Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 810

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Age of Chaos (2)

Caidra, a grotesque bird that quickly traversed the desert, shot a sharp groan into the sky.

‘Havitz became Satan.’

The identity of the rogue bird was Ratusa, and the person riding on its back was Uorin, the Empress of Kashan.

The project, which was the only way to punish the atrocities, failed, and she suffered from a fever for three days.

When his condition did not recover, he kicked off the blanket himself and was riding for a change of mood.

‘I can’t believe I’m failing.’

My goal throbbed again, and my heart, which had endured aeons of history, beat as if it would burst.

The aftermath of failing to eliminate Habits spread throughout the world, and Kashan also suffered enormous damage.

‘Is the unknown future, even Lee Da-ji, frustrating?’

The real reason for the fever was that it simply did not end there.

‘What should I do next?’ According to Mitochondrial Eve’s accident, Kashan would fall and Uorin would suffer a disastrous situation.

‘I can’t protect Sirone.’ It is fraternity to embrace the whole, but he would not use his power for the glory of Ka Shan.

‘I can’t do Gaold.’

He had only one person.

‘Buddha has disappeared, the polar line has weakened. Miro won’t be able to handle the atrocities.’

A terrifying thought came into my mind.

‘Habits. villainy.’

The way for Kashan to continue his glory was to join hands with Gustav, as Gando had said.

‘I can endure if I become atrocious.’ It must have been a very easy decision for Mitochondrial Eve, not a personal life, but… … .


If that happens, the beautiful ending with the person you love will forever be gone.

“What are you telling me to do!”

The reason why he went outside was because he couldn’t be caught screaming in the name of Terrase.

“What do you mean!”

Just as Uorin’s screams blew in the wind, a dark group approached from the sky.

‘It’s a demon.’

Kaidra hurriedly lowered its altitude and flew low over the sand, but it was already too late.

“Human! Catch it!”

The 24th Air Brigade belonging to the Hell Army’s 16th Corps found Uorin and immediately turned around.

“What a worm!”

Organte, the 2nd Division Commander of the 16th Corps, was a demon with a massive body covered in gray matter.

“die!” His ability to create shockwaves in all directions by sticking his long tongue into the ground like a pipe was his talent.

pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!

As the sand rose to a height of 10 meters, the corpses of the dead demons rotated in the air as if tumbling.

“I can’t catch you.”

Kido, who fluttered his old cloak and got out of the radius, lowered his body to the floor.

“The Earth Command.”

The desert wriggled like a swamp, and the organ rim’s tongue emerged twisted into a knot.

“You bastard!” Numerous spines protruded from Organte’s carapace and rushed like arrows.

Kido raised his glasses and murmured.

“Even if I eat it, it won’t taste good.”

To him, who has mastered the law of the land, the meaning of land is completely different from that of other creatures.

Just as a shark pulls a lion into the sea, and a bird pulls a whale into the sky.

‘Become one with the land.’

To Kido, the earth itself, everything that moved on the ground was ants placed on the palm of his hand.

“Keugh! What’s this?”

The land seemed to be rolling over like waves, but before I knew it, Kidou turned around and swung the spear behind Organte.

When I crossed my arms covered with thick carapace in an X shape, the blade plunged with a bang.

“Quack! The speed is good, but the power is not enough. You cannot cut me with your weapon.”

Kido said while holding the blade.

“It didn’t reach.”


“The point where we feel the collision is actually just a repulsion from the charge.”

nothing can reach

“The positions of electrons are probabilistically distributed, and the curtain of probability surrounds the atoms. In short, collisions do not occur in the domain of particles.”

Incarnation – mastery of sources.

As he exerted a high degree of concentration, Kido’s eyes sank as if they were being sucked into an abyss.

“So, if you find the probability that the atoms in my blade pass through the atoms in your carapace… …

The blade began to cut through the carapace and penetrate.

“Hey, wait.” Organte’s expression changed to bewilderment.

“Wait a minute! This makes no sense! How can you fight like this!”

Even if he tried to escape, he was unable to move because the enormous force of gravity was binding his legs.

“shit! cowardly! Let’s fight again!”

The blade passed through Organte’s arms and finally reached the top of his head.

“It is not without its downsides. This is very difficult. Besides, it is very slow.”

As if a hot substance touched

The demon’s face was steadily split in two.


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“Aww! no! not… … Kuck!”

Only after the blade passed his face and down his neck did Kido release his superhuman concentration.


With a thud, Organte’s body fell forward.


Kidou ripped the flesh off the corpse with his fingernails, raised his head and squeezed out the blood.

Blood dripped onto the tongue, and the memory of the demons permeated through the ‘taste of memory’.

“… … You must have loved once too.” This was before becoming a demon.

“What is love?”

Kido, who was lost in thought while looking up at the sky, hurriedly lowered his head, shook his shoulders, and smiled.

“Chuck! If you speak like a human, what will it be?”

I still couldn’t fully understand Sirone.

“Yes, I am still immature.”

He jumped up and swung the spear.

“I acknowledged my shortcomings… …

Because that’s going to be the hardest thing.

“Now there is only one thing left to do.” As he turned his body away, he felt a thump and vibration on the horizon.

“What is this again?”

