Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 92

[92] Genius who lost his light (1)

“Your name is Harvest.”

The black beads vibrated at Arcane’s words. As the molecular bonds loosened, black matter rose into smoke. The monster body born in the darkness spoke in a muddy voice.

“I am a harvestist.”

“We will do some tests. Let him be in the test tube for the time being.”

Arcane pointed to a three-meter-tall glass tube. It was such a small place that humans couldn’t even last 10 minutes, but magical creatures had no concept of the permanence of time.

That night, Canis and Arin infiltrated the laboratory. Since he had not received permission from Arcane, his nervousness was evident. However, that feeling disappeared the moment I discovered Harvest.

A humanoid shadow with a height of 2 meters. 

The slender waist and dynamic broad shoulders shook Kanis’ heart.  

“This is Master’s… … .”

The essence of sorcery biology perfected over 150 years by the Archmage. In addition, it was a magical creature that inherited the memories of Arcane and possessed intelligence.

Unlike Canis, Arin trembled as if he had seen a monster.

“Ugh. It’s very strange. I thought it would be similar to a human.”

“Who’s going to be scared if a magical creature doesn’t look scary? I think this form is really great. You are combative.”

“Still, I am strange… … .”

Canis didn’t care. If she didn’t like her, it was rather a good thing.

‘Wait, Harvest. I’ll be your master.’

Arcane said that she would choose the owner of Harvest between herself and Arin. Of course, Arin is a precious friend, but there was no concession in this matter. We will definitely prove our qualifications through friendly competition.

“Kanis, let’s get out. Maybe Master will come.”

“huh? uh, yes.”

Arin turned off the lights and followed behind Canis. Then, startled, she looked back. Harvest’s explosive emotions came through.


Arin ran out of the room as if running away and did not even go to the lab after that day. However, as a child she was locked up in Radum’s warehouse, she couldn’t leave Harvest alone like this.

While everyone was asleep, Arin mustered up the courage to visit the lab. Harvest was trapped in a glass coffin as before.

“Are you very frustrated?”

When there was no answer, Arin looked for the switch while examining the device in the glass tube.

“I can get you out for a moment.”

“Why do you think it is frustrating?”

Arin took a step back. It was a hoarse voice that evoked fear.

“You’ve been locked up for a month already.”

“It is human beings who are uncomfortable with being unable to move. I can’t perceive time It doesn’t matter if you’re locked up like this forever.”

Arin tilted his head in disbelief. It was because the Harvest wave she felt was filled with suppressed and stuffy energy.

“… … But maybe you’re right.”

“Did you remember something?”

“Well. Should I say curiosity? The expression is not suitable. I am made to learn from the moment I exist. But now that is impossible.”

“That’s what I mean by saying it’s frustrating.”

Harvest was deep in thought. Is it really like that?

“How can you read my emotions?”

“lol. Somehow it happened like this. I lived in Radum for a long time.”

“Radum. The slums of Baska, the capital of Tormia. High-level concealed facilities and extreme population fluctuations. It is presumed to be the den of sub-species who have lost territory on the continent.”

Even Arin, who lived in Radum, had never heard of it.

“Mr. Harvest knows a lot.”

“What information do you have?”

“You want to talk?”

“Right. I have no choice but to have a conversation. I still don’t have a master to share my spirit with.”

Arin talked with Harvest all night long. It was the first time she had ever talked so much with someone of her own, having spent most of her childhood alone.

After two months of experimentation, Harvest was finally set free. Arcane opened the glass coffin. But Harvest still didn’t move.

“Come out. You come into resonance with Kanis. But it will not be subject to the constraints of subordination. I will explain the reason later.”

Harvest didn’t answer. It was unexpected that a magical creature with superhuman calculation speed was slow to respond, so Arcane turned his head.

“why? Do you think it will take?”

“Why Canis?”

“Hmm. Do you mean you don’t like it? It’s strange that you, who don’t have mental resonance, already have a taste.”

“I understand that there is no advantage to me being subordinate to you, having inherited your memories. But Kanis is stubborn and proud. He’s unlikely to listen to my advice. Such an inclination will be a weakness in battle.”

“Of course not.”

“On the other hand, Arin is different. She lived in Radum for 10 years and never met anyone except Kanis. The resulting backlash makes her mental sensitivity incredibly sensitive.”

“Are you talking about menarche?”

Menarche was a unique brain wave pattern that perceived any object as if it were seeing it for the first time. Arin grew up without seeing anything since childhood, and that condition hardened her brain. 

So she couldn’t distinguish things like normal people. But she was absolute when it came to grasping the feeling of things. Although she had many inconveniences, she was the best talent for spirit-type wizards.

Arcane knew that Arin’s talent was more special than Canis’.

“Arin can’t. That child is too soft-hearted.”

“I don’t understand. Carbide more than covers other disadvantages. With her, she can maximize my abilities.”

Arcane smiled bitterly. 

Are the judgments different because they share the same memories but have different forms?

“Perhaps your words could be more reasonable. But Arin can’t. You are going to Canis.”

* * *


The falling Harvest shuddered.

“That was it, Arcane.”

