Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 870

All those fights (1)

In a situation where the eyes of the entire excavation team exerted unspoken pressure, Dorothy spoke frankly.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

When reminiscing about her school days at a drinking party, Dorothy would always mention Iruki.

I didn’t criticize anyone because I knew her heart, but I had to distinguish between public and private.

“I know I have no choice but to accept it anyway.”

said Canis.

“But if things were turned upside down due to personal feelings, I should at least apologize to Iruki.”

Sabina twisted her lips.

“Do I need to be so persistent? Good is good, let’s solve it first.”

“The reason I joined the team is not because of the money, but because of the legacy. There is no compensation in this way.”

Each person’s values ​​are different, so even Sabina couldn’t stop them.

“Kanis, let’s just step back.” Arin said.

“Anyway, they are classmates from the same school. Irruki will have a lot to think about.”

Kanis was more surprised than sad.

“Why suddenly? Aside from emotions, it’s the right thing when it comes to the order of things.”

Arin turned to Dorothy.

“You know? What happened to Iruki?”

All eyes were on Dorothy, her lips lowered.

“Iruki… … They say you might die.” Closer wrinkled his brow.

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know the details either. However, if the brain continues to be overloaded as it is, it could lead to brain death… …

said Canis.


The blue electricity that flashed in Iruki’s eyes during his magic school days remained in his memory.

Arin sighed.

“Iruki is unique among Servants. I thought it wouldn’t last long. If it’s true, you shouldn’t be on the battlefield anymore. I need a break.”

Closer snorted.

“Is that guy like that? Besides, he’s the total military commanding the holy war. Over-incubation will inevitably take place.”

Sabina smiled bitterly.

“By the way, you are really great too. You know that, but you still want to meet him?”

Dorothy bowed her head.

“It’s not something I’m going to say as a team leader, but can I help this rookie? I’ll beg you.”


When Arin turned around, Canis was showing her displeasure.

“… … An idiot.” How could the world fight for humanity even while destroying its own brain?


Kanis raised her hands to show her willingness to surrender.

“Let’s do whatever he asks. Can we just leave here?”

A voice was heard outside the temporary building.

“no. It will be difficult if you guys leave.” When Iruki opened the door and came in, everyone looked surprised.

“Iruki… …

Iruki, who had been quietly accepting the sympathy eyes they sent, smiled.

“I knew it would be like this.”

It was already customary to treat a corpse.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes. Because my brain is still intact. It’s not like I’m crazy about wanting to die.”

Canis shot.

“Who cares? By the way, if you leave, you will be in trouble. What do you mean by that?”

“It is literally. You guys should stay here and help me with my work.”

That was the reason for revealing the secret.

“There’s a level to this that makes people laugh.”

“I’m sorry for interrupting your dream.” Kanis, who was about to get up,

stopped abruptly

“Honestly, just fighting the demons is daunting. I desperately need someone to help me. There is nothing like Dong Chang. I think I can trust you guys.”

Iruki’s brain would be much more comfortable if he took over any part of it instead.

“Tsk, it will be like that from the beginning.”

When Canis sat back down on the chair and made a sullen expression, Arin smiled brightly.

Sabina asked.

“Okay, now that it’s like this, I’ll do my best to help. What are we going to mine?”

“It’s the radioactive material that goes into the atomic bomb. Partners will arrive. Of course you guys lead. As long as you can fill the target amount, you can protect the dwarf ruins.”

Canis joined the conversation.

“How urgent is the matter?”

“Nade is already designing the production line through the company. I will receive the cooperation of Ainka Pension.”

“Ainka, Richard’s father?” Alchemy’s Richard, who was a member of the Ring of Gold, graduated in the same rank as Sirone.

“no. Richard is now the owner. My father, Mr. Marto, is in charge of the superhuman project at the Valkyrie Weapons Development Department.”

“It’s almost like a class reunion.”

It also meant that Iruki was cornered.

“I will return to the temple. I will focus all my energy on stopping the army of hell. I can’t afford to think of anything else. I will leave this place to you.”

Dorothy asked.

“How do I report progress?”

“Once the production line is stable, Nade will come down as soon as possible. Discuss the details with him.” Sabina supported her chin with both of her hands.

“Everyone is working hard.”

Their efforts would be a medicine that prolongs life for Iruki.

Closer shouted.

“Okay, let’s do it! Let’s overturn the mountain range!”

A hot flame was burning in each person’s heart as they recalled the competition in their school days.

Havitz’s army was vertically terminating the Ferris Kingdom, which could be called the center of the Central Continent.

“good! Time is power!”

Before gathering the demons scattered all over the world, he intended to push Balkan as far as possible.

While the soldiers of the temple were being trampled on by the demons, the one who stood out the most was Havitz.

“Hoo-wook! Whoop!”

Sitting on a horse and taking a deep breath, a large army of 10,000 was put in front of his eyes.

But no one knew that Havitz was approaching.

Even until they reached the commander, the knights of the Royal Guard did not move.

