Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 841

participation in the war (2)

Silence fell in the Ivory Tower Earth Temple. The movement of <Law Murder>, reflected by Gaia’s ability, was to the extent that even the Five Stars were silent.

“Is that <Slaughter>?”

It was penetrating the demons with such fast movements that it could only be seen from a high-altitude point of view.

“I know you’re breaking the law.”

“Of course it is.”

Minerva, the original owner of Law Killer, smiled bitterly.

“The fuel is different. There is no need to change the law because you can kill in the most intuitive way.”

“It is the anger of Yahweh… …

Fried checked the ground again.

He frowned as he watched Sirone gallop along the road opened by <Swordsman>.

‘Sick of it?’

The stars of the ivory tower don’t get many chances to see each other’s faces in their lifetime.

Just contemplate the world from a high place and do what you want to do according to your convictions.

‘How long has it been since the meeting was held… …

The actions of Sirone, who ran out of the Ivory Tower in disgust, lingered in his mind.

“You look at people funny.”

Freed stood up from his seat, biting his lips.

“Go to Kashan.”

Minerva turned her head.

“You mean to fight? Wasn’t it the opinion of the System Inspection Department that it wouldn’t care which side won?”

“There is no need to mock. This great summons, Sirone carried through. It was probably the only way to break my faith.”

As Sirone pointed upward, the beliefs of the remaining people lost their persuasiveness.

‘Damn you kid. Just do it in moderation.’

The Five Great Stars reached their destination through the fiercest competition in mankind.

However, if one of them runs again, the remaining four have no choice but to run.

Thing sighed softly.

“also… … Should I go up?” She rose from her seat, unable to accept that her illusion was higher than herself.

“I am also going to Kashan.”

The emotions of the stars were disturbed by the sudden situation, but Taeseong smiled gently.

‘Thank you, Sirone.’

It’s not a choice anyone can make.

It was like asking a climber who had reached the top of Mount Tai to fly in the sky this time.

‘It will be difficult, but you have to lead.’

As Amanta joined them on their way to Kashan, Mi Nerva swung her jet and approached them.

“Should I jump?”

Without the ability of material, it was unreasonable for even the five great stars of the world to fall from space.

“Jump in Corona Kingdom.”

“But the terminal in Kashan must have been occupied by demons and sealed off?”

“You can go to Molton Kingdom. From there, head north to Kashan’s capital. Two hours would be enough for us.”

‘It’s dangerous… …

Minerva, who was watching Kashan’s war situation, hid her inner feelings and trembled.

“Isn’t Sirone going to finish everything like this?”

Fried snorted.

“It’s an army of 10 million people. It’s Harvey that <Slaughter> is aiming for, but there is a limit to its durability. Besides, there is Amon, the commander of the 7th corps.”

That was the most worrisome part.

“The commanders of the 1st through 10th corps are direct descendants of Satan. In any case, it should be regarded as conforming to the Five Stars. It’s not at a level where you can do anything while breaking through an army of 10 million.”

They were the essence of the Ten Commandments of chaos, the illogical demon born from Satan.

<Law Kill> cried.

Because the speed was so fast, it seemed that the cries could be heard from all directions, and the demons were mesmerized.

“what’s this! this… …

Without knowing how he had been beaten, the demon with a hole in his chest fell to the floor with a thump.

The eyes of Sirone, who followed him, shone.


Emperor Aganos of Kashan.

However, the problem was that the number of enemies increased as they approached.

‘The dagger’s durability is reaching its limit.’

Although it is attacking the weakest part according to the law, it has already penetrated more than 100,000 muscles.

“Aww! Save me, live……r

A shock wave exploded with a thud from inside the camp of the demons retreating in groups.


As the demons were torn to pieces, dust spread in a radius of tens of meters.

“The pitiful things.”

Division commander Volkaino.

It was a demon with four thick arms and lower fangs that reached up to the cheekbones.

“Don’t run away! It’s just a weapon made of iron! If you kill and kill, it will eventually break!”

The confusion of the demons disappeared at once.

“You will die! Worship Satan with death! You are showing the abominable Yahweh an example!”

As Volcaino’s demonic energy spread, 300,000 soldiers glared at Sirone at the same time.

For an ordinary human being, it was so hostile that even that alone would take their breath away.

‘He’s a strong guy.’

Even now <Slaughter> was killing the demons, but no one escaped anymore.

“okay! You are afraid of Yahweh! This is the devil’s shame! Attack!”

When the brigade commander shouted, the switches of the demons were turned on in perfect order along the chain of command.


There were so many enemies that Sirone, who ran without looking back, had no time to squeeze through.

It was like seeing a group of mayflies, and the moment they formed a sphere around Sirone, a curtain of light spread out.

‘Multiple width.’

The demons were crushed with a roar, but the number of enemies seemed infinite to feel.

‘There is no end!’

Fireballs flew from the sky, and ice thorns attacked Sirone as they wrapped around the ground like a torrent.

Lightning and gale, heat and poison were mixed, thousands of tridents and tens of thousands of arrows rained down.

The one-sided bombing, where counterattacks were unthinkable, was a characteristic of the demons who did not even care about the death of their allies.


Time stopped, and all demons within a radius of 2 km stopped moving.

‘Where do I start?’

As soon as he finished thinking, the scenery shook and 12 people in black rose from the ground.

time without law.

They were the priests of hell who showed up in the gap of 0.666 seconds per second.

