Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 799

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[799] Complex (4)


Mortasinger was sincere.

“I am tired of living with such an ugly face. You can do anything, so kill me in the end.”

It was an ability that was manifested because it was a complex bigger than death and pain.

“I will not kill you.”

Mortasinger made a puzzled expression.

“I know that the biggest problem is the heart. If it can be changed easily, no one will suffer. but… … .”

She is definitely a beautiful person.

“It is not that there is no way. I can help you love yourself.”

Mortasinger’s reaction was cold.

“You don’t know. Because it is beautiful. You’ve never lived with an ugly face like me.”

“You are not ugly either.”


Sirone made a mirror out of material and reflected it.

“Come on, look at your face.”


As Mortasinger turned his head in panic, Sirone pressed harder.

“Look! this is you! What on earth is this ugly thing about?”

“Get it away! Why do you keep torturing me!”

If catharsis had only occurred to this extent, he would not have committed a brutal terror.

“If you can’t admit it, trust others. I think you are beautiful.”

“lie! You pity me!”

“It’s not a lie. It’s okay to risk your life.”

Mortasinger suddenly widened his eyes.

“Then die. die in front of me Then I will believe you.”


After releasing the Shining Chain, Sirone took Mortar Singer’s hand and brought it to her neck.

“I cannot commit suicide. So kill me.”

Sirone, who included himself as the object of fraternity, cannot strangle himself.

For him, suicide is the same weight as killing all life in the world.

“joy! do you know you can’t Even if the ability is gone, it’s like breaking your neck… … !”

The leader of the Tenro Society is strong, and her gripe has been terrifyingly suffocating Sirone.

Sirone closed her eyes and quietly waited for death.

There was no particular thought that she would change her mind or realize something through this act.

‘Just believing.’

that human beings are capable of making choices.

‘No matter how dirty your heart is… … .’

Even if it’s a demon.

‘There is no such thing as an irreversible mind.’

That was the only hope that Parrae dreamed of in the world of emptiness that Buddha realized in the confrontation between good and evil.

Mortasinger’s arms trembled.

‘why? Why so far… … .’

It felt like a ray of light was seeping into my perfectly twisted mind.

“Really I… … .”

Mortasinger slowly withdrew his hand.


* * *

Whenever Hyega moved, adamantine crystallized in the air and formed the Milky Way.

‘I can’t breathe!’

By law, matter is converted into energy, but if you inhale it before that, your lungs will be damaged.

“There are quite a few ways to escape.”

Missing the dagger, Marsha stepped back and said.

“Has 100 seconds already passed?”

Hye-ga, who responded with a snort, rushed forward, covering her body with diamonds, and Marsha opened her arms.

“It’s okay to kill me.”

The ‘extortion’ of eating out has already disappeared with catharsis by Sirone, but her determination is not different from that time.

As the sharp capital stabbed in, Marsha twisted and hugged Hyega from behind.

‘Let’s see who dies.’

As soon as he took out a new dagger from the inside of his thigh, he hacked at Hye-ga’s body at random.

As the number of sheaths increased to 12, the gas of desire at a rate of 12% per minute began to leak out.

“Are you ready to die!”

While avoiding Hyega’s attack at close range, he did not stop the sheathing action.

‘Even if I step back, I will die.’

Hye-ga was also realizing it now.

‘I catch it first!’

He drove Marsha into the wall with his excellent martial arts and stabbed Marsha in the abdomen.



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At the same time, Hye-ga’s desire was exposed and she lost her free will.

“Uh, why… … ?”

I definitely felt the water stabbing my stomach.

“It’s a shame.”

Marsha, who tucked her belly in, lifted the hem of her dress and showed off her belly button as if she were proud of her ant waist.

“A cowardly trick… … .”


When Marsa shoved her shoulder, the exhausted Hyega fell backwards.

“Do you think it’s easy to maintain this body at 30?”

“… … .”

Marsha, who was looking at Hye-ga, who couldn’t even speak, turned her head toward the doorway.

“Are you still not done? get out of here.”

As Bodhidharma soared several tens of meters high, performing a burial, huge palm prints were stamped on the ground.

“damn! That goddamn bastard!”

The steel strength and wind pressure alone were enough to lift the body, and there seemed to be no way to drop it other than interception.

“I will try.”

When Seik, a member of the clan, bent his lower body, the tattoo of Ho (虎) on his right thigh was awakened.

“Qualifications of the Fierce Tiger.”

As they kicked towards the sky, the wild cries of beasts burst from the air.


The shock wave, which bypassed the space greatly, exploded in close proximity of Bodhidharma, causing turbulence.


Tiger’s ability side attack can superimpose dozens of rotation vectors on the shockwave.

“The Diamond Sutra.”

When Bodhidharma reached out with both hands to the ground, it made a popping sound and soared higher and higher.

“Pungryu, great power rachal.”

He put his palms together and stretched out his hands like a knife, and the air compressed with iron strength shot out like a spear.


An explosion erupted as the two techniques interlocked in the middle.

“hey! Why so noisy! What are you guys doing?”

Marsha, who dragged Hyega by the back of her head, pointed at Freeman and shouted.

“wait. I got almost all of them.”

The moment when Freeman, who had reloaded the magic bullet, aimed at Bodhidharma and was about to pull the trigger.


