Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 808

that winter (4)

Sirone relaxed and went closer to Gai.

“I am Ryan’s friend… …

Gai’s sword flashed like a flash, and the vertical wind blew with sharp force.

It was a simple wind, but it was enough to cut the skin, and Sirone, who dodged to the side, turned her head.

“No. If you relax during the war.” Sirone spoke quickly of him.

“My name is Sirone, Lian’s friend. I heard that the eldest son of the Ogent family is in another country as a spy for the royal castle.”

If true, Guy wasn’t the enemy.

“A spy?”

Gai smiled as he placed the sword on his shoulder.

“Who said I was a spy?”

“Yeah, the family… …

Gai’s laughter stopped.

“I’ve heard that the cute youngest brother has a friend. Maybe that guy is currently the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower’?”

It was sarcastic, but Sirone was polite.

“yes. I am the Great Star.” Gai lowered his stance.

“Is Ryan okay?”

“Since we broke up a year ago, I haven’t heard the exact news. But wherever you are, you will do just fine.”

“okay? What a pity.”

The moment Guy felt the shaking, the ground beneath his feet swelled with a pop.

“I wanted to give you a will, I mean.”

Seeing Gai approaching in front of her eyes, Sirone cast teleportation.


The blade cut through his throat.


You gasped for breath as you retreated dozens of meters while feeling the past as the present.

“Aha, time.”

Guy, who had picked the archmage’s neck like a bunch of grapes, was well aware of the strangeness of magic.

“Then how about this?”

When the black-haired genius applied ‘folding’ to all seven schemas, the intaglio of a person was stamped in the transparent air.

It couldn’t be faster than light, but the blade flew before Sirone could think of anything.

‘Even if you say you have a god in your head, the vessel is only flesh and blood.’

Dizziness was the only thought, and before the nine senses even opened, a flash of light crossed it.

Woo woo woo!

If you could hear the sound of the sun, it would be like the roar of burning air right now.

“You’re annoying.”

Minerva held back Sirone’s hind legs and backed away endlessly.

Gai’s movements could not even be discerned at the awkward intervals, so she stopped at 280 meters.

” are you okay?”

“no. She almost died.” Sirone said honestly.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had such a strong swordsman.” Is this what it would feel like to fight Rian?

“Lack of experience… … I’m not talking about the level. If we are the pinnacle of magic, that is the pinnacle of swordsmanship.”

Minerva’s expression was also not good.

“Honestly, if it’s the same grade, I tend to avoid being a prosecutor. No matter how powerful the mind, the body is direct. You will have to keep your distance and fight strategically.”

A low-level swordsman would be defeated in a head-to-head confrontation, but originally, this was the standard way to deal with a swordsman.

‘Or, a swordsman equivalent to that is on our side.’

I missed Lian.

“At least 300 meters away. Otherwise, you won’t get the reaction time until the magic materializes.”

“no. I don’t want to fight.” It wasn’t just because Guy was strong.

“I’m Ryan’s older brother. I don’t know why it’s in Gustav, but it’s a loss to fight here.”

“Little boy.”

At a distance of 300 meters, Guy heard a voice.

“You don’t know Ryan very well. Just as I abandoned my family by choosing my sword, so does Lian.”

Sirone used sound magic.

“no. I know Lian. If you fight for this reason, you will be disappointed in me.”

“It could be. I don’t know how he grew up. But, I mean, he can’t die here, can he?”

Gai took a stance to charge.

“I will kill you this time.”

Sirone widened his eyes at the terrifying speculation that could be seen at a glance even from a distance.

“Did you really abandon Tormia? If there is something that cannot be said… …


A small voice sounded like thunder.

“What kind of Odaeseong talks so much?”

Since it was not an opponent that could fight while talking nonsense, Sirone also kept her mouth shut.

“You must absolutely avoid it. Let’s pincer from both sides.”

Minerva inhaled deeply from the pipe, and Gai’s life rose vertically like a straight sword.

An emergency warning sounded inside the Ex-Machina.

“damn! What is it?”

Iruki gazed intently at the result of the Ex-Machina’s transcendent arithmetic ability.

