Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 879

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Biology Program (2)

‘Are you here at last?’

The most powerful person in the world.

Even the protesting officials had no choice but to keep their mouths shut when Sirone arrived.

With the eyes of the audience focused on one spot, Sirone walked towards Alpheas Magic School.


Because Ficho stayed in the senior class for a long time, he saw faces Sirone didn’t know.

Seriel ran to Amy.


Seeing the face of a friend she hadn’t seen in a while, Amy hugged Seriel fiercely.

It smelled like cigarettes.

“Amy! This sneaky girl! How can you live without a call? I’m disappointed!”

“Sorry. There was a situation.”

Before being dispatched to the battlefield, she overcame death several times at the training center.

However, it was probably because she was comfortable being Seriel, and her face was thinner than before.

“Are you tired?”

“Hehe, what could be the hardest thing for me? Fighting on the battlefield is harder. by the way… …

Seriel, who was looking at Sirone and Amy alternately, whispered with a convex smile.

“Coming in with Sirone means you were together last night too? What a cunning thing.”

“no! Sirone is here to pick you up. I was going to bring Maya too, but they’ve already left… …

From behind her alumni, Maya waved her hand.


He then met Sirone’s eyes, but his feelings did not seem to have changed compared to before.

‘Well, that’s right.’

Maya doesn’t know that Siroche followed her to the hotel.

Even though nothing had happened, if Sirone had even a little heart, he would have appeared in his eyes.

‘are you okay. Because I love you. It doesn’t hurt more than the pain of having to forget it.’

Maya struggled to smile.

Contrary to the notice of foreign officials, the alumni treated Sirone openly.

“Sirone, have you ever become famous?” Screamer, the current Creas Coliseum champion, reached out to Sirone.

“uh? Screamer! Long time no see!” When I was in school, I was tongue-tied at his warlike tendencies, but now I could feel the energy of a quiet fighter.

Alumni as well as seniors flocked to say hello to Sirone, so he was distracted for a while.

“Sirone! do you remember me? You bumped into me at the lake garden when you were in advanced class. At that time, you also listened to my book.”

“Ah yes… …

Was it?

I couldn’t remember even such a trivial thing, but it wasn’t an atmosphere where I could ignore it.

It was nice to see them all, and it was reassuring to know that they had roots from the same school.

“What is that? What kind of reunion is it?”

Officials from other countries put on a blank expression.

If it is the five great castles of the ivory tower, isn’t it a position where even the king of a country must kneel?

I couldn’t understand the sight of Sirone teasing her by tapping her head or pulling her clothes.

“Everyone likes him. I can guess what kind of school life he was in.”

There were some officials who showed respect, but most of them were those who attended with the country’s fate at stake.

“joy! gibberish! Now is not the time to spend leisurely time. Isn’t it?”

Officials dispatched from the southern continent nodded with fierce eyes.

‘There must be something. I must find out.’

Demons are invading the world, but this kind of crisis is not the first time in history.

The human system is still in good shape,

Now, the war situation could not be seen as very bleak.

‘When the world war passes, the power structure is reorganized. It’s our turn this time.’

While everyone was thinking the same thing, the official of the Miel kingdom approached Sirone.

“You are the star of the ivory tower.”

The buzzing sound was gone.

“As you know, you have the right to see Fischo’s will.”

“Yes, I heard. Where is the will?”

An employee of the Super Monster Research Institute said.

“It’s not a will, it’s a video. Blood Show recorded for you. Currently, no one except Fisho has seen this video.”

“It’s a video… …

The official of Miel Kingdom intervened again.

“It is time for all kingdoms to unite and fight the demons. If Fichot’s will is closely related, I think sharing the information is the right thing to do.”

An official from Benibar Kingdom stepped forward.

“If you can’t open it to everyone, please vote for at least one representative. Incidentally, Benibar Kingdom is sending the most military food to the temple.” Realizing that they were trying to monopolize information, all the officials came running and shouted.

“I will not yield to Benibar. Our kingdom has sent the most troops to Valkyrie!”

“gibberish! Let’s follow it that way

noodle… … !”

While the officials were arguing, Sirone looked at them calmly.

As the voice rose and the atmosphere became a mess, Sirone’s voice was heard.

“Please stop it.”


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The volume of voices was low, but the officials realized something eerie and fell silent.

The bright smile disappeared, and Sirone, radiating the magician’s energy, was standing there.

“I will tell you.”

Officials listened.

“There are people who haven’t arrived yet. These are the people who miss Fisho. Neither do I.”

Sirone looked around.

“I want to remember my friend who passed away. If you have no such thoughts… …

Cold eyes pierced the officials.

“Just stay still.”


There was no way to express it, but there was force in Sirone’s voice that could not be denied.

“Okay, let’s wait for a moment.”

As the officials quietly backed away, Sirone smiled again and turned around.

“Okay, let’s get ready too.”

Under the name of the world’s strongest wizard, he could see what kind of attitude the officials were taking.

However, most of the people watching Sirone had completely different thoughts.

