Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 811

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Age of Chaos (3)

The capital of the Jive Kingdom, Lodenin.

As a free city, the gates were wide open, and many people were entering the capital even at sunset.

“for a moment! Stop right there!”

But Ryan was an exception.

“You mean that?”

“Then is there anyone else as dirty as you here? It doesn’t matter if you come in and become a beggar, but you can’t be a beggar.”

It was raining and the smell of blood was washed away, but the problem was that he was not using an umbrella.

“I am not a beggar, I am a wandering swordsman.”

The guard burst out laughing.

“A wandering swordsman? Can you tell the difference between a beggar wearing a sword and a beggar wearing a sword?”

It was oddly persuasive.

“I am an aristocrat. I’m from Tormia, and I’m a swordsman for a family called Ogent.”

In the end, when Lian took out his ID and showed it, the guard’s eyes changed dramatically.

“Oh, sorry. It’s so ugly, no, it’s because it’s aristocratic and far from it.”

Ryan laughed bitterly.

“I understand.”

“When you enter Lodenin, wash yourself. Even if you have ID, there will be many inconveniences.”

Lian thought it was advice anyone could give.

“thank you. Then, please do your best.” As a kingdom with many cloudy days, there were various things to enjoy at night in Jive, and a lot of people wandered around.

‘It’s not just lively.’ Lian’s sharp eye saw through the darkness of the small alley leading from the main road.

It was hidden in the shadows, but there were people gathered there, and not all beggars.

“Mom! It’s a monster!”

The two women, who were walking with umbrellas, stepped out of the way as soon as they saw Lian.

“… … I need to wash up.”

With his huge size, hair hanging down to his shoulders, and a greatsword, he was an undisputed villain.

While walking down the street in the pouring rain in search of a bathroom, the sound of horses hooves approached from behind.

“Hey, that person!”

One of the women who had just run away in surprise was on board.

“Hey! What!”

The carriage, which was running fast as if about to collide, came to an abrupt halt in front of Lian’s eyes.

As I waited, receiving the rough breath of the horse on my face, a group of troops dismounted from the carriage.

“There will be a brief inspection.”

It was cumbersome because I had already proved my identity.

“Is there a problem?”

“A report came in. They said that an unknown assailant was roaming the streets at night looking for women.”

Ryan, just walked.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. I am a wandering swordsman. Here is your ID.”

As I learned at the gate, when I presented my ID card, the security guard’s expression softened.

“Thormia. You have come from quite a distance.”

The lucky soldier continued.

“Recently, a heinous murder is taking place in the capital. It’s a serial murder, and the method is perverted. so… …

“Are you saying I’m guilty? I just arrived in Lodenin. The gate guards will check.”

“I don’t mean that. However, as the prosecutor knows, the Security Headquarters has issued a first-degree arrest order. When a report comes in, they are bound to be arrested unconditionally and their whereabouts recorded.”

I understood the words of the gate guard to shave before entering the capital.

‘Even though it’s annoying.’

The security forces couldn’t even chase after the serial killer, and they needed a track record of working hard.

“All right.”

Ryan didn’t ask.

It is because they know that such a performance-oriented labor force gathers to form the security of the city.

‘It’s better.’

Rather than going to the public bathhouse at night, I should have washed myself and shaved at the police headquarters.

“I will cooperate with the investigation.”

“thank you.”

The guards got the woman who reported Lian off the carriage.

“We will take over from now on. Don’t worry and go home safely.”

The woman glared at Lian.

“They tried to kill me! this killer! What are you trying to do by kidnapping me!”

Shaving off the beard would reveal a clean impression, but the prayers of the bloody battle with the demons could not be easily erased.

‘It can’t be helped.’

If even the swordsmen had enough energy to numb their hamstrings, it was natural for the woman to instinctively feel fear.

“Do you provide lodging?”

Realizing Rian’s intentions, the guard smiled.

“of course. It won’t be as good as a good inn. You’ll have to shave if you’re going to make a montage anyway.”

The carriage carrying Lian quickly ran down the stone road.

Lodenin 2nd Security Headquarters.

When I entered the three-story building in the west of the capital, I fell asleep in the warmth.

“I want to wash up first.”


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“All right. Let me guide you to the bathroom.”

When I entered the public bathhouse, the sturdy guards who had completed their night patrol were washing their bodies.

As befits those who live with heavy iron armor, their muscles were developed, and their chests were firm as if even a needle would not go into them.

“Whoa, how long has it been since you took a bath?” As Lian took off her clothes, recalling the past she couldn’t remember, the eyes of those in the bath widened.


They are the ones who can’t lose to anyone in terms of body, but Lian’s body is different from the line.

‘How can a person be like that?’

Lian’s body, which had cut through more than 10,000 demons with a straight sword, was beyond the category of living things and was engineering.

‘It’s not a body made from exercise. It’s the body cut by the sword.’

It felt like I could see the kinetic energy that came out when I twisted my perfect inverted triangle body.

The feeling of the men spying on her body was very strange, but Lian tried to avoid it and washed herself.

With a creak, his long beard fell at his feet. The old grime was removed with stone soap like sandpaper.

“Whoa, cool.”

When I came out, shaking my head, there were numerous guards who had already heard the rumors.

