Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 914

God’s brain (4)

“I can’t go on like this!”

At the report of the triangular Mara, the angel looked back at the spire of Arabot, 40 kilometers away.

In a place where there were no heavenly barriers or seven heavens yet, only Ankera’s sacred place was revealing the mighty dragon.

‘This is the last line of deterrence.’

The angel was frightened when he confirmed again the countless processions approaching from the end of the horizon.

A population of roughly one billion people was approaching, joining the ranks from all sides.

“If you’re going to do it, do it, if you’re going to say it, don’t.” Mai Shin, the representative of the Gaia people in the lead, put on a pitiful expression.


The angel is in the middle of the pond, and the maras are all.

Winning fist, watching



“What should I do?”

The biggest problem is

The source of the angels, freely in the hands of the dog

The concept is what defines a Gaian.


The spirit of Gaia as one and as a whole.

“Shall we finish?” When Myshin raised his hand, the eyes of one billion Gaians lit up and were linked to Idea.

A huge hole was opened in the sky, and the clouds flowed back like a waterfall.

“I-that… …

The moment I saw the huge hand of light coming out of the black tunnel, the angel’s luminous body shook.

“It’s not like we were playing around.”

Once threatened with extinction by Code Argones, they aggressively polished Ultima.

“Hand of God (Hand of God).” As the finger of light swayed flexibly, the river water flowing on the ground began to evaporate.

“Just stop it!”

The angels launched an all-out attack at the size of a hand that could crush Arabot with a single grip.

It wasn’t a flashy firefight, but the powerful concepts that supported the early days of the universe hit the Hand of God.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Why is it called the Hand of God?

“It is omnipotent.”

It was the hand that created the universe.

The Hand of God, who entered while destroying the original concept, grabbed the angel with his index finger and thumb.


It wasn’t long before the being screamed out in agony from the oppressive pressure, and the angel squinted his eyes and shouted.

“You dare to pretend to be God’s name… … Kuck!”

Between the thumb and forefinger, the angel’s body burst into dust with a popping sound.

“You can come in anytime.”

The Hand of God, which had bent its fingers sequentially as if caressing the air, turned over and held out the back of its hand.

As the angels watched in terror, five fingers opened wide like a lotus flower.

The surface of the Hand of God shimmered in five colors as if it contained all the phenomena of the natural world.

After a while, an orb of light rose from the center of my palm.


As the sky and the earth vibrated at the same time, the angels felt motion sickness for the first time.

“Photon Cannon.”

It was a blow created by the Ideas of all Gaians, and God’s blow to the world.

“It is over.”

The moment the Hand of God moved and the photon cannons were stretched out in a flash, the angels shouted.

“calm down! I can stop it!” The phenomenon itself is nothing special.

‘you can do it! A little bit of mass

It’s just that I’m flying fast!’

with a roar

“ah… …

flashes fly

everything went pale

Without experiencing it, I could intuit that it had the power to blow away the planet’s hemisphere.


In the blink of an eye, lightning fell on Arabot.

judicial halo.


Yuriel, who had accumulated the concept of destruction, sprinted towards the Photon Cannon at tremendous speed.

It was an incident taking place at the sub-light speed level, but the angels with a sense of time saw it clearly.

Yuriel’s body began to peel off after entering the center of the Photon Cannon.

‘Even Uriel-sama… …

At that time, when the feeling of resignation dwelled, the photon cannon exploded and spread a mass wave.

“Big!” The angels who had flown to the spire of Arabot frowned and looked ahead.

‘It’s fine.’

Although features spread outward around the explosion point, the scale was much smaller than expected.

Maishin looked around with a bitter smile.

“… … You are doing something useless.”

Breathing heavily, Taeseong was shedding tears of blood while holding his hands together.

“Are you really going to see the end?” Gaia has the ability to redirect the shock signals applied to the planets to incarnations.

Also, the fact that she shed bloody tears meant that the photon cannon’s power was equivalent to a meteorite impact.

“Be quiet. We’ll take care of it.”

Planets don’t matter.

However, it was unpleasant to see Gaia, who had been on the side of humans for a long time, suffering.

‘Exploding the light-speed mass created with the Hand of God… …

While Maishin looked at Yuriel with serious eyes, Leo came to the side.

“It is not possible with one archangel.


Inhaling deeply, he opened his eyes and stared at Arabot.

“Zoom in.”

When the Hand of God rolled his index and middle fingers into a circle, a magnifying glass of light was born.

As the distance of tens of kilometers approached as if it were right in front of my eyes, Ikael’s figure was revealed.

“Archangel Ichael.”

And the faces of the six archangels flying behind her were clearly visible.

There was hope in the eyes of the angels.

“All the archangels have gathered.”

If the Gaians define the world, the eight archangels represent the totality of the objective world.

In other words, Ankera proposed a head-to-head match between the Akashic Records and the Ultima System.

“As expected, it doesn’t go away easily.”

Leo extinguished his cigarette and snorted as Penny approached, supporting her neck with both hands.

“Hmph, it was a mountain I had to climb anyway. We have the Hand of God. It’s like an archangel.”

The power of Elysion, which had no center, concentrated in a specific form was far greater than the sum of 1 billion Gaia objects. When Uriel returned, eight archangels quickly flew in and looked down at Gaia.

