Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 886

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Soojin Bae (1)

“The Shinigami’s martial arts.”

The moment Natania’s voice was heard, a dull shock hit Lian’s face.

The last location to check her was 40 meters away from here.

‘At the same time as the sound??????


‘No, maybe even faster than that.’

The scenery in my eyes was shaking from side to side, and I was in a situation where I couldn’t even realize where I was hit.

‘I have to keep my distance.’

Lian kicked the ground and stepped back.

If Natasha was chasing her, she would be ahead no matter what path she took.


As the land was dug out with a large sword, a rock the size of a house rose into the air.

‘Can this be pierced?’

Lian put his foot on the rock and pushed hard.


Natasha, who was charging at Lian, noticed a huge boulder flying like a cannon ball.


The moment she got close to her eyes, the vector reversed, and as she stepped back, she threw a jab with her right hand.


The left jab returned before the fragments could bounce off the fist-sized boulder.

Knock knock.

Her upper body, moving at the same speed as the flying object, swayed left and right quickly, causing afterimages.

Tok tok tok tok.

The two arms and fists that were supposed to be moving from the shoulders pounded the rock at an invisible speed.

Tok tok tok tok tok!

The expression of gnawing was accurate, but the speed was so fast that the rock was shattered in an instant.


By the time Ryan did what could be called a thought, Natasha was already in front of him.

As the fist moved back and forth at the speed that broke the rock, a heavy shock exploded throughout Lian’s body.

Natasha, who risked the delay of repeated hits and swung her fist, turned Lian’s chin.


Feeling the pain of the goal ringing, Lian slid across the floor and regained control.


Natasha, who stopped with one leg raised, turned to Lian and shook her fist.

“It’s very tight. It’s a fist that can break rocks.”

Ryan was silent.

If it wasn’t for Edea’s ability to restore information, his muscles would have already been ruptured and his bones crushed.

‘If it’s just something that moves fast, I can do it too.’

However, thinking also follows the speed of nerves, so the scope of thinking was bound to narrow.

‘What happened to her?’

Natasha had no such weakness.

The reason why the eyelids were removed was because the speed was so high that even blinking was a hindrance.

‘It’s a so-called genius.’

Ryan raised his chin and said.

“You’re out of luck. There wasn’t a guy who fought with his talent and didn’t get cut by me.”

“I am a year?” Natasha pointed at Lian.

“I know what ability it is. Is that the same as Guy? The swordsmanship is also very similar.”

August Guy.

Recalling his older brother, Lian’s heart tightened again, but he buried his sorrow in his heart and said.

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Ryan pointed at himself.

“I am the source.”

right, bro?


As if she really didn’t know, Natasha shook her head with an interesting expression on her face.

“Are you going to do more? You’re strong, but to be honest, I don’t think you’re very good at fighting.”

By Natasha’s standards, yes.

“do not worry. Because I’ve heard that a lot. This one will not disappoint.”

Lian tightly gripped the big sword.

‘The cavalry is not coming.’

If something happened where Tess was, the battle had to end quickly.

‘The best blow.’

No matter how good his fighting sense was, it was enough to cut him down at such a speed that he couldn’t even react.


As Mach’s energy radiated, the scenery around Lian shook dizzy.


On Natasha’s bent knees, the incarnation of the god of death shone ten steel lines.


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At the same time as the words fell, a flash of light was born centering on Lian.

When the power of the apostate hit the ground, it roared and the ground split into hundreds of meters long.

As the powerful seismic waves advanced, the horses of the distant cavalry were thrown into confusion.


Harvits looked back.

“He’s an interesting guy.”

The realm of ideas is outside the law in that it goes beyond physics and changes information itself… … .

“But you can’t ignore the law.”

Harvits wasn’t worried.

“Just because you can rip through the cosmic curtain a little doesn’t mean you are as fast or as strong as the cosmic.”

While the two arms with torn muscles were quickly recovering information, Lian looked ahead.

Beneath Tasha’s feet, who was in a twisted posture, a straight line of cracks stretched endlessly.

Of the 10 steel wires connected to the skeleton of the god of death, 3 were severed.


Natasha, who came to her senses, let out a sigh.

“It’s really fast.”

Giving compliments means being alive, and that’s why Lian wasn’t in a good mood.

‘I dodged, the sword of apostasy.’

It was a blow that even Faust could not avoid.

‘ Maybe… …

It was a possible idea because there were only a handful of people in the world who could compete with Rian on an equal footing.

‘This woman might be the strongest.’ At least on this planet.

“Are you Lian? Mach’s swordsman.” You couldn’t read the hostility in Natasha’s eyes, but she did when she killed countless humans anyway.

“Why do you kill humans?”

Ryan asked.

“What is the reason for the war? A guy named Havits says he does it for fun, but I don’t feel any conviction in you.”


Natasha put her hand to her lips and thought.