“Ha ha ha! Such a windfall. To say that the human I met by chance was the Empress of Kashan.”

Over 200 Demons belonging to the 24th Air Brigade surrounded Uorin and La Tusa.

“Hey, what if some insignificant demon finds me?”

As Ratusa threatened with a groan, Uorin pulled out a sword from the saddle.

“well. If it were the queen, of course she would be different from the common human beings, but… …

Brigadier Dalmang, with rectangular horns erected on either side of his temple, erected a huge sawtooth greatsword.

“Isn’t that a delicacy?”

Murderous intent dwelled in Uorin’s eyes.

‘Can I get rid of it? It’s dangerous.’ As Mitochondrial Eve, he mastered numerous techniques, but his body is bound to change from generation to generation.

‘It’s just that I didn’t get it.’

After all, no matter how high the level of technology, there was a limit to the combat power that could be produced.

“Strike! I’m going to release the resentment I’ve suffered from Kashan here! Catch me alive!”

The demons with wings attacked Ratusa, and Moonmang rushed forward, swinging his serrated greatsword like a windmill.

“red! Catch it if you can!”

A tight battle unfolded as Uorin countered by linking magic and incarnation.

“Hoo? How is it?”

The yaksha’s body exploded with incarnation techniques and powerful magic, but Dalmang was able to afford it.

“Heuk, are you tired already?” Although he never neglected training, real battles were different from practice, so his stamina was consumed quickly.

‘This body is really weak. Did I focus too much on aesthetic standards?’

It was to the point of hating the ancestors.


When he turned his head to Kaidra’s grotesque voice, countless demons were sticking spears into his torso.


“Where are you going?”

A sharp sound was heard as Dalmang swung the serrated greatsword at the twisting Uorin.


The unique sound waves coming from the hole in the window were trivial, but Uorin remembered everything.

‘What is this sound?’

Something rolled at a speed that could not be seen with the naked eye, and Dalmang’s neck fell off in an instant.


At the same time as the demons shouted, the shadow of the wheel turned greatly.

As dozens of demons were cut into pieces, Kido finally appeared.

“Hey, human female emperor. Long time no see.”

Uorin’s eyes narrowed as Kido raised his glasses with a sharp smile.

“Why are you here?”

“Talk about it later. Let’s deal with it at once.” There are various types of demons, but Kido’s combat experience while wandering the desert was no less than that.

“one two three four. five!”

As the demons died as quickly as counting with their mouths, the winged ones soared into the sky.

“Not an ordinary guy! Attack from the sky!”

“You arrogant demon.”

Kido turned like a top and rolled across the desert on his back.

“On the topic of eating things from the ground… …

Incarnation, jibakryeong.

“Why do you lean on the sky?”

As if an invisible hand came up from the ground and grabbed their ankles, the demons were dragged to the ground.

“Aww! what!”

It was as if a ton of iron beads had been put on it.

“Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.” Uo Rin watched blankly as the spear rotated, the body rotated, and the world seemed to rotate.

‘It’s gotten stronger.’ The self-proclaimed king of the goblins was revealing a completely different presence than when he dealt with Fengzhang.

“Cut, cut, what?”

In the middle of the desert, among the corpses of demons, only Kido was spinning.

Kido, who turned around as if bouncing from the rolling state, stepped on the desert with both legs.


As she stopped in front of Uorin, a cloud of soft dust spread and covered her entire body.

“Puhahaha! It’s the traditional goblin makeup method.”

It was a goblin tradition to apply mud when fighting.

“Whatever… …

Uorin asked as she dusted herself off.

“Why are you here?”

Instead of answering, Kido turned around and tore off the brigade commander’s flesh and stuffed it into his mouth.

Uorin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“I am practicing to attain enlightenment. Doesn’t the man called the King of Humans know that?”

Of course I know, but I didn’t really care.

“What realization?”


Kido has arrived.

“Goblins are strong, but they don’t love like humans. She is looking for love outside of the chains of feeding and breeding.”

While protecting Sirone in Andre’s labyrinth, Kido felt human emotion for the first time.

“Hmm, for something like that, don’t you enjoy eating demon meat too much?”

“ha ha ha! of course. Do I have to eat to live?”

It seemed that he was still far from reaching enlightenment.

‘It’s barbaric.’

Kido wasn’t wearing pants, so the goblin’s things dangled between his legs.

‘It’s very big. He’s short.’

Sensing Uorin’s gaze, Kido, instead of feeling uncomfortable, proudly stuck out his waist.

“The Goblin King.”

“… … thanks anyway I’ve been helped, so I’ll reward you. Tell me if you want anything.”

“I don’t want anything. If so, is it true love? But can’t you give it to me?”

Uorin looked under Kido once more and shook his head in fright.

“I’m a bit like that, should I introduce you to a human woman?”

“haha! it’s okay! my love i will find And I don’t think you have to be human.”

Kido turned and waved his hand.

“Have a good trip. Be careful of the demons.”

“wait for a sec.”

Uorin’s eyes sparkled.

‘It will be useful.’

Kido is strong, he was a friend of Sirone, and above all, he has the ability of ‘memory taste’.

“Would you like to go to the imperial castle with me?”


Kido’s lips parted.

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