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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 885

memory (4)

“emergency! It’s an emergency!”

After midnight, a detached group of demons raided the right side of Valkyrie’s camp.

“hurry! Move quickly!”

Unlike before, when it had to cover the entire Central Continent, Valkyrie’s defensive radius has become considerably narrower.

Thanks to this, more troops were concentrated than before, but the war situation was still at a disadvantage.

“Sheesh! Because I knew it would be like this!”

Tess, who was already fully prepared, mounted her horse and led her men.


Ryan followed along.

“Don’t die.”

In a situation where he couldn’t just fight for Tess, that was all Lian could say.

“Don’t worry, go. sweep it away.”

As soon as Tess finished speaking, Lian turned and left the cavalry.


As the muscle twisted, it turned into the body of a yaksa, and stone fragments gushed out whenever it hit the ground.

“It’s amazing.”

The cavalry soldier, who had been watching the dust pillars rise one after another, said.

“I bet your stride is over 20 meters?” It wasn’t just the wide stride, it was rolling its legs as fast as a horse.

“Because they say it was originally the ability of a giant.”

Tess looked at the army of demons filling the horizon and took out her sword.

“Lian hits first, then we go in. Get ready.”


By the time the cavalry increased speed, Lian was approaching right in front of the enemy.

‘It feels different.’

It was only a detached unit, but it was on a different level from the troops that had fought before.

‘They’re elite.’

What is Vulcan thinking?

‘It doesn’t matter.’

Thoughts are what the military does, and Valkyrie’s outstanding brain must have been watching this situation.


Lian’s nose twisted, and fearsome power went into both hands holding the sword.

If it was a normal sword, the grip would crush the iron.

However, <Idea> received all that power and delivered an explosive sensation to the owner’s hand.


The shock wave of the high straight sword that fell in a huge trajectory ripped the demons like wool.

The moon was floating in the fan-shaped landscape.


Lian, who took a step from the stance of the blow, drew the sword and swung it horizontally.

The world was split again, and the bodies of the demons in the place where the flash passed were separated.

At that point, Tess’ cavalry arrived.

“Go in! Destroy it from within!”

The cavalry, encouraged by Lian’s first attack, pushed out their spears, exuding terrifying energy.

“die! Dirty demons!”


The moment dozens of horses flew into the air, the cavalry finally realized.

“This, this… … !”

It was just that Lian was too strong, and the level of strength was different from the demons he had fought so far.

‘I will be isolated at this rate.’

Most of the demons had already pushed Valkyrie’s troops over several tens of meters.


As he cut down the demons one by one to open the road, he saw a cavalry squad surrounded by enemies.

“Let’s retreat for now! At this rate… … !” Sensing her murderous presence, Lian stopped her steps and turned her head to where her Tess was glaring.

“What do you dream of, insignificant thing?”

A gray demon with insect legs stood with its upper body erect like a praying mantis.

There were three thin, sharp arms on the left side, and a single unusually thick arm on the right side.

“It’s an officer. Everyone be careful.”

At Tess’s instruction, the cavalry prepared their battle lines.

“I am Yoon-goe.”

He was a brigade commander belonging to the 1st Corps, which was rated as the strongest in the army of hell.

“And I am a stone statue.”

The ground thumped, but the identity of the voice was hidden in the darkness.

After a while, a tall, elongated ear like a rock

Demons with oysters occupying half of the body appeared.

While examining humans with wide eyes, he laughed, tearing the corners of his mouth to the limit.

“I’ll eat you deliciously.”

At the same time, Yunkai moved as fast as the wind and infiltrated the camp of the cavalry.

“From you.”

A huge hand flew into Tess’ face.

“Where are you?”

Natasha’s eyes moved to the left.

“Aaaaaaa!” Dozens of soldiers standing as she passed fell with their necks broken.

“Where are you?”

Valkyrie’s company commander gave the order.

“catch! I mean surround and attack!”

But to be honest, he didn’t even know what an entity could defeat his allies.

“Impossible! Can you locate… … Gagging!”

Before the report was over, a hole appeared in the soldier’s chest as if something had gone through it.

“Damn it… … !”

What do you have to show to fight?

“Chief, company commander! Ahh!”

As if there were multiple enemies, soldiers were fighting in completely different places.

“retreat! Retreat!”

The sound of the wind was heard in the company commander’s ears.


The scenery turned upside down, and when I came to my senses, my body was floating upside down.

‘how… … ?’

First of all, what is certain is that this kind of thinking is possible because the enemy did not kill himself.

A woman’s voice was heard.

“where are you?”

Natasha’s arms stretched out to the side held the back of the company commander’s neck, which had been turned upside down.

As I loosened my hands, he fell head first and hurriedly turned over and raised his head.


A woman without eyelids was looking ahead.

‘It’s Natasha.’

As if not paying attention to the situation on the battlefield, she asked without averting her gaze.

“The strongest person here, right now

Do you have D?”

The company commander realized.

‘It’s a factor assassination.’

The location of Macha’s knight was a secret, regardless of the current unit’s highest strength or skill level.

“I don’t know. How do I know?”

