Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 807

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that winter (3)

High River Hills.

Beta fish Jysteen looked down at the meadow in front of her and focused her mind.


It was decapitated right in front of her eyes with a sound like that of a livestock being choked.


I was horribly abused.

‘My precious family, even the families of those families… …

One day, suddenly, without knowing why, her life was hit by a carpet bombing.

‘I wasn’t comfortable either.’

The reason he was able to save his life during the bombing was probably because his own life was more important than his family.

‘sorry. mom and dad.’

The moment I realized one thing I had been ignoring and living for, tears poured down like a waterfall.

‘I wanted to live.’

To comfort her at her young age, her life was dotted with all sorts of cowardice.

‘And the nameless someone who would have died in my place.’

He could have escaped Havitz’s net because he mistook a certain child for J-Steen.

“Mr. Jaysteen, it’s time.”

Sirone and Minerva came from both sides.

‘I’m done!’

In her eyes, which flashed upwards, there was the most intense anger in the world.

“Through this… …

When Sirone opened the lid of the red metal box, the <Spell> gave off a bloody smell.

and vibrated.

“Is that weird?”

The 1st Commander Gai, who was attacking Bashken’s castle, came to Vulcan and reported it.

“yes. Even though the castle is already isolated, it neither activates the Ex-Machina nor gives up.”


Guy is a madman.

‘But that’s how trust goes.’ He doesn’t have the ability to read military discipline dispassionately, but his intuition about war is as keen as a Vulcan’s.

“What are you up to?”

“There is no reason not to activate the Ex-Machina. Maybe it’s preparing for a blow of conversion that we don’t know about… …

Vulcan’s eyes flashed open.

“Damn it!”

Guy raised his head.

“Why is that?”

It was not something to tell others.

“no. You lead the riot squad right now and go to the outer castle gate. No one should be allowed into the capital.”

“The outer castle gate has already been breached. No additional troops from the crusade are being reported… …

“It’s something only you can do.” Vulcan added.

“You will not be disappointed.”

That was enough for Guy.

“All right.”

Gai was a key word in the Balkans in that nothing was asked as long as he could wield a sword.

The Vulcan, who had launched Guy, strode towards the temporary barracks.

‘Ex-Machina, and <Law Killing>. damn! It was all a set procedure from the beginning.’

All I heard from Abella was that Kashan had sent her to kill Havits.

‘She must have lied. Harvits assassination is from now on.’

Vulcan entered the barracks and shouted.

“Prepare the entire army to retreat! Deploy all available personnel and bring His Majesty the Emperor!”

“yes? But why retreat now…”

Vulcan did not give his subordinates a chance to refute.

“What about the Empress?”

“He is resting in a noble residence.”

Vulcan, who quickly finished arming himself, nodded and pulled up the tent in the barracks.

‘I hope it’s not too late… …

Jaysteen said.

“I was afraid. Even with the deaths of countless people on my back, I just turned a blind eye. I thought I could run away.”

〈Slaughter of the Law〉, in which object deprivation took place, loses its purpose and retains arrogance while the end is unknown.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

J-Steen held <Slaughter> in his hand.

“This is the dagger.”

As the intent to kill permeated the dagger, a scream was heard as if the sky was being torn apart.

Sirone swallowed his saliva.

‘Perhaps this is Minerva’s cry as a child.’

It was terrible.

“I will begin.”

Sirone took out an atomic clock made of material and measured the time to snipe the law.


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“41.331 seconds left until the coordinates designed by Iruki.”

The number on the electronic board dropped below 30 seconds.

“You won’t be able to hit it right.”

Even if J-Steen was good at sniping, it was difficult to catch 1/1000th of a second.

“That’s why we are here. I will coordinate the law while communicating with Iruki.”

Minerva added.

“So don’t think about time. What we want from you is hatred that cannot be compared to anything else.”

“I am sure of that.”

With 10 seconds left, J-Steen closed her eyes.


In her image, Havitz became a huge flame, flicking the devil’s tongue.

‘Not for the sake of the world.’

Because it’s not middle five.

‘Only my personal grudge. therefore… …

The flames of the image exploded and the face of J-Steen shedding bloody tears was born.


Sirone said.

“Four seconds.”

Jysteen, who grieved at this, grabbed the dagger and spread her legs wide apart.


She let out a scream as if her throat would be torn apart and bounced her upper body, then threw it as if she were spraying <Law Kill>.

“… … AA AA AA!”

The most extreme way hate can choose.


As the air exploded like thunder, the trajectory of <False> stretched out like a clothesline.


Sirone and Minerva chased <Law Kill>, but it had already disappeared from sight.

‘That’s a lot of speed. what the hell is this… …

Only the screams of <Law Killing>, which contained 14 years of resentment, filled the place belatedly.

“Sirone! get on!” Minerva, unlike usual, came to the side with Jet between her legs.

“I will fly at full speed. my huh

Grab Lee.”

“Could you fly faster?”


Sirone frowned.

“Then why didn’t you fly like that?”

“It vibrates too much.”

After looking down, Minerva turned to Sirone and showed a bright smile.

“Once you taste it, you can’t stop.” Shirone, who was dazed for a moment, shook her head and removed her hand from Minerva’s waist.

“I have to stop this time.”

“I’ll be patient. and grab your waist It will make you feel better than you think.”

Why do you hate to catch more?

The jet flew at great speed, creating a slight vibration.

