Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 873

All those fights (4)

On the eastern border of the Gallon Kingdom is the Akros Kingdom, which stretches along the coast.

“My hometown is not far.”

If you enter the Kingdom of Kazra from South Cross, it will be straight to Tormia.

A 3-meter-tall metal monster stopped walking in front of a sheer cliff.

Sirone and Lian got off the waterspout and watched the smoke rise over the horizon.

“The Central Continent is also in a bad situation.”

While crossing the desert from Gustav to this place, the two rescued more survivors than expected.

However, from now on, it was the world’s largest battlefield, which was actually occupied by demons.

“Emmy… …

Somewhere, Amy must be fighting too.

“I guess.”

said Ryan.

“Tess too.”

After dismantling the watering can, and putting <Law Killing> into her bosom, Sirone went down the cliff with Lian.

In order to go to Tormia anyway, you have to break through the siege of 200 million demons.

There was no choice but to fight which path to take, and that time came sooner than expected.


The place that I thought was the ground jumped up and a huge creature made of mud raised its upper body.

The face was rectangular and square, and the arms were still assimilated to the ground.


Numerous demons poured down like vomit from the huge gaping hole.

“What, all of a sudden… … ?”

Like a wasteland, the demons with cracked skin scratched their big jaws and looked around.

Then, when he found Sirone and Lian, he opened his eyes wide.

“Hey, Yahweh… …

Lian drew out his great sword and moved on.

“Is it the rear guard?”

It was a moment when Balkan’s vigilance was revealed, but even that was not a trap dug for the two of them.

“Let’s go, Sirone.”

Lian kicked off the ground, and Sirone cast teleportation and flew toward the enemy camp faster than him.

“Chi, surprise… … !”

Before he could finish his words, a roar erupted, and all demons within the radius were torn apart by the shock wave.

“come! come!”

The 1st Battalion of Magicians under the 2nd Corps had been busy cleaning the area around the barracks since morning.

Cleaning on the battlefield is limited to maintaining minimal hygiene, but today the situation was different.

“Hey, corporal! Quickly release the kids and pull the weeds. Fix the fence too! I will not allow even the slightest mistake!”

“yes! Sergeant! Please leave it to me!” Amy, who watched from a distance as the soldiers worked together, clicked her tongue.

“Anyway, it’s only when it’s like this that it’s a scam.”

Tess, sitting next to her, laughed.

“Still, there is a consolation performance like this, so it’s worth fighting. Honestly, isn’t it a war with nothing to gain?”

It is a war that human greed has sublimated into madness, but now it was only fighting for survival.

“By the way, you know, a singer named Maya? I heard that you are from Tormia Magic School.”

Amy’s eyes narrowed.


It would be welcome to have a successful classmate come to the concert, but personally, I had a rough story with her.

“Hmm, how is the reaction lukewarm? Could it be that there was even a love triangle at school?”

Amy didn’t say anything, and Tess, who hit her, instead screamed in surprise.

“Really? Then, with Sirone… … If it’s Amy’s love triangle, is there anything else besides Sirone?

“It’s okay, it’s all in the past. And it’s not a love triangle! Maya had a crush on Sirone.”


Tess rested her chin and thought.

It’s clear to interpret it literally, but there seemed to be a reason why Amy insisted on emphasizing it.

‘It must have been serious.’

After cleaning the barracks, Berik came running.

He was a corporal who had been in trouble for writing an article mocking Amy in a resolution the other day, and was currently promoted to squad leader.

“Captain! Loyalty! The 4th Squad cleaning is over!”

Amy was saluted.

“Yeah, good job. After taking a break for about an hour, bring in troops and help build the concert hall.”

“yes! All right!”

Tess shrugged.

“Hey, try cleaning like this when the commander comes. Impressed by his enthusiasm, he must have given me a promotion.”

Berrik scratched his head.

“Hehe, you know the boss, right? It would be impossible to dream that a consolation performance would come to such a front line.”

It was clear that Maya’s decision was great because she was in a state of confrontation with the demons right in front of her.

“But don’t worry! I will never give up. In my heart, there is only the battalion commander.”

Amy laughed.

“okay. good.”

Although it was regarded as a joke by a subordinate, Berrik was moved by the fact that Amy did not deny it.

“yes! Loyalty!”

Tess, who had been watching Berik run excitedly, turned her head playfully.

“First of all, Amy wins 1.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, but Amy’s face soon turned serious.

“I’m worried about the demons because I left everything else. The quiet these days is suspicious.”

The army of hell that Amy’s 1st battalion is currently confronting was a detached unit of 30,000.

It was a large army for a detached confrontation, but in any case, an order was issued from the upper level to hold on to their ankles.

Tess looked over the enemy lines.

“The early warning system is clear. It’s not like we’re going into an all-out war, so we should be able to prepare for an attack during the performance.”

“That’s right.”

The problem was Maya.

‘I hope nothing happens.’

Around noon, the temporary stage was completed, and three hours later, Maya’s performance team arrived.

“come! come!”

Society would need bodyguards, but in an army with strict military laws, all they could do was applaud and shout.

When Maya landed at the place where all the troops of the battalion were gathered, the sound of applause disappeared for a moment.

“wow?????? Her slender figure full of social nostalgia caught the attention of men.