I was able to realize it only when I came to the last moment of my life. The reason why Arcane gave up Arin, who had excellent magical talents, and chose Canis.

‘It was the same stubborn.’

Harvest’s fall felt no weight. So he looked even more shabby.


Canis ran to Harvest. There were holes in Harvest’s body, shrunken like a thin sheet of paper, so it was hard to see with the naked eye. 

“why! why did you do that! I didn’t care if I died! If you’re going to do this, don’t betray me from the start! Why the hell!”

“Quack. how do i know that You are my master.”

Kanis, as if realizing something, kept his mouth shut.

“A magical creature, you just have to do what the owner wants.”

“Harvest… … .”

Canis’ head fell. I was resentful and unfair to live, and I would rather die. But at the same time, she wanted to live. why wouldn’t you want to live? that was human Harvest seemed to know. That is why he decided to sever the master-servant contract and self-destruct.

“I’m sorry, Harvest. I am… … .”

Harvest didn’t care. A magical creature can do what its owner wants. Because it was designed that way, death was also not a shocking event. Rather, he was more interested in the fighting power of Sirone, who overpowered Canis and his combination play.

‘Hmm. You use strange magic. But I’m not simply pushed back from magic.’

It was definitely a strong enemy. There is no hesitation in overpowering opponents. However, it was not a warlike personality. Rather, the combat method that was thoroughly focused only on results resembled that of a magical organism. 

‘The speed at which emotions are restored is incredibly fast. Perhaps superhuman insight. It seems unshakable because the time from problem to solution is so short.’

After the analysis, Harvest tore his mouth. Absolutely specialized in something. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a property commonly expressed in nature.

‘Quack. Arcane, you’re going to have a hard time.’

Arcane’s expression was not good. He was this guy and that guy, and there was no human being who could move according to his will. Feeling irritated by the current situation, he said as he moved slowly. 

“I’m sorry, Canis. Even if you disgrace my face… … .”

“shut up.”

Sirone stopped talking. His friends’ eyes widened at his unusually radical words. Arcane, on the other hand, turned her head in interest. If it was too absurd, he wouldn’t even get angry.

“Chuck! What a lively child. How are you? I’ll make a suggestion… … .”

“I told you to shut up. Can’t you hear me?”

This time, Arcane’s face had no choice but to harden.

“I’m desperately holding back. So shut up. One more word and I’ll crush you.”

Sirone’s body glowed with a faint red light. laser. The power had already been confirmed. If Harvest, who specializes in energy absorption, exploded with excessive energy, even a great wizard would have a chance to defeat him.

However, the friends who were watching had no choice but to dry their blood. The opponent, Sirone, the great magician who commanded the world, was just a student. A provocation of this kind was tantamount to suicide.

“What are you doing that for? Do you really know what’s going on?”

“no. It will be fine.”

Nade and Iruki looked back at Etella at the same time.

“teacher. What does that mean? Shouldn’t it be dry now?”

“It’s a tricky situation for Arcane. I’m pushed out of the castle. If Sirone’s magic from earlier was the type that concentrated energy, the current Arcane cannot block Sirone’s magic. He’s not going to act out of emotion as long as there’s a chance he’ll be bitten. Sirone knows that.”

Nade looked back at Sirone. Even if that was the case, it was impossible for anyone other than Sirone to show courage to the archmage.

‘Anyway, it’s clever.’

Arcane readily acknowledged it.

“okay. If it were you now, you might be able to subdue me.”

For a moment, the surroundings became quiet. It was hard to believe that it came out of the mouth of an archmage. But it was not a thought born out of servitude. He had a rather relaxed smile.

“Red Wave. It seems to be the principle of vibrating particles, but it can truly be said to be the natural enemy of dark magic. Besides, I’m exhausted, so it’s going to be pretty hard to stop you.”

Arcane carefully observed Sirone’s reaction.

“How are you? After hearing this from the Archmage.”

“What do you mean? I wouldn’t have told you not to?”

“Magic, isn’t it fun?”

Sirone wrinkled his brow. She didn’t know what Arcane was talking about.

“That’s what magic is. It’s not fair, and there are no rules that say it has to be this way. It is unpredictable because there are no limits. In the world of magic, a meteorite wizard who can blow up a city can die at the hands of a mercenary wizard. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too strange if I got hurt by you.”

“So what do you want to talk about? Are you willing to pay for your sins?”

“I might take it that way, but… … .”

Dark smoke rose from Arcane’s body. There was white in her eyes, and her expression was ghostly. Sharp as a knife, life spread like an explosion in all directions.

“They say you have to fight to know.”

Sirone took a step backwards involuntarily. Pure fighting regardless of skill or level. He was the aura of death that only those who crossed countless lines of death could exude.

“No matter how good your match is, if you can’t win, it’s useless. How are you? Would you like to deal with me?”

Sirone’s lips, which had been confident until now, fell silent for the first time. To be honest, he didn’t feel like fighting. Arcane’s fighting spirit was overwhelming. 

‘As expected, things are things.’

It persistently attacks its weak point, and immediately changes its stance as soon as it disappears. that there is no persistence. Thoughts are flexible like water, and vision is open to all directions. It was a little bit clear why Canis was defeated.


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