Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 917

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cold world (2)

In the face of the last operation risking the extinction of mankind, the value of the king’s name was not important.

‘Me, Fleur, and Dante are enough for the practitioners needed to open the flower garden.’

That’s why you got 100 options.

“All I can give you is one hour. Please select 100 people from among them.”

Many thoughts crossed my mind.

Poor people who were alienated from the king, politicians, doctors, teachers, family members, and society.

After all, it was the same weight.

“The president of the association should start first.” When no one acted, Iruki put down his pen and held it out.

“Valkyrie’s total army.”

Lufist bent his upper body and crossed his legs.

“It’s no exaggeration to say it’s at the top of the sky, but you look down on people.”

Iruki was calm.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that I don’t even have to step out. I will leave the judgment to this friend.”

When Lufist pointed at Dante, Fleur and Iruki’s gaze turned to the side.

Dante, lost in thought, raised his gaze and said:

“Iruki, honestly, I feel bad.” No answer was heard.

“good. Since the president’s order has been issued, I have no choice but to make a difficult decision.”

Contrary to the horse, Dante did not even glance at the pen and spread his arms.

“There is no one who needs to be saved.”

At last, a smile appeared on Iruki’s face.


“Drop a bomb on the capital. It will be a carnage that will kill 6.5 million people. If I save 100 people, that information will be passed on to 1,000 people, and that 1,000 people will become 10,000… …

The operation fails.

“It will run into uncontrollable territory. Are we ready to destroy the capital or not, you were testing it?”

all must die

No precious person, no needy person, no one can survive in Basuka.

“that’s right. sorry.”

Dante snorted.

“A single person like you is such a childish trick. You must have been cornered quite a bit too.”

“To tell you the truth, yes. I will be the ringleader of this crazy carnage. If I’m going to remain a demon in history, at least I don’t want to fail.”

Knowing what Iruki was carrying, Dante stopped questioning.

“Anyway, are there really no problems with security? If it’s a project of this scale, we’re not the only ones who know about it.”

“It’s at a precarious level.”

Iruki readily admitted.

“As you probably already guessed, not all die. The life of the conglomerate and the head of the related institution who invested a lot of money in this project is guaranteed. At least we will save the victim’s children.”

“A child. ambiguous If you’re in the husband’s position, even if you save your wife and children, you can’t save your parents, right?”

“I’m not stupid enough to be greedy. They know better what will happen in that case.”

Mice and birds would disappear without even noticing.

“Should I say I’m happy? I organized an assassination unit just in case, but they haven’t moved yet.”

Iruki raised his index finger.

“Rather, it was the unmarried people who had to be especially monitored. There are people who got married in a hurry to save their lover, but the holy war tolerated that.” Lufist asked.

“How many were implicated in that way?”

“286 people.”

Dante put his chin on his chin and muttered.

“286 people.”

As an expert in security and intelligence, it was an absolutely uncontrollable figure.

Iruki said.

“I know what you’re thinking. So, we are also watching through numerous channels on our own. One of them prides itself on being the best censorship system in the world.”


Dante knew through Armin that the Great Purifier’s home was in the temple.

“We are under 24-hour surveillance. And the number of cases that have been caught in the temple’s filter so far…”

Iruki laughed bitterly.

“There wasn’t a single thing.”

“Not even one?”

“okay. I couldn’t even find a factor in the code zero, obsessive-suspect level. Therefore, from the temple’s point of view, it can be affirmed that none of the 286 survivors leaked any information.”

“haha. Kuck.”

Lufist shook his shoulders and lowered his head.


Normally, I’m impatient to reveal even a trivial secret.

‘Ahead of the terrible event of the massacre of 6.5 million people… …

no one speaks

In front of your parents and friends, you are acting out your daily life as if nothing happened.

‘Ah, human.’ Lupist’s face was tearing up, and I couldn’t tell whether he was laughing or crying.


His expression disappeared like a lie.

“We are not in a different position from them. The bottom line is that 6.5 million people will die. The problem is efficiency versus sacrifice, but can the demons be definitely annihilated?”


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“My calculations are that if the strategy worked, the armies of Hell would suffer 91.3 percent manpower loss.”

It was a good enough achievement.

“great. Then Basuka should be discarded, and the king should choose a new one… … For Rufist, even the king was only a top-notch accessory to run the system called the nation.

“How are you going to make up for Tormia’s losses after the war? If the water supply is blown away, self-regeneration will be impossible.”

It will be eaten by other countries in an instant.

“The cost of restoration will be borne by the temple in full. Once the government is established, implement immigration policy. Provide a house and land and many will come.”

Rufist squinted one eye.

“It sounds like a dream. Even if it is a temple, you will eventually have to collect funds from other countries.

It would be, but do you think the heads of each country will obey?”

