Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 81

[81] Wizard’s Battle (2)

Nade and Iruki, who cast teleportation, appeared in front of the cliff of a bridge that could not be crossed. The eyes of the two people who watched Shiina’s humiliation were burning with fire. 

“How dare you, the teacher… … .”

“What, there were some fine guys, right? Anyway, sorcerers… … .”

Lucas felt the same way. To think that a person with the name of a great wizard made the mistake of missing the target. Besides, all sane humans had to deal with themselves.

“Was that woman a teacher? I’m sorry. She should have almost arrived by now. it’s on the ground Kuck.”

The moment Lucas finished speaking, Shirone hugged Shiina from the bottom of the cliff and teleported up. His eyes were no different from those of his friends. How far must he fall before he can drop a man down a cliff?

“I will not forgive you.”

Lucas didn’t even listen. The escalating situation was just annoying.

“hey. What are you going to do? Is this also part of the operation?”

Lucas made it clear who was responsible. It’s because he can come out when he pays the balance. Canis also did not evade. In the absence of Arcane, he was the leader.

“Arin, stay back.”

“But Canis… … .”

“You don’t have to step out. Focus on the task of controlling people. I’ll take care of it myself.”

It was unreasonable to fight hundreds of people with mental control. As Arin hid among the people, Canis, relieved, approached Sirone and the others.

“What are you? How did you get out of mind control?”

Iruki said.

“Dark magic, isn’t it magic that is already outdated? The law of destruction is widespread and widespread.”

“No nonsense. If it could have been solved that easily, the guys in the back wouldn’t have been caught.”

‘That’s right… … .’

Canis looked up at the sun. It was the peak of the mountain, so the light was still strong. However, there would be no need for the student of the archmage to set conditions against the students.

Lucas, who was watching with his arms crossed, shouted. 

“Hey, what are you going to do? This wasn’t in the contract. I could handle it for you for double the money.”

“I don’t need any help. I handle it myself.”

“Then whatever.”

Lucas sighed and stepped back. He had the attitude of not wanting to step out, but his heart was the exact opposite. He waits pretending not to care, then slashes them from behind when the battle starts. Then it was over.

“Come on quickly. Because you are busy.”

Sirone and Kanis slowly closed the distance. Canis’ spirit zone, felt through synesthesia, was a sphere with a diameter of approximately 50 meters, similar to Sirone’s.

“I’ll be in charge here, so you guys stop that prosecutor.”

Iruki turned to Lucas at Sirone’s words.

“That person? Judging by the atmosphere, I don’t think I will go out.”

“I don’t know how things will change when they come. He’s vicious enough to make Shiina-sensei fall off a cliff.”

Sirone looked back with cold eyes and said.

“Don’t believe anything he says.”

Iruki swallowed his saliva. Sirone, who switched the circuits in her head to a combat readiness, looked different from usual.

Sirone began timing. Photon output boasts outstanding activation speed among attack magic. However, the dark series also did not lag behind in speed. 

No signal could be read in Canis’ eyes. Like an orangutan’s black pupil, only an uncertain future hovered around.

not human Extremely animalistic eyes that can only be obtained by those who have survived countless times.

What kind of life would lead to such eyes?

The two wiggled their fingers. And the moment the bird flew up, it moved at the same time. The photon output and the power of darkness moved dazzlingly, disturbing my eyes.

Sirone cast teleportation and soared. The power of darkness that followed vertically melted in the sunlight.

Canis laughed. What he was aiming for was the shadow buried on the ground, not Sirone’s body. After belatedly recalling the properties of dark magic, Sirone hurriedly moved off the cliff. As the shadow disappeared 1,000 meters below, the power of darkness that missed its target dissipated like flames.

As the photon output shot like a rapid-fire cannon, Canis cast a shadow wall. A thick wall of shadow rose before his eyes and he absorbed all the photons.

‘It’s a great strength. Darkness blocks the light.’

Dark power to the extent of going against the laws of nature. Sirone, who had increased the power of photon output through thousands of rebounds, could guess how strong Canis’ mental strength was. 

‘Then how about this?’

After concentrating the photon in her hand, Sirone gnashed her teeth and threw it. As the photon cannon fired, Canis maximized the thickness of the defense wall. The corner of his mouth went up for a moment, as the shadow wall exploded and a flash came in.

‘What is this?’

Feeling creepy, Kanis instinctively cast Dark Skin. As his body turned black, a photon cannon hit his stomach. 

“Ouch… … !”

The limit of the shock that Dark Skin could absorb had already been exceeded at the moment of collision, and the shock wave shook the internal organs. Canis’ body, which flew away with both legs floating, was buried in the forest.


Arin couldn’t believe it. Light contains physical force. Light is just pure energy. If it contained even a small amount of physical force, all the planets where the sun was would have been smashed.

Lucas’ expression also became serious for the first time. A magic that strikes the opponent by rapidly flying a beam of light. Even if he had been confident in Canis’ position, the chance of avoiding it would have been 50%.

‘It’s not about being unlucky, but maybe I stepped on poop.’

Life flashed in Lucas’ eyes. It’s not a lucrative business, but shouldn’t you pay the balance? His twin swords vibrated as he gazed at Sirone.