“Listen to the proud Valkyrie army!”

As the commander shouted, Havitz’s sword cut his throat.

“we… … Kuck. we are… …

Why are the words not coming out?

The knights of the Royal Guard looked back with puzzled expressions, and then shouted with shocked eyes.


His neck had already fallen and he was rolling on the floor, but the commander’s expression didn’t seem to even notice it.

“Jin, advance… …

I was out of breath.

“What happened? Who the hell!”

In the field of view of the guardsman who raised his head, he saw a red light rising like a flame.

As the light faded, what appeared was Havitz riding a horse.

“It’s the emperor! Kill!”

All the knights of the Royal Guard rushed at the appearance of a factor that made them forget even the commander’s death.

At the same time, a red haze rose from Habitz’s body, revealing the incarnation of Satan.

Incarnation art? Vanishing (non-existent incident).


The knights who had lost sight of Harbitz stopped charging and looked around, but in an instant, the heads of seven fell.

“uh? uh’?”

What was surprising to the point of losing consciousness was the fact that none of the dead were aware of what had happened to them.

“what’s this! What the hell!”

“Sat, Tommy… …

The shouter’s colleague said with a terrified expression.

“You, your face… …


As if cut by Havitz’s sword, the top of his head to his left cheekbone had fallen off.

“What am I?”

Half of my field of vision must have disappeared, but it was so scary that I didn’t realize it.

“You, you die… …

Before he could finish his words, the guardsman’s face fell off and his eyes were peeled off and he died.

“Uh, uh… … Aaaaaa!”

The lifeguard knight, mad with shock and fear, screamed, but he did not realize it.

The fact that his lower body was already separated.

Vulcan heard the sound of the temple’s army causing a commotion in the distance and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Havitz has awakened.”

It wasn’t that he turned transparent or that he was using magic.

‘The incident itself does not exist.’

Because it moves outside the law, those inside the law cannot even perceive it.

Even if they break a finger, they won’t be surprised that their finger is broken.

“That is Satan.”

Crystal of Chaos.

Havitz swept through the armies of the Crusade, far from the armies of Hell.

‘It is connected.’


The truth he realized while swallowing a woman’s breast milk was a fragment of the world’s core secret.

‘If you put your mind to it, you can do anything… … what can be connected.

“Aaaaaa! Gee, it’s hell! This is Hell!”

Habitz jumped off the galloping horse and started slashing at the soldiers.

“you! oh my head… … !”

Havitz, who had been cutting off the soldier’s head until he was exhausted, suddenly knelt down and closed his eyes.


infinitely free

Waking up, he lifted his eyelids and slowly stood up, and all the soldiers turned around.


Havitz, who penetrated into their cognition, was indifferent even when he saw the large army stabbing through the window.

“If we are connected, even death… …

With a loud noise, a spear pierced Havits and bounced out of his back.

“It is just a form of life.”

The soldier shouted in disbelief.

“Got it! My, I killed it!”

A large army of hell rushed in from the rear, shouting “Kuaaaa! Punish the humans!” In an instant, the army of the temple was swept away, and Vulcan found Havitz lying on the floor.

He was bleeding as he was pierced by a spear.


Officially, Zetaro, the military surgeon, hurriedly turned his horse’s head to Vulcan.

“why! why! What happened… … I”

He too was shocked to see Harvits.

“Habits! shit! What is Si-ok doing!”

“Already come. I sent it.” Despite the amount of blood loss, there was no sign of fear on Havitz’s face.

“This is tricky. Natasha, pull out this spear.”

Natasha came over.

“what? Did it break through the window?”

Saying nothing, she grabbed the spear and pulled it out. Sparks flew from Havitz’s eyes.

“it’s okay. Let’s start with first aid.” Habitz, who watched as Zetaro took out the tool from his bag, said in a hoarse voice.

“Hey, doctor.”


“Is there any way to save me?” Zetaro, who slowly turned his head with shaking pupils, looked at Harbitz and swallowed.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

Habitz’s eyes were shining brightly.

‘I am Yein. This must be funny.’

Zetaro put his hand in his bag and rummaged through something while clearing his voice.

“Hmm, so, first of all, how to do first aid… …

Zetaro’s eyes suddenly glowed with madness, and he frantically stabbed Havitz in the stomach with the scalpel in his hand.

“How do I know that!” As the blade slammed into place, Harvits burst into laughter as she grimaced in pain.

“Puhehehe! Puhehehehe!”

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Balkan grabbed Zetaro, who was doing his best, and threw it backwards.

“You madman! what are you doing!”

Blood dripped from Havitz’s mangled stomach.

“Habits! Wake!”

Balkan, who confirmed that he had lost consciousness, glared at Zetaro, baring his teeth.

“you… …

“Oh, no, Harvits likes it.” Vulcan sighed.

“Retreat at once. The priority is to treat Havitz.”

After Havitz awakened, even Vulcan couldn’t even guess the basis for the judgment.

‘Sheesh, I’m stuck here.’ For the first time, the army of hell stopped marching.

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