Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 849

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thud! thud!

A huge monster made of black rocks was walking through the mountains shaking the ground.

A waterspout equipped with the <Law Kill> as an engine.

The appearance of the watering can, which can be transformed with material, was a quadrupedal walking body with a smooth surface like glass beads.

The face was round, and Cyrone and Lian were riding on the waist that curved down from the neck.

“Hey!” A security guard from a nearby town hurriedly stopped talking and stepped aside, spraying a 5-meter-high spray past.

“What, what, what is that?”

I had to stop as a security guard, but I couldn’t dare to go near the sight of metal moving.

“stop! stop!”

When the watering stopped, the marshal approached.

Even though she was riding a horse, Sirone suddenly showed her face from a place higher than her line of sight.


” human?”

The chief of the police asked after sighing in relief at the fact that he was not a demon.

“Who are you?”

Sirone handed over the pass with Kashan’s seal on it.

“I am an ivory tower wizard. I’m trying to use the space movement magic circle in the city of Tarsian.”

It was the fastest way.

After checking the document written by Wu Lin in her own handwriting, the security chief immediately saluted.

“Oh, sorry. There is no rush.”

“are you okay. What is the scale of the damage?”

The marshal’s face darkened.

“All cities have already been destroyed. Maybe the wizard won’t be able to use the space movement magic circle.”

I thought maybe it could be.

“okay. thank you for telling me.”

“Sorry for not being helpful.” Sirone, who was examining the tired face of the security guard, shook his head and said.

“It saved me a lot of time. then… …

When I activated the 〈Defense Killer〉, the killer began to ride the mountain road at a terrifying speed unlike before.

“That’s the star of the ivory tower.”

The security guards who heard the report that the fall of the capital was prevented from the ivory tower exclaimed exclamations.

“okay. It is different from us.”

It was a short meeting, but it wasn’t difficult to read the will from the glowing eyes.

“Why are you fighting?”

At the point where their hometown was already destroyed, the members had a gut feeling of the end of the world.

“If it were me, I would have run away with my family. Because I have enough strength.”

“I don’t know.”

The chief of police felt the same way.

“How do we know?” Lian, who was lying on the back of the watering can, lost in thought, raised her head and asked Sirone.

“Are you going to the ivory tower?”

“huh. We need to check the world situation. If a disaster like Argantis appears somewhere else… …

“Hell’s army is on its way to the Central Continent.”

The meaning of the words was clear.

“Amy is there too.” “We defeated Amon, but even an army of 40 million is a threat enough. If possible, how about we go?”

“I want to go.”

It was an honest feeling.

“I want to meet Amy right now.”

“Then go and meet me. No matter what happens, I will protect you. Amy and your family.”

“If you were a weak soldier, you wouldn’t even be able to think of that. The reason they fight is just to live. Furthermore, to protect my family.”

“You can do that too.”

“Then the war cannot be won.”

It was such a problem.

“If a commander leads an army with personal feelings, it is annihilation. Even more so, now it is a battle for the lives of mankind. The moment we act on our feelings, everyone dies.”

I’m sure I understand it in my head, but… … .

“I hope you don’t regret it.”

Sirone smiled.

“Are you bothered by what Urin said?”

Lian chuckled and clicked her tongue.

“That I can’t beat you? Forget about that. When it appears this time, I will split it in two myself.”

“It won’t be easy.”

Lian asked with a serious face at the unexpected answer.

“What do you think?”

“I think that… …

Sirone recalled her conversation with Uorin.

“I can’t beat you?”

“okay. You should know, Sirone.” Wu Lin said.

“You are mostly right, and most of the evil is. In terms of quality and quantity, Sun and Ae are not opponents in the first place.”

You are fighting an impossible fight.


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“What Sun and Ae have done is barely enough to prevent the end of the world. But if Nane comes back, the birth of a true Buddha.

“Then it will be the perfect truth, the only right.”

“Even if that were the case, it wouldn’t be the reason I fell in love with you.”

Uorin pointed at her own eyes.

“The reason why I knelt down to Havitz was because I felt death from him.”

It’s not like magic.

“You can roughly guess what will come out of the vat of mixed blue and red marbles. From my point of view, Habitz is a life in which only blue marbles come out endlessly.”

extremes of probability.

“But at that moment, something felt different. The emotion I felt was definitely a red marble. maybe it’s because of you If I was killed by Havitz, then Havitz would be killed by you too.”

The war could have ended.

“Nevertheless, I chose to live. Because my future poetry speaks in the same vein. You have no choice but to come to me.”

“What the hell… …

“Shall I tell you the only way to get around it?”

Sirone shut his mouth.

“Meet Amy. Leave behind humanity and the world and find happiness in the person you love. Until I close the world.”

“Give up?”

Surprisingly, Uorin nodded.

“Because I can’t win. When Nane comes back, then nothing can be undone.” Said Sirone, who escaped from the flashback.

“You won’t be able to win. No one can win.”