“failure? why?”

Even though it was a simulation that had been run thousands of times, it came to the conclusion that Havitz could not be killed when it was put into practice.

Gudio gritted it.

“From the beginning, the variable was imaginary. According to the calculations, Havitz must get out of the capital to protect Abella.”

Then, being pierced through the heart by <Law Kill> was the law calculated by the Ex-Machinas.

“Are you saying you can’t even bind Havits to the law with the noose of an alpha fish?”

Iruki shouted.

“It’s still too early to give up!”

“What are you going to do?”

“Anyway, I entered Vashken. If you twist the law of <Law Killing>, it is possible to chase Habitz again!”

Ness’s skeletal eyes widened.

“no! It’s too dangerous!”

The law that works on <Slaughter of the Law> is a gigantic interlocking of all the laws within a radius of 200 kilometers.

“Because I can… …

It’s not yours, said the albino.

“I will.”

A radiance emanated from Iruki’s eyes after performing Overdrive.


His Spirit Zone, which traced the location of <Law Kill> through Ex-Machina, canceled the law.


It was a completely different weight than canceling a single spell, and tears of blood flowed from his eyes.

“Iruki! stop! We have to stop!” The brakes were applied to the trajectory of Law Kill, which was flying straight toward Havitz, and drew a curve.

“Just reset the coordinates!” The rest will be taken care of by the Joong-oh of Law Killing.

‘My head is going to explode!’

Does it come first when the brain explodes in the Ex-Machina, or when <Law Kill> changes the coordinates first?

“Iruki! If you die here, you have no future!”


‘No, this is the place to die!’ It’s because he knows that if he doesn’t do it now, the end of reason ■ will come.

‘The world of chaos opens.’

As his eyes were red with blood, he could not even see the Ex-Machina monitor.


Finally, as the trail of <Law Killing> headed to the place where Habitz was, it aimed at chaos again.

“I did it!”

The people playing the card game clenched their fists.

‘Good job, Iruki! You did it!’ When there was no response from Iruki, who was sitting in the lead, Agaya stood up and looked around.

“Iruki! Iruki!”

He was convulsing with blood pouring out of his eyes, nose, and ears non-stop.

“Die, die!”

<Law killing>.] Even while he was aiming for the heart, Harvits fell into a trance and killed at random.

“I really… …

When Vulcan licked his lips, a soldier came running.

“Soldier! You must dodge quickly! Now to the residential outskirts… …

Before the report was finished, screams that shook the air pierced the sky.

“what!” At the edge of the line of sight, a dagger pierced the bodies of the soldiers, wandering around like an insect that had lost one of its wings.

Abella realized the situation and shouted.

“honey! Stop now and go!” Havitz, who had stopped moving, found a dagger flying by.

‘hide and seek?’

Just by looking at the dagger’s trajectory, I could tell how much he wanted to kill Havitz.

‘Then I have to run away.’

Havitz, whose mouth was torn, grabbed Abella’s hand.

“Puhahaha! Balkan! Escape!” It was a thought that jumped out of the chaos like a fish, and that thought was always right for Habitz.

“Natasha! Take Her Highness with you!” With Natasha guarding Havitz’s rear, the guards rushed out of the city.

<Law Kill> screamed and followed.

“damn! What is so fast?”

The dagger, which pierced through the people like a needle through paper, flew straight at Havitz.

“The Shinigami’s martial arts.”

Natasha, who had stopped in her seat, looked back at <Law Killing> and performed the art of incarnation. A skeleton wearing a black robe came to mind.

“I will break it!”

She jumped out of the floor like a spring and reached out her hand toward <Swords>, and the air cried out with a whimper.


The Law Slayer, which wrapped itself around Natasha’s hand, flew towards Havitz, ignoring her.


Vulcan shouts.

” huh’?”

Where Habitz blinked his eyes and turned around, the <Law Kill> blade had arrived with an eerie glow.


At the same time, the world froze in gray.

” AA AA AA.”

Following the funeral dirge heard from the sky, 12 people dressed in black rose from the ground where Havitz was standing.

“We are Shiok.”

0.666 seconds of every second.

