Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 806

that winter (2)

‘It is surely possible for Yahweh to reverse the rotation of the world wheel. but… …

If you were already trapped in the prison of balance, it was normal to be completely isolated.

‘Isn’t it an error?’

A being free from the law, not even Terraforce, the guardian of the law, could define him.

‘It’s not just about the strength of Yahweh.’

What this incident tells Amanta is that perhaps this world is not a place to ‘just live’.

In other words, it means that someone who designed this world had a specific intention.

“Why does Hexa exist?”

Sirone couldn’t answer that question.

“It’s good anyway.”

When Amanta held out her hand, the wheel that had been buried in the snow returned with the sound of a cold wind.


law to return.

“Even if the law recognizes fraternity, it doesn’t change that your actions cause a great murder.”

said Minerva.

“But I can’t let the atrocities go unnoticed. Terraforce also destroys the civilization if evil stains the world, right?”

“That’s why I want to dry it.”

Amanta stopped the world wheel.

“Currently there is no Buddha. If even philanthropy cannot destroy atrocities, this world will be tainted with evil to the extreme.”

As a result, Syrone’s philanthropy causes countless casualties in the world.

“It’s enough to punish the atrocities.”

“Even if the Ivory Tower and Gustaf wage an all-out war right now, it will be a difficult war. Would it be possible with <Slaughter>? If I turn the world wheel, both good and evil will subside to some extent.”

Assuming Buddha and Yahweh are absent, Amanta can reduce the number of good and evil to 30 percent of their current level.

Then the world would be worth living.

“Obviously, there is a way to neutralize both camps and delay the destruction. But it is also the extreme of the center.”

Amanta looked back at Sirone.

“I don’t think Yahweh can handle it. If Sirone-kun upsets the balance, I will fight you anytime.”

“Maybe you can’t afford it.” Sirone was adamant.

“But I will handle it.”

Amanta shook her head slowly, but she knew it was pointless to say any more.

“Don’t expect human feelings from me. I am the one who realized the center of the world. It just keeps you in balance.” The world wheel spun rapidly in his hand and absorbed Amanta’s body before disappearing.

Sirone sighed.

“Whoa, I was really scared because I thought I was trapped.”

Minerva approached Sirone, glaring at the place where Amanta had disappeared.

“It’s not something to be taken lightly. In the World Ring, only the center of rotation is intact. If the inertia skews either way, Amanta will shave off the bulge.”

“Even if it’s good.”

Minerva nodded.

“That is the center. Because he knows that clumsy good encourages evil.”

That was the philosophy of Odaeseong of the Balance Department.

“No matter what Amanta thinks, we can just do our job. We’ve also retrieved <Spell Kill>, so let’s go back.”

Clumsy good encourages evil.

‘Am I clumsy?’

As Amanta said, if the day really comes that Yahweh can’t handle… … .

“Yes, go back.”

Although it is Sirone who has risen to the top of the world, the question of the pole only grew.

It snowed heavily once every three days.

“Go out! It’s a departure!”

Except for 70% of Gustav Empire’s troops fighting the Holy War, all soldiers advanced to the Republic of Kotria.

What is different from the usual is that this time, he intends to occupy the Republic of Korea.

As if revealing the will of the Balkans, the elite 1st Army, an infantry unit, had joined the 30% army.

“We have to tear down the walls of Bashken, the capital of Korea.”

At Vulcan’s command, a man over two meters tall with black hair protruding protruded prostrated himself.

“I will definitely fall.”

First Commander, Ogent Guy.

Ryan’s eldest brother, he was originally a certified 6th grade swordsman in Tormia, but he learned something through his long espionage life.

‘A truly strong sword does not require miscellaneous beliefs.’

Abandoning his country only for the sword, he settled in the Gustav Empire four years ago.

‘The essence of a sword is only cutting.’ Nickname is Berserker.

As a first-class swordsman certified by Gustav and the commander of an army of 600,000, he was proving his sword.

Vulcan understood Guy.

‘Even if it’s a family member, there will be no mercy for the berserker’s sword.’

Doubt believe that you will capture Bashken

didn’t hit

During the final defense of the Republic of Korea, Kashan secretly moved the Ex-Machina.

The location was a small village 84 kilometers from Bashken, and the next day the rookie and the card players arrived.

“Isn’t ‘Slaughter’ delivered properly?”

Iruki replied.

“Sirone won’t make a mistake. He will be preparing to snipe from High River Hill.”

Haigang is the lower Gurunji, an area 142 km from Bashken.

“It is the best place within the radius of the Ex-Machina. Sirone and Minerva decided to help with the detailed work.”

said Ness.

“It’s a real match from the moment <Slaughter> passes the 80 kilometer mark. There shouldn’t be an inch of error.”

“Havitz has marched out to capture the Republic of Korea, but the defense is still strong.”

Normally, <Law Kill> wouldn’t be able to penetrate the many obstacles and get stuck in Havitz’s heart.

“The sniping time was 7 days, 3 hours, 31 minutes and 28.463 seconds. These coordinates are the only gap we found.”

The people playing the card game nodded.

“There is still time. Let’s check until the end to see if we missed anything.”

“More, more firepower! Almost done! Can you see the fear of the Cotria bastards!”

By the time the cold of winter reached its peak, the 1st infantry unit of the Gustav Empire was on the verge of capturing the castle.

