Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 894

Coming Disaster (4)


Much was unknown, but delay would not get to the heart of the matter.

‘I’ll go and see what kind of guy he is.’

Assuming an uncertain target, the bridge of Sirone’s nose twisted like a beast.


An unfamiliar headache from an unknown memory pounded on my head, and my eyes finally opened.


As the time period controlling 24 hours oscillated, the barriers between the past, present and future of time were destroyed.

As the senses were reversed, the feeling that memories also flowed backwards flooded in.

Meeting Maicon, sleeping in bed, making love to Lua on the beach, dancing.

‘This is 12 hours.’

As the memory of drinking at the party was recognized as reality, the village chief Begpa approached.

“Puhahaha! you really… … Kirik. gaiety… … . Wizard… … . Kigigigigigi!” Returning the past to the present, Sirone’s hearing began to cause cognitive dissonance.

‘ different.’

Artificially manipulated memories.

As the information engraved in the brain collided with the actual information, the senses were distorted.

“To poetry????????????

Begfa’s face was superimposed by retinal afterimages, making it look like a demon.


The moment when the fabricated memories finally disappear and the five senses perceive only reality.

“Die, Sirone!”

A non-human, 2-meter tall gray monster reached out with its gleaming black eyes.


When I opened the distance by teleportation and looked at the sandy beach, I couldn’t see a single human being.

“What’s this?”

The face was triangular like a wart, and the skull was flattened out like a fan.

His body was mummy-skinned, his knees were bent, his arms were slender, and he wore golden gauntlets on his wrists.

‘It’s not an exact match, but… … It looked familiar.


What strongly proves that fact is a huge flying object floating on top of the Mero Cliffs.

“Yes. We are the Terraforce Combat Team. You betrayed Terraforce’s expectations.”

An alien creature that spat out human words stepped on the sand with its cleft soles like a bird.

“What expectations did I betray?”

No, if this moment is the past you have already experienced… … .

‘What the hell am I… …

What did he go through before he got out of bed every morning and stretched?

‘I don’t know.’

Even if I went back in time with the Time Vibration, the fabricated memories were blocking me.

“Answer me. What have you done to me? What’s the chip in your head? Why did you inject strange memories?”

The alien creature stopped walking.

“… … Are you from the future? Much faster than our predictions. That doesn’t change anything.”

Dozens of Terraforce surrounded Sirone.

“You have lost your qualifications as a representative of humanity. At the point of handing over the realm of Yahweh.”

“I didn’t hand over. I don’t remember because of you guys, but I know that much.”

“It’s a comfortable feeling. How your actions will affect humanity in the future… …

Dozens of palms aimed at Sirone.

“Watch in the Swamp of Oblivion.”

As the Terra Force race’s gauntlet worked, sharp sound waves were fired.

Sirone shouted.


I was sure to spit out words, but the voice died out when it came out of my mouth.

‘I caught the sound wave!’

As the surrounding noise converged to the limit of 0 decibels, my heart felt stuffy as if it would explode.

On the other hand, Terraforce’s voice was huge and magnificent.

“Guard the order of the universe!”

It was as if someone else had entered her brain and screamed, and Sirone couldn’t even think.

‘ tremendous.’

He is an infinite wizard who prides himself on being a flawless spirit, but Terraforce was also the ruler of waves.

“Close the way out!”

Sound waves smashed the scenery, and some became sharp blades aimed at Sirone’s neck.



At this point, having good feelings for Terraforce was a thing of the past.

U | 99

I mean in moderation!

The homing photon cannon picked up the Terra Force combatants individually and flew into them.

jing! jing! jing! jing!

As an intangible ripple spread in front of Terra Force’s eyes, it blocked the attack of the flash.

“Do you think it is right!”

The ground swayed like waves and the air hardened like iron, crushing Sirone.

“In this universe, on a planet that occupies only one square, life that has just emerged… …

The roar of Terraforce exploded.

“Do you believe you can define the truth!”

Even in a confused situation, Sirone clenched her teeth and put her hands together in a circle.

‘Elemental Photon Cannon.’

Powerful electricity gathered between the palms of Sirone, who brought out all phenomena through speech.


Whatever it is.

“Let me talk too!”

The Elemental Photon Cannon, which tore through the sound wave barrier, vibrated and stretched out.

jing! jing! jing! jing!

Electricity was entangled in the wave curtain, and then several combatants collapsed in convulsions.

“ha. ha.”

Seeing even the sound of heavy breathing, Sirone wiped the sweat off her chin and raised her hand.

Dozens of electric spheres float into the sky

As he climbed, he aimed at the Terra Force.

“I don’t understand. As you can see, I am Yahweh. And even if you left room, why are you attacking me?”

“Can’t you win too?”

Terraforce looked back at each other as if avoiding an answer, and then reached out to Sirone.

“Stop sleeping.”

