Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 913

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God’s brain (3)

Omega 201 year.

Hundreds of angels and thousands of maras occupied the sky.

Every flash of the halo of justice stirred the law, and Mara’s violence fell upon the earth.


At the same time, a golden light lit up in Gaiain’s eyes.

‘Ultima system.’

As the quantum signals of 300 million people were integrated into one, the veil of the world was peeled off.


A huge stream of light, like the Milky Way, rushed into the angel’s camp, making a great detour.


The flying angels, flapping their wings of light, slammed into the signal with all their might.


The ripples of a shock wave larger than the planet spread out into space, and the archangel’s meeting room shook.

“Damn human!” The archangel of union, Methiel, revealed his white teeth.

“How long are you going to wait? Why don’t we just step out and destroy it?”

Unlike her innocent face with blonde hair over her waist, her eyes were full of murderous intent.

The Archangel of Birth, Kariel, helped.

“My thoughts are the same. If you stay like this, you will overturn before you even try to reset.”

While the Guffins were making their own moves, the Gaians also strengthened Ultima’s system.

The conclusion that Ankera made to prevent another cosmic apostasy from happening was initialization.

said Uriel.

“Let’s wait a little longer. If the reset succeeds, the future where the Gaians existed will also disappear.”

Redesigned from the beginning of the universe, it would prevent this from happening.


As the white watch shook again, Satiel, the great angel of decomposition, raised his eyebrows.

“Still, it’s really great. It is unbelievable power of human power.”

Combination and disintegration are sister concepts.

That’s why Satiel’s appearance, like Methiel’s, was heavenly beauty.

The only distinguishing feature was that her hair was bobbed and her eyes were innocently large.

Metatron, the archangel of existence, said.

“Be careful what you think, Satiel. Does a being with the rank of archangel praise a lower creature?”

Satiel pursed her lips.

“I have to admit it. You know what, when you dissolve any being, everything becomes the same?”

Methiel showed a displeased expression.

“So are we the same? it’s not you are so childish That’s why you can’t dominate humans.”

“Al, okay.”

Satiel hurriedly lowered her head.

Born with the concept of decomposition, she tended to treat all things equally.

This was the reason why Methiel, the archangel of union that symbolizes individuality, was inevitably difficult.

As the atmosphere subsided and the archangels fell silent, Ikael opened his mouth.

“Angel’s line of deterrence has collapsed.”

The authority of an archangel overflowed in her eyes as she had fought countless battles with the Gaians.

“You mean that much?”

White steam like milk flowed from the body of Uriel, the archangel of destruction, and permeated the white mirror.

“I will go out. Today, I will destroy Ultima.”

“no. Everyone joins the fight.”

As soon as there is even a slight crack in Ultima, the world of Anke will be initialized.

‘Not being able to come close means that the spirit of Gaia surpasses the army of angels.’

The only answer was a sortie.

“Is it really necessary to go all the way to me?”

The archangel of extinction, Faiel, could not admit that the situation had come this far.


Sirone, passing through Omega’s records, took an interest in the archangel she had annihilated herself.

‘It was really strong.’

It was only after paying the price of over 127 years with Valhalla Action that he was able to defeat him.

Even considering the debt of time, considering that less than five years had passed since then, he was a terrible enemy.

“Everyone participates.”

Ikael warned Fael.

“Don’t hastily assume enemies, Faiel. Because of that, we are paying the price now.”

“I admit the enemy.”

Ultima is strong.

“What I want to say is, why do we have to act according to your wishes?”

Rayel, the archangel of light, asked.

“What are you talking about? Are you suspicious of the archangel who is directly carrying out Ankera’s orders?”

“Maclein Guffin.”

Ikael’s brow wrinkled.

“When the Gaians first tried to leave the photon world, the archangel couldn’t stop them.”


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It was a long time ago, but the angels did not forget.

“What do you mean? If it were you, would you say you could have stopped the Gaians?”

Only Fael, the concept of symmetry, could confidently present an objection to Ichael, the head of the angels.

“Of course, Ultima is strong. What I doubt is why the guffin saved you.”

The story of the guphin that flew right after firing the photon cannon and stopped Kael was talked about among the angels.

“Are you alive? Even if he didn’t block it, I wouldn’t be hit by such an attack. And he had already been given sufficient admonition by Anchera for failing to restrain the Gaians. It’s not for you to step out.”

After receiving Ankera’s stern rebuke, Ikael’s spirit became stronger.

In any case, since the archangel was Ikael, Faiel had no reason to dispute any more.

“My name is the name of Ankera. All archangels listen. Go out right now and stop the Gaians.”

“I will follow your orders.”

The eight archangels disappeared at the same time as they permeated into the curtain of the white watch.

“Strike! Drive harder!”

The lightning that split the sky into thousands of pieces rushed forward and pierced the group of Gaians vertically.


Looking up at the electricity dispersing in all directions from a height of two kilometers above the ground, Maishin raised an eyebrow.

As the eldest and representative of the Gaians, he was fighting Heaven with a leadership no less than that of a Guffin.

“This should be enough,” he pointed forward with two fingers, and the Gaiain’s mind was united.



As the world opened and lightning struck, the screams of the angels were heard.


In front of the energy of the abolition, even the concept of angels was destroyed.

