Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 827

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anger (4)

Heaven’s sixth thousand jebul.

In the Great World War where Kariel is staying, 8 subjects including Smille were locked up.

Humans selected for special criteria.

The first giant was a combination of Gaians, and there was no rejection in performing the anecdote.

This is because all of them have achieved an integrated mental system that is impossible to distinguish between individuals.

The giant born in this way is Ymir, the king of giants, who is said to be the ultimate creature.

However, as the Ultima system weakened, the success rate of Ilhwa’s sake began to drop significantly.

‘If there is no meaning to distinguish individuality, the strength of unity comes only from quantity.’

Conversely, it is impossible to completely dismantle the Ultima system if even one entity remains.

Currently, it was difficult to make even a Tier 6 giant, and Anke gave Kariel a special order.

Analyze the Ultima system.

In order to completely annihilate the Gaians, it was necessary to understand their mental system.

‘Did I say Smille?’

Kariel looked back at the blue-haired woman trapped in the glass sphere of the Phusix Machine.

‘I’m just an ordinary human.’

I couldn’t find any fear in the way he accepted the reality with a calm expression.

‘Neither strong in spirit, nor good durability, nor understanding fear.’

The Ultima System is not like that.

Among human beings, there are strong people who have pushed their own characteristics to the limit, but integration is impossible in that way.

‘Ultimately a normal human? No, even such a definition is just a concept that interferes with the Ultima system.’

The moment you define something, integrating the whole becomes absolutely impossible.

‘Yeah, this is something before justice.’

So there is no way to define smille.

‘Just accepting.’

Kariel approached the glass sphere.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

Acquiring the raw material through the Black Elixir would give you all the information about Smille, but the anxiety that you might not be able to find it made you ask questions.

“You must know what Ilhwa’s sake is. 10 people, 100 people, 1 thousand people. Do you think I can find you in it?”

Smille’s eyes shook for a moment, but she regained her peaceful energy as if she was swept away by a great river.

“It is no different from being eaten by wild beasts and being buried dead.”

“… … is it?”

No matter what you specify in this world, if you look back endlessly, everything is one.

‘I think I know something.’

There is no distinction between peers.

The location where one could contemplate all things as one was probably outside the universe.

‘So you’re trying to leave the photon field?’

When Kariel started the Physics Machine, the black elixir liquid called the Philosopher’s Stone began to fill the glass sphere.


At that time, an angel flew into the Great World War.

“The intruder who is currently disturbing Heaven has crossed the Third Heaven and entered the Fourth Heaven.”


Judging from the movement of the intruders, they were coming here, destroying the barrier in a clockwise direction from the 1st millennium.

“Are you saying we haven’t been able to deal with it yet?” Apparently, in the first report, I heard that it was at a level that could be blocked by the 2nd Heaven.

‘No, that’s it too… … Too fast?’

The report was only received 20 minutes ago, so it should have arrived in 30 minutes in this state.

As the black liquid soaked her ankles, Smille stood up from the glass sphere to gain time.

It wasn’t a struggle to live.


Ogent would have been the only intruder who had destroyed the walls of Heaven.

‘I can’t come.’

I already knew my brother’s heart.

‘It was very difficult.’

Augent is a timid man.

He was a person who felt that love was achieved only by keeping him next to him and biting and sucking.

‘Because I have too many thoughts.’

Shouldn’t we have lived our whole lives like that, knowing each other’s feelings?

If you leave your body to the flow of life, what opportunity could you have shared a passionate love?

Humans cannot do that.

‘Stop looking for your brother’s happiness. I can’t drive myself into misfortune anymore.’


It was the reason why all mankind could not unite as one.

Kariel asked.

“What happened?”

The angel hurriedly lowered his head at the reprimanding tone.

“sorry. It was my mistake.”

The fact that he had made a mistake in evaluating a mere human aroused the angel’s shame.

But in the end, I couldn’t deny the fact, so I bit my lip and looked up.


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“The intruder I reported 20 minutes ago and the intruder now are completely different people.”

Kariel tilted her head.

“Are you saying people have changed?”

“that is??????

The angel, lost in thought for a while, finally gave up and confessed his honest feelings.

“I don’t even know what it is now.”

Fifth Thousand Matei.

“Weak things! Can’t the strongest army of giants stop just one human!”

Under the command of the giant corps commander, hundreds of giants struck down their swords at Ogent.

thud! thud! thud!

The sight of blades falling to the ground in a row felt like the sky was collapsing from Ogent’s point of view.

The moment the huge blade was about to crush Ogent, the eyes of the giant who wielded the sword widened.

“What power… … !”

Even though it was as strong as a falling mountain, Ogent held on to the blade and held on.


Hot smoke shot straight through Ogent’s teeth as he bit hard.

Wooddeuk. Wooddeuk.

Bones twisted and muscles twisted like a pretzel, transforming into something inhuman.

‘Cut it!’

As Ogent moved forward after deflecting the giant’s weapon, the faces of the giants around him fell away neatly.

“What the hell is that?”

It’s an obsession.

“Stop! I mean trample it!”