Ikael amplified his voice.

“Those who pretend to be gods, why do you repeat meaningless battles?”

Myshin replied.

“Isn’t that the one who started the fight? We just want to leave this world.”

“This world is your resting place. It is enough to find joy in this place and enjoy eternal life.”

“That is your idea.”

Maishin raised an eyebrow.

“There are no more unknowns in this world. because? Because that’s all we defined. I will not live in a cave, staring at the shadows of the outside world.”

“Do you really want to leave?”

“Because it is.”

Ikael opened his mouth as if determined.

“Leave it to Ankera. We will devise measures so that you can leave the world safely.”

“Our answer is… …

The Hand of God, connected to the outside world, flipped a fist and raised a third finger.

“This is it.”

It was a divine stop.

Ikael’s eyebrows wrinkled, and the seven archangels behind him threw their bodies at the same time.

“OK! Come on!”

Leo immediately took a stance and held out the regime.

‘Divine transcendence!’

When one billion Ideas were activated, the Hand of God flew in with its fists clenched.


Seeing the fists of light pouring through the world, Metatron activated his judicial halo.

‘Exist.’ As information in the form of concentric circles accumulated on the halo like a whirlpool, a spherical black hole opened.


It was gravity that absorbed even light, but Gaia’s will was much stronger than that.

“haha! With just that much power… … Ikael’s voice rang clear.


Her halo expanded to an unprecedented size, and Meta Tron, who felt the tremendous amplification, increased her presence.

“Damn it, bent! catch!”

The Hand of God quickly circulated around the Gravity River and was sucked into a black sphere.


With a bang and thunder, Yuriel suddenly turned into a flash of light and rushed toward Gaiain.

“I refuse!”

As one billion Gaians covered their faces with their arms, a barrier of the law was erected to keep everything out.


Ikael said.

“Do you reject God?”

When the concept of destruction was amplified by ataraxia, Uriel’s mind was on the verge of exploding.


The moment he collided with Gaia’s barrier while radiating his huge instinct of destruction.


As the barriers of the law became visible, one billion Gaians simultaneously took three steps back.


Everyone frowned, but what was more problematic was the cracks in the walls.

“Cheondo Eunha Ryun.”

The spinning wheel of paradise sucking in the air slammed the already cracked barriers of the law.

Blood flowed from Myshin’s nose as a roar that the creature’s ears could not hear exploded.


Yuriel did the destruction, but Gaiain’s eyes were focused on Ikael.

‘As expected, the archangel is the problem.’

Even ideas cannot imitate the concept of amplification.

‘Because it is the only concept that straddles the boundary between the outer world and the inner world.’

A stepping stone to go from a state of nothingness to a state of significance.


If the concept of Ataraxia could be implemented, the war with Ankera would have already ended.

“Are you done with your leftovers?”

Yuriel, who had destroyed the wall of the law, raised his spirits again by wielding the talisman of paradise.


Hand of God’s idea was being restored, but Ragnarok’s activation was faster.

Uriel, who rushed with thunder, sensed victory.

‘I won.’

At least tens of millions of Gaians would have died just by passing through the crowds.

‘ huh?’

The wind blew.

‘ wind?’

It was only because the speed was not comparable to the movement of the atmosphere, so Uriel, who felt puzzled, turned his head.


And the next moment, the air was torn and a man’s face came into view.


The fist he swung with a laugh sounded turned Yuriel’s face sideways.


The eyes of the angels followed Yuriel’s movement as she slipped 10 kilometers.

“Oh dear.”

Guffin, who appeared while shaking his fists, said.

“I can’t be without me in this fun game.”

“How do you… …

Not only the angels, but even the Gaians couldn’t hide their bewilderment at the appearance of the giant pin.

Maishin asked.

“What’s going on on the battlefield? He must have decided to break away from the Ultima system. Have you changed your mind?”

“It’s true that things have changed… …

said Guffin, looking up at the angels.

“I have no intention of joining the system.”

“Then why… …

At that moment, Yuriel flew in from afar.


The anger of being hit by a human being was fully revealed in the judicial halo.

“Surprised. You’re excited.”

The goon of paradise flew in a large trajectory.


When the guffin held out its hand, the light particles quickly gathered to create a cubic thin film.

“Turn it off!”

As the shock from the Gon of Paradise was absorbed without even making a sound, Yuriel tilted her head.

‘What harmony?’

Was there anyone other than the Ultima system that could stop the power of Ragnarok?

“Guffin, that… … ?”

At Mysin’s question, Guffin smiled.


The hexahedral thin film disintegrated into smoke and pushed Yuriel away with a gentle force.

As the brilliant light wrapped around his body, Guffin looked up at Ikael and said.

“Are you still going to stop us?”

Because Guffin had bad memories, Ikael’s voice naturally became ferocious.

“Sounds natural. It is only natural to punish those arrogant people who deny God and consider themselves gods. And it has nothing to do with you anyway “Do you want to go with me?”

Ikael, who stopped talking, asked again after a while.


said Guffin, holding out his hand.

“I can take everyone.” While the angels were lost in thought with blank expressions, the Gaians looked back at each other.

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