Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 883

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Miro couldn’t believe it.

‘Really kill me?’

However, Gaold’s eyes looking down on her were more intense than any villain she had ever experienced.

‘Is that a lie?’

He believed that even if everyone in the world abandoned him, he would not abandon Gaold.

Even though I couldn’t accept his love, how much comfort was that fact… … .

“It is a lie!”

It was only felt clearly when Gaold cut the woman named Miro out of his heart.


The moment I applied the air press while clutching my neck, Miro could no longer remain still.


The incarnation of Thousand Arms Guanshiyin struck Gaold at an invisible speed.

Gauld’s body, shaking at a speed close to shaking, flew to the left and rolled on the floor.

Miro gritted his teeth and stood up.

‘I blocked it.’

I felt a strong barrier through my mind that I did not think I had hit anyone.

“Miro… …

Have you come to your senses?

Gaold’s eyes, which raised his head with his limbs attached to the ground, flashed a kind light for a moment.

“Will you come??????

Before he could finish his words, his face contorted again and he began to charge at breakneck speed.

“We have to stop!”

Gangnan shouted at Zulu.


It was the scene of a fight between those who reached the breaking point with a human body and the poles of the times.


The moment Kang Nan turned her head after realizing the reality, a huge light burst in her field of vision.


Another crater formed within the crater, and the shadows of the two moved like ink.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Pressure was applied to Gaold’s body, where the palms of several tens of meters were stamped.

However, his Bakum Press was also one of the strongest defense magics in the world.


If it is built according to the size of the anger, the radius will explode, but Gangnan and Zulu will also die.

In other words, it was the reason they still watched the battle without leaving their seats.

“you idiot!”

Miro, whose emotions never waver under any circumstances, shouted with all his heart.

“Calm down!”

Because it’s Gaold.

A roar of the ground splitting was heard, and Gauld bent down at the place where the capital of the Thousand Hands Guanshiyin had struck.

The Bakum press was still intact, but it was confirmed by the reaction that the blow had been entered.

His hair was discolored, and the cursed nerves sent unimaginable pain through his body.

Seeing that, Miro’s heart weakened again, but now he roughly grasped the situation.

“Do it in moderation. Do you know that I really like it because I say it’s good? Do you think you can do this to me?”

“It’s because of you… … . If it wasn’t for you… …

He would never have had to suffer like this.

“Who pushed me to like me? It’s you after all! Because you liked it the way you like it… … !”

The Thousand Arms Guanyin’s long shot, driven by Miro’s rage, struck Gaud like a shower.


The strongest blow was inflicted.

“You just have to like it!”

Woo woo woo woo!

A total of over 100 million hits collapsed the ground with a force close to that of a natural disaster.

“That crazy woman!” Her strong wind tried to run, but her sudden tremendous gale pushed her away.


Gaold, who was shedding bloody tears, screamed in pain, and Miro ran through the wind.

“Something like you, I didn’t need it from the beginning.”

When the index and middle fingers were brought together, the Thousand Hands Guanyin floating in the sky made the same hand seal.

I was thinking of piercing Gaold’s throat.

“Are you fighting for me?”

I had a sudden thought.

‘Why am I angry? Isn’t that a good thing?’

Gaold’s abortion is important to Miro, and if it doesn’t even tickle courtship, it’s a perfect opportunity.

‘It’s better than a weakling.’

Knowing that fact, Gaold must have chosen the current result without any regrets.

“it’s annoying.”

I couldn’t contain my anger.


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“Just die!”

Gangnan shouted.


The middle and index fingers gathered together rushed into Gaold’s neck like a single sword.

However, in the end, it could not be penetrated and stopped standing tall, and the incarnation of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin stopped.


The roar created by the suspension of the accident gave the illusion that the sky was splitting.

“Bad child… …

Miro, who gently grabbed Gauld’s neck, lowered her head and shook her shoulders.

“what’s this.”

Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked at Gaold again.

“You said you would protect it for the rest of your life.”

The reason Miro didn’t become a Buddha.

At most, it would be just a tiny crack in her heart that Gaold had etched… … .

“You say you love me.”

Miro felt empty as if his heart had been pierced.

Zulu said.

“I must have relied on it without realizing it. You must have thought Gaold was there even while fighting the world and pushing through the good.”

Gaold’s body trembled.


The moment I felt the runaway Spirit Zone, Miro’s heart sank. … .


In the end, he spewed out a bowlful of blood, rolled his eyes, and collapsed.


While Gangnan ran to check on the situation, Miro was staring at Gaold in a state of fascination.

It was night, and bonfires were made on the beach.

As the unconscious Gaold collapsed, the three looked at the flames in silence.

“I was lucky.”

Zulu said.

“I was quite tired from fighting the demons. If Gaold was normal, Miro, you would be dead.”

It was a battle, no doubt.

Miro, who was reviewing the situation in which he was struggling to the death, raised his head with a frown.

