Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 872

All those fights (3)

By the time Havitz fully recovered, demons from all over the world gathered in the central continent.

Led by the six legionnaires, 220 million troops of Hell’s army gathered in the kingdom of Gallon.

220 million.

It was an unbelievable decrease compared to the original army.

“I looked down on Pagye too much.” The ability to disrupt the system was creating more than arithmetic figures.

Garold, who destroyed the South, and Sirone, who destroyed Gustaf.

“Even a guy named Lian is picky.” Natasha approached Vulcan, who was pensive with the world map open.

“Are you that strong?”

“strong? Not being able to approach it with such a concept would be if it belonged to strength, but… …

When simply converted into numbers, there would be no human who could surpass Natasha’s fighting ability.

“It’s like the joker in a card game. Rules different from the existing rules apply. This is tricky to deal with.”

Sumodo has arrived.

“Having the Joker doesn’t necessarily mean winning the game. Of course, it would be advantageous.”

“okay. And now we have the Joker.”

Habitz was sitting on the bed in the commander’s barracks, feeding Deris’ child with a bottle.


Harvitz seemed curious about the child.

‘Existence connected to the law outside the law. Havitz’s vanishing is clearly a part of the apostasy.’

Sumodo asked.

“What are you going to do?”

Now that the Gustav Empire was destroyed, there was no place for them to return.

“Advance. The central continent is the Gobi. If you penetrate here, you can reach Zion via the southern continent.”

By that time, humans would have been roughly organized.

The 220 million troops of Hell’s army were newly reorganized into 6 corps and started a war.

The momentary lockdown of Harvits bought the temple time, but the situation was still tight.

“Sir General! The 13th Brigade is annihilated! Hell’s army is moving south beyond the Argant Mountains!”

“Destroy the 8th Division! The scale of damage reaches 30,000 people.”

In response to the news arriving one after another, the commanders reconstructed the strategic situation board in real time.

Iruki bit his lip.

‘no method.’

It is often said that humans have no limits.

However, Iruki realized how arrogant and trivial his words were.

‘doesn’t exist! There really isn’t!’

No matter where he looked, there was no place to sound the news of victory.

Even a fool could win any battle if he had 220 million demons.


And the enemy Iruki faced was the best gambler who had beaten all the ‘card players’.

“Cheuk, I can see it, I can see it.” He hadn’t met face to face yet, but Vulcan seemed to know about the person named Iruki.

Sumodo asked.

“Is this the limit for the military of the holy war?” “no. the guy is a genius He honestly, without the crowd flag he might have turned around.”

“It must be a joke. What is the difference between the troops… …

Of course, it’s a joke because it’s not real, but honestly, Balkan couldn’t guarantee the outcome.

“You have a weakness.”

The Balkans have moved their armies on the map.

“The efficiency of war is being calculated in terms of human values. so you can’t win 100,000 lives. I’m sure a lifetime would not be enough to recount their lives, but… …

Six corps formed a radial formation.

“In war, it’s just 100,000. It’s just 100,000 lives that can be said in one second.”

Just as chess is played and the pieces are put into the box, humans are only tools in war.

“Okay, I moved like this. Then the other side will not even be able to breathe and will be in agony.”

The III Corps advanced 100 kilometers.

Sumodo shook his head at Balkan’s bad taste.

“Quack. How are you, kid?”

Vulcan raised his head and aimed at Iruki.

“Is war fun?” Iruki hit the table with a bang.


In the meantime, reports of the temple army’s defeat were arriving one after another.

“The capital of Gallon has been captured. Casualties are estimated to exceed 300,000.”


My mind was confused by the weight of life.

‘I’m going to kill you.’ Gray hair continued to grow, and now Iruki’s hair was almost gray.

“I, I… …

It was absolutely taboo for the general military to show frustration, but Iruki was already in a state of fascination.


The commander who assisted him by his side approached this rookie and handed him a strong drink.

“Please eat. Cool down a bit first.”

Iruki burst into laughter.

“You want a drink? Do you know that hundreds of thousands of lives and deaths come and go under my orders?”

Who would follow a drunk man’s strategy?

“So drink it.” The commander put a bottle of alcohol in.

“If a person holding hundreds of thousands of lives gets drunk just because he drank a little, then he probably doesn’t have military qualifications.”

Iruki looked back at the commander.

“Your strategy is great. No one in the temple can think like you. but… … This is war.”

The commander brought out the words contained in his heart.

“It doesn’t matter how many die. If blood doesn’t win anyway, everyone will die. The reason Valkyrie follows you is not to live, but to win.”

As Iruki slowly accepted the bottle, the commander bent down and begged.

“Please win.”

Iruki, who was staring at the commander, opened the lid of the bottle and drank it in.


have to be a devil

‘If it’s for victory… …

As the thought expanded, several previously invisible elements came together in my head.

I still couldn’t see a way to win, but at least I seemed to be able to get a chance to destroy them.

‘The problem is time. If you don’t make it ASAP… …

I had no choice but to trust Nade.

“It’s been a while, Nade.”

Richard, the chairman of the Ainka Foundation, greeted Nade from a luxurious carriage.