“There is no particular reason. Actually, it’s not even fun. Is it just because I’m good at it? He said Harvits was good too.”

she smiled broadly.

“What I really like is dancing. But now I can’t.”

“why? Your athletic ability is the strongest.”

“It’s not the strongest.”

Natasha’s eyes moved sideways.

“I am just a puppet.”

Silence passed.

“Can’t we fight for humans?”

“I want to be on your side?”

“So to speak. Since you’re a human too, isn’t it better to fight the demons on the side of mankind?”

As if she hadn’t really thought about it, Tasha only shook her head after much thought.

“sorry. I don’t want to betray Harvitz. I knew it before you In fact, I don’t even know what it means.”

It certainly sounded like a screw was missing, but that made Lian frustrated.

‘There must be a clue.’

It was Han who was not good at speaking.


Hearing Tess’s voice from far away, a group of cavalrymen rushed here.

Havitz was riding behind Tess, but no one noticed.

After confirming that Natasha was still alive, Tess took a long detour and arrived at Lian.

” are you okay?”

I tried to get off the horse, but it was impossible because Havitz was holding onto my waist.

Lian looked at Tess, who pretended to descend endlessly, then turned her head.

Most of the cavalrymen had one arm cut off, and some were missing an ankle.

Even after seeing the bleeding, Lian’s brain took it for granted… … .


My stomach rumbled a little.

‘Am I missing something?’

It was a great thing to have doubts.

‘I can’t stand it because I’m anxious.’ The realm of idea?

Or a fresh feeling when you first encounter an incident that happened in a different space?

‘It must be because of my mood.’

But in the end, humans cannot give up their brains.

“Rian, why? Your face is pale.”

Tess got off her horse and approached Lian when Harvitz loosened her back.

“Nothing. Rather… …

Lian’s words cut off as Harvits decapitates the man over Tess’s shoulder.

‘What the hell!’

Harvits smiled and turned around.

“You better decide quickly. If you kill them all, it’s your girlfriend’s turn next.”

Saying that, he shoved a knife into another soldier’s back, and the blade came out of his chest.

The blade was clearly reflected in Lian’s retina, but his brain treated it as not there.

“Let’s go back. You are not feeling well right now.”

The soldiers were dying even as Tess, who had confirmed Natasha’s location, was pulling Lee An’s arm.


Ryan hesitated.

‘Should I speak? no, room to explain

There is no law.’

would say it’s crazy

It was like clapping and then there was a sound, and it was like saying it was so weird.

“There are three left.”

Havitz, who was killing the cavalry, gradually approached Tess and swung her sword.

“2 people.”

Rian’s shoulders shook as he watched the soldier’s neck snap.

‘I’m missing something important.’

There are times in my life when I suddenly feel bad, but it seemed like I exploded it tens of thousands of times.

“The last one.”

The cavalry was annihilated, and Habitz approached Tess with her sword hanging down on her back.



Even if it was crazy, it didn’t matter.

“Get down!”

The moment Havitz raised his sword horizontally, Lian pressed down on Tess’ shoulder.


Then, with all his might, he threw a blow into the air that was enough to wipe out the entire surroundings.


A huge shockwave containing the law of Macha flew towards the nape of Habitz’s neck.

0.666 seconds of that event.


A group of 12 Siok came up from the ground and surrounded Habitz in a circle.

Attacks were applied at every time except for 0.666 seconds, and Natasha moved quickly.

Tess closed her eyes as the sound of the world splitting apart vibrated her eardrums.


Waiting for the pain to subside, she jumped up from her seat and shouted.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?” Ryan shut her mouth tightly.

His eyes were on the ground two meters away from where Tess was standing.

‘What is this?’

Twelve black holes circled there, as if a fire had been lit there.

‘It wasn’t until a little while ago.’

Maybe you haven’t seen it. That’s why this alone can’t be proof that you’re not crazy… … .

‘no. There must have been something.’ An abnormal phenomenon existed here.


At that moment, a monstrous bird flew in from the camp of the demons and made a strange cry.

‘Retreat signal.’

Natasha confirmed the position of the moon and said.

“Let’s play again next time.”

As soon as she kicked off the ground, her body evaporated, and Habitz approached Lian.

“Interesting. I think it’s called Edea. He’s worth watching.”

It is everywhere, but no one can feel it.

“One day I will take over all the links. Until then, it’s better to diligently dig up the secret.”

It was a whisper from Satan.

When Havitz left the place and released the incarnation technique beyond the radius, Tess’ eyes widened.

“Oh, this can’t be… … !”

It was only when he saw the dead bodies of soldiers lying all over the place that everything came together.

“There was Havitz.”

He got in his way, killed his men, and even rode here with them.

“How, how could you not know? No, I knew. I knew! Ryan!”

Ryan also gulped.

“Haviz… …

The 12 holes made in the place where Shiok had been were looked like passages into hell.

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