looked to the side.

“It is a release.”

Adam and Lilith.

It was a name with a mission to become a new human on the planet to arrive in the future.

“okay. The details will be heard in the ark. Now you guys will live endlessly like me. We must trust and love each other under any circumstances. Never cross the forbidden line. World chaos will come.”

The two nodded their heads as if resolving.

“yes. Do not worry. I love Adam, and I have the confidence to be with him for the rest of my life.”

The moment Lilith’s eyes sparkled with determination.

‘That woman… …

Sirone’s heart sank as he accepted Omega’s record.

Although their appearances were completely different, the light in her eyes resembled someone in the present.


It was Mitochondrial Eve’s eyes.

“okay. Be sure to remember. Both good and evil are all defined by you. You must never lose Ultima.”

At the time when the guffin was finally determined, a huge disk-shaped flying object appeared through the clouds.


It was the technological power of the race that would judge humans in the future.

“good. I’ll let you go.”

Patran asked.

“What are you thinking? It is a powerful enough authority for an administrator to abolish it. Hexa won’t be able to stop it.”

“Until I know what it is.”


“I will swallow it.”

A guffin took off with a smile towards the black rain that obliterated everything.

The moment Hexa’s defenses hit the rainwater, it shattered, and her body entered the black cloud.

“To save yourself?”

Gurfin gritted his teeth in pain as his body burned.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Miracle Stream.

With the explosion, a huge hole of light formed and began sucking in the surrounding clouds.


Angera’s Wrath, Destroy the World

Feelings of not being good enough hit Guffin.

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