To the left and right of Nade, who was neatly dressed in a suit, the secretary of Nade’s county secretary assisted.

“okay. A lot has changed, Richard of Alchemy.”

Richard shrugged.

“Kuh-kuh, embarrassingly, your nickname during school days. let’s go anyway I heard you’re busy… …

It was a place Richard arranged to receive investment from wealthy people from all over the world.

Even though the funding required to develop an elemental bomb alone is astronomical, the current crusade has run out of time.

A situation where a project that would normally take three years or more to design must be completed in a few months.

The only way to save time was money.

“Everyone is waiting.”

Entering the VIP room of a high-class bar, the world’s richest people were sitting arrogantly waiting for the two of them.

“Sorry for being late. My name is Ainka Richards, Chairman of the Ainka Pension Foundation.”

Nade lowered his head.

“I am West Nade, the representative of the Nade military industry. i look forward to.”

After each self-introduction, Nade put various documents on the table.

“As mentioned above, the value of the elemental bomb is strong enough to change the future of mankind. If you invest in the temple, Ned stopped talking as he raised his head.

“Hehe! Stay still.”

“Oh, yes. Don’t push it too hard.”

The rich people with at least two top-notch call girls next to them didn’t even listen to Nade’s words.

“If you invest in the temple, we will guarantee you a return of at least 1,200 percent.”

Nade calmly finished his words.

Anyway, they must have reviewed all the risks that can be looked at through personal channels.

Although the investment value is appealing, the concept of an elemental bomb itself will not appeal to you very much.

‘Iruki’s element decay theory becomes an innovative technology that can change the future.’

A bomb with power that transcends magic.

When it was commercialized, the vested interests who controlled the world would have no choice but to undergo a tectonic shift.

said the bald man.

“Ah, are you done? The briefing was very impressive. So, you want to get investment from us?”

“yes. The world is under threat. Please lend your strength to the cause.”

Of course, it sounds like the seeds won’t be eaten.

“Yes, yes. I know what you mean

yes. By the way, are you from Alpheas Magic School?”

“Ah yes. It is.”

“Isn’t there a singer named Maya from there? You know why, it’s a hot topic among young kids these days.”

A long-haired man sitting across from me interrupted.

“uh? Do you know Maya too? I’ve seen it once before, and it really kills me.”

“ha ha ha! Aren’t they the current soldiers’ number one idol? Yes, do you know anyway?”

Nade said, blinking.

“Yes, I am a classmate from school. But why Maya?”

Todd pointed at Nade and winked.

“Can I bring one? It was said that it was dirty with the theme of a performance agency. It seems like you believe in the temple and play around, but then you should know that you will go to the goal.”

“Hey, Maya is… …

“Why is this? Aren’t good things good? Shouldn’t we help each other and live for the sake of mankind? If you bring Maya, I’ll be happy with her.”

At that moment, Nade heard the sound of his reason breaking.

“Oh, sir… … !” As the electricity surged through his body, Richard jumped up and walked over to Todd.

Before he had time to speak, he grabbed the wine bottle from the table and hit Todd on the head.


The heavy liquor bottle shattered and Todd fell under the chair clutching his head.

As Nade watched blankly, Richard said, shaking his bloody palms.

“Does Alpheas Magic School look funny? How dare you touch my classmate?”

Todd pointed.

“You, you son of a bitch! do you know who i am Ainka Foundation! Do you think it will be all right?”

“You’d better make sure you understand the situation. Do you look funny because you are a singer? Do you know where the Maya mates are doing now?”

The riders that Sirone graduated from are also called the golden generation at Alpheas Magic School.

“you… … you… … !”

When Todd was speechless, with several figures popping up in his mind, Richard shouted as he went to the door.

“Nade! let’s go! to these guys

What future do you entrust?”

“huh? uh, yes.”

Nade, who left the high-end bar, grabbed Richard’s shoulder as he strangled ahead.

“Hey, wait. What are you going to do?”

“You? Bald is lucky. If I hadn’t broken his head, you would have killed him.”

Nade couldn’t deny it.

“How are your hands? Let’s start with disinfection.”

“it’s okay. Richard of Alchemy, you know my body? Anyway, let’s get our hands on this one. It’s not like there are only rich people in the world.”

“okay. Let’s find another investor.” Since it was Maya, no one else, Ned also gave up his lingering feelings and walked to the carriage.

“excuse me.”

At that time, a sharp-looking man wearing horn-rimmed glasses approached with restrained steps.

“Are you sure, Mr. Westnade?”

Nade looked back at Richard once and replied.

“yes. I am Nade.”

“okay. Rumor has it that they are recruiting investors.”

“Who are you?”

It may not be a secret anymore, but very few people knew about the elemental bomb.

“I think we can finance it. If you have any thoughts, could you please take a minute?”

Richard asked.

“Funding? I don’t know what rumors I heard, but it’s not an amount that one person would invest.”

“it’s possible. whatever it was.” The man smiled and took a coin from his inside pocket and threw it at Nade.

“This is my business card.”


Nade’s eyes sparkled as he examined the coin, and Richard opened his mouth in surprise.

“The golden ring.”

Fermi’s face came to mind.

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