Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 853

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Calm waves crashed on the white sandy beach.

Perhaps it was because the armies of hell were sweeping across the world, and the tranquility of the moment, when only the scenery was all there was, was exhilarating.

“So beautiful.”

Seongeum’s face looking across the sea was more beautiful than the sea to Sirone.

“Space is a fiction… …

If the existence of the country is erased, what will the size of the world we live in mean?

“I thought.”

Seongeum looked back at Sirone.

“Because time is fiction, space is also fiction. But seeing the sea like this, I wonder what it has to do with it.”

Isn’t it just beautiful?

To someone outside the planet, the sea might be nothing but disgusting vomit, but to Seong-eum, it was beautiful.

“That is the heart.”

Plant your mind in a world of illusions.


The reason Sirone enjoyed spending time with Seong-eum was that she understood him.

“But Sirone, I don’t have a thorough philosophy toward the world like you and I. All I can do is prevent my country from being destroyed.”

only for Jincheon.

“Voice, tell me. After spending the day with me, what about you? What are you trying to do?”

The voice turned around.

“Sirone, can I be a good mother?”

“huh? mom?”

“I want to have a child. Resembles me, but more like my boyfriend than me O”

As if she had already embraced life, Seongeum covered her stomach with both hands.

“To my child, what distance can I give?”

Sirone did not dare to answer.

“Let’s go see the children, Sirone. I want to.”

Before he could hear the answer, Seongeum grabbed Sirone’s hand and cast an etheric wave.

The place they arrived at was the playground of Yeomra.

Aristocratic wives sat in the corners and chatted while children were playing.

“Ha ha! You are not standing there!”

The war is in full swing outside Yeomra, but it’s fun

The children playing in the field were just bright.

Even though Sirone and Seong-eum entered the playground, the wives did not recognize the imperial princess’ face.

“Huh, the kids are really comfortable with me.”

It was an infinite joy to Seong-eum that there were still people who could laugh at Yeomra.

“They are my children. The children I have to watch over.”

She approached the children, said something, and started playing ball.

Shirone laughed at the sight of him hitting the spikes mercilessly against the clumsy kids.

‘Come to think of it… …

Seong-eum did not set a distance for the children.

“no way! hey! Eat this!”

Then a child came into the playground, picked up a handful of soil, and sprinkled it on the children.

“don’t do it! Your clothes are getting dirty!”

“Eight! Eight!”

Shirone frowned at the sight of her friends throwing dirt to the end even though they said they didn’t like it.

“Here again, Mrs. Jang’s son.”

“I thought you weren’t coming today. But what are you doing taking the kids with you now?”

The wives whispered and mocked, but no one intervened to stop it.

Sirone guessed that the nobleman with the surname Jang had a higher rank than them.

“Stop it. Don’t other friends hate it?”

Seong-eum politely scolded him, but the child who threw the soil looked at him with a mocking attitude.

“What is an aunt? I come to the playground and play whatever I want.”

“Oh, lady?”

Seong-eum, who had an absurd expression on her face, put honey chestnuts on Mr. Jang’s son’s head.

“There is nothing I cannot say to a woman who has never been married.”


Mr. Jang’s son, clutching his forehead, glared at the children hiding behind Seong-eum.

“Heh, that’s not funny.”

Even though they couldn’t speak because of their parents’ class, it was impossible for the children to hide their hateful gaze.

Jang’s son walked to the corner of the playground and rolled a large stone aside.

The ants were teeming with them, and he, who had been looking at them with disgust and awe, began to step on them with his tiny feet.

“Eight! die! die!”

Seeing the child, Sirone was gripped by an indescribably unpleasant feeling.

Perhaps it was because he felt a strange affinity with what was happening in the world right now.


Sirone spoke, but the child’s eyes were already filled with mysterious madness.

“Because I’m quitting.”


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When Sirone, who was worse off, shoved the child on the shoulder, he hit the butt with a thump.

“Ah, sir! What are you?”

Sirone, who has a Western appearance, could never become a nobleman in Jincheon.

“Even insignificant life is precious. No, there is no such thing as a small creature in this world.”

“You are laughing. On the subject that he is not even an aristocrat. Do you know who I am?”

A light emanated from Sirone’s eyes, and the child froze in shock.

“Uh, uh… …

It was Yahweh’s wrath that would have pierced the limbs of a demon.

“Baby, what’s going on?”

The wives’ faces turned pale as a ferocious-looking woman walked by from afar.

‘Mrs. Jang. She’s in trouble.’

The child who saw the mother started to cry.

“mom! This uncle… … . Aaaah!”

Mrs. Jang, holding a child in her arms, glared at Sirone sternly and shot at him.

“who are you? Why are you bullying my child?”

“I was killing ants in the playground.”

“what? ant?”

Mrs. Jang’s face turned into an absurd expression.

“You mean you made my son cry just for that reason? And when you play, you can do that. What does he know?”

“That is the problem.”

The really terrible thing is, you don’t know.

Sirone looked sadly at the crying child in her mother’s arms.

‘When that child goes home… …

A mother would massage the legs of her weary child, and a father would scoop rice into a spoon and put it in his mouth.