* * *

Ethella was somewhere in the mountains, 800 meters from the impassable bridge. And in front of her was Arcane, who had risen to the rank of an unofficial third-class wizard 40 years ago.

From Arcane’s point of view, he was an unwelcome guest. Even though he was resting, while casting Abyss Nova, his exhausted mental strength was only restored to about 60%.

But that thought was short-lived. Arcane realized the true value of the woman who stood in her way and narrowed her eyes.

‘Oh, look at this?’

He wore oversized goggles. His breasts were also voluptuous, giving him the appearance of a meek sheep that seemed unlikely to know about combat.

But I felt it through my skin. Even though he was just standing, all the energy that penetrated his body was unblocked. 

Especially her eyes were the highlight. Through her pupils, the spirit of a sage that could only be given out by those who had transcended the Eight Spirits of joy, sorrow, courtship, and five desires was gushing out.

was a seeker

That’s too good to be a teacher at a magic school.

‘It’s worth destroying Abyss Nova.’

Etela was equally nervous in front of an authority on dark magic who made her name known as the Archmage before she was even born.

“I’ve heard the famous name well.”

“Where is the Priory?”

Without hearing it, Arcane guessed that Etella was a monk. However, the answer that followed far exceeded his expectations.

“My name is Etella, Bishop of the Karsis Monastery. Why is someone who was famous for his dark magic doing such a terrible thing?”

“It’s Bishop.”

Arcane burst into laughter as if it were absurd. To hold the position of bishop at the age of less than thirty was impossible in his heyday.

In particular, if it was Carsis, it was one of the few religious orders on the continent with 2,000 parishes. And a bishop was in charge of one parish, equivalent to the headman of at least one city.

“Where is Alpheas?”

Ethella remained silent. She doesn’t know where she is either, but even that could be information to her enemies.

“I can hear the head rolling from here. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t think that that cunning kid would fall prey to my magic.”

Just looking at Alpheas, who had passed the age of 60, calling him a cunning child, he could feel how long the archmage standing in front of him had lived.

“Why are you looking for the principal? If it’s Eun-Won’s relationship, I think it’s doable to meet and solve it in person. If you free the students from mind control and step away, I can arrange a place for you.”

“Chuck! The kid must have built up a pretty good reputation while I was gone. But, child, Alpheas is not the kind of human you think. He is the stupidest and most arrogant guy in the world.”

“It doesn’t matter what the past is. The current principal is a person who is respected by the students.”

“Oh, you mean that?”

Arcane stroked his chin playfully. After all, the Alpheas in his memory was limited to a kid in his 20s who was in the middle of his youth.

“You are curious. What the hell did that kid do to get respect? Let’s listen to what you say.”

Etella grasped Arcane’s strategy. It was now time for the sun to set. It was a trick to delay time until the night when dark magic was most effective.

“If you are waiting for darkness, stop. As a teacher, I cannot stand by any more evildoing.”


Arcane frowned as if in displeasure. She’s 120 years younger than a child, how dare she treat herself as a time-consuming wizard.

As he cast the power of darkness, the arcane’s shadow engulfed the trees. The branches swayed and the trunk began to bend toward a point. 

“Did you think I was frightened by you just because the sun came up? If that’s the case, you’re looking at this Arcane very lightly.”

Ethella looked up. Trees in a radius of several hundred meters tilted in unison, rescuing a huge dome entangled like a net. As the sky closed, the son-in-law became darker than the night.

“die. A shameful thing.”

Arcane shuddered into his own shadow and went out. It was a dark pot, a specialty of dark magic. By using the property of assimilation with darkness to erase the concept of distance, it was possible to move anywhere in the shadows in an instant.

Being able to approach without even a presence was the greatest strength of the Dark Fort. The moment Arcane, who overpowered the tail, cast the power of darkness, Etela’s body turned into a flash of light and moved away. Dozens of shadow hands clawed the air.

A high-speed battle unfolded, starting with Arcane casting Dark Pot again. It was as if there were dozens of Arcanes and Ethellas. When Arcane drove Etella into a narrow radius, Etella connected teleportation at extreme speed while standing. Her shadowy hands pierced the insubstantial afterimage as her torso seemed to overlap countlessly.

‘Bishop of the Karsis Monastery. Indeed, it’s quite right.’

Even Arcane, who was harboring anger, couldn’t help but admire. His mental enormity fell short of him, but his skills and senses far exceeded his age.

“Then you should stab the weak part.”

Ethella’s eyes wavered in bewilderment. As the power of darkness intensified, thousands of hands were flying at the same time.

Magical power that can’t be known.

Jonah’s search ability could be called magic in itself, but even so, he couldn’t avoid all the thousands of hands. 

As the shadow of the tree branch grabbed her wrist, Etella hurriedly stopped. Teleporting while in this state will result in your arm being ripped off. 

“Oooh… … !”

The tension of the shadow was tough like rubber. However, Etella’s physical strength was also formidable. She gritted her teeth and tugged at her arm, causing the shadow’s midsection to crack and tear open.

‘Do you have chess? He’s a strong kid.’

Arcane said with a fishy smile.

“If that’s what you like, I’ll make it fit for you.”


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