Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 826

anger (2)

A huge sound receded over the mountains, and soon people’s screams were heard.


Ogent kicked off the ground first, followed by Smille.

When they arrived, both the river clan and the mountain clan were sitting on their knees in front of the angel.

“You are here.”

The angel surrounded by the 1st to 3rd Mara turned around.

He had seen an angel flying in the sky from a distance, but it was the first time he had encountered it up close.

‘What’s this?’

Even if all the land, sea, and air monsters that were said to be the most powerful in Purgatory were put together, they would not be able to reach the tip of an angel.

“Ogent! Run away!”

Damian, who was kneeling, shouted.

“Smille… … ! Kuck!”

Like a machine, the one-legged Mara, with a bronze body, pressed Damian with his foot.


When Smille arrived belatedly, Ogent immediately drew his sword and blocked her path.

“Stop, Smille. behind me… …

Augent stopped talking with a surprised expression.

‘ Suddenly?’

Like an optical illusion, the angel’s figure disappeared, and before he knew it, he was standing behind Smille and holding onto Smille’s shoulder.

“Hmm, are you okay?”

Ogent was afraid.

He was not afraid of being killed by an angel, but of this world, of the rising tide of the appointed time.

‘I want to run away.’

from everything.

“I am Jeongjae’s angel Airope.” The voice came from behind, but the angel took Smille and returned to his original position.

“I came here to find a subject for Ilhwa’s drink in Purgatory.”

“Anecdotal liquor?”

Through the mouths of heretics, they also knew what anecdotes were.

“So you’re not going to die?”

Airope made a displeased expression.

“It is to preserve the laws of the kingdom of heaven. You also exist under the law. Join us in protecting the world by sacrificing your humble body.”

The war between Heaven and Gaia is not yet over.

He developed the anecdote and weakened the Ultima system, but Ymir was the only giant who reached level 10.

‘Even step 7 is difficult in this state.’

In order to stand against the Gaians, more perfect materials were needed, and what Ankera was looking for was someone with an unwavering spirit.

“But why Smille?”

“The energy of this child fascinates me. But don’t worry. I’m going to take a closer look at it from now on.”

As Airope’s astral body expanded into Halo, her judicial halo glowed with a brilliant light.

While everyone watched in awe, only Ogent gritted his teeth at the unapproachable perfection.



The Maras looked back at him.

“Can you sense the halo?”

Not only did he sense it, but Irope also looked at him with a puzzled look at the way he endured it.


First of all, finding a target was a priority.

As the judicial halo was activated, Smille’s body was surrounded by bluish aura.

As a direct descendant of Kariel, the Archangel of Birth, she was able to scan every part of a creature.


After completing the scan, Airope was so surprised that she forgot the existence of Ogent, who sensed the halo.

‘It matches the standard by 98%.’

In other words, if she entered the anecdotal liquor, there was a 48% chance that she would enter stage 10.

“There’s no need to find another target.”

Tens of thousands of subjects were scanned in Purgatory, but only a handful of cases exceeded 70 percent.

“We are taking this human.” It was a death sentence for his family, so Damian shouted with a pale face.

“Please save me! This is a child who is about to get married soon. I’d rather go!”

“It’s not something you can say you want to do with lowly things. Consider it an honor to be the subject of noble magic.”


Although Purgatory is free from Anchera’s control, it was undeniable that the existence of angels was God.

‘Smille… … You say you’re being taken to heaven?’

Ogent just hung his head and watched the people who couldn’t say anything.

Even Lread, who had promised a future with Smille, was terrified and his shoulders trembled.


Augent moved on.

“Whoever wants Smille… …

“It is the name of God.”

Having said that, Ilope nodded.

“Take care of it.”

He was the one who didn’t like the fact that he was a human holding out against the halo.

The 1-legged Mara Bronze Chopper changed its eight arms into capitals and charged at Ogent.

It was a momentary situation, but everyone present had their hearts pounding.


In the process of killing even Bronze Dowae did not suspect, only Ogent was relaxed.

‘slow. slower.’

Ogent took a step, feeling the speed of the angel falling far faster than the movement of the angel.

The body of the Bronze Cobbler was split in half, and smoke rose from the empty interior.


His body hurriedly closed, but the knees of the Bronze Swordsmith, who had already drained most of the fuel, bent.

Everyone was stunned by the unexpected situation, but what was more terrifying was that they attacked Mara.

Ai-Rope’s eyes contained the intent to kill.


It was impossible to cut a bronze sword with a human-made sword unless it was divine transcendence.

“Smiele is not okay. Please forgive me.”

No words could convince Airope that a human had cut down Mara.

“What an insignificant human being!”

When Airope held out her power, there was a bang and August’s body was pushed all the way to the entrance of the village.


Ilope’s face turned cold as she scratched the ground and checked the long footprints.


Blocked the angel’s attack.

Since he was a being on a different level, whose strength could not be measured, the shock the clan received was enormous.

‘Was it like that?’

The one thing Damian couldn’t understand was how he could have endured with such strength.