‘Not a single thing has changed.’

Now they knew too.

How much courage and sacrifice it is to be angry for others completely.

‘Why didn’t I know then?’

Maybe it was Sirone who had the hardest time in school.

“uh? make it happen.”

The carriage of the temple arrived and Iruki got off.

Powerful knights who were not led by any other country official were guarding his side.

The students whispered as Dorothy passed freely between them and crossed Iruki’s arms.

“what? Are you two dating?”

It was the first time Sirone had heard it.

“Iruki, you… …

Before he could speak, a high-class carriage came running quickly and stopped at the entrance.

Nade, with his coat slung over his shoulder, and Liz, dressed in a neat suit, got down side by side.


Tears welled up in Sirone’s eyes.


At the reunion of the three musketeers, who were called the idiots of the magic school, the alumni were also immersed in vague memories.

In the midst of many words coming and going, when the hour came, Dante crossed the entrance of the cemetery.

“It’s Dante.”

Similar to Sirone and the others, Closer and Sabina, who were the Three Musketeers, had their eyes shining.

‘You say you work in the Royal Castle Records Management Department? It’s bullshit.’

Every time I stopped by the capital, I looked for Dante, but I had never seen him.

Judging from his information magic skills, he was probably an agent in the intelligence department, especially a top-secret agent.

‘I can’t be sad.’ There were so many people gathered that there was no time to sort out the emotions, and the words went back and forth.

It was just a pleasure.

“Are you all gathered now? Then, just as the staff at the Funeral Super Monster Research Institute was about to start the host, a huge carriage came in.

“What is that?”

People were fascinated when they saw the goods loaded in the luggage compartment being pulled by the wagon.

It was a huge wreath made of gold.

“Is this Fishaw’s funeral home?”

When the transportation company employee asked with the payment documents, the restaurant manager asked while signing his signature.

“That’s right, but who sent it?”

“I do not know. If you ask for anonymity, we have no way of knowing. In any case, it definitely delivered.”

Since it was not a weight that a person could lift, two wizards moved the wreath with air magic.

As the surprised gaze followed, Syrone looked at the black ribbon hanging from the wreath.

A short text was written on it.


“It’s Fermi.”

Everyone was guessing.

“Who else would do something like that? what to do for a living I used to hate it, but now I miss it.”

“Where are you going to spend the money again? If that was pure gold, I think it would exceed 2 billion gold.”

Nade had heard of Fermi, but it was not yet time to speak to Sirone.

“Then, let’s begin Fishaw’s funeral.”

Sirone’s alumni were placed closest to the grave, and the coffin without the body was put in.

I wasn’t told why the body wasn’t there, but I thought it would be better if I didn’t.

“He was an excellent wizard and biologist. His sacrifice is forever in our hearts… …

The faces of the alumni were full of sadness, and some shed tears when the coffin was buried.

After the funeral, the aftertaste continued, but the officials could not wait any longer.

“Now, let’s announce it.”

The director of the Super Monster Research Institute appeared dragging a heavy iron box on a cart.

“This video recorder contains approximately 27 minutes of footage from Fisho.”

A heavy tension flowed.

“Currently, we have not been able to confirm the video either. Of course you won’t believe it… …

The officials nodded.

“The way to prove it will also be in this video,” Ficho said. I believe that the star in the ivory tower will prove our innocence if we check the video.”

All that was left was to decide with whom Sirone would check the video.

Seriel has arrived.

“Sirone, it’s important to humanity. I also have information that I know. I will cooperate as much as possible.”

Iruki and Dante also helped.

“Let us go in together. It’s not just out of curiosity, you know?”

Said Sirone, who was lost in thought.

“I’ll check first. There must be a reason why you handed over authority to me. Can’t we decide after that?”

That method was the most reasonable.

“Can I do that?” The warden nodded.

“All authority belongs to Sirone-sama.

Where would be a good place to check? A secret room with magic control or a “No. I’ll just do it close by. After all, I have to decide again after I see it.”

There was no one here who could break through Sirone’s ninth sense and access information.

“That would be nice.”

It was a building, 200 meters from the cemetery, where the caretakers had their lodgings for the night.

When the iron box was magically floated, the warden pointed to the building and said,

“Let’s go. I will open it inside the building.”

As Sirone entered the building with the warden, the remaining hundreds of people waited anxiously.

Time passed without a hitch.

“shit! what are you doing? A 27 minute video? More than 50 minutes have already passed.”

Someone pointed to a building.

“There it is!”

When Sirone moved slowly and arrived in front of the crowd, the sound of saliva dripping was heard.

Seriel asked.

“How are you, Sirone? Did you confirm Fishaw’s will?”

“huh. I saw them all.”

The warden conducted the final procedure.

“The late Ficho said that Sirone would release the video only to those who agreed. Now, please make a decision on the transfer of authority.”

Sirone thought carefully.

“I am??????

I couldn’t even hear the breath.

And finally, having made your decision, you raised your head and declared to the audience.

“I will not release the video to anyone.”

Ficho was right.

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