Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 877

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“who are you?”

Maya approached the door and cautiously asked outside.

“Ah, there… … therefore.”

I heard a man’s voice, and from the way he spoke, he seemed very nervous.

‘Who is it?’

She is also a graduate of a prestigious magic school, but Falmus always warned her to be vigilant.

Especially if you are alone in a hotel.

“sorry. I have no words to explain. Should I say I saw it by chance? anyway… …

As the man spoke gibberish, another voice was heard.

“Idiot, get out of the way.”

Hmmmm, he said after clearing his throat with a clearing of his throat.

“We are fans of Maya. I happened to see it… … Could I get an autograph?”

Normally, he would be happy to sign this under Falmouth’s observation, but it was difficult now.

“I’m sorry… …

Maya, who was about to politely decline, stopped talking.

‘I can’t live like this.’

Rather than expecting something in particular, I wanted to blow a new wind in my heart.

“Wait a minute.”

When Maya, wearing a coat, quietly opened the door, two men of the same age stepped back.

“Wow, the real Maya.”

Even if you watched the performance from the VIP seats, you couldn’t see her face this close.

‘It’s an unrealistic face.’ Her aura of the object of her admiration elevated her from a mere human to a deity.

“hello! I am a fan!”

When she didn’t appear to be a bad person, Maya unlocked the lock and opened the door completely.

“yes. nice to meet you. excuse me… … What is the cause of death?” It was a rushed word, so I wasn’t ready to get an autograph.

The improvised man turned his friend around and slapped him on the back.

“Please do it here. I will never wash it and keep it!”

Laughter broke out.

Maya, who had signed the two, closed the pen cap and held the doorknob.

“Then proceed carefully.”

“Oh, over there!”

The man who hurriedly reached out his hand, realized that it was rude, and scratched his head with the returned hand.

“If you haven’t eaten, would you like to join us? As for the signature, we want to treat you.”

“yes? meal?”

“Ah, if you feel uncomfortable, you can refuse. It was just so dreamy that Maya’s eyes filled with sadness as she watched the man anxiously waiting for an answer.

‘Sirone… …

If the person standing now, the person who goes back and forth between heaven and hell with just one word of his own, was Sirone.

‘I’m so happy that I couldn’t even say a word.’

But since that wouldn’t happen, it was just a delusion in my head, as always.

‘I have to get out now.’

When there was no answer from Maya for a long time, the man who understood it as a refusal lowered his head.

“sorry. say something… …

Maya said with a smile.

“no. It’s fate that we met like this, but we eat together. It just happened that I was hungry.”


The man’s face went blank because he thought there was a 99% chance of being rejected from the start.

“Jung, are you serious?”

Maya hurriedly blocked herself from attempting to apply sirone to the man’s face again.

“Why would you lie? And how about eating?”

“But Mr. Maya is a celebrity and… …

“haha! Are celebrities not hungry? song. Please buy me something delicious instead.” Are you watching, Sirone?

‘I’m popular too. All these wonderful noble men die in a blink of an eye at my words.’

a bit of pity.

“yes! Then I will serve you with the highest quality!”

And with a glimmer of hope that she might be able to forget Sirone, Maya left the hotel.

Sirone and Bischoff sat face-to-face at a bar 200 meters away from Maya’s hotel.

“How much do you drink?” With meat snacks cut into appropriate sizes in front of him, Bischoff poured a drink into his own glass.

“I don’t drink much.”

If we were talking about the limits of what the mind could endure, Sirone’s drinking capacity would be infinite.


When Bischoff raised his glass with a bitter smile, Sirone toasted with both hands.

Looking down at the glass, Sirone said.

“Holy Head, Gai’s job… …

“There is no need for that.”

We met up for a drink just to get some comfort

it wasn’t anything

“How is it? I mean Guy disappointing

I hope it’s not at the level of luck, but I wanted to know how far the eldest son of the Ogent family had gone against the Infinite Wizard.

“It was strong.”

Sirone was able to assert.

“There was not an inch of hesitation in perpetuating one’s convictions in spirit as well as sword skills.”


Bischoff recalled Guy.

“Wrong, Sirone. Guy was weak. So he died.” Sirone took a sip of his drink without saying a word.

“Fight and win, survive, if only that is strong, there is no strong person in the world. humans are weak He will die even if he is struck by lightning.”

“It must have been a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.”

“There is no room for excuses. If he was really strong, he wouldn’t be obsessed with visible strength. He was eaten by fear. He lost to both you and Rihanna.”

Bischoff looked out the window.

“… … There must have been something he had to shoulder as the eldest son of the Ogent family. It seems that the load was heavier than expected. My responsibility is great.”

He couldn’t see his face because he turned his head away, but Sirone thought Bischoff was crying.

The atmosphere was heavy but not hopeless, and alcohol was circulating in memory of Guy.

As the sun went down, Bischoff stood up.

“Go in first. Reina must have a lot on her mind too. Could you give me a day or so?”

“Yes, of course. I will go in tomorrow.”

“I don’t do the math.”

Shortly after Bischoff left the bar, Sirone also stood up.

‘It’s difficult.’

As I was walking down the street, organizing my thoughts, I saw people snooping through the windows of the bar.

“Isn’t he just a lookalike?”

“Does that look alike? The real Maya.”

Sirone’s steps stopped.


“There was such a story. Somehow, the lyrics touched my heart from the first time I heard it.”

