Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 792

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[792] Beta Fish (2)

* * *

When Sirone and Jaysteen returned to the guild, their subordinates were busy restoring the building they had damaged.

Even though there was such a great uproar, no one came close except for the acquaintances of the guilds around them.

It was a guild with many incidents, but Sirone was convinced that the guards were at fault.

“it’s okay. Everyone stop moving.”

The woman at the counter, sniffing in sorrow, stopped cleaning when Jasein said.

“Ah, damn it!”

While attaching the boards with a hammer that didn’t even work, he threw the hammer out of anger.

‘You broke everything.’

I said I wasn’t willing to fight like that

“Okay, are you done talking? It should be a case that does not require compensation for damages.”

J-Steen said to the black-haired man.

“Guild members, that is to say, summon all the bastards who are hanging out somewhere and come to Mr. Garder’s inn. talk there.”


As the black-haired man quickly jumped away, she turned to Sirone.

“We die together and live together. These are the kids I’ve been hanging out with since the beginning of the exile. What you said to me, you should be able to say the same to them.”

“of course.”

As Sirone and Jaysteen left the building, two men with long swords scratched their heads and looked at them.

“What the hell is going on, is it so serious?”

Sirone, who rented the largest room at Mr. Garder’s inn, told the eight mercenaries about everything.

“therefore… Does that Habits want the captain to assassinate the emperor of the Gustav Empire?”


the kid asked

“Are you crazy?”

“I don’t think that would be a bad suggestion.”

Sirone looked back at Jaysteen.

“You can’t hide forever. If you want to break this cycle of evil, now is your chance.”

She still didn’t answer.

“I am not saying you should do everything. All preparations will be made by our team, the best of the best.”

“Then what do you want from me?”

I really wanted to know.

“Hatred. We need your hatred.”

“Hate… … .”

Jaysteen remembers the long life of running away from Harvits without missing a single moment.

‘Of course I hate it.’

Crawled, beaten, and sometimes killed.

It was an environment more impoverished than wild beasts, and before meeting the crew, it was a lonely life rather than a criminal.

‘I want to kill him!’

Her teeth clenched as she clenched her fists.


However, the moment I imagined the appearance of an evil spirit that I had never seen before, I was overcome with fear as if my internal organs were melting.


It was missed, of course, but as a result, Harvits destroyed everything but her.

Parents, brothers, sisters, even families of families, brothers and sisters of those families… … .

‘It wasn’t murder. It was bombing.’

There were times when I wanted to know why this disaster came to us.

However, when he found out that he was probably the only survivor in the world who had escaped from Havitz’s clutches.

‘plural? How dare you be like me?’

I tried to calm it down by holding on to my shaking wrist, but the more I tried, the more the trembling got worse.


Harvits was so scared that he went crazy.

“Leader… … .”

While looking at him pitifully, J-Steen hit the back of his hand countless times.

“damn! damn!”

And when the extinction finally subsided, he glared at Sirone with cool eyes.

“see? this is my reality Let alone kill, I can’t even fire a gun in this state.”

“I don’t need a gun.”

Jasein’s eyebrows twitched.

“Didn’t I say that it was I who killed Havitz?”

“yes. But I will use a dagger.”

“What bullshit? i am a sniper Melee tactics are not my specialty, and even daggers… … .”

“No, it’s a sniping.”

Sirone stopped talking.

“The distance to Harvits would be at least 120 kilometers away. You are not in any danger.”

“… … Nothing shoots that far.”

“So I told you, what we need is hate. You can shoot.”

I couldn’t understand Sirone’s words from earlier.


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‘No, what this guy is saying is probably right.’

Even so, the reason why they don’t understand is that he came from a world they have not experienced.

Aekku said.

“Let’s do it, Captain. This is your chance. It doesn’t matter to us, but it’s a waste of the captain’s skills to rot here.”

As long as the mercenary group was organized under the name of J. Steen, it would have been far off to expand the force.

“Let’s make a cool decision and go out into the real world. furthermore… … .”

He said with his cheeks blushing.

“The captain doesn’t have to go to the wedding house.”

Everyone turned around at the sudden sound, and the woman at the counter asked absurdly.

“I hope you captain… … .”

“What nonsense! Even though I only have one eye, I can clearly see what a woman looks like!”

Jasein turned his head.

“okay? Do you have any thoughts on me?”

One of Aku’s eyes was wide open.

“Jin, really?”

“Of course not. Nonungsin.”

“… … .”

Jysteen, who made her mouth shut, looked back at Sirone and said.

“Okay, let’s say I killed Havits. But what next? Who will protect us who assassinated the emperor of the empire?”

“ah… … .”

I had such a problem.

“That is, of course, in Kashan… … .”

The table trembled with a bang.

“gibberish. Another life of escape for risking one’s life? I’m tired of living while noticing high things.”

Sirone understood her.

“Then is there anything else you want?”

“Hmm, to answer that, I need to ask you something first. what the hell is your job title? Don’t even think about cutting it. Even in this commotion, not a single guard is around. I know it’s your work.”

“is it so. I am a wizard belonging to the Ivory Tower.”

“Ivory Tower?”

said the black-haired man.

“As far as I know is… … They say it’s a place where magic is researched.”