At the same time as the sonic boom exploded, Minerva raised her head and groaned.

“Haaaaa… …

Just as Sirone was about to say something, Iruki’s voice entered his head.

– Sirone! I can hear? It was a telepathic magic practiced for about a year, and it was possible to communicate at a distance with the advantage of the breakaway type.

“I can hear. But there is some noise mixed in.”

-It’s because it’s far away. It’s hard just to maintain the spirit zone. How about <Law Murder>?

Where Sirone turned his head, he could see <Swordsman> flying alongside Jet.

“Tan is unharmed. What should I do now?”

– It was a bit fast. Can you slow down the speed of 〈Slaughter〉 by about 80 centimeters per second?

“I’ll try.”

As Sirone, who had floated the light of Yahweh, created a thin film of air in front of her, the vibration of <Spells> intensified.

-yes. little bit more. it’s okay.

Sirone’s eyes widened as he entered the forest 98 kilometers from Bashken.

‘You mean you designed all of this?’

Even if a single twig was caught, the law would be reversed, but <The Law> penetrated countless gaps as it were.

Above the head of a deer drinking water from Ongdalsaem, below the belly of a wildcat attacking a rabbit… … .

-This is medicine. Most of the data is concentrated in the capital city. We’ll do it from the 80 kilometer mark.

As they passed the village where the Ex-Machinas were located, Iruki’s voice became clearer.

“I will follow.”

I felt obligated to check the results.

-Gustav’s troops are all over the place. The horsepower control system is also fully operational. Get out of the water entrance.


After passing through several cities, the outer gate of the capital, Bashken, finally came into sight.

“Iruki, the troops are lined up.”

-doesn’t care. Because he had already adjusted the law to result in Havitz’s death.

Since Ex-Machinas do calculations outside of tuning, even Iruki couldn’t grasp every aspect of his troops.

“Someone is coming!”

Iruki’s voice became thick again.

-… … Fine… … . anyway… … law… … .

<Law Kill> penetrated the castle gate without an error of one millimeter along the only gap guarded by all soldiers.

“What, what?”

Just as the soldiers looked back in bewilderment, an ironclad knight over 2 meters in height pulled out his sword.


Just looking at the sight of the ground exploding, it was not human speed.


As Minerva twisted Jett’s head, the wind pushed back, and Gai cut through the wind pressure and struck down with his longsword.

Sirone was stunned.

‘ This???????’

Even while avoiding with teleportation, he clearly confirmed the opponent’s will engraved in the flash.

‘Ogent’s swordsmanship?’

The ground cracked with a roar, and Sirone and Minerva landed across the line.

“what? Did you avoid it?” The tall knight straightened his back and slung his longsword over his shoulder.

‘The horse is a long sword… …

It was longer and thicker than Lian’s sword.

“As expected, it was good that I joined Gustav. If you are next to the military, you can have a lot of fun wars.”

The moment he said that and took off his helmet, Sirone’s eyes shook in shock.


No, it had a slightly stronger skeleton, was older, and above all, had black hair.

Guy wiggled his thick eyebrows.

“How rare. I never thought I would hear my brother’s name here.”

“If it’s a younger brother… …

I remembered what I heard from Temuran.

“Ogent Guy?”


Gai looked at Sirone as if he was interested.

“who are you?”

A terrifying life raged.

“Uh ha ha ha! I am a beggar!”

Excluding the Balkans, Gustaf’s 4th class went into private houses and harmed people at random.

When it comes to killing skills, Natasha has the upper hand, but Zetaro’s act was terrible and Sumo Do was evil.

“You fools! What are you doing here!”

Vulcan came running with Abella.

“Tell me? Where is Harvits?” Natasha shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know. I was hoping to see who kills more. He must have entered the private house over there.”

Sure enough, screams were heard.

“damn! Prepare to retreat quickly! leave!”

“Is the war over already?”

“no. The castle is on the verge of fall. but

That’s not the point. Let’s get out of here for now.”

It was the first time that Vulcan was so flustered.

“What is it?”

Without time to answer, Vulcan took Abella to the place where the screams erupted.

“Convince Havitz! We have to leave the capital.”

“Al, I see.”

Because there is Havitz where there is a scream, I opened the door to the private house without having to get lost.

“Come on! I am the tagger!”

The house was a mess, and Havitz was chasing after the family with a rugged sword from the smithy.

“honey! Come this way!”

As the mother with her young child in her arms ran up the stairs in the attic, Havits swerved and fell.

“Please save me. please… …

As the husband hugged his wife and son and prayed, Havitz raised his head.

“Yeah, it’s a dead end.”

Vulcan shouted.

“majesty! Dodge quickly! I guarantee you, if you don’t open the water now, you’ll die!”

A miraculous relief appeared on the faces of the family.

‘I lived. We lived.’

Havitz looked back in a prone state.

“You die?”

His eyes lit up with fearful longing, and he hurriedly climbed the stairs.


Vulcan sighed as he touched his forehead at the sight of Habitz slaughtering his family.

“It’s like pouring oil on a burning fire.”

This is because it is more fun to kill a family member who is overcome with relief than to kill oneself.

‘No, maybe… …

cried Abella.

“honey! quick! A strange weapon will kill you!”

Balkan dried up.

“No, that’s all right. Just leave it alone.”

“yes? What do you mean?”

“The combination of the Ex-Machina and <Law Killing>. And what this side can offer is complete chaos.”

Maybe Havitz is the answer.

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