Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 860

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Singularity (4)

Lian, who was evacuating people around the capital, suddenly felt a change.

At some point, the number of demons started to decrease, and now they couldn’t even see their noses.

“What happened?”

“Let’s take a truce for a while.”

An old man with a cane walked out from the entrance of the alley.

His cheekbones protruded from his diminutive body, and the skin clinging to his facial bones was wrinkled.

Both hands on the cane were trembling as if they were going to pay a funeral tomorrow, but Lian spread the distance.

“who is this?”

It was a demon, and Lee’s magic was on the level of being one of the few in the battles so far.

“Are you asking for my name? It is called Gaitan.”

Gaitan, commander of the 10th Army of Hell.

He was nicknamed the ruler of all sorts of filthy bugs in the demon world and the nether world.

“You are the commander of the corps.”

“Well, yes.”

Gaitan leaned on his staff and peered into the air.

“Your master seems to have negotiated with another corps commander. For the time being, demons won’t attack.”

Lian lowered his sword.

“What do you want to say?”

“I heard that you cut down Argantis, the Demon Beast. So, I want to ask you something.”

Gaitan turned his gaze to Lian.

“What do you think is at the end of the world?”

“I don’t know.”

Ryan always lives in the present.

“The devil is different from life. It’s like a system error. I don’t know why you need something like us. Maybe it wasn’t created out of necessity.”

“If you bully anything other than yourself, you don’t deserve to exist.”

Gaitan raised an eyebrow.

“I’m thinking of opening the Demon Realm.” “If you open the Demon Realm, you will never be able to come back to me. Death isn’t scary. The really scary thing is the emptiness. But humans don’t seem to know that.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Gaitan shook his head.

“No, this should be a request. I heard that your swordsmanship can even cut the meaning of existence.”

It transforms the information itself.

“Won’t you cut down my demon realm? I have mastered all the wisdom of this world. So there is no fear. Now, the only thing left is the unknown, the other side of the ball.”

Power went into Lian’s hand holding the big sword.

‘ Dangerous.’

It was best to cut it before opening the Pandemonium.

“I asked for a favor, but I can’t help but do it. Yes, let this also be my wisdom.”

At the same time as he finished speaking, Lian twisted his back and swung his great sword.

Gaitan’s head fell off with a single knife, and then the buildings in the back rumble rumble rumble.

After falling to the ground, Gaitan’s face rolled over and he continued talking while turned upside down.

“Because of what… …

Gaitan’s eyes filled with white.

“They imprison us in this stuffy illusion?”

Demon World, Palapinas.

Gaitan’s face quickly rotted away and turned into a collection of black dots.

Subsequently, even the body was dyed black as if it were being burned, and then it was released into smoke and expanded to a radius of several hundred meters.


It wasn’t smoke.

Weing! Weing! Weing! Weing!

Its shape resembles a fly, but its suction power, which clings to Lian’s body and sucks blood, was like a snake bite.


Following the trajectory of the great sword he swung, his vision opened, but countless insects were already covering the capital.


It was another form of irritation with Argantis.

? * ?

‘Ogent Guy.’

In terms of being Lian’s older brother, Sirone also had a ripple in his heart.

However, since he had already lost his reason in madness when he met him the other day, he did not reap his cold eyes.

“what? Are the two of you even in a relationship?” Seeing the bizarre sight of the corps commander and Sirone together, Gai put the sword over his shoulder and laughed.

“I heard you have authority over the prison.”

Guy looked back at Merania.


I don’t know the situation.

However, Gai found what he had to do when she kept silent with a nonchalant face.

“Yeah, I have it. So what?”

“Call Si-ok.”

“why me?”

Sirone gritted his teeth.


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“You know that. A man has fallen into hell. We have to save her.”

Still, since he was Rian’s older brother, Sirone, expecting some humanity, appealed to his emotions.

“A woman whose psychic realm was sealed. I heard about it. But isn’t it the wrong person to ask? Do you think I will release the enemy who weakened our strength?”

“You… … You are human.”

Sirone’s eyes burned terribly.

“Why are you on the side of the demons? Lian is still fighting to save humans! why do you… …


Guy stopped talking.

“Are you just appealing to family love? I feel sorry for Lian who has a guy like you as her owner.”

“I could die.”

finally freed to live.

“Puhahaha! Of course you can die. because it’s a war OK, I’ll teach you how. If you kill me, or if you can drive me to death… …

Gai aimed his scabbard at Sirone.

“Siook will appear.”

‘Rian, I’m sorry.’

Sirone closed her eyes.

‘Maybe I’ll hurt your brother.’

As he finished his thoughts, dozens of photon cannons were fired at Guy.


In an instant, the room was a mess, and Shirone cast teleportation and flew out of the castle.

Guy, who had already flung himself into the air, drew his sword and spread his arms.

“You have the ability to learn.”

It was a good decision to preemptively strike against the prosecutor.

“But you’re a little weak!”