As the chip installed in Sirone’s head worked, the brainwaves turned on involuntarily.


My tinnitus flowed endlessly and I had a severe headache.

“Forget it, human. You can never defeat evil. We will judge.”

“Turn it off… …

Cirone, who was holding her head while still on her knees, lifted her head with all her might.

“No one can judge others.”

“Then don’t you also judge evil? Didn’t you annihilate countless demons?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I just do what I believe is right. If the majority believes, it will become the law. But that doesn’t make you qualified to judge others.


“The majority is your limit. We are the Terra Force that governs the entire universe. Human justice is only a minority opinion to Terraforce. We are the law.” Terra Force walked with his hand out.

“Of course the truth is everywhere. We have seen that Yahweh is. But you broke the rules.”

As the distance approached, Sirone’s consciousness shook uncontrollably.

‘no! I have to hold on!’

I didn’t want to greet a refreshing morning.


There is no time.

Even at this time, the world would have been trampled by the feet of demons.

‘This is the last one.’

Thinking of taking a final gamble, Sirone poked her index finger into her ear.

“what… …

As I tore through my skin, I touched a cold machine.

‘Fortunately, it’s not deep. but… … Grabbing it and pulling it out slowly, the wire connected to the brain stimulated the brain.


The pupils rolled upward, and the actions of the brain created afterimages like electricity in the retina.

“Are you going to kill yourself? To be clear, if you take the device out, you die.”

It seemed like that even if I didn’t hear it.

‘I have to come to my senses.’

Tutuk. Tutu-tuk.

The wires were pulled out ten centimeters long, and I didn’t even want to imagine how long they were.

It was terrifying to think that all thoughts, even the soul, were going out together.


Sirone’s mouth opened involuntarily, and the terminal structure of the chip stimulated the entire brain.


Terraforce stopped talking.

Blood dripped down the wires connected between the brain and the hand.


Sirone had a strange experience.

‘what’s this?’

All the scenery of the world was overlapping in chronological order and stayed in front of my eyes.

When I looked back, I saw another self standing still, holding on to the wire.

Time does not pass.

‘Because the 24 hours are completely unfolded.’

It was probably a side effect caused by stimulation entering the brain that activated the resonance.

In other words, it means that the brain has been damaged to the point that it cannot perceive the passage of time.

‘You’re really dying.’

Far away, seeing the incident about three hours later, he saw himself bleeding from his nose.

‘There must be a way.’

Sirone approached the other self who was pulling out the chips, put both hands in and spread them left and right.

In the world of thought and cognition, hundreds of sirones, which had been overlapping in one second, spread out from side to side.


Sirone repeated the same action.

By the time you reach 1/10th of a second, 1/100th of a second, and 1/1000th of a second, you see something other than yourself.

‘It’s a surprise.’

Dark red spheres grotesquely swayed between sirones connected like dominoes.

‘I’m not there at this time of day.’

It was 0.666 seconds.

‘If you split the time tremendously, there is a time zone where nothing exists… …


‘Why is there such a gap?’

To humans who believed that the universe would be flawless, the current flaw was incomprehensible.

‘Because I need it for something.’

If the world is made of information, air can be a specific signal that humans need.

About 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen combined with less than 0.1 percent of other information.

‘The same goes for time.’ The information of a certain section contained in an instant must have had an effect on the world in some way.

‘More in!’

Sirone gritted his teeth and continued digging into time.

‘more! more! more!’

dismantle time

Gradually accelerating, the time zone now expanded before I could even stretch my arms.

Even in the midst of numerous sirones spreading from side to side, unusual things passed by from time to time.

‘I can not stop.’

It was too far to return from the state that had already been split into astronomical fractions.

Proportionately, it would be a very small amount, so Sirone continued to dig deep.

‘come out! What the hell is there!’ towards the end of time.

Perhaps because an obvious death awaited her, Sirone was only immersed in it.

‘It changes.’

In that near-infinity moment, the figure of Si Lone gradually began to blur.

“omg! omg!”

Terror surged in, but a curiosity that transcended life continued to stir his arms.

‘It’s coming!’

I was sure the end was coming.

The things that were quickly pushed left and right were in a form that could not be described in words.

‘no. It can’t be!’

Humans, this world, were completely different from what mere brain images could create.



Shedding tears, Sirone finally reached a situation where nothing was pushed left or right.

end of time.

“Ah, ah… …

There was no form there.

Terraforce screamed.

“This is impossible!”

Following Sirone’s hand, which moved again, the wire connected to the chip was coming out.

However, the problem was that it did not pass through the body and penetrated as it was.

“The Chief Justice said… … Are you sure?”


Sirone, whose pupils returned to their original position, completely pulled out the chip with the long line hanging down.


The Terraforce combatants froze.

“How can a human… …

sensation is impossible.

Like a quantum, the destination of the universe that exists only in an insensible state.

“My 10th sense… …

Terraforce called this invincibility.

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