Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 800

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law murder

“The winner of the world beauty pageant!”

As news spread that the terrorist had been caught, the event was held again with great success.

“Miss Arachne! Barho Rangi!”

The crowd that almost filled the audience stood up and applauded, and Rangi shed tears of joy.

“Thank you thank you!”

She had seen all the bitterness in the world until she came to this place, so the tears now were sincere.

“Congratulations, Rangi.” 

It was an honor for Sirone that Pony, the representative of Tormia, took second place.

‘That’s great, Pony.’

Having achieved her own achievements, she would return to her hometown and devote herself to magic training again.

“Are you done now?”

Marsha and J. Steen approached Sirone, who was standing at the end of the audience.

The Jaysteen Mercenary Corps had already left after being merged with the Parrot Mercenary Corps, but Sirone wanted to confirm the outcome of the tournament.

“yes. We must start now.” Marcia let out the smoke from her cigarette, squinting her eyes.

“Are you trying to do something weird again?”

Sirone smiled instead, and as the applause died down, Rangi spoke up.

“thank you everyone. First of all, with the director of the beauty style hair shop who made me who I am today… …

A tournament official came to Sirone.

“Magician of the Ivory Tower, I should have told you in advance, but I was not in a hurry because of the terror… …

He handed over the sheet music for ‘Rain of Light’ with Maya’s autograph written on it.

“Mr. Maya asked me to deliver it in person. Just give it to me and you’ll know what I mean… …

Maya said she would stay until the tournament was over, but her agency wouldn’t allow it.


Sirone nodded her head, keeping her eyes on the lyrics that contained every word of her heart.

“Yes, Maya is right. thank you.”

The reason she didn’t face her and left only her heart was her wish not to decide anything.

‘I’ll be able to meet you again.’

higher than now.

“let’s go. Are you busy?” After bidding her goodbyes with Marsha, Sirone took Jay Steen and left the capital.

Caidra, a monstrous bird that was orbiting the sky, landed in front of them with a groaning noise.

“You want to ride this?”

Jaysteen’s eyes widened.

“huh. Because I rode it when I came. Khaid Raya, which the Empress of Kashan rides herself. My name is Ratusa.”

Rattusa stroked Sirone’s cheek with her beak.

‘It’s a 3-tier monster.’

Among the monsters that Jysteen’s mercenaries had caught so far, the strongest was only a Tier 5 monster.

It was only overlooked because it was specialized in flight, and it was a powerful creature that could peck out quite a few monsters like insects.

“You’re not eating people, are you?”

“haha! no way?”

Eating people doesn’t mean you can eat sirones, so I’ve never checked.

Jaysteen looked at him in terror, but Sirone, riding on Kydra, gestured to him as if to tempt him.

“Is this your first time? Come up.”

In her eyes, Kaidra looked like a giant monster with a sirone attached to it.

Arriving at the hotel and packing up, Rangi sipped on the sofa until the bodyguard arrived.

“Haa, it’s over anyway.”

The joy of winning was short-lived, and the hardships so far passed through my mind like a kaleidoscope.


What remained at the end of the kaleidoscope was the afterimage of the strongest wizard in the world.

Rangi shook his head as he gazed at the ‘Dragon Beater Grand Mage’ left behind by Sirone.

“Idiot, what are you thinking?”

The world we live in is different.

‘It’s not strong or weak, it’s not for that reason.’

What mages pursue is spirit, not matter, and Rangi will never be able to understand them.

“Rangi, I brought you Bunny.”

“Come on in.”

A man with magpie-like hair and a sparse beard entered with a timid gesture.

“Jeong, is it really Mr. Rangi?”

Seeing Rangi sitting on the sofa, Bunny trembled as if he was moved.

“Sit. I asked to be called because I wanted to personally say thank you.”

It was a lifetime honor because he went from being a world beauty pageant maniac to a Rangi maniac.

“thank you! thank you!”

Rangi smiled.

“On the contrary, I am grateful. You saved me then.”

When Mecha’s explosive bullets flew from the mountain, he was the only one to jump onto the stage.

“How did I help you?”

In fact, it was Sirone who prevented the terror, so Rangi leaned her upper body as she sat down with an embarrassed expression.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have much time. I have to go to the royal castle for a celebratory performance.”


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“haha! Yes, of course. It’s enough for me to see Mr. Rangi up close like this.”

“So if you have something to say, do it now.”


Rangi raised an eyebrow.

“Since you risked your life for me, I will informally grant your wish. You can ask for anything.”

Bernie gulped as he reached a single thought in his head.

“Is that true?”

“Did you call me for a joke? Please tell me.”

“You may think me strange, but if you really want to say a wish, tonight… …

Rangi nodded.

“Yes, tonight?”

cried Bernie, closing his eyes tightly.

“One dinner, please!”

“Yes, dinner… … yes?”

Rangi blinked his eyes.

“That, and I’m really sorry, I know it’s really shameless, but it’s my lifelong wish! please just once… … She hurriedly rummaged through her backpack and pulled out an optical camera that Bernie had bought for a fortune.

“If you take just one photo for authentication… …

Looking at Rangi’s dazed expression, he concluded his speech in a crawling voice.

“Can’t I?”

