Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 866

Groggy (2)

The name of the man managing the nameless shelter was a wizard named Veterus.

He didn’t reveal anything other than his name, but he smelled like a soldier from the way he commanded the shelter.


If he was a famous wizard, he would have heard of it, but he had never heard of it.

Shirone, who was more knowledgeable about the wizarding society than Rian, did not react much, but even if he knew, it would have been the same.

“now! Get the tent work done quickly. It will rain tonight.” The person who actually led the survivors was Shelter’s second-in-command, a woman named Marine.

She was also a soldier, but looking at her relationship with Veterus, it seemed like they hadn’t known each other before.

‘Is it a deserter?’

Hell’s armies are so powerful that running away is not something anyone can do.

He had left the unit before the battle, and it was reasonable to think so.

“Hey, newcomer! You guys come quickly and help! Unless you want to sleep outside!”

Perhaps it was the aftermath of a typhoon that landed on the Gustav Empire, and it often rained in the Central Continent.

Since the war horse had already been handed over, Lian decided to stay in the shelter until the rain stopped.

“Get out of the way, I’ll do it.”

With 100 survivors, it was too much for them to clear the bodies and collect food from nearby areas.

The shelter was still a mess, and above all, heavy building debris was obstructing the work.

When Lian lifted a rock the size of a human torso, people’s eyes changed.


When Lian lightly threw a rock with a rock over his shoulder, it flew several meters and landed with a thump.

Marin, sensing the power of the schema, asked.

“Do you have enough strength? I wondered why he was carrying such a large sword. Who did you learn from?”

Although he was influenced by numerous swordsmen, there was no one he could call his master.

“well. If you have to say, from everything?”

Lian laughed as if he thought it was a philosophy that didn’t suit him even if he said it himself.

Marin also frowned slightly and asked if he thought he was being c*cky.

“What is your name?”

Rian looked back at Sirone.

Even when people stared at him, he didn’t care, he just seemed lost in thought.

‘It will take some time.’

Leaving quietly was the way for Sirone.

“just… …

When Lian stopped talking, Marin was even more displeased.

“it’s okay. Being expensive.”

Since he was going to leave after the rain stopped, she didn’t ask any further questions.

“hey! There kid!”

A man in his mid-40s who was cleaning up debris on the floor couldn’t stand it and pointed at Sirone.

“I can’t see everyone working now! Do you know that you are still a noble? Hurry up and help!”

Sirone did not respond.


The memories of being born as a mountaineer’s child and becoming the five great stars of the Ivory Tower passed by quickly.

‘Something like me.’

A self-deprecating smile appeared, which came as an insult to the man.

“This kid is really… …


The ground trembled as the huge rock crashed.

While the man turned around with a surprised expression, Lian threw a rock twice as big as before and said,

“Leave me alone. Shouldn’t I work twice as much as my friend?”


The man clenched his fists, but when he saw the size of the rock Lian had thrown, he let go of his anger.

“Sheesh! Unlucky child!”

When Lian continued to work without muttering even after hearing the curse, Marin approached him.

“Why is your friend like that? Did you lose your mind from the shock of the war?”

It wasn’t exactly wrong.

“It’s similar.”

The woman clicked her tongue.

“It’s good that you survived. How are you going to live in the future with such a weakness?”

Ryan was worried about that too.

‘I’m very tired.’

beaten by the world

Just because he didn’t kneel and endured until the end doesn’t mean that the spot he was beaten doesn’t hurt.

Can Sirone love the world again?

“It’s so pitiful.”

Veterus, who was supervising from a distance, passed Lian and quickly approached Sirone.

Ryan said in a low tone.


But Veterus didn’t care and lit a flame in front of Sirone.

At the same time, the body of Marin who was next to him froze as the murderous blood that rose from Lian.


My heart felt as if my heart would burst as the screams rising from my stomach choked my throat.

When Veterus casts a fireball outside the shelter instead of Sirone, Lian’s lifespan disappeared like a lie.


The feeling of the tension disappearing was like an orgasm, and I let out a moan.

‘What was it? The feeling from a while ago… … It was a stimulus and a feeling that exceeded the category that could be imagined based on experience.

Rian’s eyes were fixed on Veterus.

“Did you see it? That is magic.” Sirone didn’t even turn his head.

“What do you think I must have done to acquire this ability? I trained my mind every day and trained without rest.”

Veterus’ eyes were filled with disgust.

“It was an unimaginable pain for someone like you. Still, he gritted his teeth and endured. Even in a world like this, they struggle to survive somehow.”

For the first time, Sirone’s gaze turned to Veterus.

“Do you know why I hate you? Because it is selfish. If I were you, I would have stood up no matter how hard it was! I would have done anything!”

“I guess so. but… …

Sirone said weakly.

“You are not me.”

Veterus, who was very feverish, grabbed Sirone by the collar and pulled him.

“wake up! Nothing is impossible! You can’t do anything because you’re soaked in defeat! Don’t expect someone to do it for you, grit your teeth and move!”

“I don’t want to do anything.”

