Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 864

rain (4)

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When the magnetic shield sent from the ark was released, the Jincheon army finally advanced to Gustaf’s capital.

The army had no words, and could not invent words.

“Is it like this?”

No trace of demons could be found in the world that was completely flattened by particles of light.

Absolutely overwhelming victory.

“What the hell are we talking about!” Victory for what?

The phenomenon that transcended the limits of human physics and arithmetic left them helpless.

“The countless soldiers who have fought so far! The people of Jincheon who died innocently! we are!”

There was not even anything to complain about.

“What are you here for!”

If one man’s anger was all that was needed to end the world, what would be the hearts of those who remained?

Yahweh’s wrath erased the Gustav Empire from the map, leaving a sense of collapse in the world.

“Captain! The storm is getting stronger!”

A powerful storm corresponding to category six rode the continent, but there was nothing to fly away.

Tarak! Tat tat tat!

Shirone, who fell asleep deep in the ground, heard the sound of rain falling into a dream.


Though not in her memory, her body knew that So Jeong-hwa’s lightdrops had destroyed the world.

” are you okay?”

Hear Ryan’s voice in the dark



As I inquired without thinking about finding where he was, a torch was lit on the right.

Dozens of people were sitting in a space over 30 pyeong that Ryan had dug out.

Fear and resentment were mixed in their expressions as they looked at Sirone.

Gustaf was a place protected by demons, and now they have lost even their place to live.

Ryan said looking up at the ceiling.

“A typhoon is blowing. Let’s stay here for the time being.”

It was a strong wind that Lian had never seen before, but since there was nothing built on the ground, it would quickly recede.

“I want to go.”

Sirone said weakly.

“Let’s go.” Lian looked at Sirone, who was lowering her head with a somber expression, and was lost in her thoughts.

He is obviously the number one contributor to the victory, but I also understood the desire to get away from the people of Gustaf.

“Okay, let’s go.”

When Lian got up, the old man murmured.

“You are crazy. It will be blown away by the wind.”

“If rain breaks through the ground, collect water. If you hold out for two days, the typhoon will disappear.”

Because it was Lian who made a shelter in the basement with a few knife cuts, people didn’t stop it anymore.

“Get on your back.”

When Lian leaned forward, Sirone shook her head.

“I can go alone. And you’ll have to cast magic to get across the storm.”

“No, get some more rest. You are very tired. I’m going to break through with axing. get carried away by me.”

Sirone, the world’s strongest magician, can recover his mental power with just a few hours of sleep.

But what hurt him was his heart.

After thinking for a moment, Sirone sat on his back as if he had made up his mind, and Lian stood up.

‘It’s so light.’

Although Lian could lift a rock, his friend’s body surprisingly did not feel the weight.

It seemed to have dried up.

“let’s go.”

I held the straight sword in my right hand against the ceiling and pushed it upward with all my might, and a hole was punched through.

With people staring blankly at him, Lian escaped the shelter with a single leap.

Woo woo woo woo!

A strong wind hit the two, but Lian’s body, which had been denied, was not pushed away.

It was pouring rain, and the angle of the raindrops was almost level.


Lian, who held a large sword in front of him to cut through the wind, asked as he slowly moved his steps.

“where should we go?”

Sirone hugged Lian’s neck like a child who had lost her place to lean on.

“… … Lian.”

After walking aimlessly for 10 minutes, Si Lone spoke.

“Aren’t you resentful of me?”

Ryan thought.

‘If you say you’re not resentful… … Will Sirone believe it?

Even if it was an unavoidable situation, is it possible that there is no hatred for the person who killed his family?

“I am sad that my brother died.”

Her voice was drowned out by the sound of the wind, but Sirone was listening through Lian’s back.

“I wanted to talk more. But Sirone, I do not resent you.”

“Because you took an oath to be a knight?”

“It could be… …

Ryan said honestly.

“But there’s nothing like a knight’s oath. There are countless knights in the world, and they betray their lord. The reason I don’t blame you is not because I took an oath to be a knight, but because you are my lord.”

Sirone was so tired that he couldn’t immediately recall the difference between the two cases.

“It’s not your fault. If you decide to do something, I believe there must be a very big and deep reason that I haven’t thought of.”

“It’s a cause.”

Sirone hugged Lian’s neck tightly.

“Will my family think so too?” Ryan couldn’t answer.

“Can Rayna noona, Grandpa Klumph, and Uncle Bischoff believe me?”

“Let’s go to the ivory tower.”

The wizards of the Ivory Tower would be able to soothe Sirone’s heart.

“I’m going to Tormia.”


“I will go to the Ogent family and ask for forgiveness. I don’t think I can do anything until then.”

Lian silently turned slowly.

Woo woo woo woo!

A typhoon hit the two with a burning sound.

There was nothing on the ground.

The sea of ​​Jincheon was on fire.

“Kuaaa!” In the midst of the flames, Mitura, the commander of the 8th corps, fought with all his might, but it was not enough to stop the four warriors.

“Oh, demons… …

Shouldn’t it be open now?

“The lesser one.”

Soaring 100 meters into the air, Minerva sucked in the smoking pipe and emitted smoke.

When the combustible gas created a fire and chemical reaction, an explosion occurred that blew away the entire sea.


Mithura, burning in steam, roared with his limbs spread out.

“I will kill them all!”