Ogent was lost in thought as he watched the scene of the giants running away, shaking the ground.

‘I’m already done.’

Everything has become a mess.

‘It must disappear without being happy for a moment.’

Even now, the anger was growing without knowing the end, and in the end it would swallow everything.

‘It doesn’t matter if I die.’

I didn’t feel it was unfair. He was born as a human and lived for twenty years, and there were countless shorter lives in the world.

‘But Smille.’

she won’t understand

‘I don’t know how to live as cool as you.’

Calculate and analyze, what happens if this happens, what happens if you do that, etc.

‘I don’t even have the correct answer.’

A pitiful life wandering around the middle of an unknown life crying out.

‘That’s me.’

You say life is beautiful?

‘I hope, because I’m happy.’ Where should the petty heart go that no one in the world can congratulate?


His anger, like a furnace, burned his mind and even his body began to twist.

“Kwuq! Kww! Kwuk!”

He swung his sword like a lunatic while spitting out the remains of living creatures that were pushed up from within.

‘I have reached!’

What I realized at the peak of my anger that I didn’t even think of myself was another realm.

“Queueek! Queueek!”

save people

‘Did you see? This is mankind’s strongest swordsmanship!’

No giants could compete.

‘Does this look beautiful? Does this look cool?’

It is the fate of life to struggle to survive like an octopus thrown into boiling water in a cauldron.

‘Still, I’ll try to live.’

The truth of life is that you can never go outside even though you pour out your excrement and urine.

“I’m going crazy with my anger!”

The moment Ogent’s sword was swung, the barrier of the 6th Heavenly Buddha collapsed with a bang.

The angels that had been flying in from afar suddenly stopped flying and each one opened their eyes wide.


Upon arriving in the angelic realm, Ogent’s body had already disintegrated into a human.

“Hehe! Hehe! Hehe!”

The process of anger burning skin, twisting muscles, and melting bones was truly devastating.

‘ are you okay.’

His breath rose to the tip of his chin, and the remains of living creatures continued to pour out of his mouth.

‘I have to swing my sword.’

Because that’s the only thing I know how to do.

‘Wield, swing, and swing again… …

A good day will surely come.

“Something good will happen to a guy like me!”

Not knowing where his limbs were, Ogent swung his sword at Mara as he attacked.

The action, with only the determination to transcend form and slash, was horrifying by human standards, but… … .

“I am not human.”

In the eyes of the angels, the desperate struggle looked strangely beautiful.

“It is life itself.”

Augent cried and cried.

“Give me Smille!”

“Kill him.”

When the angels gave instructions, thinking that it would be dangerous at this rate, hundreds of Maras attacked.

At the same time, Ogent’s body rose like a flame and severed all the surrounding Maras.

“How could that be?”

The laws of this world never endow an individual with infinite power.

“Destroy the weapon!”

The huge three-legged Mara took Ogent’s sword, broke it, and threw it away.

“it’s okay! no more… …

‘It’s cut.’

At the same time as Mara’s face was distorted, her body was split in two exactly.

Power entered the angel’s eyes.

‘I see.’


‘It’s becoming a sword.’

It was Han who hadn’t stopped him just 30 minutes ago.

“It should not be allowed to reach. If it goes any further, you will have to stake the very existence of heaven.”

All of the angels’ planets turned into Halos.

“We launch an all-out attack!”

As the judicial halo lit up the sky, the unique concept of angels focused on Ogent.

In the midst of the fire to the extent that the fire was shaken, Ogent’s sword soared through the haze.


As the haze cleared, Ogent’s figure was revealed, and the angels watched with fascinated expressions.

“Unbelievable… …


The perfectly regenerated body was similar to that of a human, but the temperament was by no means human.

The face was distorted like a demon, and the muscles of the whole body were grotesquely twisted.

“Is it indestructible?”

Destruction is impossible if it is already in the state of concept.

“No, it’s just solid. As long as you have a body, you cannot reach Idea.”

“Then what is that?”


It was the strongest yaksha in history.

“Smille eh eh!”

At the same time as Ogent’s rant broke out, the angels blocking the front were split in half.


As the law of Macha dwelled, a huge hole was opened in the wall of the Great World War, and Ogent came in.

“You came at last.”

Kariel, who had been watching over him, greeted him with a displeased expression.


The moment he saw Smille submerged in the black liquid, August’s muscles tightened even more.

Although he did not show his anger outwardly, the scenery shook with every step he took.

“A fool.”

Even though he has become an angel, he commits suicide just to find a woman.

“I commend you for coming this far. But you never get what you want.”

that’s human life

“Give me Smille.”

Ogent gave up being human.

“The judicial halo.”

When Kariel’s proprietary simularch was integrated, all electronic devices in the Great World War flickered.

‘The stronger the stronger, the stronger the stronger, the infinitely stronger the material’s envelope.

Pogu was born with a concept that is inaccessible to humans, and is close to the theory of a perpetual power engine.

“Enough to break you.”

Probably so, but Ogent didn’t care and raised his arms as if holding a sword.


The hardest orb shot from the cannon of matter.

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