“Are you done? ah… …

The guard who escorted Lian looked at Lian’s body while handing over the sword and widened his eyes.

‘Knight of Maha. I can’t believe I’m looking at that whole body.’

It was the honor of a lifetime.

“I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you before. Because it was raining, I couldn’t see the name clearly.”

On the one hand, it was negligence, but it was much easier to confess because the opponent was a knight of Macha.

“it’s okay.”

As Lian waited for the next turn wearing the security guard’s supplies, the guards admitted their mistake.

‘That woman, to report such a tycoon as a murderer. Well, even my skin is shaking… …

Lian’s impression after the bath was not docile, but he seemed honest enough.

“Let’s go. We will finish the investigation as soon as possible.”

It was Lian who thought that he would have to wash his body from now on due to the different treatment from before.

“But it’s a murder case. What is it exactly?”

I’ve heard it’s a perverted method.

“Since two months ago, women have been kidnapped once every seven days. The body is found the next day, surprisingly dead with all the blood sucked.”

“What if the blood is still sucked?”

“It is literally. I saw all kinds of corpses, but this one was gross. It was crumpled up, leaving only the skin, as the blood had drained out without a drop.”

Just imagining it was terrifying.

“Anyway, you can rest assured that you will not become a suspect. So, this way… …

When I opened the door and entered, the bad guys of the night were sitting in the interrogation chairs and being interrogated by the guards.

“Oh, who is this? Aren’t you the knight of Macha who once stirred up the world?”

Square ring installed in the corner. A middle-aged man with a height of more than two meters came to the corner.

It was Venoff, the 2nd Security Commander.

“Captain, this person is not a suspect… …

“You’re out, man.”

It was said jokingly, but an order was an order, so the guard hurriedly stepped aside.

“Yes, I know. He is a hero of hell who does not belong to anywhere and punishes demons alone.”

More than Rian could have imagined, Mach’s article was a worldwide issue.

“After cutting, cutting, and cutting like that, we arrived at Lodenin, the capital of the Jive. Hmm. Good good.”

“What do you want to know?”

Venoff asked, baring his teeth.

“Why is it our kingdom?”

“To go home.” Since I came down straight, I go straight home.

“The situation at the police station is not good these days. Pecking from above, the culprit is never caught. I said I would die from the stress.”

Benoff stepped lightly and tapped the corner with his gloved fist.

“Simply finish. If you come up and have a fight, you’ll be fired right away. Or be investigated to leak me.”

In the end, it meant that he wanted to compete with Mach’s knight.

“Captain, but this way… … Venoff cut off again.

“Just stay still. How is it, Macha’s knight? At the Security Headquarters, how about swords and fists like a man?”

The guard whispered in his ear.

“It’s because my nerves are sensitive. just say no No matter how he looks, he is the champion of the Lodenin Coliseum.”

“I can hear you, man.”

Lian opened his mouth while watching with interest not only the guards being interrogated, but also the bad guys of the night.

“I don’t fight to beat anyone.”

If you can become stronger by defeating someone, what is the emptiness in Lian’s heart?

“okay? So what are you fighting for?”

“I do not know. I’m just thinking that strength isn’t like that.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! As expected, there is no stalling party for an article that made a name for itself. It’s just a bunch of talk.”

“Such provocations do not work.” The laughter died away in an instant, and Lian walked to her ring, swinging her shoulder.

“However, if it is part of a way to quickly deal with troublesome things, there is nothing that cannot be climbed.”

The corners of Benoff’s mouth went up to his ears.

“That’s right. come up.”

A martial arts showdown was prepared out of nowhere, and guards gathered around the ring.

“Oh really! Let us see too!”

I could hear the low-level guards stringing together the bad guys and dragging them to the temporary detention center.

When Lian climbed onto the ring and took off his top, a security guard who assumed the role of second put the glove on.

It was an open finger glove with open fingertips.

He said, tightening the strap on his wrist.

“I’m sorry it turned out this way. Daejangnim is a martial arts maniac. He was going to participate in the Central Continent Coliseum as a Lodenin champion, but it was canceled due to work. If it weren’t for the police force, he would have gone out into the world.”

It was an expression to be careful around.

“does not matter. Fighting is your job. Instead, let me sleep as soon as I win.”

“haha! Martial arts are different from swords.” Rumors about Macha’s swordsman had been deafening, but the captain’s skill was ascertained with the naked eye.

As I pounded my glove and walked to the center of the ring, Benoff approached me as if I had been waiting.

“Let me explain the rules. Even if I die fighting, I won’t tell my mother. Vital attacks are a foul. I’d rather die. is not it?”

Lian gave a short nod and stepped back to the side of the ring.

“We will start a martial arts showdown between the 2nd Security Headquarters. Allotted time is 10 minutes. Fight to your heart’s content.”

The guard who came in as a referee crossed his arms with an X and immediately jumped over the ring.

Benoff kicked the ground and rushed forward, but Lian raised his guard and only shook his upper body.

‘Where should I look at the champion’s skills?’ The sound of the jab exploded at Lian’s guard who was weaving.

phut! Papapang!

Then, a combination attack consisting of jabs pounded the top of the arm with a light rhythm.

‘Is this fun?’

The corners of Ryan’s lips rose slightly.

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