Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 857

Singularity (1)

how much time has passed

The woman who was breastfeeding said while gently pushing Havitz’s shoulder.

“it hurts. Stop eating now.”

Habitz slowly opened his mouth, and his face was covered with cold sweat.


The taste of breast milk was sweet and fishy, ​​but Havitz’s head was completely empty.

Rest is the main thing that fills the 10-minute blank that is not even in my memory.

is thrilled.

‘This is the beginning.’

A woman’s breast milk seemed to contain every kind of pleasure created by man.

“Do you want to be a baby?”

At the woman’s question, Habitz raised his head.

‘What do you want to become?’

The world gives him many names, but in reality, he has no defined ego in his head.

Only the messy thoughts and the occasional bursts of pleasure in the variation of those thoughts are all.

“Aye. Aye.”

Harvits let out a baby’s cry.

The appearance of acting innocence with a dry face gave me goosebumps in that it was the height of pretense.

‘This is chaos.’

It’s like an aborted baby.

A vague form of living as a child in the memory of parents, even though they were never born in reality.

‘The point at which all kinds of contradictions are compressed without being resolved.’

Natasha understood Havitz.

‘If I amplify the agony of the moment when I discovered that my two children were drowning, would it become Habits?’ and now awakened

“Aye. Aye.”

Realizing that he couldn’t be anything, Havitz defined himself by himself.

‘I am Satan.’

? ? ?

A village 17 kilometers from Harvits.

In the village that was first swept by demons and plundered by thieves, the breaths of those waiting for death could be heard.


A woman with her left leg cut off and bleeding profusely was crawling on the floor.


Where she reached out lay a child who had been pierced by an arrow.

“Mom, it hurts.”

Tears welled up in the woman’s eyes, and there were me and Shura watching the gruesome sight.

“It’s okay, sweetie.”

stroking the child’s head, she said.

“If you die… …

I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back the sadness, but I couldn’t contain the misery.

“You will be fine when you die.”

As Nane pressed her lips together, a woman’s heart-rending screams rang out.

“Aaaaaa! Aaaaaa!”

The woman who screamed next to her dying child eventually died of excessive blood loss.

Nane gently closed her eyes and put her palms together.

“May you live in paradise.”

said Shura.

“Stop going back. It’s not even about fighting demons.”

I was puzzled when Nane, who had been hiding in the mountains for training, suddenly asked to go out into the world.

“no. There is nothing left to do by sitting still. Let’s look around the world a little more.”

“What are you guys?”

A huge shadow approached from the black darkness.

They were demons who broke away from the group during the war, and each of them was injured.

Shura got ready to fight.

“Back off, if you don’t want to die.”

“Cheuk, that’s ridiculous. Do you think we will be scared if the psychic realm is closed?”

you asked

“The psychic realm… … closed?”

Since it had only been a day, Nane hadn’t heard rumors about the sacred sound.

“You don’t need to know any of these things. It is our job to quietly become the object of our anger.”

Nane had no interest in demons.

“The psychic realm is closed.”

Even when the altar was opened, it was thought that humans would easily be swept away by the Great Purification.

‘Humans are strong.’

It was true that he was beaten by Gaold, but it was true that he took the world too lightly.

“Go back. From now on, do not commit evil deeds and live in repentance.”

The demons looked at each other.

“Puhahaha! What are you talking about? Aren’t you crazy?”

“Don’t do evil to the demons? Some insignificant man preaches to us…”

The faces of the demons froze at the same time.

“A Susanin”

—) — O V2 ?

Turning around with a pale face, Shura saw a haze of light burning from Nane’s body.

“Boo, Buddha… …

It’s not something I didn’t realize.

It was Nane who could become a Buddha again at any time and destroy the world if he wanted to.

“I told you to go back.”

At the same time as Nane’s eyes opened wide, the demons scattered in all directions without even time to scream.

As the enemies disappeared, the energy that seemed to tear the world apart disappeared like a lie.

“Master, why are you holding back?”

“It is not yet time.”

Realizing it doesn’t mean the world will change.

“Sirone, a philanthropist who loves and sympathizes with even the demons. I want to know a little more about his thoughts.”

If the Buddha’s point of view is not shaken even when he sees the world from the level of benevolence.

‘It truly becomes the right thing.’

Nane turned to Shura and said.

“One extreme cannot support the whole. Sirone must be thinking the same thing as me.”

All those who asserted themselves in their respective extremes were passing through a singularity.

‘After going around like that… … Whatever it is, it will end.

The morning sun has risen.

Jincheon’s troops, who entered Gusta Pro through space distortion in Gwangcheonseong, were devastated at the scenery unfolding in front of them.

“What the hell is this… …

The corpses of demons were piled up everywhere you could see.

“Has there been a disaster?”

All the buildings were in a state of collapse as if a natural disaster had swept through them.

“It is the power of Yahweh. Maybe it was something we didn’t even have to do.”

Oh Ryongjang realized something new.

‘The princess.’

Seongeum’s sacrifice boosted Jincheon’s morale, but what she really wanted to rely on was Sirone.

‘So I spent the day with him… … My eyes were red with tears.

“No, we can’t stay like this either. This place was created by the noblest person in Jincheon. We will definitely win.”

Jincheon’s army again moved toward the capital.

From far away on the horizon, the screams of demons came over like a shower.