“We are Shiok. Ruler of the prison of time. Yahweh, I have come to ask for your forgiveness.”


Sirone asked coldly.

“I will give you anything you want. So why don’t you just let go of your anger?”

‘It must have been like this.’

It reminded me of Mortasinger, the terrorist of the world beauty pageant, disappearing right in front of my eyes.

“All I want is for all demons to repent.”

“it’s possible.”


With these sweet whispers, Mortasinger was dragged to Hell.

“You guys deserve some punishment.” She spoke in a muddy voice unlike Si-ok’s before.

“Don’t try, Yahweh. The world is already evil.”

The 12 priests who opened the black booklets began to sing a vicious dirge.


Twelve people slipped away and fell outside the radius of the stop magic.

The roar of the enemies caught in the air exploded again, and despite the stop magic, the attack was poured out.


In order to evade, there was no choice but to cancel the magic, and the flash of space movement soared into the sky.

“There! Catch it!”

When he first deviated from the trajectory that traveled the shortest distance to Aganos, the demons chased after him.

‘I’ll stop it for now!’

The light of Yahweh flowed along the body, and the ground crumpled into a whirlpool around Sirone.


The demons, whose legs were crushed, struggled with both hands with only their upper bodies sticking out.

Fire was put out with water, lightning was melted with iron, and the thorns of ice were melted with flames.


When the name of Yahweh was commanded, the earth split in two and thousands of demons fell.

‘Close up.’


Goosebumps pierced through the cracks in the ground that gradually narrowed, and a shrieking sound jumped out.


Yahweh’s sword was the only thing that blocked Nane’s attack called the sermon.

There were over two hundred types of attacks, but none of them could harm Sirone.

‘I can hold on.’

Shirone, defending with Yahweh’s power, collected the <Dharma Kill> that was trampling everywhere.

Again, the length of the blade is cut in half.

‘If you pierce the armor in this state, it will break.’ That was exactly what Volcaino was aiming for, and having achieved the desired result, he charged forward.

“Yahweh! Is it just this much?”

Sirone firmly gripped the handle of <Swordsman>.

‘Material Earl!’

As the black substance was synthesized, it was united in <Math> and changed into the shape of a gigantic monster.

I can live by name.

‘This is all it takes.’

Even if the blade wears out, Sirone’s anger will not dull.


The sprinkler equipped with the <Law Kill> as an engine burst out at Volcaino with a scream.

“By the power of Satan!”

The moment Volcaino’s eyes were wide open as he grabbed the head of the killer with four arms.

“This, this… … !”

The impact was so powerful that even the essence of the demon was shaken, crushing the bones of the whole body.

“Ugh, ugh!”

Volcaino’s body exploded.

“ha. ha.”

10,000 troops gathered around Sirone, who exhaled heavily and regained consciousness.

However, in front of the black monster that exudes an exciting energy, no one could approach it.

‘It’s not easy after all.’

Sirone climbed on the back of the watering can and looked at Aganos.

The face of the killer who sucked the wrath of Yahweh was stretched like a blade.

“let’s go.”

At the same time as the water spray spurred the ground, a hole was punched through the siege net.

“damn! Chase!”

The demons belatedly prepared to follow, but Sirone had already passed through the outer gate of the capital.

‘Wait, Harbitz!’

“Come this way!”

Carrying Uorin on his back, Kido ran down the complicated road toward the place where Pungzhang guided him.

‘I can escape if I go a little further.’ Just when they thought they could see hope, a ruthless murder took over the two of them.


As Uorin rolled on the floor, risking injury, black afterimages cut through the air.

‘I will die just by living.’

Kido looked back at Uorin.

” are you okay?”

“… … uh.”

Even though it was Uorin, her life was saved, but when she heard her voice, she was in a dangerous situation.

A demonic swordsman in black armor was standing where Kido raised his head.

“What else are you?”

His legs trembled spontaneously at the qualitatively different presence from the demons he had fought so far.

“Amon, Commander of the 7th Corps.”

A light of despair flashed in Uorin’s eyes.

‘It’s finally moving.’

“Protect the Empress!”

The 20 wind chiefs who were leading them gathered from the sky and rushed towards Amon.

Moving like a storm, they created a body curtain and swung their swords like crazy.

The air vibrated, and the darkness created by the overlapping of afterimages gradually became transparent, revealing Amon’s appearance.


The wind jang of 20 people was turned into pieces and fell to the floor.

“That’s my weak point.”

Amon drew his sword and approached.

“I’m not trying to hide my life.”

That’s why Kido lived, but the words of Fungjang who approached Amon were miserable.

“Are you the queen?”

Uorin glared at Amon.

“How did you find me?”

The answer came from behind Amon.

“Do you know why I followed Kashan and not Zetaro?”

Sumodo, who walked away with a sneer, pointed to his own eyes and said.

“I need my eyes to find the runaway rat.”

It was an ability at the time of indecision.

“It’s unfortunate. Even if he had to abandon the empire, he would have hated being caught by us. What are you going to do now? Are you going to commit suicide here?”

“I am not dying.”

If he was going to die just because his body was broken, he would not have abandoned 1 billion people.

‘Sirone, please… …

If only I could see him one more time.

“It’s been a while, Empress.”

Amon and Sumodo opened the way at the same time, and Habits, covered in blood, appeared.


Uorin’s teeth were grinding.

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