Rangi couldn’t help but ask.

“I beg your pardon? Is that your real wish?”

Bernie was very intimidated.

“Certification Photo… … . to my friends… … to brag… …

“Ha ha, ha ha ha ha!”

Rangi, relaxed, leaned back on the sofa and burst into laughter as he looked up at the ceiling.

‘I see. It was like that.’


I felt like I could understand a little bit of their lives.

Emperor Aganos.

“If you want to know about someone, be most humble in front of that person.”

Wu Lin said.

“Human beings show their true colors in the end because they want to be superior. But if you’re the one who doesn’t change… … Gando replied.

“He is a trustworthy person.”

“no. Just keep being humble until that person shows up.” “It is a question of who can be patient. Some people easily consume emotions. If you criticize and put down others, you may look a little superior, but there is nothing left, right?”

When emotions are revealed, desire disappears.

“The superiority of the heart is just an illusion. The real superiority is visible.”

Uorin spread her arms.

“An imperial castle adorned with jewels, an army stretching to the end of the horizon, and an enormous amount of gold coins. All of these are things that I was able to actually gain because I gave up the sense of superiority of the heart.”

It will be the king’s philosophy.

“So don’t sell your feelings cheaply. Hide yourself and use other people’s thoughts. That’s what the game is all about.”

“I have a question.”

Gando intervened.

“According to the Queen’s theory, isn’t it taboo to reveal the king’s technique to me right now?”

“To be sharp.”

Wu Lin walked to the window.

“Gando, by any chance, don’t you want to become an emperor?”

I just found out


“It is a great purification. I don’t have any more minor incidents left. In an unknown world, the person I chose is Sirone.”

She is not thinking of giving birth to a daughter.

“This is an extreme judgment.”

“It is an extreme world. Havitz’s chaos is the natural enemy of Theraje, which is based on logic.”

“There is also a way to form an alliance.” From Gando’s point of view, it wasn’t bad for Kashan and Gustav to divide the world into two.

“You can’t give up on Sirone.”

“Hasn’t it been running for many years? If now is the only chance to bloom in Theraje’s life… …

Because they should bloom someday, they endured eternity.

“Sirone-sama has arrived.” As her guards arrived outside her, Wu Lin’s face brightened like a girl’s.

“Let’s go, Gando.”

Looking at her back as she ran toward the door, Gando let out a long breath.

‘Emperor? I?’

Gando is the son of Terase, it is true that he borrowed his mother’s womb, but his genes were not mixed.

‘What are you looking at?’ I couldn’t understand her giving up her eons of history in order to live her life with her loved one.

‘I’m not someone who moves only with emotions. perhaps… …

We may have already reached the end of an era.

“Your skills have improved more than before.” said Gustav’s military Vulcan, looking down at the dozens of chess in front of him.

“okay? You don’t even know the rules?”

Harvits was not interested in chess, just taking and placing pieces at random.

‘That’s why it’s bizarre.’

It seems to be left alone, but the odds against Vulcan, a genius soldier, were close to 50%.

‘It’s not even reading the military standard. I’m just going to keep fighting so that it’s a fun situation.’

Because they don’t care about winning or losing, the odds are 50%.

‘If you’re determined to win, no, isn’t that also compatible with chaos?’

Vulcan asked.

“What is the philosophy that governs humans, Your Highness?”

Harvitz’s Theory of the King.

“There is no such thing. It’s too simple. Even if you sort apples here and there, you end up with only four fruits.”

“But aren’t there people like strawberries and people like pears? They are all different.”

“Because there is none.”

Harvits raised his head.

“Everyone thinks they are the best. But you put it in a warehouse and beat it with a club for three days, right?”

Harvitz pretended to be sick.

“Oops, I’m dying! yes That apple is a pear! you are god! I am a dog!”

Vulcan blinked.

“It’s really strange. If it’s really the best, it should be the best whether it’s hit with a club or gutted, but they always change their words.”


Havitz touched his mustache.

“If that’s the case, I don’t know why I usually think I’m right. Look what kind of disease it is.”


Vulcan hit the knee

“What an insight! majesty!”

It was a very hot summer.

A record-breaking heat wave raged, and the bloody smell shook the border between Ka Shan and Gustav.

“With this, everything is ready.”

To Uorin’s left was the Ex-Machina’s Iruki team, and to the right was the Shirone’s team who was in charge of <Spell Killing>.

“It’s the only chance to kill Havitz.”

Minerva looked back at Abella, who stood in the center.

‘Abella and Jaysteen are both perfect, but the one with the higher probability is the alpha fish.’

While staying in the imperial castle for half a year, Abella and Jaysteen never met.

Considering their relationship, it was natural, but in reality, it was a strategic decision.

“Youth Abella. The lives of countless people are now in your hands. You know?”

“Do not worry. You will not make a mistake.”

There was no sense of tension on Abella’s face after repeated analysis and learning with top experts.

‘Mister Harvits, I’m coming. To kill you.’

Since the emperor’s character is tyrannical, it is only natural for the attendants to run away and suffer from a manpower shortage.

“I will depart.”

Alpha Fish’s first mission was to enter the Gustav Empire as a handmaid and have an audience with Habitz.

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