“Geuk, reset.”

In the crowd walking towards Ankera, there was a man sitting on a rock smoking a cigarette.

It was Leo, the battle leader of the Gaia race, with a huge body and an impression resembling a wolf.

“Ankera. You’re having a strange dream.” A woman with iron-colored hair hanging down to her ankles passed by his muttering billowing white smoke.

“hey! Everyone is moving, what are you doing alone? After this became the captain, he fell out.”

“Ah, will it show that I’m missing one?”

“If everyone thinks like that, who will want to walk? Won’t you wake up soon?”

We are having a hit-and-run conversation, but there is only one conclusion for each other anyway.

“It was delicious.”

Leo hurriedly threw a cigarette, put his hand in his pocket, and walked over to the woman’s side.

“Penny, if the time is right tonight, a high-pitched high-pitched voice interrupted my speech.

“You insignificant humans!”

Where Gaiain’s eyes were directed, an angel with a ferocious impression had his eyes wide open.

“How dare you disobey God’s command! A great disaster will overtake you!”

Leo’s expression darkened.

“What is that angel?” said Penny.

“It’s Icasa. Angel of Desire.”

She, who can reverse causal effects with her Valhalla action of the judicial halo, is determined to be annihilated.

“Let’s go, angels! Our world cannot be stolen by insignificant creatures!”

Confirming that the eyes of the angels were changing, Ikasa rushed toward the ground.

“Great Ankerasi!”

As black and white information accumulated in her halo, huge results flooded in.

‘It can never be stolen!’

Whoever wins becomes a god.

On the other hand, the losing side would have to taste the abyss of being on a different level than being a slave.

“Die, humans!”

Sirone thought.

‘It’s impossible. Even if we reverse cause and effect, we cannot bring about the result of stealing lives.’

It was a fact that I could know because I used the same judicial halo, but it made perfect sense after realizing the invincibility.

‘It’s because the codes are different.’

This world consists of a photon code that serves as a physical background and a mind that dwells there, that is, a quantum code.

‘Time belongs to the photon code. On the other hand, the subject that triggers the act, that is, the mind, is a quantum code.’

Thus, the photonic code has no access to the quantum code.

‘kill! Even if it’s just one person!’

However, Ikasa’s feelings were sincere.

The future he pulled in for that result was all of the fists he could throw out until his own body crumbled.

“This world is ours!”

Leo’s eyebrows twitched.

“… … You are making a big mistake.”

The moment he raised his shoulders and clenched his fists, the eyes of 300 million Gaians lit up.

At the same time, Ikasa activated the Valhalla action.

“Die aaaaaa!”

As the cause and effect were reversed, a shockwave of innumerable circles blew to the ground.

“Your world?”

Leo, who lowered his center of gravity, took the posture of thrusting his right fist toward the sky.

“No, we use it.”

Although the signs of the world cannot affect the mind.

“Divine transcendence.”

Extreme manifestations of the mind dwell in the signals of the world and cause powerful phenomena.


In front of the illusion of fists crushing the landscape, the shock wave of the Valhalla action was broken.


When space overlaps, time becomes meaningless.

The will of divine transcendence penetrated Ikasa’s torso, which had a blank expression on her face.


Seeing him fall with only his upper body remaining, the wings of the angels that followed stopped all at once.

“I can’t win.” A mournful vibration was heard around the frightened angels shaking the planet.

“Did you know now?”

The voices of 300 million people uttered at the same time destroyed the vibrations of the angels.

“We are one.”

As the 300 million sound waves resonated, the sound stretched as if time slowed down.

“I-over there… …

Where the angels pointed out, a procession of well over 100 million Gaians was joining the main camp.

“With an integrated mindset.”

The angels bit their teeth as they crossed the procession without even touching each other’s collars.

“Existences with different personalities.”

The Gaians suddenly stopped walking and took 400 million different poses.

“We are the universe.”

A procession of Gaians numbering at least 100 million was approaching from all sides.

“We are the truth.”

Everyone’s eyes were on fire, and the vertical flashes of light gushing out of their bodies were connected to the sky.

“That’s human… …

The final evolutionary form of society achieved by users.

“Black. Black.”

Ikasa, whose upper body was left, shed tears as she watched the procession of Gaians pass by.

Friends walking while chatting, children holding parents’ hands and smiling brightly.

The actions were different, but the golden glow in their eyes contained the same emotion.


we are the owners

“no! Absolutely not! I am god! I am a noble angel!”

Some of the Gaians who had been casually passing by stopped walking and looked back at Ikasa.


Facing Gaiain’s eyes squarely, Ikasa stopped talking in fear.


And I realized

‘Good and evil, none of it matters.’

If a Gaian called evil and called good, it would be good, and if gong was called child, it would be love.

‘Because they are everything.’

If all beings see a black stone and say it is a white stone, is the color of the stone black or white?

-Akashic Records or Ultima System?

‘Humans define it.’

Therefore, if the little boy whose eyes are now met decides to kill himself mercilessly… … .

‘That is also the truth.’

I waited for the disposal with frightened eyes, but the child just smiled and passed by.


Ikasa buried her face in the ground and sobbed.

“Aaaaaaa! Aaaaaa!” In the moment defined by her insignificant existence, she began to see cracks in her luminary body.

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