Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 83

[83] Wizard’s Battle (4)

“I am saying this because it is not. Doesn’t Master know?”

Even if he regains his memories, there is no guarantee that he will return to the old Alpheas. Because living the same life twice doesn’t always mean the same destination.

“no. My judgment is always right. So no matter what form I change, it is only me. It’s your last chance. Cast photonization magic.”

Sade sighed and nodded. Now, he could only hope that Alfeas’ nature would restore his original personality.

“All right. Then please sit here.”

Sade brought a chair in the corner and sat Alfeas down.

“let’s begin. I will cast photonization magic, but from then on, it’s up to Master.”

“haha! Are you a bitch who cares about my share? Don’t worry unnecessarily, just do it quickly. If you get your memory back, I’ll give you a big scolding.”

Sade cast a spell with earnest desire. As the light penetrated the Abyss Nova, a bit of drowsiness came over me. Alpheas slowly closed his eyes and lost himself in thought. Time, which had stopped at the age of 18, began to flow again.  

Light and darkness, good and evil (1)

Buried in the bushes, Canis couldn’t lift a finger while the shockwave spread across her abdomen. 

After realizing that Arin had a talent for telepathy, he intensively trained in dark physical magic. 

Absorbing power was also physical power, and as such, the amount of shock absorption of the dark skin he cast was quite high. Even the hammer wielded by an adult was no more than a child’s punch in front of Dark Skin.

However, the power of the photon cannon that was taken by surprise was a destructive power that far exceeded expectations. Above all, it was impossible to analyze how light could contain physical force.

“Kikiki. You got it right, Canis.”

A muffled voice tickled my ears. No one could be seen on the mountain except Canis, but the voice was real.

“Harvey… … . What happened to me?”

“I don’t know. But what I feel is the mass. The mass, which flew at great speed, was lodged in the abdomen.”

“mass? Light has no mass.”

Since studying the properties of opposites is the basis of a battle mage, Canis also knew about the theory of photonization.

“Of course, light has no mass. But there is energy.”

In fact, photons in motion have an infinitesimal amount of mass. This is called kinetic mass, and a typical example is the solar wind.

“But that’s just a mathematical reduction. It’s like being hit by a club when a strong wind blows.”

“There is a point in what you said. But theoretically it’s possible. Then it is not impossible at all.”

“No, something is missing. To produce this much power, there must be something that connects mass and energy. But there is no such thing in the world.”

Harvey’s voice said plaintively.

“See if you found him.”

Canis didn’t respond. He and Harvey are distinctly different entities, but they also share thoughts. Harvey reluctantly admits that he must have read Canis’s displeasure.

“He’s a great guy. he’s a unique guy There must have been such talent at the magic school.”

Satisfied with that, Canis stood up. Accurately identifying the enemy’s skills was the first button to victory. The first nemesis I met. His body temperature seemed to rise.

“Can you win, Harvey?”

“Quack. Canis, if you want… … .”

A sullen voice penetrated the darkness.

“There’s never been a time we couldn’t win.”

Canis cast an unusually long shadow and returned to the top of the mountain where Sirone was. 

* * *

Sirone stared into the darkness of the forest for a long time. She wasn’t sure Kanis had cast her darkskin, but the information that didn’t reach her brain and was only etched into her retina was sending her alert signals.

Canis parted through the woods and walked out. Nade frowned as Sirone’s prediction proved correct.

“shit. Are you really fine?”

“Nade. The sun has set.”

At night, the power of dark magic would be maximized, so Iruki cast lighting magic. It was far less bright than Fire Sun, so Nade helped. Two luminaries shone from 10 meters in the sky. However, given that the wizard was moving at high speed, it was still too much to engage in an all-out war. 

“Sheesh. Is it still dark?”

At that moment, Canis cast lighting magic. The light magic cast by the dark mage made the two feel uncomfortable.

“What are you thinking? It’s lighting magic.”

“What is it? In any class, photonization theory is a must. It’s the basic principle of teleportation.”

“It’s not like that! Light must be a weakness for a dark mage, right? Why do you want to eat my flesh?”

“ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Kanis burst into laughter.

“As expected, those from the magic school are stupid and stubborn. There is no magic in any class without weaknesses. The important thing is how to make up for your weaknesses. Lighting magic is to prove it. Arin, take another shot.”

As if it wasn’t groundless confidence, Arin, who had a prudent personality, obediently cast lighting magic.

When the four luminaries gathered, the brightness was quite the same as daytime. However, Canis was not satisfied and looked back at Sirone. A magician of light who uses unique powers. With his lighting magic, he could create the stage he wanted.

“Hey, can you shoot me too? I’m looking forward to it.”

Sirone didn’t know how to do lighting magic. While he made technological evolution from teleportation to rainbow drop, from photon output to photon cannon, he didn’t have time to invest in other magic.

“what? can’t you? It’s ridiculous. A wizard of light can’t even cast lighting magic.”

Sometimes it is. There are cases where the magic string stands out in one magic by getting a chance with a short topic. Something like a circus might be quite famous, but magic isn’t stunts, it’s murder. A type like Sirone, who could only do one thing on the battlefield full of all sorts of psychology and tactics, was perfect for dying.