“I understand that it is to maintain the apostasy. But how are you so blind? Self-hypnosis or something like that?”

I hoped so.

“no. Gaold didn’t do anything to himself. Like I said before, just… …

Zulu looked back at the sleeping Gaold.

“It’s because I don’t love you. There is a difference between love and love. Rather, Gaold who kept his heart for you even while going through that pain is amazing.”

Gangnan said.

“I tried to stop it too, but to no avail. How can you stop people’s hearts? There’s nothing good about you being here anyway. stop leaving.”


If Gaold could fight further with the power of hatred, it was better to follow Gangnan’s words.

‘Autumn is… … He doesn’t love me.’

While I was deep in thought in my complicated heart, I heard Gaold’s voice.

“It’s a maze.”

I turned my head to see Gaold looking up at the sky with a calm expression.

With its wide wings spread, Sirone quickly covered the vast plains of the southern continent.

‘There it is.’

A desert-colored city stood over the meadow where wild animals roamed freely.

After casting space movement and leaving Tormia, Sirone found the southern continental kingdom, Kessia.

It has the advantage of being able to use the space movement terminal because the demons have not reached it yet, but more than that, it was because of Nade’s words I heard before leaving.

“You said you were invested in Fermi?”

The night before, in front of the pub bathroom, Nade dragged Sirone out and reported the situation.

“uh. But there was a condition. He asked me to meet you and told me about Kessia’s weapon shop.”

Nade added hastily.

“Of course I declined. No matter how important an investment is, you don’t sell out your friends. however… …


“They said it was fine. I said there were no conditions, and I said to make a contract. There was no request to tell you this.”

Sirone rested her chin.

“Hmm, it’s definitely like Fermi.”

“okay. You probably know that I’m going to tell you this in the end. In any case, there is nothing to lose in sharing information.”

It seemed that the skill of digging into the human psyche and selling it was still the same as in the past and now.

“okay. I’ll take a look.”

“uh? really?”

“You have to use the terminal to get to the Ivory Tower anyway. Stop by once on the way. I wonder why you are looking for me.”

Arriving at the capital of Kessia, Sirone looked around at a different scenery than expected.

‘what’s this… …

The demons hadn’t come in yet, but it was so lawless that there was no need to enter.

“Puhahaha! die! die!”

Bandits riding in wagons were pouring arrows at the villagers indiscriminately.

It was clear that his eyes were not normal, that he was out of his mind or drunk.

“Help me!”

Most residents evacuated their homes, but the barefoot girl had nowhere to hide.

“I got one!”

Sirone caught the arrow flying towards the crouching girl’s back with her hand.

“what? Hehe, did I see something wrong?” Even in the face of an obvious magic phenomenon, the enemies who bought it thought it was just a drug hallucination.

“What are you doing right now?”

“Wow! Prey, prey.”

As they drool and aimed their arrows again, Sirone fired a photon cannon.

The carriage exploded with a bang and the body rolled on the floor, but the bandits did not even show their anger.

“The world turns, turns.”

Ignoring Sirone, she looked at the girl.

“Are you okay? What happened to the city?”

“I-I didn’t do anything wrong.” While watching her trembling back, Sirone checked the injection mark left on the girl’s arm.

“Could you… …

“I will tell you.”

When I turned my head to the voice I heard from behind, a man in a neat suit was standing there.

He politely bowed and greeted.

“You are Arian Sirone. I was waiting. I will guide you from now on.”

Since the first impression of the city was not good, Sirone followed without even saying hello.

‘This is nonsense.’

The reality of the city he observed while following him was far more devastating than expected.

Everyone was drunk, and vandalism was common.

“Did you take over the whole city? With drugs?”

“I just gave you what you wanted. The fear of war and the pain of poverty all come from the brain. If it can give you pleasure, there’s nothing wrong with it, right?”

“no. I cannot forgive you.”

“I guess so. They said it would. You’d better talk to Fermi directly.”

The place where the man stopped walking was a huge building with the symbol of a golden ring on the steeple.

The inside was clean, as if from another world, and not a single person was seen who was addicted to drugs.

‘What the hell are you thinking?’ Even in his school days, Fermi’s thinking was always unpredictable.

When I reached the 17th floor by elevator, there was a hallway covered with red carpets.

When I opened the door at the end of the hallway and entered, it was a huge office decorated with glass windows.

I visited the royal castle as the Five Great Castles of the Ivory Tower, but it was not more splendid than here.

“Here you are, Sirone.”

Even when the man sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed spoke, Sirone did not recognize him.


With colorfully dyed hair and a shaggy beard, he was a drug lord.

“sit down. You look good. There’s no need to say hello between us. Oh, tell them to make some tea.”


As the man closed the door and left, Sirone strode toward Fermi.

“Why did you ask to see me?”

“I don’t think you were that impatient. Why, do you not like this city?”

“Answer any questions I ask.”

Fermi smiled politely and flipped a chip made in an illegal way with his thumb.

“Let’s make a deal, Sirone.”

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