“Greeting him.”

A doll with its skin peeled emerged from the lava and opened its burning eyes.

“Pity, scapegoat of the law.” Havitz looked at Satan for a moment and then stabbed Abella, who was frozen as ice.

I didn’t feel like I was being pressed.

“What are you?”

“I am the source of all demons, including you. it is satan I myself have come to save you today.”

“Save me? from what?”


Satan’s hand, dripping with blood, pointed at the dharma flesh suspended in the air.

“The blade of hatred that even I cannot touch. you can never escape How about making a deal with me?”

Satan brought his index finger to his eyes.

“Become my subordinate and punish the world. Join forces with the demons to stain this world with evil.”


Havitz, who rested his chin in thought, said.


Satan’s eyes were grotesquely opened.

“You mean it’s okay to die?”

“I never thought about that, and the reason I hate it is because I still want to play with my friends more.”

I wanted to play with Abella a little more.

“Even if you do, you will die in less than a second.”

“That 1 second is fun, 1 second.”

Boring work was a hobby that could not stand even 0.1 second.

“… … Are you obsessed with love? Did I think wrong? I thought I was suitable as a human being who would receive my grace.”

Satan went into the lava again.

“You will regret it.”

Hearing the majestically resounding dirge, Havitz grabbed his wife’s wrist with happy eyes.

“Let’s go, Abella.”

to a world of eternal freedom.

As 0.666 seconds of that second were released, <False> flew towards Havitz as it was inertia.

From 0.777 seconds, countless thoughts rushed through Havitz’s head at the same time.

‘Joining hands with Satan to conquer the world?’

He hated children who brought their parents to the playground.

‘You’re talking nonsense. There are still so many things we can play with each other.’

0.888 seconds.

0.999 seconds. As soon as I got to this point.

anger (1)

anger (2)

anger (4)

apostasy (1)

apostasy (2)

apostasy (3)

apostasy (4)

Participation (1)

participation in the war (2)

Participation in the war (3)

Participation (4)

Warfare (5)


rz r: iz: u: rz rz |

“0.1 baud.”

ugly (1)

ugly (2)

ugly (3)

ugly (4)

“320893. 23091. 3494539. 23 degrees of curvature… …

rain (1)

rain (2)

rain (3)

rain (4)

obituary (1)

obituary (2)

obituary (3)

obituary (4) memory (1)


“????????r Omega (2)

face to face (3)


“ r

“ r “ I”

“ r fanaticism (1)

K | 99

“Freedom! ”

O? “it hurts! sick! Ahhh!”



“Uh 7” “But I can catch it.”

“Ggogo L we e. It was Paimon, the commander of the 9th Corps, who first instructed Gustav to keep the 4 skills alive.

“87 years, circa 2,875 3,241 trillion 644.2 billion 8.9 million 7,109 hours left.” While no one could speak, the man with the scythe muttered with a dazed expression. Ithaca turned to Sirone.

“I don’t use buffs that increase power. It is an excellent judgment from an educational point of view.”

‘Destruction Demon 707.’

≪Table o ≫ Even in the midst of this, Yahweh 2 and the operator were engaged in a fierce search battle.

“Rukia… …

Rufist replied.

“Ugh! oooo

U Q”

Trigger (3) “I see.”

u no ” -1 “r. If you are right… … .

Omega Year 999 (1) “Alternatively… … what information? Then, what if I don’t know and even say something?”

-3 sec, 2 sec, 1… … . “Oooh!”

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

0 = 0 = = = ! “okay.”

final chapter (4)

0.888 seconds.

‘I have to have children with Abella, and Sumo Dorang decided to conquer all the women in the world.’

0.999 seconds.

‘How much… …

Havitz, who had bared his teeth while smiling bizarrely, quickly turned around.

‘What an interesting world!’

1 sec.


Everyone who was running stopped when they heard a thump and the sound of being hit.

“Hey, honey.”

Abella turned her head to Havitz behind her.

“why… … ?”

However, her neck wouldn’t turn, and the regurgitated blood leaked out from her lips.


I couldn’t say anything.

The <law kill> stuck in Abella’s heart

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