Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 880

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Biology Program (3)

“What are you talking about!”

Foreign officials shouted with one voice.

“I can’t reveal it! Do you even know what kind of business this is? Ivory Tower If you’re thinking of monopolizing this information… …

“I know what the matter is.”

Sirone stopped talking.

“That’s why I can’t reveal it any more.”

The footage of Fisho that Sirone checked was neither confidential nor mysterious.

Why can’t we talk… … .

‘Because it’s the truth.’

The truth that Fisho gave at the cost of his own body.

Someone gets closer to the truth through enlightenment, but sometimes the truth is harsh.

“There is no turnaround. And already the video recording device has been destroyed. I will review it in the Ivory Tower and announce it.”

Dante raised his hand.

“Wait, reexamination in the ivory tower? Does that mean you will ignore the state side?”

“I am not ignoring it. If it’s just talking, I can clarify it right here. However, considering the ripple effect, it is not at a level that the kingdom unit can handle.”

Seriel roughly guessed it, but as expected, the question could not be answered without direct hearing.

“Can you at least tell me what it is about? We have our own information.”

“Sorry. Give me time to think.”

While Seriel put on a dissatisfied expression, Iruki calmly nodded.

‘I’ll have to ask later.’ Not being able to disclose it is just political rhetoric in front of a large number of people.

‘If you can report to the ivory tower, you can tell me too.’

I thought there was that level of trust.

“I can’t admit it!”

The official shouted in anger.

“I didn’t come all the way here just to hear that! You will be condemned by the whole world!”

“I never asked you to come.”

Sirone glared at the official fiercely.

“Also, it doesn’t matter what response each kingdom takes, but I’d like to tell them not to.”


The ivory tower is always right.

Not because they are actually right, but because only they can stick to their ideas.

“Let’s go back! You wasted your time!”

An official from the Mael Kingdom turned around first, followed by other officials.

In the meantime, the conversation did not stop.

“Are you really going to back down like this? We also have a stake in the temple. We have to sue on a national level.”

“You won’t be able to win. I have no choice but to engage in espionage. After all, there are no perfect secrets in the world.”

Sirone said as the officials left.

“done. Let’s go get something to eat.”

The teachers and students of Alpheas School of Magic took their seats at the pre-booked restaurant.

It was a welcome place, so it was noisy, but some people were deep in thought.

With those leaving and those remaining remaining, Iruki approached Shirone.

“Let me see you for a second.” Seeing Shirone following Iruki, Seriel was troubled.

‘I have to follow.’

The idea was like a chimney, but the conditions had to be met.

‘A person who absolutely needs information. And the reliability to hand over that information.’

The reason why Amy remained would be the former, but Seriel couldn’t satisfy the latter.

‘You won’t want me to come.’ Dante also seemed to have the same thought, and Ned moved her steps while he was guarding his seat.

“I have to go too.”

Liz dried up.

“Just stay here. If you want to follow me, you have to meet two qualifications.”

“I know what it is.”

If you’re a wizard, there’s no way you wouldn’t know.

“But why are you going? You don’t have to know.”

said Nade, turning to Liz.

“Because I’m curious.” “don’t worry. What matters is reliability. All you have to do is listen and keep your mouth shut.”

“Me too?”

Nade blinked.

“Are you not going to tell me either? Are you really sure?”

“Uh, that… … you won’t ask yes?”

Liz gritted her teeth.

“Just stay still.”

Nade licked his lips and returned to his seat.

Shirone and Iruki entered the forest near the graveyard and sat down on a rock.

“What happened?”

Although she perfectly understood Iruki’s question, Shirone just smiled.

“Fisho’s video, what was recorded? Are you saying you can’t tell me too?”

“okay. Sorry,”


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After watching Iruki’s reaction for a while, Shirone changed her expression and smiled.

“It’s a joke.”

“I know. It was so boring.”

The Spirit Zone unfolded.

Since Shirone’s spirit was the strongest barrier, Iruki asked comfortably.


Shirone moved to the seat next to Iruki and said.

“The truth of this world.” 3 hours ago from now.

The warden who installed the video recording device made a final check before leaving the building.

“It is done. Are you really okay with coming here?”

“Yes, enough.”

When the warden left, Sirone created a new wall with the ability of Material.

It was a closed room with no air.


After making a small chair, the video recording device was activated and the recorded video was turned on.


Fisho was there.

Of course, it wasn’t the school days that Sirone remembered.

‘What if… …

The mutation had already progressed considerably, and only half of the face was recognizable.

“Sorry to startle you. I didn’t have time. Because I have one more problem to solve. do you understand?”

Sirone nodded.