Although he had not personally seen Sirone’s battle, he knew the number of demons who died because of his appearance.

‘200 million in one night. It’s not something that can be done with just this level of magic.’ A woman sacrificed for the world.

The price is the end of time, eternity of time in hell.

‘I’ll be angry.’

The fact that he had the key to save her was Gai’s current situation.

‘But such a clumsy attack?’ The reason why I can’t kill even though I’m angry enough to give up the level I’ve built so far… … .

‘He’s a good guy.’

Because he is Ryan’s older brother.


Rian had enough reasons to pledge a knighthood to Sirone, and that’s why he was angry.

“You idiots!”

While falling to the ground, Gai twisted his upper body and swung a powerful sword.

‘This… … !’

Sirone’s eyes widened at the rush of anticipation tearing through the landscape.


The spiers of the castle were completely blown away, and Merania, who was guarding the spot, flew into the air.

“Is it a start?”

A ray of light that curved like a torrent was pursuing Guy at terrifying speed.

“Ha ha ha! What a surprise!”

Arriving on the ground, Gai swung his sword at great speed, and the atmosphere shook.

‘It’s Lian’s skill.’

Just as the sword’s anticipation was about to strike the throat, the space distorted and Sirone’s body disappeared.

“Space travel?”

A roar of iron grinding and a single flash of light were drawing a net in the vast sky.

“It’s a good idea, but… …

Had he not given up on the realm of Yahweh, he would have manipulated time through incarnation.

“It’s just there.”

The ground where he was standing exploded and Guy moved at a terrifying speed.

It was about to catch up with the wide radius of space movement in an instant, and a vicious shock wave raged.


Watching the collapse of the capital’s buildings from the sky, Merania made a puzzled expression.

“Why are you like that?”

A photon cannon shot was not powerful enough to destroy a single block.

‘You don’t want to kill me.’

Having reached that point, Merania shed tears with a sad face.

“Look at this.”

Didn’t you already kill 200 million demons?

“You always hate us.”

“ha ha ha! Is this all!”

As Gai raised his sword, a shockwave that rose like a mountain hit Sirone.


Sirone, who defended with a wide width,

I jumped 500 meters to the east and arrived.

“too slow!”

Guy was already in front of me.

‘Let’s calm down.’

In order to summon Si-ok, Gai must at least be brought to the brink of death.

‘I have no choice but to do it!’

The photon cannon, which contained sub-light speed propulsion, vibrated terribly on Sirone’s palm.

The moment the flash of light left Sirone’s hand, Gai felt the time slow down for the first time.

Can I avoid it…?’

A huge explosion occurred due to the frictional force of the particles, and Sirone closed her eyes tightly.

In the last scenery before closing his eyes, the explosion apparently swallowed Guy’s body.

Something that couldn’t have happened if Shiok had been activated.


Hearing laughter in the haze, Sirone hurriedly opened his eyes and looked around.

Gai, whose armor was in tatters, was approaching with a mad smile.

“no way… …

As she watched her severed left arm gradually regenerate, a thought crossed her mind.

“Yes, you cannot kill me this way. But can you?

It must be quite difficult.”

The realm of Idea had been heard from Lian.

“I don’t mean to kill you.”

Sirone’s expression changed.

“I made a mistake.”

Hundreds of spheres floated around Sirone, preparing to jump out.

At the same time Guy’s face turned pale, all the photon cannons came out and hit him.


As the entire central radius of the capital collapsed, Merania’s eyes tightened.

“okay! That’s it!” After pouring out enough that he didn’t have the strength to get angry anymore, the victory would lean towards the demons again.

“Hahaha! I can’t!”

Even in the midst of the collapse of the land, Gai endlessly restored information and pushed Sirone.

Finally, his sword pierced Sirone’s stomach.


The sensation of a cold blade piercing through the body and protruding out of the cave was terribly unpleasant.

“It’s a pity.”

I’m not particularly happy about beating a half-mage who has lost his half-ya ability.


“If it was incarnation, it would have been a good match.”

At that moment, he felt the weight of Sirone disappear through the blade.


When Gai lowered his gaze, the area around the pit where the sword had penetrated had turned white.


In Sirone’s eyes, the pupils had already disappeared, and at last the whole body turned into light.


Even at the moment of pulling out the sword and stepping back, there was no feeling of being caught in Sirone’s body.

‘How did it happen… …

Gai’s head went pale and his head rose high into the sky.

“What is that?”

A huge incarnation was looking down at Guy.

you said

“What is planted in the heart cannot be destroyed. That’s why love is the antipode of gong.”

Shura was listening.

“On the contrary, what can be destroyed has no mind. Then what is a Buddha?”

Nane raised the index finger.

“The one who stepped on a child and realized the ball. He who destroys what he loves most is a Buddha.”

That would be true emptiness.

“If you come, Sirone… …

“You must be walking the opposite path to me. But none of it is easy.”

Nane smiled sadly.

“How can I love after realizing the futility?”

That would be true love.

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