“I was wrong. I thought it would be a good match, but it turned out to be nothing but a kid, right?”

The moment Canis finished speaking, a luminous object popped up above Sirone’s head. The light was bright enough to overshadow the others’ lighting magic. 

Nade and Iruki stared blankly at it. I immediately cast the lighting magic I had never learned. His anger preceded the limitless insight. 

Sirone strode into Canis’ spirit zone. He couldn’t forgive him for holding all the students hostage and talking about a good confrontation.

“Are you done now? You did what you wanted, so do whatever you want.”

Canis withdrew her earlier thoughts. He is not just a magician who is good at circuses. But does it matter? No matter how strong your opponent is, you are stronger. To prove that, the current situation was perfect.

“anything? You will regret it.”

As he cast the power of darkness, the shadow under his feet rushed towards Sirone like a torrent. After flying up into the sky, Sirone floated a photon on her palm. He thought he could do something great, but it was the same attack as the pattern so far.

‘Are you making me angry just to brag?’

As Sirone cast the photon cannon, Canis’ body shuddered and disappeared under the shadows. This one was a bit new, but it was just a movement magic learned from a book anyway. As they bombarded Canis, who appeared from all sides like a mole, the top of the mountain was razed to the ground.

‘Got it!’

After strategically analyzing Canis’ movement, Sirone fired a predictive shot where it could not be avoided. Canis appeared belatedly where the Photon Cannon fell. impossible to evade. In addition, it was a powerful force that could not be blocked even with dark skin.

Just when everyone thought it was over, a shadow stood up from under Canis’ feet. It looked like an elongated human shadow, and it received photon cannons in both hands and stomach. Photons caught between the palms were absorbed into the shadows with a pop. 

Embarrassed, Sirone landed on the ground. The shadow destroyed the photon cannon. It meant that the darkness soon overpowered the light. 

“Kikiki, a splendid appearance. How was I?”

“How can that be? The darkness swallows the light… … .”

Nade couldn’t believe it. No matter how strong the dark power was, he could not subdue the light. How would you feel if you lit a torch and your surroundings didn’t light up at all?

The monster body connected to Canis’s shadow did not interfere with its actions at all even while the lighting magic illuminated the ground.

While her face was small, her shoulders and chest were huge. Her waist was as thin as a tiger, and her arms were as long as those of a monkey. His palms were as broad as shields, and his fingers were as thin and long as blades. The fact that the body balance felt beautiful was proof that it was an artificial creation.

“Hey, didn’t I say it wasn’t a big deal? Hey, baby. The photons you shot tasted really good.”

When the shadow spoke, Sirone was speechless. In addition, the fact that he used the expression photon, not light, meant that he had intellectual abilities. 

Canis introduced her own shadow.

“Essence of Dark Magic. He is the strongest magic creature harvester.”

“A magical creature?”

The essence of magic biology, a combination of alchemy and magic engineering. It was truly bizarre to see in real life what I had only seen in books. Moreover, it was an intelligent creature that had never been introduced in any book.

“Kikiki! Is that guy completely out of his mind? Why are you like this, like a villager seeing a magical creature for the first time?”

Harvest, who showed off his bold talk, shook his shoulders and laughed. Is it a frivolous, eccentric monster? No, it was an extremely human yet transcendent creature.

“Harvest is immune to light. It is also connected to my life. Unless I die, Harvey will not perish either.”

“Gorum, gorum! We are two and one! One and two! Of course, I have a more handsome face. Because it’s real! He’s so handsome, but there’s no way to show it. Kehehehe!”

Harvest joked, but Sirone had no time to pay attention to it. If it was immune to light, even the dark mage’s only shortcoming was gone.

‘I… … Can I win?’

So far, the location of Alpheas was not clear, let alone help from outsiders. After all, hundreds of lives were in the hands of those present here.

Canis was satisfied with Sirone’s flustered appearance. The effect of introducing Harvest after lighting magic was excellent. This was also Harvest’s strategy. The frivolous tone and attitude are perfect acting. In fact, Harvest was more intelligent than Canis. This is because he transferred all of Arcane’s knowledge. Even at this moment, Harvest was constantly exchanging brainwave patterns with Canis.

– Canis. Let’s go into the forest. We are at a disadvantage here.

– Can you follow me easily?

– It’s urgent over there. Besides, Lucas is quite strong. If we make him move, our side’s power will increase.

– I don’t like it. I don’t want to receive help from a child like that. If you hadn’t stopped it earlier, we would have had a fight.

– It’s for you, Canis. He’s strong and he’s not stupid. He is pushing you when you look at the total amount of figures alone. I can’t let you get caught up in a draining emotional battle.

Lucas was another face of the villains who harassed Canis in Radum. The thought that he needed help from such a person made his insides boil.

– Canis. Heart rate increased by 1.7 times. Increased adrenaline levels impair your judgment. I apologize if I offended you for what I said.

The consideration of the magical creature to prevent loss of combat power calmed Canis’ heart. As long as there was a cold and sober Harvest, he was confident that he would not lose to anyone.

– No, Harvey. Sorry. You are right. Let’s begin.


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