“I will speak briefly. First of all, the reason why I gave you the right to read the video is not because you are Oh Dae-sung or because you are my alumni. It is because you are Hexy.”

The left side of Fisho wriggled.

“Humankind has uncovered many things. I know roughly how the world works. But there are still unanswered questions. Where the hell are we?”

Why do we exist?

“In fact, it is a very strange thing that something exists. Because once something exists, it means there is a cause.”

who made the universe

“Alien creature Argones. Parasites eating into my body. This speaks to me.”

Fisho pointed to the wriggling part.

“There is no such thing as space in the first place. That’s why we don’t exist either. From the beginning, there has never been an event where something existed somewhere. Sirone, it’s just nothing.” “There was nothing in the first place, nothing happened, and it still is. There is no such thing as ‘existence’.”

“Then why… … ?”

Fisho on the screen answered.

“But why are we here? Why do you feel like there is a universe? It is an error caused by not fully understanding the concept of nothingness.”

Sirone shut his mouth.

“there’s nothing. There really is nothing. You’re just assuming there’s something. who the hell Where is the subject of the illusion? It doesn’t even exist. That’s it, Sirone.”

Fisho raised his hand with difficulty.

“In order to explain nothingness, the concept of existence must be borrowed in some way. It’s wrong from there. Time, space, illusions. If you move the pencil on the desk to another place, does the seat on the desk become nothing? Absolutely not. Even the thought of moving something to another place is valid. Humans really can’t imagine that there is nothing. To know that the limits of our access are unimaginable. That’s it.”

Sirone imagined nothing.

A state of perfect nothingness could be imagined through a logical and conceptual combination, but it is actually nothing.

‘To truly imagine… …

Because you shouldn’t even be able to imagine, it’s because imagination is impossible in the first place.

“I call this infinite nothingness.”

Fishaw smiled shyly.

“It’s a concept that doesn’t even come close, but since we’re human, we named it. Anyway, Sirone, if you believe me, you should know by now.”

Fisho’s eyes changed.

“There is nothing, only illusions. It’s not contradictory. Even the fact that you are mistaken at this moment is an illusion. it just doesn’t exist You need to know that there is no.”

Fisho’s shoulders wriggled even more wildly.

“Everything is in that illusion.”

Just as humans cannot conceive of nothing, they could not conceive of the existence of everything.

“Everything is a difference of perspective. The difference in perspective on nothingness separates good from evil, emptiness from children, and countless things. Actually nothing. Even so, I deliver this video to you, not you

The reason is……

Fishaw’s shoulder exploded with a bang.

“It is said that misunderstanding is free.”

Sirone caught a bitter smile in his eyes.

“For the report on Argones, you can look at the report from the Super Monster Research Institute. the problem is… … That this guy knows too much. By human standards, of course. And for some reason, it seems to be on a mission to obliterate any creature that has access to this secret.”

If the video was publicized, Argones would wipe out all of humanity.

“I don’t have time. I’m suppressing it with drugs, but I’ll wake up sooner or later. Sirone, you must choose. Will all mankind fight, or will you fight alone?”

As Fisho’s mutation sped up, his head snapped to the side.

‘damn… …

It was heartbreaking that I couldn’t help.

“Argones is the source of all life. But you are different. He is free from his dominion.”

Because it’s hexa.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s infinite or infinite. Even if it’s an illusion, it’s the world I was in. so… …


As Ficho’s eyes rolled upward, Sirone ran to the video.

“You sure… … told Shiro yes… …

Finally, Fisho’s neck snapped completely, and the mutated cells stretched out.

“Huh! Whoa!”

Sirone grabbed the video and shed tears.

“no. no… …

Why was there no body in the coffin?

When the host died, the cells were rapidly dissolving and spreading like porridge.


Sirone, who went back to her seat weakly, fell into deep thought with her head bowed.

‘Why is that important?’

Fichot’s message was revealing the truth of the world, but nothing seemed to change anyway.

“Why is Argones trying to obliterate humans who have access to this secret?” The key to the outside world.

‘infinite. An infinite wizard.’

Can’t imagine a state of nothing?

A terrifying feeling was transmitted to Sirone, who had not made any further progress since reaching his ninth sense.

‘wait for a sec… … Maybe this… …

The flickering screen was reflected in the retinas of Sirone, who rested her chin on her chin.

You hurriedly raised your head.


In the unfinished video, Fisho’s cells, which had turned into slime, began to wriggle.

As if they were alive, their activity increased and the surface bulged up.

‘Are there still more videos?’

And finally, slime in the form of a person walked in front of the screen, dripping thin liquid. The place where the mouth was supposed to be opened wide, and the voice leaked out as it was torn open.


It was the father of creatures, Argones.

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