“In addition to that, I will hand over all technology and data related to the elemental bomb to Tormia.”

Lufist’s eyes flashed for a moment.

“Even if it is a related industry, only I know the source technology. It can be used to keep other countries in check, or used as a bargaining chip. Above all, I am from the kingdom of Tormia. I will not allow my country to perish.”

The last words moved Rufist.

‘Well, 6.5 million includes Iruki’s family.’

If he wasn’t a madman, he would sell his soul before he died to take responsibility.

“great. according to the will of the temple. When the detailed strategies are issued, we will hand over all access to the flower garden.”

Iruki turned his head to Dante.

“Time is running out to do it by mouth. I will deliver it through the ‘rope’. Dante is in charge, so it’s the safest way.”

Lufist nodded and stood up, followed by Fleur and Dante toward the door.

Dante turned around at the door.

“What if we wrote down 100 people and submitted it?”

“… … I couldn’t have gotten out alive.”

“In a word, he was very underestimated. Do you think it would have been possible?” Iruki returns an answer like a snake


“You didn’t write it down anyway.”

Dante laughed.

He felt like a psychopath who could laugh at Baska’s terrible future.

It’s so unrealistic.

‘It must be reality for you, Iruki.’

The face of Iruki that Dante was looking at was not that of someone who was already alive.

‘He was a bad guy.’

The guy who had bothered me since the days of the Royal Magic School was now half a corpse.

“Take care of yourself. Then you really die.”

To the words that couldn’t be answered with a yes, Iruki just smiled helplessly.


Dante turned back at the voice calling.


“When the war is over… …

Iruki’s cautious eyes, even when he said a word, looked so lonely.

“Let’s have a drink together.”

Dante, filled with tears, felt his throat choke.


I had no choice but to answer.

In order not to notice his reddened eyes, Dante immediately opened the door and left the room.

‘You idiot! What kind of hero is Ji?’

As Dante quickly moved away, Fleur caught up naturally, taking a wider stride.

‘The battlefield has now been moved to Tormia. Association will come to the fore. I need to figure out the factors of Zion.’

But for a moment, I read the emotion in Dante’s eyes and shut my mouth.

‘I’m a rational person… … It was great anger.

‘Damn it! Dog-like demons! I’ll kill them all!’ Flew, who found blood flowing from Dante’s fist, did not ask anything in the end.

Hideout of the flower tribe.

Rufist made some sort of deal with Flallino in exchange for the seed of the flower.

Rescuing 300 people suffering from all over the world and providing them with a safe home.

Flallino, who was once the Minister of Defense of Spectrum, was now living as an ordinary Chinese woman.

“Hello, Mr. Flallino.”

A man of Grasse blood looked at Flallino and bowed his head with a plain smile.

“Yes, good morning.”

The lineage of the violet tiara, which is said to be the most beautiful and fragrant among the flower family, shone even brighter under the sun.

“The sun is really sweet today. On a day like this, it’s best to go to the ‘garden’ and sit still.” Flareno covered his mouth and laughed.

“that’s right. There is nothing better than basking in the sun without thinking about anything. Would you like to come with me?”

“Haha, of course.”

Flallino spread his arms as he watched the sunlight filter through the branches.

“I love this place. No one wants to harm us, and above all, it is quiet.”

“It’s all thanks to Mr. Flallino. Everyone here is grateful.”

“Ah, no. me too……

Flarino’s pupils, who had been waving their hands, shook at the sight of someone approaching from afar.

“Why is that?”

Where Flalino’s eyes were directed, he saw Lou Fist and Dante walking side by side.

“Lupist… …

Flallino’s body trembled.

“Here you are. It just went well.”

Rufist, who had strode toward Flallino, sighed and brought up the main topic.

“Where is your chieftain? Guide me.”

The deal was already over, and Rufist promised not to get involved in the lives of the fire people.

“Um, what are you doing?”

“I don’t have time to talk. It’s an urgent matter. We should use the ability of small world creation.”

cried Flalino.

“You promised! You handed over all the seeds of the flower! We just want to be in peace!”


Lufist, who grabbed Flallino by the collar, pulled him strongly and raised his face.

“Look at me. Look me straight in the eyes.”

The man of the fire tribe thumped his butt, and Flallino’s jaw trembled.

“Do I look sane now? What do you think you came here for? Do you want to finish it?”

“Heh… Heh…

As the ‘extreme passivity’, a characteristic of the Hwajok, was manifested, her mind went blank.

‘How can you have eyes like this?’

It was the gaze at the pinnacle of an animal that could do anything to achieve what it wanted.

“This is your last chance. Guide them to the chieftain.” Flarino’s head fell helplessly.


what’s the scariest thing in the world

If asked, her answer was unmistakably human.

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