“no, I do not want.” Havitz said to the sky.

“I don’t want to go back.”

Who are you talking to?

Gustav 4th class looked back at each other and whispered.

“I do that sometimes. Who do you think is in the sky?”

“It must be an illusion. To be honest, neither Havitz nor we are sane people, are we?”

Natasha put her hand to her lips.

“Maybe it’s feeling the presence of God… …

Vulcan murmured.

“If this world is a lie… …


When I read the crowd log, sometimes I get creepy thoughts.

“That is, as long as there is an outside world and we are nothing more than imaginary persons connected to that outside world.”

Balkan looked back at his friends.

“What kind of existence is Havitz in the world outside?”

Young kid.

Also, if a child entered this world who clearly realized that this world was fake.

‘What kind of life will I live?’

just a playground.

‘Kids don’t play losing games.’ because it’s no fun

‘Why doesn’t Harvits die? What is the reason why it is so close to being invincible that it overcomes extreme odds?’

Was it already designed that way?

‘Who the hell? Is it a system that allows you to manipulate your own odds? But if that’s possible… …

The world must have already been overflowing with the second Havitz, the second emperor, and the second rich man.

Sumodo asked.

“Why are you talking? So what are Habits?”

Vulcan is out of delusion.

“No, I just felt that way.”

There was zero persuasive power from the assumption of an outside world that did not exist.

‘Even Buddha only fights to get rid of suffering in this world. I don’t know the outside world.’

Balkan looked back at Habitz.

‘But what are you looking at?’

Maybe Harvits… … .

“I want to play more.”

A deep, dark solitude lingered in Havitz’s eyes as he looked up at the sky.

‘I want to have fun.’ “Take him.” Sirone said.

“Teach them what is important. Otherwise, you will be lonely for the rest of your life.”

Mrs. Zhang was furious.

“Who is the insignificant trying to teach? do you know who i am If the government office opens its mouth… …

“Please take me with you!”

When Sirone screamed, Seongeum turned around with a surprised expression.

‘Take me, please!’

I am not angry with the child.

“Have you seen such a spoiled brat!”

Mrs. Jang, who was venomous in its original form, jumped up and slapped Sirone on the cheek.

What returned with a slap was the face of Mrs. Jang, not Sirone.


At that time when they couldn’t even get angry at the incomprehensible phenomenon, the voice came to them.

“Follow him.”

As soon as Mrs. Jang turned her head and saw the voice, her face was stained with astonishment.

“Hwang, Princess!”

Although it was only from hundreds of meters away that the Holy Sound was actually seen, the nobleman’s eyes could not forget the emperor’s lineage.

“A lowly thing is coming to see the princess!” Voice waved her hand.

“Take your son and go back. The situation is dizzy… …

When Mrs. Jang left with her son, the other wives hurriedly returned home.

The voice said to Sirone.

“Let’s go too. I think I enjoyed it enough.”

“Now tell me what you are thinking. What will happen to you when you return to the imperial castle?”

“You guessed it, why I am not telling you.” “It is helpful to you. But if you listen to me, you won’t have a choice.”

“You can choose.”

“It wouldn’t be a good choice.”

“That is also a matter for me to choose.” Voice sighed.

“Sirone, demons are killing people. If you could stop this, would you do anything?”

“of course.”

“What if I came up with something great that could win this war? Can you marry me?”


It was an out of the blue question, but with Sirone’s resolve, nothing was impossible.

“I will do anything. Of course she loves Amy, but nothing else matters to her.”

Seongeum, who had been looking at Sirone with sad eyes, widened the distance with an eye smile.

“That is enough.”

Sirone’s space was deprived, and the voice of Seongeum, who was moving away alone, remained faint.

-hi. Sirone.

“wait!” Seongeum had already left the place.

“damn! What the hell is it?”

Sirone, who spread his wings and went up to the sky, flew towards Yeomra at full speed.

It was slow compared to voice.

“Voice! Where is the voice!”

As I was walking towards Daejeon and shouting, Ahn-chal appeared and blocked my way.

“stop! No one has access!”

“What is this? Does it make sense to win a war and kill a normal person?”

“The princess suggested it! Aren’t you also sacrificing for the world!”

“Even so, don’t commit suicide! The war doesn’t end with Seong-eum’s death!”

Sirone pushed Anchal’s shoulder and passed.

“I’m going to close the psychic realm!”

My steps stopped abruptly.


“You must know that demons are endlessly produced. However, if the psychic realm is closed, replenishment is impossible.”

“How is that possible?”

“Miss Hwang will unlock the Immortal Function in the equipment developed by the Jincheon Space Agency. It swallows the entire space of hell with the power of etheric waves.”

‘The psychic realm is closed,’ it meant that no matter what evil humans did, the demons could not come over to reality.

‘I can win.’

My heart was pounding.

“for a moment.”

Horrible thoughts flash through my mind.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Then what about voice? Do you know what your voice sounds like?”

“okay. The spirit of the princess… …

Anchal, who lowered his head, gritted his teeth.

“You will wander through a terrible hell.” forever.

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