“Oh, what an amazing coincidence. I learned that in kindergarten too.”

When Jay Steen sarcastically said, the black hair shrugged.

“It is said to be higher than the king.”


Sensing Sirone’s social status, Jaysteen twisted her posture and began negotiations.

“Listen. The Jaysteen mercenaries are a minority, but they are the elite. It’s funny to say this after being hurt by you, but… … .”

“no. They were all excellent.”

“It would be quicker if you knew. Join Arachne’s best mercenary guild, Guardian King. Of course, it’s not just sign up. At least you should give me the position of leader.”

“That’s a bit… … .”

“This is not a parachute. It’s a worthy reward for what we’ve been holding our breath for so far.”

Yahweh is omnipotent, but he cannot force someone else to sacrifice for someone else’s gain.

“I lived in a guild for a while. We value contribution as much as skill. There will be trouble in the guild.”

Because it’s not just the Jysteen mercenaries that are united in a tight camaraderie.

“what? What are you talking about when you can’t even do that much?”

Jaysteen lost her temper.

“To be clear, I will never do business with anything other than the Guardian King. This is a fight for my life.”


Silverling must have collapsed in Radum, and the only guild I could ask for personally was the Parrot Mercenary Corps.

“Sister Marsha… … .”


When Sirone came to his senses and raised his head, the members of J. Steen were staring at him with their eyes wide open.

“What did you just say? Marsha? Clay Marsha?”

“yes. Do you know the Parrot Mercenary Corps?”

Rather, J-Steen was taken aback.

“Of course you know. Parrots are one of the top 10 mercenary guilds in the world. fallen mother. Who doesn’t know Marsha on this floor?”

‘Top 10 guilds in the world?’

It was an achievement achieved 4 years after leaving Galliant.

‘Well, it’s because he’s a smart person.’

In return for helping Miro in Undercoder, it seemed that he had properly rolled the enormous support he received from Uorin.

‘Yes, if it’s a parrot, it’s possible.’

Our Lady of the Fall, Clay Marsha.

If she was the godmother of the abandoned Seungnyangs, she would open the way for the Jysteen Mercenary Corps.

“great. Let me introduce you to the parrot mercenaries. I would also like to offer the manager position. So, did you make a deal with this?”

“No. What kind of deal do you do this? Of course, after confirming that Marsha has declined.”

J-Steen twirled her fingers.

“I heard that they were stationed in the Iron Kingdom not too long ago, but it’s so new to me. You’d better come to me as soon as possible. Because I might change my mind.”

Convinced that she had the initiative, she looked at Sirone’s reaction, raising the corners of her mouth.

“You don’t have to go looking for it yourself.”

Sirone asked calmly.

“if… Is there a Terraforce Church nearby?”

* * *

As a famous exile country, many religions coexisted in Arachne.

The Church of Terra Force was also small, but it had a temple on the outskirts of Bengal and was recruiting followers.

“excuse me.”

Sirone grabbed the priest and greeted him.

“welcome. May the grace of Terraforce be with you. How can I help you?”

“Do you truly believe in Terraforce?”

Channeling is difficult unless you are in a trance state.

“of course. The great god Terraforce guides all humans to goodness. A group of people who dismiss it as evil… … .”.

“Then please change those shoes.”

“yes? what now… … .”

When the priest frowned in disrespect, Sirone sighed and said,

“Chief Justice, are you listening?”

At the same time, the priest shuddered and looked up at the sky, revealing the whites of his eyes.

“Hexa, this abortion case was lucky. If I hadn’t filibustered in Congress… … .”

It seemed like there was a lot to talk about.

“Oh, I will talk about that later. There is something I want to say to a person named Clay Marsha. I’m in a hurry.”

“… … What is it?”

The Supreme Court Justice in the priest’s voice showed a hint of disappointment, but Sirone didn’t care and continued.

2 hours later.

A tavern in Iron Kingdom.

The executives of the parrot mercenary corps, who rented the entire building for three days, were drunk from daylight.

The door rattled open as their godmother, Marsha, tidied her claws in a corner.

“Leader. Captain Marsha.”

The vice-captain of the 10th division came in holding onto the back of a boy with a white ball head who was thrilled.

one of the officers asked.

“what’s the matter? If you’re here to borrow a drink, get out.”

“No, that’s not it. This guy must have had his daytime drink wrong, he sighs and talks nonsense.”

The white-headed boy said.

“It’s not bullshit. I saw God, God gave me a revelation.”

“Come here, my sweet little boy.”

Marsha called the white-headed boy and diagnosed his mental state by lowering his eyes.

“Have you not taken any medicine? What was your dream?”

“My great god told me to tell the captain this. We must go to Arachne right now.”

Marsha smoked a cigarette and laughed.

“what? Do the gods even recognize my beauty? Did you even ask me to enter the beauty pageant?”

“If you are over 30, you won’t even accept the papers.”

Marcia, who pursed her lips at Freeman’s words, hugged the boy’s neck and said,

“Yes, my little one. Why is that great god telling me to go to Arachne?”

“Hey, you said this.”

The boy didn’t miss a word.

“There, Hexa, no Yahweh, no Sirone is waiting.”

“… … Hmm.”

She pulled the boy back, lost in thought, then let out a long puff of cigarette smoke.

“What god stutters?”


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