If he made up his mind, he could turn his back on his clan and rule the world at any time.

‘I’ve never swung a sword with that kind of heart.’

Augent was frustrated.

‘If you just swing the sword without rest… …

Maybe a happy day will come to me too.


Augent wept.

“Forgive me. Please save Smille just once. Please don’t take her from her.”

” brother??????

Even though she was in danger of dying, Smille looked at Augent with pity on the contrary.

‘Can’t win. I can’t beat this.’

It was the conviction that I realized after sharing one accord with the angel.

“I will gladly accept any punishment, so don’t take Smille. Rather me… …

“Shut up.”

Airope glanced at Smille.

“What is this child doing to this extent? A good future awaits you as a human being.” By the standards of angels, Augent’s swordsmanship was at an advanced level among Gaians.

“Smiley… …

When Augent’s mouth opened, several people strained their eyes with a tense expression.

“This is my sister.”

It is better to be sick than to hurt someone.


Irofe laughed as if he knew even without looking into human psychology.

“I remembered the punishment that will be given to you.” Airope gave instructions to Mara, who was stationed on the left and right.

“Make it immovable.”

His pride was hurt to subdue a single human, but he had no choice but to obey because it was an angel’s order.

The merciless beating began with the bull-faced two-headed Mara kicking Ogent.

‘Let’s wait. I’ll just have to put up with this.’

If he was a normal human, he would have already been crushed, but the power of divine transcendence was stronger than expected.

The more this happened, the more powerful Mara’s pride became, and the sound of bones breaking inside her body was heard.

‘Yes, hit it hard. Hit me more.’ If he beats him up to his satisfaction, he’ll release Smille if he feels relieved.

If you mess up and wriggle on the floor, even if it’s pitiful, they’ll give you what you want.

‘I peck.’

August thought so.

“How wonderful.”

When Airope gave a signal, Ogent was seized by Mara’s hand and forced to stand up.

‘This level of incarnation.’

In terms of technology, it is the only one in Heaven as well as in Purgatory.

“But the bowl is really small.” have no convictions

Even without a scan, this tendency was only used as fertilizer for Ilhwa’s alcohol.

“Smille… … Smille… …

The child Lope, who had been looking at Ogent with contempt, held out her hand while activating the judicial halo.

“I will thoroughly open your narrowed heart. That is my punishment for you.”

“Forgive me, please… …

When Ai-Rope activated the judicial halo, the blood on Ogent’s face disappeared.

“no. That’s all… …

The moment a bluish light shone on Ogent’s body, Smille approached.

“Stop it.”

“Hey, do you even look down on angels?”

“If you don’t quit, I will kill myself.”

The judicial halo quickly returned to the celestial body.


According to the information already confirmed through the scan, Smille was definitely a person who could end his own life.

“Don’t touch anyone. Then I will obey your will. This is the only condition.”

It was unpleasant to have a fight with a human, but the history of the archangel Kariel took precedence.

“Let’s go back.”

When Mara freed Ogent, he dropped to his knees and raised his head helplessly.

“Smiele, no. If you go away like that… …

“It’s okay, brother.”

Smille knelt down on one knee and stroked Ogent’s bruised cheek.

“I’m rather glad it happened like this.”


Auguste couldn’t think of anything.

“Sorry. happily… …

Before Smille’s words could be finished, Ai Lope’s halo spun rapidly and a pillar of light soared.


Ogent blankly looked up at the sky in a situation that had disappeared from his sight like a lie.

‘I’d rather be fortunate?’

Could dying be a happy thing?


Ogent finally realized.

“Ugh, black… …

Tears of blood were leaking from her bloodshot eyes, and it felt like everything in the world was collapsing.

‘Even knowing… … How do you know everything… …

Smille accepts everything.

‘Were you able to smile at me?’

No one has yet noticed that a tremendous rage of unknown origin was compressed in Ogent’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, but it would be better to pretend there was no marriage.”

At the words of the mountain clan, Damian had no choice but to shut his mouth with a sorrowful expression.

‘It’s a disaster. It’s just like that.’ If a man killed him, he would kill him; if he was attacked by a wild beast, he would have turned the mountain into a mess.

‘I was called by an angel. There is nothing I can do.’

Leard’s muttering could be heard among the people of the mountain clan who were trying to leave quickly.

“Sheesh, if I knew it would be like this, I’d rather…” …

It was a sound that no one could hear, but it was louder than thunder to Ogent’s ears.


When Ogent stumbled to his feet, everyone felt sorry.

“Don’t get up. You need to rest.”

It was literally difficult to even walk, and Leard snorted at the sight.

“Who is this piece of trash… … Kuk!” Without even taking a step, Ogent arrived in front of Lair and grabbed his head.

‘Where did you get this power… …

All five of his fingers were broken, but the pain was enough to crush his head.


When Lead couldn’t stand it and suffered, the mountain clan took out their weapons and ran.


“Ogent! no!”

As soon as Damian finished speaking, Lead’s head shattered with a thump.

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