“No, not particularly well-written lyrics… …

Maya hurriedly shook her hand.

“You don’t have to be humble. Because truth prevails. After hearing about it, I became a fan even more.”

Among the two fans who came to the hotel, a man named Mason poured a drink into Maya’s glass.

“Anyway, I can’t believe it’s unrequited love. It’s frustrating for me to hear.”

Mason’s friend, Tito, helped.

“that’s right. People who said they like Maya lined up. Have you received many confessions?”

“A confession? No, not really… … Suddenly a man came to mind.


Sometimes when life is hard, when I look back on my graduation exam, there was always a question that followed.

‘Why did I give up on the exam?’

At first I thought I was lucky.

However, what I learned from experiencing society is that such absurd incidents do not exist.

‘He’s a strong enough person to be a member of the Golden Wheel. obviously gave up And I passed.’

Maybe there was an obvious reason.

‘Am I living well?’

If I met him at Fishaw’s funeral, I would definitely want to ask him about the day.

“that’s right.”

Maya said with a smile.

“I forgot everything now. What do you know about such a man Now I want to meet someone new.”

said Mason, showing his temper.

“haha! Good idea. Now then, toast to Maya-san’s new love!”

“great! Cheers!”

Tito, who had been watching Mason who was excited and at a loss for what to do, got up with a smile.

“I have to stop and see.”

“uh? Are you going already?”

“I forgot I had an appointment with my girlfriend. I’m sorry, Maya. Let’s have another drink together next time.”

Mason was on the verge of tears.

‘Thank you, friend.’

Tito winked.

“Maya-san, I will escort you well. See you next.”

After paying for the drink and opening the door, Sirone passed by Tito.

‘Is it okay to drink like that?’

Watching the table from afar, there were already many bottles of alcohol.

“Maya, have you been here?” As Sirone approached the table, Maya’s smiling face immediately hardened.

“Sir, Sirone.”

It felt like a sin.

“Because I see you on the way. Who is this?”

Seizing the mood, Mason stood up and offered a handshake.

“I am a fan of Maya. I like him so much that I treat him like this.”

“Nice to meet you. I am a school friend.”

“Aha, I see.”

Mason realized at once, and as expected, a shadow fell over Maya’s face.

‘Yes, he’s a school friend.’ That was just about it.

“Do you want to go back? I will look forward to it.”

Anyway, Maya was a famous artist, and the glances from outside the window were also bothering her.


Unlike usual, it was a cold tone.

“Why do you want me? I’m having fun right now Don’t worry, go first.”

“No, because I am worried… …

“So what are you worried about? I wasn’t caught by the bad guys, and I can’t even drink on my own?”

“Because you drink too much.” Power entered Maya’s eyes.

“Don’t look at me funny. I am also an official wizard who passed the graduation exam. I don’t want to interfere with things like this.”

Shirone, who was lost in thought, nodded.

“okay. Enter carefully.”

When Sirone left, Mason sat down, watching Maya notice.

“Are you okay?”

Maya gulped down her drink and smiled coolly.

“I did it! Did I just do well? I finally blew it. Aww, I feel refreshed inside.”

“If it’s Maya-san, it’s good.

But are you really going to be okay?”

“yes! Let’s drink more!”

After drinking until midnight, Maya arrived at the hotel with Mason’s support.

“Maya-san, wake up. Your leg is loose.”

“are you okay. that wizard Do you know Spirit Zone? If you just concentrate, you’ll wake up from this kind of alcohol in no time.”

I just didn’t want to break it.

“Mr. Mason, would you like to come in and have another drink?”

“yes? no, that’s… …

Maya stared at Mason.

“I don’t want to be alone. go crazy

I think it will.”

Mason, who had not moved for a while, gritted his teeth again and led Maya.

“Once you go up. The lobby is full of people.”

Climbing the stairs and arriving at Maya’s room, he released the support and exhaled heavily.

“Whoa. Maya, where are the keys?”

“Black. Black.”

Maya’s shoulders trembled as she leaned against the door.

“Forget it…

When Mason turned around, Maya’s face was wet with tears.

“There’s no way I can forget it!” “Mr. Maya… …

Sirone was listening from behind the wall to the sorrowful cries echoing through the hallway.

Mason found the key, opened Maya’s room, and returned it.

“Go in, Maya. I will stop too.”

Maya hurriedly wiped away her tears.

“Oh, sorry. I am… …

“It may be off topic, but there is something I want to say.”

As Maya looked up with wet eyes, Mason smiled.

“Unrequited love is also love. If forgetting is harder than the pain of watching from a distance, don’t bother trying.”

“Mr. Mason.”

“cheer up. I will always support you.”

He clenched his fist in front of Maya’s eyes and left without looking back.


When I went outside, the spring breeze was cold.

“After all, is it this time again?”

Tito was standing in front of the hotel.

“You didn’t go?”

“I’ve been here for a while. Has this happened once or twice? That’s why you’re living alone for the rest of your life.”

“stop. Because I feel like I’m going to go crazy because I regret it.”

“Cheuk, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

“still… … Will you remember?”

Mason, who was looking up at the hotel, said proudly.

“Because I wasn’t embarrassed. To be honest, I was very cool. Can you imagine?”

Tito laughed and punched Mason in the back of the head.

“Let’s go get a drink.”

someday spring will come

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