Sirone’s body seemed to be stuck to the floor, and Veterus roughly threw his neck.

“Sheesh! Do you know how good the world is? Who isn’t having a hard time here? You don’t have to at least pretend.”

Sirone pulled her leg and fell into thought.

‘ I see.’

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much pain you endure, no one understands Sirone’s life.

How will Betelus react when he hears the name of the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower?

‘word! word! word! I’m sick of it.’

Since Sirone was also a human, she couldn’t help but hate the demons who slaughtered people.

But on the other hand, I wondered if we were so great at defining the whole by looking at one side of a person.

‘If it’s not something I’ll live for… …

Humans need to be a little more silent about others.

“You pitiful bastard. Watching until today Get out of here as soon as it dawns tomorrow.” Veterus was still angry, but Marin finally felt the seriousness of the situation.

Lian’s life was only for a moment, but it was enough to change her mind, having survived in the army.

“Veterus, look at me for a second.”

“what’s the matter?”

Just when I thought Marin’s face was not good, I heard the sound of a flying object outside the shelter.

“Hahaha! found! Human, human!”

When the survivors looked up pale, they saw red things flying outside the unfinished tent.

“Eh, it’s a demon.”

It was unexpected that demons had come to a place where there were only a little over 100 humans.

“Damn it! Everyone in a defensive posture……

Before Veterus could give instructions, dozens of fireballs fell and devastated the surroundings.

“Aww! Save people!”

Sirone and Lian were the only ones who did not move in the shelter that had become a mess.

“Don’t burn! You have to eat!” Seeing the number of Demons who landed on the ground folding their wings, Veterus trembled.

‘Too many… …

Well over thirty.

However, that was Betelus’s standard, and Sirone and Lian didn’t have it.

‘It’s not an army. The other side is also a deserter.’

There was no emotional agitation for the two people who had dealt with at least 10,000 to 10,000,000 units.

The demons, over 2 meters tall and with long spear-like tails, stroked the stomach and spoke in human language.

“I thought it was a joke here too, but I thought there were humans. I thought she was dying of hunger, but that’s great.”

“what? There’s a girl over there too! Kiki Kiki!”

Veterus realized that the explosion of fireballs had come at a very bad time.

‘damn! Because of that guy… … !’

When he turned his head with bitter eyes, Sirone’s still indifferent face looked even more hateful.

“There are quite a few people. Don’t give me a choice.”

As if they were enjoying entertainment after a long time, the demons relaxed and pointed at people.

“First, it only eats half of it for us. Second, each person cuts off one arm and one leg and offers it.”

No matter what you choose, it would be enough for 30 demons to eat.

“Give me time. Coordinating opinions… …

“What’s so great about coordination? You seem to be the leader, but make your own decisions.”

Veterus swallowed.

As long as the first condition was to sacrifice only half, he could live unconditionally.

‘All I have to do is put up with a moment of shame.’

Marin’s eyes conveyed the same meaning.

“I’ll save half of it.”

“Puhehehe! OK, that’s fun too. Then, would you pick out those who will be eaten quickly? We are very hungry.”

It’s probably going to be a difficult decision, but choosing the first victim was all too easy.

Veterus pointed at Sirone.

“That guy.”

“Wow, this guy is so cold? Without even thinking about it! good anyway Hey, you win!”

Sirone did not move.

“hey! come this way! The captain here sold you!”

“Puhehehe! I was terrified. Okay, if you’re escaping reality, I’ll have to wake you up.”

The demons standing behind slammed the reptilian claws on the ground and approached Sirone.

“Hey, hey, kid! Wake.”

The demon with a convex smile shook his shoulders, but Sirone didn’t even turn his head.

“Cheuk, I’m completely out of my mind

The Demon, who bent his side at 90 degrees and peered into Sirone’s face, stopped talking.

A very long silence ensued.

“What are you doing? bring it quickly We are hungry.”

The demon’s lips opened softly.

“uh… …

It seemed like he was choosing his words, but in reality, nothing came to his mind.

“Uh, uh… …

The demon, who had been walking backwards slowly with a terrified expression, thumped his butt.

“OMG… … Aaaaaa… …

It was the first time that the survivors, even Veterus and Marin, who had served in the army, were terrified by the demons.

‘Why are you like that?’

As if not knowing that he had fallen, the demon’s legs were still pretending to take a backward step.

“Run away, run away.”

“escape? Why do we run away… …

Before he could finish his words, the demon in front of Sirone crawled on the floor with both hands and shouted.

“Yahweh daaaaa!”

Sirone turned her head.

The moment they checked his face, the demons remembered the heavy rain of light that fell on the Gustav Empire.


The moment they spread their wings all at once, screaming with a face that had lost their soul.


“At your height?????!”

As the screams stopped, the demons stopped moving.

“You guys, come over here for a second.”

In front of Yahweh, who blew up the entire empire, he couldn’t even think of running away.

As the 30 Demons walked away, paying attention, Veterus’s face went blank.


A story like a myth that I heard a lot in the military.

“Infinite Mage?”

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