The Republic of Korea sent its own great swordsman to induce Ilto, but Ogent Guy decapitated him in 12 moves.

“A monster, a monster!”

Wearing iron armor heavier than his body and wielding a long sword, Gai looked like a demon.

A whopping 20 percent of the 1,000 troops died at his hands, and eventually Kotria locked the gates tightly.

“Sheesh! Why are you wasting time?” If the charter had tilted this far, it would have been normal if the white flag had already flown.

‘Is there another target?’ I was even more curious because there was no report from Vulcan that the Ex-Machina was in operation.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Above the sea of ​​corpses, Gai drew his sword and turned toward the garrison.

“If you pierce anything, it’s enough.”

Even though he abandoned everything for the sword, the swordsman’s temperament still belonged to the Ogent family.

The officials of the Gustav Empire, who controlled the noble district of Bashken, were busy collecting the spoils.

“Kyaaak! Help me!”

Valuable items, broken or not, were swept away in bundles, and young women were enslaved on the spot.

While the highest nobles gathered in the square and knelt, Habitz and Abella appeared.

“You wicked bastard! Do you think the world will go your way!”

The first-class nobleman shouted with his eyes wide open, but he was immediately hit by a hedgehog with the spear of the army.

Abella’s gaze at the scene

was calm.

‘This is my destiny.’

It is true that after being baptized by Havitz, the single line in my head was cut off.

However, it must have been because of his childhood experiences that his heart was less disturbed even in such a dreary landscape.


Havitz affectionately wrapped his arms around Abella’s shoulder.

“Once you capture the castle, I will give you everything that comes out of this country.”

Since Havitz was everything in the world, Abella wanted nothing.

“That’s Okay. All it takes is one of the prettiest flowers in the country.”

“good. then… …

Havitz walked over to the dead nobleman.

“dad! dad!”

Young children hugged their father’s corpse and cried, but Havitz’s expression did not change.

“You bastard! I must… … Gagging!”

Before he could finish his words, the spear pierced his lungs.

“Hmm, what are we going to do now?”

After marrying Abella, Havitz was happy, but his cruelty was not blunted in the slightest.

Vulcan raised an eyebrow.

‘It’s not because I’m angry and killed.’

For Havitz, the world was just a square and a playground, coming and going.

“no! Free my daughter! rather me… … !”

Seeing someone’s family die and become enslaved, Havitz sang.

“The shelter of my love… …

such a beautiful voice.

“Become my flower and bloom in my heart.”

Even the vibration of your delicately trembling lips seems to mock the world… … .

“You are not human! you are the devil! Say no to evil!”

Families of the victims had blood vessels burst in their eyes.

“Where are the cheeky things!”

Another spear flew, and by the time the song ended, half of the nobles were dead.


Harvitz, who finished the song calmly, looked around the plaza and pointed to an alley.

“Bring the author.”

The beggar, unable to escape because of his legs, was leaning against the wall, trembling.

“Aww! Help me!”

Havitz knelt down and put his hand on his head.

“From now on, you are the king of this country.”

“Ahh… … OMG… …

Then, he directly stuffed his sword into the beggar’s waist and gave instructions.

“The king is the one who rules everything. Prove your worth with this sword. Then everyone will worship you.”

Although he lived a hungry life, he was quick to notice, so the beggar looked back at the nobles with frightened eyes.

‘If I can’t rule, I will die.’ As I limped and approached the nobles, eyes of disgust shot from all sides.

The beggar drew his sword and pointed the point at the middle-aged woman’s chin.

“I, worship me. Kneel before me and swear to follow me.”


The middle-aged woman spit on the beggar’s face.


Sanity broke, and the sword descended vertically and cut the woman’s face exactly in half.

No one was screaming, and the beggar let out a heavy breath and looked around and shouted.

“Keep your head down! I mean obey me!”

“right… …

Everyone bowed their heads toward the beggar.

“Our King!”

The sight of the highest nobles worshiping made the beggar feel so happy that his spirit flew away.

“Puhahaha! okay! i am the king! I am now… … omg!”

Havitz approached me from behind, hugged me by the shoulder, and tapped me with the palm of my hand.

“how is it? Isn’t the king fun too?”

“yes? Ah yes! Best! majesty! I will serve you for the rest of my life!”

The beggar was excited.

“No, since you are the king, there is no need to serve me. You just have to have fun.”

Havitz pointed to the nobles and said.

“It’s all yours. Enjoy it.”

Returning to the soldiers, Havitz took off the Emperor’s cloak and threw it high into the sky.

Zetaro asked.

“What’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable?”

“No, I thought this would be fun. I’m sick of being emperor. I will become a beggar from now on.”

“Ughhhh! Would that be fun?”

When Zetaro turned his head, Sumodo and Natasha also nodded, showing their colors.

Balkan said.

“Don’t get too carried away. I am still… …

“let’s go! It is a beggar rebellion!”

As the three of them, already absorbed in the game, ran to the private house, Vulcan said to Abella.

“Why don’t you dry it off?”

Abella shook her head with a bitter smile.

“Who’s stopping that personality?”

The beggar carried on the back of the nobleman brandished a sword.

“From now on, women wash my body. Guys, get clothes that suit me! Got it!”

“… … all right.”

It was the height of chaos.

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