Natasha turned around.

“Tell me and I will save you.”

Life was precious to everyone.

“Are you promising?”

“huh. It’s so wide that it’s hard to find.”

“good. I’ll tell you where the strongest man in this unit is. right here.”

The company commander pointed at himself.

“I am the strongest soldier! So let’s fight me! What an idiot you are! Fuhahahaha!”

“… … Don’t you want to live?”

“Fuck the bullshit! The subordinates who died to you are watching from Hell! Come on! Try killing me!”

Natasha looked around.

“Were they close friends?”


As the company commander charged forward with his sword raised, Natasha raised her eyebrows and said,


The moment the sword cut through the air, Natasha’s body blurred and disappeared in an instant.


It seemed to be faster than the speed of thought, and the company commander’s thought circuit was activated later.

‘Battle doll Natasha.’

I had heard the rumor that it was the strongest fighting weapon without blood or tears.

‘How much do we know about the enemy?’

Maybe that was the point.

Tess, who twisted her body just before being caught by Yoon-kai, took a step forward and stabbed three swords.


The attack went in correctly, but Yun-kai’s face remained as it was with an evil smile.

“Cheuk, actually my heart… … !”

Before he could finish his words, Yoon-kai’s body shook and was split in two up to his waist.

Lian stood between the gaping bodies.

“What about your heart?”


When I turned around at the sound of the scream, the stone statue picked up the soldier along with the horse and chewed and swallowed it.

Ododok, ohdodok.

He bit off and swallowed it bit by bit with his front teeth before grinning as he bit the leg of the soldier who only had the lower part of his body.

“it’s good.”

The soldier’s lower body, still alive, could be seen swaying at will.

When Lian and Tess, who felt anger, tried to run away together, the body of the stone statue swelled up.



“Cheak!” As the body of the stone statue was pierced, a strong wind blew through it, leaving an afterimage.


Natasha, who hurriedly slowed down, stuck out her tongue in the same way she had stuck out her fist.

“I couldn’t see because it was dark.” Taking down her brigadier with her blows was no surprise compared to the speed she displayed earlier.

“Lian, that woman… …

Just as Tess was about to convey something, Natasha raised her hand after meeting Lian’s eyes.


The incarnation of a skeleton wearing a black robe rose from her body and disappeared together.


In front of the extreme speed, Lian gave up on his thoughts and blocked the way with a straight road.

Natasha, who had spun seven and a half times in an instant, struck the wide side of the sword with her foot.

Before the cognition could reach the brain, Lian’s arm bent and hit her chest… … .


The moment I felt the shock of stopping my breath, I had already bounced off dozens of meters.


Tess, who was staring straight ahead without knowing anything, belatedly turned her head.

Natasha stood in place of Lian.

‘What happened?’

It was clear that Tess wasn’t up to par, but Natasha wasn’t interested.

“I blocked it.”

Whether he blocked it knowingly or instinctively, it was true that he responded to his own speed.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Over Natasha’s shoulder, Havitz’s face came over.

“Sounds like fun, Natasha?”

Havitz’s voice was actually ringing, and his body was also real in this space.

It’s just that no one noticed it.

“Shall we check one more time?”

Not knowing that Harvitz was by her side, Natasha kicked the ground and charged Lian.


As Natasha disappeared before her eyes, Tess bit her lip and prepared to chase after her.

“You can’t go. That human has to play with Natasha.”

Havitz blocked Tess’s path and pressed her stomach.

“Hang in there. I’ll go.”

Although she is unable to move forward even one step, Tess does not feel the slightest sense of incongruity.

It’s because it’s a case that doesn’t exist for her.

“You look pretty. Are you a lover?”

Havitz’s face came right up to Tess’ nose, but nothing entered her brain.

“Sergeant! We must retreat!” The cavalry soldiers said Tess was doing something.

I saw that he was walking in place as if he was blocked.

But nobody thought it strange.

“Already pushed! We must leave now.”

As the adjutant grabbed him by the shoulder, Tess, who had given up chasing Lian, turned around and clicked her tongue.

“good! follow me!”

Habitz, who watched the scene for a while, drew his sword and approached the adjutant.

“It can’t be like that.”

Grabbing the lieutenant’s head and pulling it, he bent down and the sword touched the back of his neck.

“Swipe snip.”

Even while slowly scraping up and down and cutting his throat, the adjutant talked calmly.

“You have to break through at least 300 meters. First of all, I rallied allies and said,

Finally the blade came out and the lieutenant’s head fell.

“Stea! Stea!”

Tess’ eyes were filled with murderous intent at the death of her subordinate, but there was no one to express her anger to.

“You bastards!”

Cause and effect is just an illusion of the brain


In fact, in a dream, does the human brain normally resolve any causal contradiction?

“You have a pleasant dream.”

Havitz roamed leisurely around Tess, killing soldiers in sight.

Even though their limbs are cut off, their brains accept the current situation as normal… … .


Habitz, who was getting tired of the slaughter, turned to Lian while wiping his sword on the corpse.

“Shouldn’t it be over soon?”

Tess bumped into his back.

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