As the setting sun sets on the mountain ridge, a purple glow arose for a brief moment.

“Mrs. Mortasinger.”

* * *

“Of course she is pretty.”

Sirone smiled and nodded.

“I’m serious. never lie.”

“I… … Are you pretty?”

I still can’t believe it, but it was the first time someone risked their lives to guarantee it.

“come with me. I know someone who can help you believe my words.”

Miro and Arius could save her by diving into Mortasinger’s Hell.

“Can you forgive me?”

Yahweh does not discriminate against the penitent.

“Nothing has happened yet. You will fight with us from now on.”

Wei Ying.


A fly came into the forest.

‘Really in this hell… … .’

Mortar Singer, who was about to grab Sirone’s outstretched hand, withdrew his arm and shrank.

“no! I can’t forgive you! This is a trap!”

The moment Sirone’s lips opened, the world froze in a gray light and everything stopped.


A choir was heard from the sky to a grand dirge.

“Who, who are you?”

Before I knew it, 12 people all dressed in black were standing in a circle around Mortasinger.

“Time prison.”

Time without law – 0.666 seconds of every second.

“Greeting him.”

As Siok turned in one direction, the achromatic world peeled away, revealing a huge lake of lava.

“Your suspicion is justified, my child.”

The center of the huge lava lake bulged out, revealing a figure covered in blood.

Atrocities – Satan.

It was a burning voice.

“Yahweh is deceiving you. He only I can give you what you want.”

Invoking the prison from outside the psychic realm is an abortion, but God is currently absent in this world.

“what I want?”

“Look, my child.”

A red-glazed mirror rose from Satan’s side, reflecting Mortasinger.

“ah… … Ahhh… … .”

A mirror reflecting the heart.

The image in the mirror was terrifying, but to Mortasinger it was the most beautiful form in the world.

“This is exactly what I wanted!”

“I can give it to you. worship me To be the most beautiful woman in the world.”

It was a much sweeter proposal than Sirone.

“I will follow. Please give me that beauty!”

The chorus of funeral songs grew louder.

“… … The contract has been established.”

Mortar Singer was also submerged as if he had fallen into a swamp along with the 12 Siok that seeped into the ground.


Suddenly coming to her senses, she shouted.

‘no! That’s not me!’

Realizing the evil inside reflected in the mirror, he struggled, but the contract with Satan could not be reversed.

“Save me, Sirone! Save me!”

He eagerly stretched out his hand, but the distance from Sirone’s outstretched hand grew farther and farther.

“Ha ha ha! I’m taking it away, Yahweh! You will get everyone you love!”

In a time not according to the law, Satan poured mockery into Sirone’s ear.

“As long as there is no Buddha, the world is mine. Hateful Yahweh, struggle in pain for the rest of your life.”

Mortasinger’s face sank into the ground.

“Sirone… … .”

When the prison was completely gone, Satan, who took the form of a human, was also dipped in the fire of hell.

As the infernal landscape finally closed, a huge purple glow spread for a split second.

It was 0.666 seconds.


As Mortar Singer disappeared in front of her eyes, Sirone narrowed her eyes and stood up.

“What happened?”


‘No, it’s not like that. Even if the speed cannot be seen with the eyes, it must remain in the mind.’

It is impossible without time stopping.

‘But how? Even if it’s a stop magic, it can’t affect things.’

Sirone’s eyes widened.


Only beings outside the law can deceive Yahweh.

‘Does the fact that apostasy is possible mean that atrocities are the same?’

The momentary doubt that sprouted in Mortasinger’s heart was dug into and dragged into hell.

“I have to tell Zion.”

Sirone, who flew up with fly magic, quickly returned to the arena.

The battle was in a lull, and Bodhidharma and Marsha, who supported Hyega, ran at the same time.

“Sirone! What happened?”

“Who is Mortasinger?”

Sirone looked back at Bodhidharma and reported the situation.

“Did you go to hell?”

“I think the demons changed their methods after Terraforce tolerated the apostasy. He will not be able to get out on his own.”


Bodhidharma exchanged glances with Hyega.

“Anyway, our leader. The Eternal community will go to Zion. If it is there, you will find a way.”

“I am of the same opinion. However, I cannot guarantee that they will accept you.”

That’s what he said, but Miro will accept it.

‘Because it’s polar.’

After looking around, Sirone realized that there were no fatalities and canceled the time vibration.

“Are you done with this? It was fun.”

Marsha was disappointed, but Sirone, who had already experienced the same thing hundreds of times, hated it.

‘What happened in Satan’s time cannot be intervened.’

Perhaps, even if we went back to a time that did not exist in the law, Mortasinger would not exist in reality.

“Sirone! Where have you been? I thought you were afraid to die!”

Beauty pageant contestants approached.

“The terrorist was caught. From now on, you can play the competition with peace of mind.”

Rangi asked, turning bright.

“really? Are you really caught?”

Before Sirone could answer, she hugged her neck and jumped around.

“Hurray! Liberation at last!”

Not to be outdone, the other contestants hugged.

“thank you. But what if I’m sorry? If I had been in the waiting room, I could have had a good look.”

“No, that’s all right.”

Seriously, it was a specification.

(end of volume 32)


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