Ryan’s expression crumpled.

“Why is it not like you? You blocked me when I was against you before. You can do it this time too.”

“no. The reason I turned down Uorin wasn’t because I could stop you.”


“Because I believe I can’t come back.”


“When I become a Buddha, I lose unconditionally. But it can’t be. He sympathizes with the ball world, but he never puts his heart into it.”

“What if you plant it?”

Sirone thought for a moment.

“It will be indestructible.”

“… … It is mysterious, the law.”

“that’s right. If I think you’re coming back, I won’t be able to do anything. Our job is to get rid of evil.”

The situation in which the 10th corps commander in Hell opened the Demon Realm again had to be prevented.

‘Hell’s army advancing to the Central Continent has lost its commander. It is true that I have to go to a more intense battlefield.’

Sirone would be the toughest person, so Lian didn’t encourage it anymore.


In an instant, Sirone turned her head away, and Lian, who felt something strange sensuously, jumped to her feet.

In an instant, Lian, who pulled out a large sword and stood on top of Salsu’s head, saw the space distort in his eyes.


A woman appeared in a space crumpled like a whirlpool centered on one point.



Sirone’s eyes widened.


Jin Seong-eum, the princess of the Jincheon Empire, who competed together as a candidate for the Ivory Tower, stood with a firm expression on her face.

His face was more haggard than before due to the war with the demons, but his strong spirit was still the same.

After bowing her head to Rian, she approached Sirone and said.

“I’m sorry for coming so suddenly. It’s on the way to the Ivory Tower. Because you will be here.”

“Why the ivory tower?”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she pursed her lips.

However, he soon showed a strong expression and bowed flat in front of Sirone.

“Help us! Save Jincheon!”

Sirone and Lian looked at each other.

“All troops stand by!”

In accordance with the commander’s instructions, the riders’ blessings echoed.

The army of hell, which reached the border of the Three Kingdoms earlier than expected, was pushing in from 2 kilometers away.

rz r: iz: u: rz rz |

The ground shook, and black dots rose from beyond the horizon like weightlessness and covered the sky.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

Amy could hear the foot soldiers in the lead taking deep breaths, even hundreds of meters away.

‘It’s coming.’

Even if it had 40 million, it was thought that it would be possible to deal with it strategically because it could not occupy the entire border.

However, the scene unfolding before my eyes was so overwhelming that even thinking about it was blown away.

“Ha ha ha! human! Human!” Demons of different heights, shapes, and characteristics roared as they took control of the land.

“All troops!”

Commander’s order has been given.


As the 10,000-strong crowd rushed forward like a tide, Amy’s battalion moved as well.

“Support the infantry!”

A knife-like flash stretched out as 200 men from three battalions cast military-style teleportation.

‘We have to suppress the steamship with firepower.’

Power is not the key to magic attacks of normal magic units, not special forces.

The ability of a unit depends on how long it can pour a certain amount of firepower into an accurate range.

“Sector 32! To firepower level 10!” In accordance with the Brigade Commander’s instructions, the wizards’ hands were burning with flame magic.

The moment when Amy raised her right hand and was about to give orders to the battalion to cast magic.


The infantry units in front were crushed in an instant, and huge demons pushed in.

‘Has it already been pierced?’

Guessing the number of deaths at the same time as the collision, she clenched her teeth and waved her hand.


Hundreds of fire magic fell to the ground, and huge flames instantly soared.


The demons melted in a disgusting form, but the enemies were pushing in endlessly.

“retreat! Retreat!”

Amy was dizzy at the sad news that came within minutes of the start of the war.

“shit! it’s over! We will die!” Screams erupted from all directions.

“calm down! It’s just that the forces have been concentrated on our side! It was just unlucky!”

So some units will be better than here.

“The reinforcements are coming soon! The balance of power is set! Just hold on a little longer!”

The strength of the magic unit is that it has higher mental durability than regular infantry.

Amy’s battalion did not get swayed by the war situation and calmly fired magic and retreated.

As soon as he was pushed back 300 meters, the flags of his allies fluttered in all directions.

“It’s here! fixed here! Sekte 4! Those watery herpes… …

“The battalion commander!”

When I turned my head to the voice, a demon with bull’s horns was running towards me with a huge axe.

“Kuh ha ha ha! After all, war is fun.” Seeing the terrifying purple magic radiating out, I felt intuition that he was at the level of a division commander.

‘damn! I see!’

I found out why it was pierced without help.

“Captain! Avoid!”

If the worst hand was drawn in the lottery anyway, even if they retreated immediately, it would be annihilation.

‘That’s a war.’

Amy got off her horse and lowered her stance to concentrate.


The flames from her body soared into the sky and turned into Ifrit, a fire giant.

“I-what is that?”

Even his subordinates were new to magic.

Ifrit, who was crouching down at the waist, lowered her thick arms to the left and right of Amy and glared ahead.

“Come on.”

A red light flickered in her two large eyes.

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