Amanta of the Balance Department led the way.

“It’s a bluff. keep going.”

As he predicted, the Pandemonium did not open, and the remaining three launched an all-out attack.

“Keah! Whoops!”

Mitura was miserable.

“why… …

Can’t open the demon realm?

Even if he pushed his heart with the determination to self-destruct, it only converged to the limit and could not reach his destination.

“It seems that the state of mind is separate from strength.”

Fried raised his sword and charged.

“But sometimes that’s all.” Although they do not have the ability to open the demon realm, Oh Dae-seong is a person whose convictions transcend death.

“Can you tell me why I can’t open the Pandemonium?”

Mithura, bound by the Law of Singh, looked up at Fried as he soared into the sky.

“The things you can’t open, the things you can’t open.”

The mind is truly mysterious.


Mitura shouted, the Pandemonium did not open, and Fried’s sword cut his throat.

Mithura’s face, which fell into the sea with a plunge, was sunk into the abyss with a surprised expression.

“It is over.”

As soon as Fried drew his sword, three five great stars quickly flew around.

“The demons have fled. What happened?”

Mitura was an unprepared bastard, but it was unusual for him to disobey the command of the army commander and scatter.

“It must have been related to Gustav. With Sirone gone, it must have been resolved in some way.”

It was not long before they heard the news about So Jung-hwa and were shocked.

Thing said.

“Let’s leave this to Jincheon and return to the Ivory Tower. We need to come up with measures later.”

There was no disagreement, and the four Daesungs headed straight across the sea to the North Pole.

Jincheon survived.

The 11th Corps, which occupied the south, was fighting a fierce battle chasing a party of only three people.

The corps commanders had already been annihilated by Gaold, but they still had over 10 million troops.

“There! Kill!”

Gaold wearing a tattered coat, Gangnan standing by his side, and Zulu summoning a cougar prepared for battle.

Gangnan said.

“Leave this to us. Get some rest.”

Gaold’s condition was serious, his hair was white and his bones were adjacent.

“Are you going to rest?”

There was no rest in Ga Old’s life at the point of refusing eternal rest.

“what is that?”

As always, Gaold marched straight ahead toward the oncoming army.

The power of apostasy will annihilate the demons, but Gaold’s magic guarantees pain.

‘I can hold on.’

If you come this far and give up, wouldn’t it be too unfair for the years you’ve endured?


Gaold’s eyes turned upwards.

‘Air press.’

Pain is… … .


When you open your eyes, what you see is completely different from the demons surrounding you.

the smell of the air.

‘ what?’

The hideous demons with blades instead of arms charged at Gaold.


I fired the air gun reflexively, and the grotesquely twisted body was torn to shreds.

‘Where are you?’

With his mind unorganized, the brigade commander raised a hammer behind Ga Old.


Kang Nan kicked off the ground and flew up, hitting the brigade commander’s face with his knee.

The face of the monster was crushed by the power of divine transcendence, and Gangnan turned his head as soon as he landed.

“What are you doing! Open the exit quickly!”

“hour… …

Gaold, who was muttering, asked.

“What day is it today?”

Kang Nan frowned at the sudden noise, but he didn’t even have time to argue.

“The 16th! What’s the matter?”

“The 16th?”

The memory of the 4 days from the time of air press to the large army was deleted.

“Damn it.”

Although he suffered short-term memory loss after the autoreciprocal mutation, this was the first case of such an extended period.

“All attack!”

From the sky, demons wearing bat wings fired fireballs at Gaold and Gangnan.

“Gaold… … !”

At the same time as Kang Nan shouted, Gao De’s eyes lit up and the atmospheric pressure soared.


He grabbed his head and shouted, and Gangnan and Zulu, who were walking on the sandy beach, looked back.

“sick? Not too often these days

is it?”

Gaold looked around.

‘ocean. Is it the end of the island?’

I could see that Gangnan’s clothes had been burned.

“When were you hurt?”

“I only got a little burnt while breaking through the siege in the morning. We were together. What’s the matter?”

This time it was about 6 hours.

Zulu, realizing that Gaold’s condition was strange, spoke taciturnly.

“Tell me why. We need to know if we want to keep fighting.”

” I am… … ”

memory is lost


When he came to his senses, he felt tremendous pain, and demons surrounded him on all sides.

“I will avenge the corps commander!” The cylindrical pillars of the air press were pushing the demons down, but Gaold was too unfamiliar.

‘What am I?’

why are you fighting?

“Retreat for now! Too many! You said that the power of apostasy is gradually diminishing.”

Was it?

‘The power has weakened?’

Because you can’t handle the pain.

“Wait a minute.”

Gaold overcame the force of force pulling on her coat and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Why again?”

” I am??????

Gaold asked with an incomprehensible expression.

“Why are you fighting?”

“To have a labyrinth. Because she wants you to fight. That’s Okay?” Gaold’s pupils shook.


… … Who was it?

Gangnan gritted his teeth and said.

“you… … Be honest. do you have something Are we hiding something?”

“Ah, the maze.”


“Nothing. It’s just that my thoughts are complicated these days. Let’s get out anyway.”

The moment Gaold took a step, Kang Nan grabbed him.


“Because it is.”

Gangnan’s eyes widened.

“Do you know? That you asked me the same question you asked me two hours ago.” Gaold was unable to answer.

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