Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 888

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Bae Jin Bae (3)

Valkyrie Command.

At the end of the mining of the Arca Mountains, Dorothy came to Iruki with the payment documents.

“93 percent of expected mining volume. Would this be sufficient to say that the mission was completed?”

Iruki nodded his head as he signed.

“great job.”

Dorothy’s lips pouted.

“what? Do you mean ‘You worked hard’?”

“You know my personality.”

Dorothy thought that Iruqi was blunt, but he was by no means cold.

“You tend to fool yourself. Did you honestly want to say something else? For example love… …

“Let’s go get something to eat. What do you want to eat?” Only then did Dorothy realize.

“What are you doing?”

No matter how difficult the situation, he never expressed himself, but today he seemed nervous.

As Iruki turned around without saying a word, Dorothy followed up and persistently questioned him.

“Why are you doing that? you can tell me Is it because of the war?”

“no. don’t mind… …

The moment Iruki grabbed the doorknob and opened the door, he heard a woman’s voice.

“I came to see the General Commander!” When Dorothy poked her head out, a group of people were scrambling at the end of the hallway.

“you! Do you know where I am right now? Do you think a single battalion commander will be able to meet the Valkyrie General Commander at will?”

“You can at least say something! That bastard, no, General Commander-in-Chief, will definitely let you meet.”


Dorothy’s eyes widened.

“What happened? Why is Amy here?”

“I called.”

Iruki gave a short answer and gestured to Aromi.

“I ask you to come in.”

I know that Iruki and Amy are friends, but Aromi also had something to protect.

“But, Commander-in-Chief, this is the Valkyrie HQ. It is a violation of discipline for the lower end of the chain of command to hold the general military alone without going through due process.”

“Then what legal procedure is needed for a lieutenant colonel-level officer to treat me alone?”

Power entered Aromi’s eyes.

“No such law exists.”

Understanding what she wanted to say, Iruki nodded and entered the room.

“I ask you to come in.”

Ten minutes later, Amy knocked on the door and opened the door.


Dorothy greeted her warmly, but when she saw Amy’s expression, she lowered her hand.

After an awkward moment, Amy straightened her posture and saluted.

“Loyalty. Lieutenant Colonel Karmis Amy. Requesting an interview with General Commander Valkyrie.”

Iruki did not receive a salute.

“It’s okay, it’s strange.”

And he said to Dorothy.

“I’m out for a minute.”

It was judged that there was nothing good to watch, but that’s why Dorothy couldn’t leave.

“no. You’re not even talking about the military anyway, are you? Then I deserve to hear it too.”

said Amy.

“doesn’t care. I won’t talk too long.”

Iruki let out a small sigh.

“Okay, what do you want to say?”

“You know?”

Amy took a step forward.

“As of yesterday noon, my position has changed. As a training officer at the Capital Defense Command.”


Amy’s eyebrows twitched.

“Did you order it?”


Her fists were clenched.

“why? Why?”

“Education in the rear is just as important as fighting in the front. Your troop training ability is even among officers… …


Amy asked again in a low voice.


While Dorothy was stumped by the threatening atmosphere, Iruki spat out as if tossing it.

“You look like you want to hit one.”

“I just want to know the truth. Why did you send me to the rear? Because I am your friend?” “I’ll promise. To be honest, I would never get angry. Is that really the only reason you pulled me out of limb?”

Iruki’s mouth opened slowly.


At the same time as the words fell, Amy punched Iruki in the face.


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Dorothy hurriedly supported him as Iruki rolled on the floor with a crackling sound.

“Iruki! are you okay?”

When she turned her head, an excited Amy was approaching with her fists raised.

“not there yet.”

Dorothy held out her hand.

“No head! Except for this, he is a corpse!”

Thinking it made sense, Amy lifted her foot and aimed at Iruki’s abdomen.

Dorothy held out her hand.

“Not even here! This is mine.” Tears welled up in Amy’s eyes.

“… … What do you know?”

Iruki still had a calm expression on his face.

“Do you know how much I trained to get to this point and how many deaths I passed through?”

“I don’t know.”

Iruki straightened his upper body and sat down.

“I don’t need to know that to save you. I made my decision and I will take responsibility. The junior officer is quietly in the rear.”

Only then did Dorothy understand the situation.

‘That’s how it happened.’

I understood the shame Amy must have felt and the anguish of Iruki who had to make a decision despite knowing it.

Amy stepped down.

“I can’t accept it. I know it’s a waste of time, but that’s why I’m here. send me back to the wire That’s what you can do.”

“no. I’m a general. If you want to protest, we can send you to a brig instead of the Capital Defense Command.”

“… … is that what you want My subordinates and comrades are all dying, but I alone cowardly survive’?”


“you… … !”

Just as Amy was about to swear, Iruki screamed with a distorted face.

“Just live a little!”

It was the first time I had seen Iruki get angry since his days at magic school.

Iruki jumped up.