When Maya waved her hand happily, a heartfelt applause immediately followed.

“It is pretty.”

It was Tess’ honest impression.

Amy, on the other hand, greeted Falmus without showing much emotion.

“This is Palmus, the representative of the performance agency Elbor. It is an honor to invite you.”

Valkyrie of the holy war and the battalion commander of the magic unit were so-called misleading positions in society.

“This is a battlefield. We will make full preparations, but I hope you will follow the command of the army.”

“of course. All lives are precious, but Maya is the signboard of an agency. I will only trust the battalion commander.”

Only then did Amy look back at Maya.

My heart was touched when I saw my friend’s face on the battlefield, but I couldn’t show my emotions.

“Nice to meet you, Maya. First of all, where to stay… …


Before she could finish her words, Maya threw herself into her arms and shed tears as she hugged Amy.

“I miss you! Was it very difficult? Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?”

‘Not a single thing has changed.’

As if turning back time, the memories from the magic school passed by like a kaleidoscope.

Amy smiled kindly and hugged Maya.

“Yes, welcome.”

Seeing Amy as she was, not a soldier, the soldiers who were watching widened their eyes.

‘Is that really the battalion commander?’

“Maya! Maya!”

In the midst of dozens of lighting magic lights up in the sky, Maya’s performance continued enthusiastically.

Even the wizards lost their minds when they took off their coats while singing <Rain of Light>.

“Good song.”

In an empty lot away from the stage, Amy and Tess were standing side by side watching the performance.

“huh. He sings really well.”

Even if no one else knew, Amy could feel her sincerity after hearing the lyrics of <Rain of Light>.

Suddenly, my eyes turned red.

“Amy, are you crying?”

“uh? Oh no…

Just as he was about to make an excuse while wiping away tears, a warning sound echoed through the sky.

“emergency! emergency! All troops go into defensive posture!”

Amy, whose head went cold in an instant, turned around with her red eyes burning.

“what’s the matter!”

“It’s a demon detached unit! We’re breaking through the Valley of the Droplets at full speed right now!”

“what? What about traps?”

Countless traps were placed along the way to prevent moving in the shortest distance.

“We’re pushing with meat bullet tactics.”

“That is impossible. With just 30,000 troops, you can’t pass through the Valley of Droplets.”

“It may not be an attack.” said Tess.

“It’s a typical pattern for those who are chased by something. Another unit may have secretly hit the rear end.”

It wasn’t something that was unlikely.

“good! Building an entire army position! Hold the defense line!”

As the soldiers moved in perfect order, Maya watched blankly from the stage.

“Maya! It’s an attack! Let’s go to the bunker quickly!”

Falmus, who was naked and wearing a coat, dragged her body, but Maya did not move.

“Light rain… …

From the horizon, showers of light were approaching, walking through the veil of night.

“Maya! The show is stopped! Don’t hold back, come on… …

The moment Falmus urged, an explosion close to a roar was heard from the defense line.

“no way??????

Maya jumped off the stage and, leaving Falmouth’s cry behind, ran toward the battlefield.

“come! Respond with common magic A-3!”

The cavalry blocked the entrance, and the wizards on the left and right hills equipped their hands with magic.

The gigantic lighting magic, incomparable to that of the performance, lit up the night as brightly as daytime.


The moment Amy checked the number of demons rushing in from the end of the street, Amy’s eyebrows narrowed.

“What happened?”

There were so many demons approaching that it was hard to see that they had passed through the Valley of Water Drops.

“Amy! We hit first!”

Just when Tess is about to mobilize the cavalry to secure the range of the magicians.

“for a moment! atmosphere!”

Amy gave instructions.

‘Tess is right. That’s not an attack.’

The demons’ faces, which were enlarged by compressing the air, showed clear fear.

“Kuaaa! Do, run away!”

As the demons who had crossed the 3rd line of deterrence rushed in like a torrent, a terrifying sound of sword strikes was heard.


The bodies of the demons were separated as if the scenery had been severed, and the silhouette of a swordsman was revealed through the curtain of the body.

“That one?… ”

Tess’ heart pounded.

“Captain! What should I do?”

As the leading demons were annihilated and the soldiers were in confusion, Amy raised her hand.

“… … Waiting to fire.”

A bombardment of light poured from the rear.

As far as she knew, there was only one magician in the world who could use physical light.

“Abominable Yahweh! you… … you… … !”

Before the demons could even finish their work, a curtain of light exploded in all directions, destroying the cliff.


The ground shook for a moment, then it became quiet, and Lian emerged from the rising haze.

“Coke! Coke! Aww, fine dust.” All the members of the corps stared blankly at the prosecutor bending over and coughing.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew up, and dust flew behind them, and Sirone approached Lian.

“It’s because you’re going too fast.”

“Who pressed you that there was no time? If it wasn’t for my strategy, I’m still not even halfway… … yes?”

Feeling stares pouring from all sides, Lian stopped talking and looked around.

“Sirone, it looks like it’s all pierced.”

It was definitely a human unit.

“uh? That’s right. hello. Excuse me, where is this place? We want to go to Tormia.”

“… … Where is this?”

Tess, who was shaking her shoulders, shouted.


“You didn’t even know that! You idiots!”

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