Sirone didn’t run anymore.

‘If I had closed the world… … Seongeum would have fallen into hell and not have to suffer forever.

‘I can stand it… …

I thought others would be able to tolerate it.

‘I am the only one who knows no pain.’

If the world is saved with the spirit of philanthropy, everyone will be happy, but Seongeum cannot return.


Waves of light that seemed blinding spread endlessly around Sirone, who was moving her steps.

The god particles that reached the sub-light speed level swept away everything around them.

“Aaaaaa! Run away!”

The demons occupying Pamelion, a city near the capital, were scattered in all directions.

They regarded Yahweh seriously, but now they were screaming in fear in front of Sirone.

“escape! do… …

Time slows down as if it has almost stopped.

“net… … hit… …

Behind the backs of the demons that filled the landscape, particles of light were inserted into infinity.

Before the explosion even occurred, the body of the giant was scattered like dust, followed by a shock wave.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

As if a flood had broken out, light was filling every corner of the street and sweeping away everything.

“Oh, that’s scary.”

In a situation where no one could look back, there was only one person watching Sirone.

Her jet-black hair hung down to her waist, and her face was as pure as an angel.

It was Merania, the commander of the 2nd Army of Hell.

“Yahweh is very angry.”

Even the particles of light rushing at an unresponsive speed could not get anywhere near her.

“What should I do, Commander? Are we all going to die like this?”

A low-ranking demon with no title stood close to her.

“Leave it alone. When a purebred gets angry, you have to calm him down until he calms down.”

That’s why I thought it was meaningful even though 10 million demons died.

“What if you still can’t get angry?”

Even in Merania’s thoughts, Sirone’s anger was so terrifying that the world would end.

“What then… …

Her lips lifted slightly.

“I have to go and pray.”

“Run quickly!”

Lian, who surrounded the imperial castle Marsak, cut down the demons and evacuated the people.

‘Sirone won’t mind humans.’

You cannot give up Yahweh without that level of determination.

‘I don’t mean to trivialize life.’ It was because death rather became a rest compared to Seongeum, who was imprisoned in eternal hell.

“Go! hurry!”

As Lian cut down the demons, the civilians living in the capital screamed and ran away.

‘There are too many people.’

They stayed up all night and had already fought for more than 12 hours, but there were still many who had not left.


In the battlefield where all kinds of screams were flying, a particularly annoying explosion was heard.

There was a large black-haired figure standing where Lian turned his head at the sound that was obviously meant to draw attention.

The madness of the man with the bizarre smile made Lian’s breath choke.


Although the solid appearance of the past had disappeared, the unique impression of Ogent was still there.

“It’s been a while, Rian.”

eldest son, Ogent Guy.

Lian, facing his eldest brother, whom he had not even heard from since he left home a long time ago, gave a big sword.

“Brother… … How are you here?” Sirone didn’t talk about Guy.

“As you can see, I got ahead.”

Just when Rian couldn’t understand the situation properly, demons attacked Gai from behind.

“There! porridge… … !”

Dozens of demons were split in two by Guy’s single sword that he swung without looking back.

‘An amazing quick sword.’

Ogent’s sword style is honest, and even Rai, who is called a technical genius, does not leave a turbid taste when cutting.

However, Gai’s blow had a violent temperament added to it, as if it had been cut with a saw rather than a sword.

“How did that happen? Have you been living here as a spy all this time?”

“Are you a spy?”

Guy shrugged his arms.

“As you can see, I am Commander-in-Chief Gustav. Hell’s army is beyond my control.” Gai strode toward Lian, who had a confused expression on his face.

“How is your family?”

I couldn’t answer.

“Is Grandpa in good health? Laiya is such a proud guy, and Rayna and Gogeun are so strong that they can get married.”

“Brother, I… …

Before he could finish his words, Gai approached and raised his sword high and slammed it into the ground.

“My cute youngest.”

Then he opened his arms and hugged Lian roughly, rubbing his shaggy cheek.

“I missed you.”

It was a family.


Lian dropped the big sword and hugged Guy.

“I missed you too. How the hell did this happen? come back with me My family is also waiting.”

Guy grabbed Lian’s shoulder and let go.

“You grew up decent. In the past, my back couldn’t even come, but now it’s like me.”

Ryan spoke again with a desperate expression.

“Brother, let’s go back.”

Guy smiled and shook his head.

“I can’t.”

“why? Why not? Whatever my brother did, the family can handle it together.”

“It’s not because of guilt. If it had been there, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

“Then what is it?”

“The ultimate sword. I gave up everything to get there. And Ryan… …

Life bloomed from Gai’s body.

“Neither do you.”

Gai grabbed the sword stuck in the ground and swung it at Lian’s neck.

‘I’m serious.’

Leaning his upper body down, as soon as he picked up the large sword that had fallen to the ground, he swung it upward.


Gai opened the distance and said with a smile.

“It is a good response. all right No matter how much hyung, if you read life, you should come out like that.”

“I am also a knight. I have no choice but to fight like this.”

“know. Mach’s Knight. It was very strong.”

The moment Lian watched with his mouth shut, the scenery surrounding Gai distorted.

“This?… ”

“Yes, immature little brother.”

Gai said, raising his mad eyes.

“You are not the only one who has the lineage of August Smille.”

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