“I’m already disturbed, but I’m annoying you! Do you know what instructions I gave you? Do you want to know the truth like that? can you tell me If you go there, everyone will die! 99% chance of death! Do you know what I mean? You will surely die if you go there, you idiot!”

Once the emotions exploded, I couldn’t control it.

“How about being cowardly? I took responsibility for everything to see you off! Is it thanks to having a military friend? How about then? Even if you feel ashamed, bear with it! They say I’ll take care of everything if you just keep your mouth shut!”

“I understand your heart. But Iruki… …

“shut up! how do you know my heart Does my head look like a delusional brain? Death is obviously calculated, so let me go? Don’t you think sirone? If you die, if you die horribly there, do you think I’ll be able to see Sirone’s face? I just want to live!”

Amy found another face hidden in the face of Iruki, who was building blood.

‘I’m not angry.’

Tears ran down Amy’s cheeks.

‘That Iruki… …

He seemed terrified.

It’s the first time I’ve been angry, but it’s the first time I’ve been so afraid… … .

‘It’s not a lie.’

If Iruki were to die, he would really die.

“I see what you mean. And I fully understand your feelings and your desire to save me.”

Eimi couldn’t say for sure that he wouldn’t do it like Iruki from the opposite position.

“But Sirone’s lover, before I am your friend, I am a soldier. It’s my own, not defined by anyone else. And soldiers, you can’t do that.”

Iruki leaned against the desk and lowered his head.

“Did you not hear me? die if you go If you’re crazy about wanting to die, you can do as you please.”

Amy shook her head.

“I don’t want to die. Of course I want to live. I want you to live happily with Sirone and your friends. But you know what? As long as I want to live… … I struggled to hold back my tears.

“Other people will want to live too. Even so, we are fighting to protect humanity.”

Iruki said in a hoarse voice.

“… … Every time I give orders, at least thousands die. Sad news keeps coming. Where 10,000 died, where 100,000 died. Like an hallucination, it lingers endlessly.”

It won’t be a place where you can stay sane.

“It is a terrible thing. Even if you don’t want to imagine what it’s like for 100,000 to die, it appears in your dreams. But no imagination… …

Iruki covered his head.

“It cannot be compared to your death. Every time I think of a face I know, a look I know, a pain I know, I feel like going crazy.”


Amy smiled sadly as she approached Iruki and stroked his cheeks.

Iruki raised his head with tears in his eyes.

“Once you get there, I can’t help you under any circumstances. It scares me so much.”

Amy said with a pitiful look.

“Iruki… …

my dear friend.

Trapped in a completely lonely gray matter secret room, how much did you think and worry about?

‘Because he’s more cool than anyone else.’

The current situation was unbearably frightening.

Dorothy wiped away her tears.

‘Amy, can’t we just stay here? Since it happened like this, can’t we just live?’

The words soared in his throat, but he was just a fool in front of Amy’s beliefs.

Amy said firmly.

“don’t worry. I can overcome any situation. i am a soldier There is nothing scary in the world.”

I didn’t say I would live.

“Send me back to the battlefield. My subordinates are as important to me as I am to you. I don’t want to drive them to limb and vouch for them alone. I understand?”

“You are really stubborn.”


Amy, who thought she had heard the answer, slowly stepped back and saluted.

“I will return to the unit.” Even though he was going to the limb, his eyes were more alive than when he first entered, and Iruki let out a sigh.

“… … Approve.”

Only then did Amy open the door with a satisfied smile and waved at the two of them.

“I’m sorry for coming in all of a sudden. I’m too busy with work, so I’ll go first. have a good time.”

I had to diligently catch up from now on so that I could keep pace with the rapid march of the unit.

“Emmy… …

Dorothy tried to say something, but Amy had already closed the door and left.

“You don’t want to leave room for emotion.”

After going around the table, Iruki sat down on a chair and buried his face in his hands.

“Iruki, are you okay?”

“Can you be okay? Anyway, I need to know that you have a tyrannical personality since your school days.”

The reason Dorothy couldn’t get closer was because Iruki’s shoulders were shaking.


I thought I could do anything.

‘I’m sorry, Sirone. I couldn’t dry it. Even if I was beaten to death, I had to stop it… …

I thought so at first.

No matter what kind of criticism I received, even if it meant not seeing Amy for the rest of my life, I was determined to persevere.

“I couldn’t stop it!”

I couldn’t break her convictions.

“Sorry. I’m sorry, Sirone!”

Dorothy affectionately hugged Iruki’s shoulders, who were bursting with tears.

“Get out of the way! Bye”

E that has been approved by the Valkyrie Command

Imi ran toward the space movement magic circle.

Although the time was tight, it wasn’t a distance where you couldn’t join if you diligently caught up.

‘Wait, these guys. I’m coming.’ The faces of the members who were to welcome them shimmered, and the unit’s morale would soar.

Amy’s eyes sparkled with life.

“Never give up.”

Even if death awaited me, I would not succumb to fear.

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